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1620: An Excerpt from the book Think Like A Rocket Scientist by Ozan Varol on Simple Strategies to Improve Your Life

2020-05-18 | 🔗

An excerpt from the book Think Like A Rocket Scientist by Ozan Varol.

Episode 1620: An Excerpt from the book Think Like A Rocket Scientist by Ozan Varol on Simple Strategies to Improve Your Life

Ozan Varol is the author of the bestselling book Think Like a Rocket Scientist: Simple Strategies You Can Use to Make Giant Leaps in Work and Life. He's a husband. Dog father. Law professor. Soccer lover. Movie watcher who still gets Netflix DVDs in the mail.

Ozan is dedicated to helping people like you to dream big and reimagine the status quo. He believes that outdated conventional wisdom holds us back. He believes that society has seduced us into assuming that flying lower is safer than flying higher, that coasting is better than soaring, and that small dreams are wiser than bigger ones. Ozan believes that reimagining—not just resisting—the status quo is the key to unlocking our full potential.

Learn more about the book here: https://ozanvarol.com/books/

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an exit from the book think like a rocket it is by ozone role his ninety ninety nine may just started working on the operations team for what become the mars exploration rovers mission at the time mission to send a single rover mars in two thousand three in eighteen eighty nine as we were busy designing a rover another and i called the mars polar lander crash on the martian surface this was in our view but the polar lander was using the same landing mechanism that we were planning to use our mission was grounded since our landing mechanism hedges failed spectacularly initially we asked of his questions how can we innovate on the flawed design of the mars polar landor how we design a better lander to ensure smooth landing but these questions weren't the right questions to be asking sometime in tooth
cousin ass was busy working in the mars room at the space science is building a corner university are the distinctive sounds of steel squires boots clicking toward my colleagues and me in the hallway squires my boss principal investigative our mission walked into the room and announced tat he had just gone off the phone with scott harboured and nasa headquarters hovered was in charge of fixing nasa's mars exploration programme after the mars poor land or accident he had just left a meeting with nasa administrator dan golden who had asked hubbard to relay a simple question to squires can you build to herbert had asked squires on the phone whereas replied to what hubbard responded to payloads dumbstruck squires us why would you want to pay loaves fer to rovers hubbard said is a simple question no one had thought of asking before can we send to rovers instead of one after the mars poor land or cry
we're nearly focused on the problem with our lander but the risk was an isolated landing system a number random things could break our spacecraft while travelling nearly forty million miles through outer space in landing on a martian surface litter was scary looking rocks or getting whipped by strong winds instead of putting all our eggs in one spacecraft basket and crossing our fingers and nothing bad what happened along the way we decided to send two rovers instead of one even if failed the other may make it was more with economies of scale the cost of the second there would be pennies on the dollar double the rovers oarsmen double the science two rovers could examine two very different landing sites if once i turn out to be a flaw from a science perspective the other site might save the day the two rovers were named spirit and opportunity they were built to last for ninety days spirit lasted for six years until i got stuck on soft soil albert
it he kept roving the red planet until twenty eighteen over fourteen years into his now did they expected lifetime in the end a simple question that refrain the problem and that are producing one of them successful interplanetary missions of all time what if we sent two rovers instead of one this question may appear obvious but it's obvious only in hindsight how do you see a problem from her perspective others miss how do you ask a question that others don't think of asking one method is to distinguish between tactics and strategy although the terms are often used interchangeably they refer to different concepts the strategy is a plan for achieving an objective tactics in contrast or the actions you undertake to implement the strata we often lose sight of the strategy fixated on the tactics on the tools and become dependent on them but tools as author neo game and reminds us quote we the subtle list of traps end quote just because a hand
we are in a front of you doesn't mean it's the right tool for the job only one zoom out and determine the broader strategy can you walk away from a flawed tactic to find a strategy ask yourself what problem is this tactic here to solve this question requires abandoning the what and how it focusing on the why won't you identify the strategy it becomes easier to play with different tactics if you frame the problem more broadly as the risk involved in landing on mars not just as a defective lending mechanism sending to rovers instead of one decreases risk and increases reward to teach the difference between strategy and tactics their students tina sealing the faculty director of the stand for technology ventures programme uses which he calls the five dollar challenge students break up in a teams in each tee
guess five dollars in funding the goal is to make as much money as possible within two hours and then give a three minute presentation to the class about what they achieved if you were soon the class what would you do typical answers include using the five dollars to buy started materials for a makeshift car wash or eliminate stand and by a lottery ticket but a team to follow these typical pats tend to bring up the rear in the class the teams that make most money don't use the five dollars at all they realise that the five dollars is distracting and essentially worthless resource so they ignore it instead they referring the problem more broadly is what can we do to make money if we start with absolutely nothing one particularly successful team made reservations are popular local restaurants and then sold reservation times of those who want to skip the way these students gentry and impressive
you hundred dollars in just two hours but the team that made the most money approach the problem differently to students understood that the five dollar funding anna two hour period worth the most valuable assets at their disposal rather most valuable resource was the three men at present each time they had in front of a captive stanford class they soldier three minutes lot to accompany interested in recruiting stand for students and walked away with six hundred and fifty dollars what is the five dollar tactic in your own life how can you ignore it and find the to our window or even better how do you find the most valuable three minutes in your arsenal once he moved from the what to the why was he frame the problem broadly in terms of what you're trying to do is set of your favorite solution you ll discover other possibilities in the periphery breakthroughs contrary to popular wisdom dont begin with a smart answer they often begin
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prevent with more flavors like chocolate covered all men vanilla and peanut butter in tubs or bars through something for each and every one of your family to enjoy funding car friendly trieste it tastes like the real deal missing difficult not with briars try briars carves morphia next sweet tooth leaving available at all major retailers like walmart target kroger amazon fresh and more just gotta briars dot com slash old to get a group on a try to day that's briars dot com slash unwieldy and have ellie this episode description about today's author ozone role as a rocket scientist turned award winning professor and author he grew up in a family of no english speakers in his temple turkey learn english as a second language and moved to the united states by himself at seventeen pretend cornell university and major in astrophysics while there he served
operations team for the two thousand three mars exploration rovers project i sent to rover spirit and opportunity as here to mars he then pivoted and became a law professor graduating first in his class from law school in earnings highest great point average in original law schools history so now he's a professor sinclair law school in portland oregon his reign numerous award winning articles that are torn colleges and graduate schools it can find his book think like a rocket scientist on his sight he can his name spelled in this episode description and all you therefore they will be having a great daily back tomorrow as usual re optimal life awaits
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