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1547: 5 Daily Practices to Help You Create Space by Sarah Kathleen Wilson with NoSidebar on Creating A Mindful Process

2020-03-06 | 🔗

Sarah Kathleen Wilson with No Sidebar shares 5 daily practices to help you create space.

Episode 1547: 5 Daily Practices to Help You Create Space by Sarah Kathleen Wilson with NoSidebar on Creating A Mindful Process

No Sidebar was created by Brian Gardner and is all about designing a simpler life. He and the contributing authors want to help you figure out what's getting in your way, at home and at work. They want to help you let go of distractions, online and off--to turn down the noise that disrupts the quiet of your heart and soul.

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Real quick. I recommend listening to the show on Spotify. We can listen to all of your favorite artists and podcast in one place for free without a premium account. Spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic, plus he can follow your favorite podcast, so you never miss an episode premium. Users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on Instagram. So if you haven't done so already be sure to download the Spotify app search for optimal living daily on Spotify or browse podcast in the your library, Tab also make sure to follow me. So you never miss an episode optimal living daily. This is optimal living daily episode, fifteen forty, seven five daily practices to hope you create space. Bizarre, a Catholic Wilson with no sidebar our com and I'm just a Moloch happy Friday come back the optimal living daily or the oil de podcast. Where I read to you from some of the best blogs, I can
I get permission from covering self help or personal development, minimalism productivity and a lot more as one visit partner leaves birthday today. His aims not leave. Italy has a lot of the work by the scenes here that I just don't have time to do. Don't get the recognition, I do as the host of the show, but it's well deserved. So happy birthday, Lee hope you have a great one. He actually picked today's article, so what that was get right to it and start optimizing. Your Five daily practice is to help you create space. By Sarah Kathleen Wilson with no sidebar dark. Come boundaries are a necessary part of living for both relational health. the health of our own psyche in Seoul. Not only do intentional boundary, help us define who we are and the kind of life we want to be living. They help us no went to say yes,
and went to say no to anything that comes our way in short, boundaries help us we'd out the access in our lives and create a space needed to thrive. What happens in a life without boundaries, the dark side of it? No boundaries can look something like this. Your priorities become skewed. Your schedule becomes overfilled you give so much of yourself to others. I have nothing. laughed your relationships suffer. You ve been the present moment, I note the dark side looks like I am all too familiar with it. I've been there repeatedly I've made commitments. I had a flake on Lenny. Both the other party am myself down. I've said yes to so many things that executing all of them has warned me down mentally and physically and left me feeling resentful. Novelette myself see everything at once, causing my mind a flood with too much information when the mine floods. Nothing is the attention it deserves.
it took me years understand why setting boundaries for day to day living is a crucial part of creating space to arrive at this place of understanding is taken me experiencing the full If what happens when boundaries are set and lions give blurred when lines get blurred, space gets lost and joy gratitude in peace fall absent through my own process of understanding, ivy five, five daily practices and challenges, I believe, can help anyone struggling with boundaries. Restructured life in a way that allows you to have the space you need to thrive. Number one shape your life around the integral aspects of your existence. This might seem like a no brainer but there's something to be said for writing out, what's most important to us and keeping close invisible In doing so, we are far less likely to say yes to something that doesn't come close to supporting our priorities. Likewise, in my help us readily say no a good opportunity that simply isn't the best for us last year. I said yes to a dream job, not only
With this opportunity alleviate financial strain, it help me tap into my community deeper when went right, the downside It demanded more of me, then I could give as a result our relationships took a beating, as in my creativity and my physical and. mental health. At the end of my days, I came home of burnt out shell with nothing left, and so I made vision that nothing was worth compromising. These parts of my existence, my exit in my position. And re routed. My professional tat challenge, if it doesnt support the integral aspects of your exists. Hence embrace you down more than a build. You up gently, remove it from your life number two fine balance, not burden with social time depending on the seas and easily find myself jam, packed with social obligations or isolated and hyper focused neither extreme is healthy. Where I'm going from one social obligation to the next chances are I'm feeling a sense of guilt
