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1598: Let’s Get Real by Amber Waugaman of Living Deeply With Amber on How To Be More Transparent & Honest

2020-04-26 | 🔗

Amber Waugaman of Living Deeply With Amber shares how to be more transparent.

Episode 1598: Let’s Get Real by Amber Waugaman of Living Deeply With Amber on How To Be More Transparent & Honest

After 11 years of living in NYC, Amber decided that she needed to live more aligned with her interests and values. Intentionally and deliberately, she moved to Vermont & started from scratch - taking a new job & moving to a brand new place without knowing anyone. Her website is about how & why she made the life change & all other thoughts on living deeply, authentically, and finding fulfillment in the present moment.

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let's get real, by Amber Waterman of living deeply with Amber Dark, come does a topic that has been near and dear to my heart. Lately the cultural norm in the: U S is to be agreeable. Polite ma am likeable, which means we shy away from being transparent and honest honesty can have negative connotations, but I'm talking about tactful, genuine, straightforward, transparent communication speak from the heart. Let others speak from the heart understand that there will be differences, and that is ok, let's reduced the amount, bs in politics. We each have to sift through in this information overloaded over stimulated environment and be real Jenny. In transparent people with each other was great, deep meaning for human connections with each other. The environment, screams, inefficiency in so much time is a wasted. Allow one of my biggest Pepys. Unfortunately, instead of keeping
her eyes on the bigger picture this time wasting nonsense, keeps everyone running an inefficient circles fresh is. Everyone can lowers morale You ever wonder why people don't just get to the point egos are gentle, they need to navigate and the business world, the idea, let's get real, is very Clickable to the non work world as well, the norm is to appease everyone and to be likeable an example. Your friend asks you to do something and you're not interested, but you don't want to hurt their feelings. You still want to be liked and invited to future events. So you don't give a direct answer. You give a non committal answer, or maybe you feel like you need to overshare and make excuses. Your friend eventually show after you being flaky. The other side of this situation is mere two agreeable into accommodating and do everything that anyone asks of you. If you are clear on your own interests and values, maybe self aware, scares you because it will things that you don't want to discover. Maybe you're just come from
building moulded by everyone else. This can be a fine line to ride, because they could lead to resentment and a low sense of self confidence. This idea of transparent de in all aspects of life is really important to me why do we want a waste our time with nonsense? How much do we really He d sugar out things trends currency and honesty, build trust and respect. Other way? This idea of, let's get real played out. My life was when I made the move from New York City to Vermont, only paint a picture for you living yours it means you can hide. You can keep all aspects of your life and supper buckets, work bucket, personal bucket, dating bucket, Jim Friends, bucket, etc. You never have to worry about these buckets crossing paths with each other. The city is just too large in New York City. You have the ability to keep certain aspects of your life as private as you want small town
Vermont is quite the opposite. Everyone knows all aspects about you. They know where you work and they know Oliver coworkers. They know where you live daddy and what you doing your spare time world colliding big time. I can't hide anymore. I ve, no more private buck how'd. You get used to everyone, knowing all my business all of the time. This was a big thing for after spending eleven years in New York City, a truly in an honesty and transparency when I spoke with my therapist about this brand new situation of worlds colliding and expressed my lack of confidence in how to navigate this new rural living way. Cheaper Some very useful insight that I never considered before. She said that I am the type of person who fits into this environments super well because of my honest and genuine nature. She told me that the most important I can do in this environment is a genuinely speak. My truth,
most people. There are many times where I am scared to express my true honesty. I don't know how people will take it, but the response is not mine to take responsibility for, and I've never felt well equipped to handle difficult conversations. New York city was a perfect atmosphere for me to hide in my bubble. Fortunately, everyone in Vermont is used to this worlds. Colliding atmosphere. I was the one who had to accept new reality! Now that I'm in this environment, I feel the urgency to express more honesty and transparency and a genuinely speak truth. In my mind, there are two critical things that need to happen in order for this idea of, let's get real to work number one He has a society need to learn to communicate effectively and not shy away from difficult conversations. A number to we need to not take things personally, shake it off, let go and move on, learn to communicate effectively and get comfortable with it and takes practice or several books,
asses and workshops out there on this. But a year ago I attended a workshop in New York City on navigating difficult conversations, and it was fantastic Satan for future posts on this topic. Don't take anything personally, nothing other people do as because of you. It is because of themselves be confident who you are and what you're doing? No, your motivations remove the ego belonging to admit that you're wrong be willing to accept criticism in the workplace, people dont want to feed into your nonsense. They just want to get the job done. Liver alive, speak your truth from the heart and be done. Don't ruminate. Push for honesty and genuineness from others set that expectation large, ass, clear, direct questions set the example in do yourself no judgment or yourself in other people's shoes, Greta safe space for others to be themselves and stop being so reactive. Take a chill bill. Understand that it's ok to respond with me. I want
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from net gear and never worry about wifi, again check out or be Wi Fi, six at net gear, dot, com site, best wifi, that's a net gear, dot com, slash wifi, I have that linked in this episode description and a little more about, Amber after eleven years of living in New York City. She decided she needed live more aligned with her interests and values. So she moved over. Until you heard, and starting from scratch, taking a new job and moving to a a new place without knowing any one who website is about how and why she made the life change in other thoughts on living. Deeply authentically in finding fulfilment of the present moment, come by ember site living deeply with amber dot com. I have that led to this those description and thank you to her for giving me permission to narrator articles and I'll do for today have a great a great weekend. If your listening in real time and I'll see you tomorrow for minimalist Monday, where optimal life awaits
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