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1540: 4 Action Steps to Becoming More Mindful by Katie Ping of More Of What Matters Blog on Mindfulness Practice

2020-02-28 | 🔗

Katie Ping of More Of What Matters Blog shares 4 actions steps to becoming more mindful.

Episode 1540: 4 Action Steps to Becoming More Mindful by Katie Ping of More Of What Matters Blog on Mindfulness Practice

Katie Ping is a small-town writer, yogi, and mama who values simplicity. She spent decades of her life people-pleasing and drowning in guilt and shame over parts of her that she thought were unworthy. By her late-20s, she found herself passionless and riddled with anxiety - and she knew she needed a change. Instead of creating a multi-layered plan on how to attain more peace, she started small - with a walking meditation practice. Those 15 minutes of strolling in silence down a tree-lined residential street led her to where she is today - facing her fears of imperfection and doing it anyway.

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Real quick, I recommend listening to the show on Spotify. We can listen to all of your favorite artist and podcast in one place for free without a premium account. Spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic, plus he can follow your favorite podcast, so you never miss an episode premium. Users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on Instagram. So if you haven't done so already be sure to download the Spotify app search for optimal living daily on Spotify or browse podcast into your library, Tab also make sure to follow me. So you never miss an episode. Optimal living daily. This is optimal. Living daily episode, fifteen forty four action steps to become more mindful by Katy paying of more of what matters, blogger com and I'm just a molecule very own personal narrator. I read you from some of the best blogs in the world every day, coming personal development and growth, lifestyle, Animal is a man more. If you enjoy the show
we share it with someone, that's how he can keep this park ass, going with your help, crocuses injure shores, let's get right to it. continue. Optimizing your life for action stepped up how many more mindful, by Katy, paying of more of what matters blog die come there's nothing wrong. contemplating the past or future weighing the outcomes on a decision. However, big or small reacting to something we experience a bit tastes the delayed, meaning a moment of displeasure or excitement Is something wrong with worrying or venting or becoming distracted, but do not spend all of your time there in fact spend a little time. Within these bases. The ability to control outcomes lies within the present moment. Stay here live here thrive here, drink it up every sound, every site, every taste, every feeling and sensation the
ones and the bad ones and the neutral once the thoughts. I do not serve you, let those go replaced them with thoughts. Tat make you feel alive. The thoughts tat rob you with love, inspiration and feelings of peace, will revive your soul and then most important of all. Let those thoughts go the good ones in the bad ones and the neutral ones let them go see can live within this moment. This one, are we right now and will never have again to practice. Mindfulness become an observer we live in a social world where people feel desire to be heard and seen and notice feel empowered remained in voicing your opinions and beliefs feel the goodness that Russia's three body when you're acknowledged or accredited for your skills and talents. Do that would also be an observer. notice. The lessons others are sharing the stories are telling feel the goodness that Russia's through your body,
he discover or rediscover or seek out or stumble upon a little piece of nature's beauty watch the bird Swooping through your yard, noticed their cholera. Exploring curiosities about them. feel the embrace of an old friend and the feelings of support and love that are changed in this moment was into the town swaying Israel leaves brush against each other in the wind, but it make you feel better, larger than life and a small speck on this earth action take a walk in nature and notice. What you might normally miss observe the actions of a living being your spouse, your child here a strange out the window or spied on the wall. Interacting the world around them to practice. Mindfulness turn down the volume of your thoughts to turn off your vibration. High, I see you there. I hear you, but now you are free to go. Does that we are
thousand meditation. This is how we can approach thoughts in our daily lives in order to separate ourselves from the constant flow of fears, judgments, dreams, etc, some days are easier than others when it comes to quieting the chatter and our minds work at each day until it becomes part of your process, not every thought it enters. Our minds will be. One were proud of notice, these two and then she some into what you would prefer to hear changed them to what is actually true change them. Five times, and they will change you action when driving in your car take a moment to list five things were grateful for There is nothing that turns down the volume of your thoughts quicker than focusing on all that you have to be so easy to list. Five you'll want to keep going to practice. Mindfulness, be here now through the good moments at the moment would rather rushed through, be here now say, with intention breathe, deeply absorb. all the happiness of a moment in your life, even the most ordinary moments?
This is the moment you have embrace it and then let it go. Free action try to meditate for one minute per day or more sit, breathe and you can even repeat deposit affirmation or mantra such as I am here now to practice, marvellous, except that you will mess it up, as was called a practice. You try, you do it, you try you do it, you try again, you do it again. You get better at it had become second nature. It makes you he'll good in the more you noticed, he's good feelings. The more you'll live intentionally within the present space know that every moment will not be lives with intention. You
stumbling aside. Try getting caught up with the new snapshot, filters and tragic gossip headlines in line with a grocery store in the pressure of getting you to do is completed and the demands of others in the guilty. You feel when you dont me, others expectations so mess up and then returned to the present moment, as if it were your cue to come back. Just as you are action, forgive yourself for bad thoughts, judgmental thought self critical thoughts mean thoughts, jealous thoughts, forgive yourself endlessly and always quote each. morning, we are born again, but we do today is what matters Buddha. What you do now is what matters live in the now you just listen to the post, titled for Actions does to becoming more mindful by keeping of more of what matters blog die come and they get a better help happy to mention them, because it's such a great service, better help offers online
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fill out a questionnaire to help them assess your needs and get matched with a councillor. You'll love, that's better help, dot com, slash optimal and I've that linked in this episode, description, beg you to Katy the actions step of noticing her surroundings is a nice one to move your brain from constant inward thought to something more external one that my meditate. Teacher had us doing. College was to simply observe shadows actually did is while driving but maybe when you're walking try, it look at the shadows instead of the objects themselves and simply noticed them to get out of your head and become present. Now, like that, she said we won't always be present, does not the goal? There is no end game with meditation or a place he reach can like exercising. We keep doing it because it's good for us met it four hours, or even just minutes a day, help us to catch those negative thoughts and let them go quickly set up then spiral out of control and going from one native thought to another two great skill to her:
By the way I had a popular meditation instructor shall Hamilton walkers through a meditation in episode, fifteen hundred each like that If you want to go through one brolly, therefore I hope you having a great Friday and I'll, see you over the weekend where, after my life awaits
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