or restlessness when acknowledged productive, quiet time that isn't happening likewise, when isolated. not connecting with or finding contacts within my community funding. Balance in social time is tricky, but it is possible This might seem alimentary a simple rules to book yourself for one or two social engagements per week. That way there, dad more of an invitation that supports was most important, EU pops up and yet still lousy. downtime to avoid feeling burdened challenge, engaging enough social time to connect not so much that it rains you and is counterproductive. Number three take control of daily communications technology we are able to communicate with countless individuals at any given moment. This means we can force. community nonstop from wherever, whenever amazing, yes, oh, yes, and no one is
Indication never ceases. There is a risk of us becoming wrapped up in distracted by the constant dialogue dialogue that has the power to remove us from our present tangible universe. If we live, stranger, a family member. When someone reaches out, I respond and activity do so quickly. As noble as this might seem, the pressure I put myself to drop one I'm doing to do so, takes his torn the people and the experiences that are in front of me. I've recently charge myself to identify specific times during the data. A fully respond to others and disengage from his virtual connectivity made between times. This gives me the space to the focus and mindfulness during my daily activities, rather than having out communication interrupt, whether its work, emails, Facebook messages or group text from family, Friends I go back and forth all day. I guess meant I feel the need or pressure to chime anti conversations. We are asked to be part of challenge, eliminate the pressure to risk and immediately and remaining
the dialogue instead give yourself a time and space respond, thoughtful during a designated time period, number four, minimize, mindless distractions, calling Netflix the me of mindfulness might be going a stretch too far, but you don't know you problem until you, ve turned out of life man, into entire seasons of shows repeatedly. When you're, not someone who usually watches tv. Somehow, this mindless act comes all too easy to justify. While we ass humans needed gave every now, and then there is a difference between positive escape into mine numbing places over and over again. Maybe, for you is not tv process, drawing their instagram fees or having tell us, As open on your computer that derail your focus wherever it is, ask yourself, if it's Can you engage or disengage if the answer is disengage, rewrote challenge find whatever striking, rub a whole. You are falling down climb out and say enough in number. Five take back sacred
who time I know. I know you might be thinking. Nothing is sacred anymore. I realize most of us have an abundance of responsibilities. Spit long work days are caring for small humans. Our Every single one of us can identify thirty minutes in a day to have sacred US time, though, leave us recharged refocused and hard working from home. One might assume that I naturally have nonstop sacred time. The truth is much my days. Spangling one thing to the next. If I dont mindfully star myself, generally Taking my sacred time for thought and connecting with my inner self comes when I get out of the house and go for a run and mindfully put one foot from the other following my breathing, trusting the pie, SS sacred time doesn't have to be a physical activity can be powering downward. Peter and sitting quietly with appendant paper. For thirty minutes of reflective expression, it can involve working on a creative project, As for you, and only you all, your kids are sleeping wherever it is. This time should be all about you
What your heart and soul needs challenge, give yourself the sacred time you need for your own peace of mind and renewal of the spirit. Having this time will put you in the best position to set intentional Greece, for the rest of your day and all the days to follow. you just listen to the post. Titled five daily practice is to help you create space, by Sarah guzzling Wilson with no side barred outcome. In this episode, sponsored by skilled chair. The online learning community is offering our listeners two months of free premium. Membership, explore new skills, deepen existing passions and get lost in creativity with classes from skills, There are so many fascinating clauses on scale share on topics, including productivity, which we hear a lot on. This show the one I'm starting as simple prone. activity. How to accomplish more with less from Gregg Mcewen has actually been mentioned.
In articles of narrated as an expert, so this is a perfect fit for you as a list of the show. This classes, like a mix between productivity and minimalism or centralism, as Gregg would say they will lot of amazing classes on skill share, duffer classes, design for real life, seeking move your creative journey forward without putting life on hold their short clauses are perfect, fit for you're busy routine. You create real projects and get the support of fellow creatives sea can accomplish real growth. Explore your it is really a skill share. Dot com, slash old weariless hers, get to free months of premium, membership does two months free at skill, share, dot com, slash o early and I'll, keep descending short for today, a happy birthday to my best, partner Lee. Thank you for being here and listening through to the end and for subscribing have a great start to your weekend and I'll see you tomorrow we're off to my life away,
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