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1626: So What Is Resilience And Why Is It So Important To Have In Our Daily Lives? by Allison Carmen on Resiliency

2020-05-24 | 🔗

Allison Carmen shares her thoughts on the importance of resilience in our daily lives.

Episode 1626: So What Is Resilience And Why Is It So Important To Have In Our Daily Lives? by Allison Carmen on Resiliency

Allison Carmen holds a B.A. in accounting, a J.D. of Law, and a Master’s of Law in taxation. After working for a large law firm in Manhattan, Allison founded her own law firm and built a successful practice focusing on real estate, corporate, mergers and acquisitions, and taxation. After 15 years of practicing law, Allison transitioned her practice into business consulting, business coaching and life coaching. Today, Allison’s clients range from owners of multi-million dollar companies to artists, actors, writers, and parents. She's also the host of the podcast: 10 Minutes to Less Suffering.

The original post is located here: http://www.allisoncarmen.com/so-what-is-resilience-and-why-is-it-so-important-to-have-in-our-daily-lives/

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real quick i recommend listening to the show on spotify we can listen to all of your favorite artist and podcast in one place for free without a premium account spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic plus he can follow your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode premium users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on instagram so if you haven't done so already be sure to download the spotify app search for optimal living daily on spotify or browse podcast into your library tab also make sure to follow me so you never miss an episode of optimal living daily does optimal living daily episodes sixteen twenty six so what is resilience and why is it so much to have in our daily lives by us carmen of ours and carmen dot com and i'm just a moloch happy son welcome back optimal living daily or the hotel de podcast where i read to you from some of the best blogs find inga permission from mostly covering personal
meant and minimalism on their show we cover a bunch of other topics in the the more living daily podcast network which includes for other shows deafening subscribed to those of you like this one but for now get right and start optimizing your life so but is resilience and why is it so point to have in our daily lives by allison com of alison carmen dot come for most of my life when someone told me i needed to be resilient it made me think about a football player limping back on the field after a big hit or marathon runner jogging that last mile in clear physical pain if also thing our resilience and a business setting out equated with suffering through the emotional and physical discomfort king eighteen hour days for weeks to close transaction however overtime i've come to see that resilience is not really about
indeed an bearing pain to accomplish a goal because when we get there we are usually weaker and exhausted having compromise so much to achieve our so what is resilience and wise is so important to have in our daily lives we know life has stresses and we will be able to escape certain conflicts and problems but we have a choice to either hold on tight stressing about each situation and holding resentments going forward or we can cultivate risk billions these days for me resilience means no matter what we are experiencing we are always able to use the moment as a new beginning it is a practice of learning from mistakes taking responsibility our actions and beginning again in each moment without regret now that my seem like a tall order but with this idea of resilience we can let go of all this trust and worry and not carried over to the next day this way we fight our way back to balance and the opportunity to approach the next experience with more joy and ease here a few tips to strengthen it
our inner resilience muscle and find that joy and freedom in the days to come number one most important factor in creating resilience is awareness we must find strikes is to recognise when we are stressed and exhausting our bill carry on with a clear my before you go to sleep at night i'd illicit things in your life that are bothering you if you feel you have an endless list take or or five issues that appear to be giving you the most emotional paint first ask yourself if each one is an issue that can be solved by making a decision is it on the issue that you need to deal with every day or is it something from the past that you can't let go number two now try to thus in the burden of each problem with the mindset of maybe here some may be steam is to consider whatever you are experiencing can turn out better than you are expecting maybe your thoughts about the situation are not true be there's something to learn in this situation that will benefit you maybe
situation needs more time to resolve maybe you need believe the situation to begin again or maybe you're ok no matter how situation resolves explore these statements may help you gain a larger perspective on the situation seed or hold on so tight your perception of what is happening every moment can be a new beginning filled with open possibility if you remember that maybe as always apply number three now they have gained some per se from your maybe statements try to revisit the issues that are bothering you if a disease needs to be made recognise that even if you make a mistake there be more choices and opportunities again in the future life does have one lane and usually does not come down to one moment do the best you can to accept your decision and allow yourself the ability to experience what you have to was in while realizing that may be is by your side if it is a chronic issue
we can still be joined the moment and possibly healing or resolution overtime ask yourself what is left to expire areas in this moment and allow it ever sunlight is around to shine truly open to a life has offer is the past is holding back try to recognise a you have no idea where different decision in the past would have left you today maybe not for the better all you know is that you are here in this momentum the hope and possibility that life can be better today if we can hold out ass his and worries without such a tight grip we can build resilience and daily crises won't knock off our feet we will maintain the strength through each experience so one opportunities are possibilities come our way we will be alert and ready to embrace them as we create more inner resilience we'll see each moment as a new beginning and recognise that maybe everything is ok
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and never worry about wifi again check out or be wi fi six at net gear dot com slash best wifi does net gear dotcom slash best wifi and i have that linked in this episode description and think it allison she's a friend of the show an author of the book the gift of me b he could find that on amazon among other places and she has a podcast called ten minutes to less suffering that's worth checking out please do is great when he's a poor authors who give me permission to narrate their work without them have content for you so really means a lot when you give them some support provided that that operate after a great start thank you for being here listening to me emphasis ascribing to the show back tomorrow reading on memorial day where optimal life awaits
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