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1637: The Metric of Struggle by Greg Audino on How To Use Empathy To Connect & Understand Other People

2020-06-04 | 🔗

Greg Audino shares his thoughts on the metric of struggle.

Episode 1637: The Metric of Struggle by Greg Audino on How To Use Empathy To Connect & Understand Other People

Greg Audino is both a certified life coach and an actor. He combines his passions to create short and digestible videos which shine new light on the turbulent areas of life that many of us already have our minds made up about. Constantly seeking to share new insight, Audino uses humor and a variety of PG-13 examples to offer a refreshing and more relatable approach to self-development. TV fanatics can find him with principle roles on shows like Westworld, Now Apocalypse, NCIS:LA, and Jane the Virgin to name a few. Greg's videos, as well as information about becoming a life coaching client of his, can be found at gregaudino.com.

The original post is located here: https://medium.com/invisible-illness/the-metric-of-struggle-5705ef229228

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real quick i recommend listening to the show on spotify we can listen to all of your favorite artist and podcast in one place for free without a premium account spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic plus he can follow your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode premium users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on instagram so if you haven't done so already be sure to download the spotify app search for optimal living daily on spotify or browse podcast into your library tab also make sure to follow me so you never miss an episode optimal living daily this is optimal living daily episodes sixteen thirty seven the metric of struggle by gregg gaudy no of gregg arduino dot com and i'm just i like your very own personal narrator eridu from on the best blogs in the
world every day covering personal development and growth lifestyle minimalism and more if you enjoy the show please share with someone that's how i can keep this podcast going it is with you or help or keep your short slow scary to it ass our optimizing your life the metric of struggle by gregg how do you know of gregg idea no doubt come the other dales having interesting chat about support animals with a trusted friend scottish together we more than i do he had heard think about a woman with a therapy goat my notion so preposterous to him that a cannibal let him into a rant about how ineffective and useless any this animal is born it down to nothing more than a ridiculous privilege that wealthier countries get to enjoy he insisted that all it does is promote more weakness to those born into prick
which as people living under much were circumstances were able to live happy lives in spite of the fact that they inherently more adversity to overcome virtually no outlets like therapy more service animals aid them or to me agreed with them growing up in new england in my nature to be hard nosed about these things and champion cons like mental toughness equality over equity and the reality of one's own situation in this scenario is probably fair to say that the reality of someone who does have a support animal is that they have an infinitely more comfortable living and financial environment then the person living in a developing country is able to live happily in spite of the fact that they have no money and live in life threatening circumstances on a daily basis while this is indisputable fact celso not the full picture nearly all judgment and assessment towards others is derived from how we perceive their outer circumstances as we all know however there is much more to us
meets the eye so why is it that we have such a difficult time implementing the same patients onto others all the experience we ve had has led us to where we are right now it is impossible to grasp the weight of this union ourselves and our own lives so how can we be expected to grasp ailing consent in the lives of others we can't which is precisely why this kind of judgment is invalid let's look at an example if i so that person is crying over losing five thousand dollars members and be as crimes over losing five dollars most listeners would be quick to say that first b is over reacting and doesn't have as much to cry about as personae pretty simple a seemingly reasonable assessment has been made based on next to no information but what if person a billionaire and be as a homeless veteran who only had five dollars and now has nothing would have person be as a child who made the first and only five dollars of their life at their lemonade stand when a person be acquired that five dollar bill
the deceased love one and i had great sentimental value to them the list goes on and all of a sudden we will start to change or opinions as or information comes in but hey what if person be was the person who acquire the bill from a deceased loved one but i find out that there are also going to spend that five dollars on a knife tat they would use to kill innocent people the european then switch is back around and around we go in the case of the with service animals verses those who don't have the same luxuries the same principle does indeed apply each party has been condition differently and therefore the same happen is bound to inflict a very different amount of paint or for this example very different happenings to inflict the same amount of pain if walking through a crowd of people causes severe anxiety for personnel and being held at gunpoint causes the exact same amount of anxiety for persons
b we must resist the temptation to get into it measuring contest and instead turner focused whores how to remedy each person's anxiety regardless of the fact that on the outside world a seems to have it a lot easier building of someone's tough this or tolerance is a follow up concern and therefore a supper conversation the back half of my friends argument was that the act of having animal for therapy is ineffective citing not only that allows people an opportunity to deflect their problems onto an animal rather than learning to absorb it themselves but also that the people in need of therapy animals only continue go up rather than diminish indicating a lack of overall improvement what's missing here is the value of experimentation and action which boils down to momentum more often as results it having a therapy animal succeeds in drastically improving someone else's health that's fantastic if it doesn't however is
please the person who experimented with having a therapy animal will still feel a sense of improvement from taking that step which is a different form of progress is not as identifiable to the naked eye but his progress and none the less we need progress to feel happy and progress by action whether or not that action accomplishes would initially set out to this too is a reflection of improper judgment what one indeed as a lack of outer success on this case rely on animal to absorb pain in the amount of anxiety cases continue to increase mace he'll be a showing of inner success people greening mama for themselves being more apt to pursuing paths that will eventually bring them outer success not to mention any number of extraneous circumstances that aren't being recognised like maybe overall anxiety spiking due to other reasons whilst people that therapy animals are indeed improving depending on are you getting information from you'll hear different size of the story because like you your information source
these are also incapable of fully grasping all the intricacies they make any situation what is so in conclusion try being understanding of others as you are of yourselves and do not feel you need to bear the burden of now all there is to know because you can't mandate is this very surrender that you'll find a massive we'd lifted from your shoulders we each have different paths and thus have different definitions of straw and it is more imperative that we take the proper measures to find joy then it is for us to be compared to others you just listen to the post titled the metric of struggle regarding o of gregg arduino darksome it'll have some comments but first with fathers day coming up this month
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and were partnering with the grom it to bring you this great offer for first time customers visit the grummet dot com slash old to save fifteen percent on your entire first purchase that spelled the g r o em e t dot com slash oil de another link in the episodes description and thinking regarding oh it's all about perspective right ruffin quickly judge but will never know what it's like to be in someone else's shoes at least until may life changes happen to us personally and even then you still don't know the whole picture this boy my parents often say thing like you'll understand you're older or you'll understand when you have kids yourself something's just can't be exe no we don't understand them until in someone else's shoes is that even happens at all so tell for the simply give people some slack and understand that their lens the way they see the world has been and always will be different than your own
that's ok and by the way gregg as a member of our old de team for a little over a half a year now he's anew most of optimal relationships daily where he marries content from blogs covering friendship dating love parenting everything in between he also answers the life questions on another show optimal living advice he's alive coach happy to take your car friends you can send one in via email to advice at old podcast dot com you'll be happy to answer a question really their hope you having great thursday i'll see you for their friday show tomorrow we're optimal life awaits
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