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1596: How To Use A Traveler's Mindset To Create Joy In Daily Life by Kat Medina on Pursuing Happiness

2020-04-24 | 🔗

Kat Medina shares how to use a traveler's mindset to create joy in daily life.

Episode 1596: How To Use A Traveler's Mindset To Create Joy In Daily Life by Kat Medina on Pursuing Happiness

As a child, Kat Medina wanted to be MacGyver when she grew up. Now, as the founder and Creative Director of a Silicon Valley startup, she's become a well-traveled bookworm who finds creative solutions to entrepreneurial challenges with the resourcefulness of a figurative shoelace, paperclip, and bubblegum. Her forthcoming book, The Joys of Jet Lag, explores the most valuable lessons she's learned during the process and shares the keys to creating a life of adventure through an openhearted approach to living. These insights, when embodied and applied, have the potential to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary and craft unbridled joy and fulfillment, no matter where you are.

The original post is located here: https://www.katmedina.com/article?id=travelersmindset

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real quick i recommend listening to the show on spotify we can listen to all of your favorite artist and podcast in one place for free without a premium account spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic plus he can follow your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode premium users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on instagram so if you haven't done so already be sure to download the spotify app search for optimal living daily on spotify or browse podcast into your library tab also make sure to follow me so you never miss an episode optimal living daily this is optimal living daily episode fifteen ninety six how to use a travellers mindset creed boy in daily life my cap medina of cap medina dot com and i'm just moloch your very own personal narrator i read to you from some of them
blogs in the world every day covering personal development and growth lifestyle minimalism and more if he enjoyed the show we share with someone that's how i can keep this part yes guy so with your help broke uses ensure short for the friday up those who get right to it and continue optimizing your life how to use a travelers mindset to create joy in daily life by cap medina of cap medina dot com the tiny bit of darth and taxis sped through the narrow winding mountain roads highly ecuadorean andy's the driver blasted salsa music and barely let off the gas as he passed other drivers from girls of all their due pass road signs that down the mountain side a quick to homes fall by treating his hands on the sign of the cross on his body was sufficient luck to pass on the countless blind turns to better was a catholic i do i saw in the hope of the hawks
rise out of the road stood a steep never ending mountain wall with the occasional remnants of a recent landslide and on the left us of your job to a ravine thousands of people without a single guard rail to obstruct the view or the occasional unlucky car the cool christmas narrow blended with the smell of burning trash from the tiny corrugated metal shack homes that we pass along the way shocking my senses in a way that woke me up to how different my life was about to be alive he's been passionate about travelling and as a child i would daydream about my future early adventures as a hopeful explorer rather than walking down the aisle was prince charming travel was equal to happiness for me this trip to south america was one of my many solo adventures abroad that was driven by a deep desire to feel the alive nest i comes from going to a place where i didn't know a soul and perceiving life with refreshing novelty whose during that you're too ecuador so many years ago i began to notice the clear differences between
who i was on my travels in who i was at home we all know that feeling the easy i enjoy that naturally arises when we are on vacation we watch the world around us with fresh eyes by the unfamiliarity of some far off foreign land the unexpected setbacks that we inevitably encounter during your travels are viewed as part of the adventure we are able to accept them with her merle knowing that near the elements that make up a good story we this being the moment at hand and uplifted by being open hearted we meet new people try new things and appreciate differences rather than avoid or condemn them and then our trip here's a stand and we return home we fall back into routine where we attempt to control the uncontrollable see challenges as unfair personal attacks from life come blind to the wonders and gives around us because we ve grown so occur them to having them
the third year in a row the united states has dropped in the rankings of a world happiness report and has never even made into the top ten despite being a land of opportunity something seriously wrong to men thus our moving through our days on autopilot having settled for a life of mediocrity that's occasionally sprinkled with a brief and fleeting joy from a reason vacation before we know it level of passes by were guaranteed to look back with defeated eyes and regret wondering what if what if we had actually listen to the voice with and desperately begging us define genuine happiness in the now and pursue that which fulfils us instead of burying it out of fear or doubt the dire state of the world the violence environmental destruction and outrageous cause of living as cretin overwhelming sense of hopelessness and despair in many as a result people are just trying to get by barely even scratching the service of their true potential people creating more deaths from life but they dont know how to
edit what if there was a simple solution what it was possible to shift your mindsets reviewed your daily life as though you are visiting it for the first time when you embody a travellers mindset you're able to create joy in daily life regardless of whether your sipping marks on the sandy beach danny aligned at a crowded trader jos is the key to living with purpose appreciating each moment truly enjoying the journey no matter where you are here my top three tips to shift your mindset of occasion mode any time in anywhere one c challenges as part of the adventure a cancelled flights forcing you to take an overnight but from bolivia to peru the stolen wallet while taking the crowded telling metro getting lost in the winding narrow streets of morocco when we travel we experienced alice unexpected setbacks and although they blow for the time they tend to be the most interesting part of our journey in hindsight re able to accept
and was humor knowing that they are the components tat make up a kick story what if we change the way you look at it and using your daily life and started to see them for they really are opportunities to improvise overcome and welcome as part of the adventure to swap expectations for appreciation when we travel we view our destination with a sense of what under awestruck by the newness of it all we tend to be more liberal with our gratitude appreciating the little things and letting of unmet expectations are rose colored glasses are often our most eu travel accessories what if we didn't just wait to boston when were eating chocolate row saws and french cafe in daily life and abroad what's wrong is always available but so is what's right when he swap expectations for appreciation your whole
i've becomes one amazing adventure three participate in the present moment ah vacation one of the few times in life when we are effortlessly open receptive to the present moment we meet new people experience new things try new foods and appreciate except cultural differences with curiosity and yet upon our return home with you spontaneity is something that will make us late or keep us from our busy schedule if you want to cultivate joy in daily life participate in it syria for what it is it be actively present in the moment at hand you'll be maize at where your journey takes you when you ease up and let life peter guide we approach reality from a travellers perspective there is an undeniable impact on our quality of life we experience has fee we comes with surrendering to the present moment entrusting the process is a mix of appreciate this is open hardness and when we connect to that state we tap into something incredible
allow ourselves the opportunity to see life with a fresh eyes of admiration it deserves we become open to the synchrony cities that will take beyond ourselves regardless of whether you're a globe trotter or home body when embody a travellers mindset your group did a ticket for living your best life one of whole hearted venture and unbridled joy no matter where you are you just listen to the postal how do you the travelers method create joy in daily life by cap medina of cap medina dot com and how's your home wi fi struggling to keep up can handle stream gaming video conferencing an homes cooling what about all at once sounds like it's time for a wifi upgrade bring your wifi up to speed with or be wi fi six from next year life i six as a whole new kind of wifi is the latest tech
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we spend all her money today as if you take a very literally at least to me being present is about not getting lost in thought or letting our thoughts control how we feel especially if their negative that's all things are out of our control or simply unhelpful if we become present no situations in catch those doors before they take us down a spiral of nonsense then that can be super helpful for us and that tends to happen when we're in new places i can't mentioned moreover on vacation we're soaking things in experiencing the moment and you have some day not so great then we can typically say well then tat an obligation things are always go perfectly as planned but we forget about this in daily life but this was a nice reminder to extend that type of thinking beyond that fun trip or vacation italy therefore today hope you're having a great friday and i'll see you over the weekend where optimal life awaits
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