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1658: What Bungee Jumping Taught Me About Visualization by Helene Massicotte of Free To Pursue on Mental Training

2020-06-25 | 🔗

Helene Massicotte of Free To Pursue shares what bungee jumping taught her about visualization.

Episode 1658: What Bungee Jumping Taught Me About Visualization by Helene Massicotte of Free To Pursue on Mental Training

Helene Massicotte blogs about living life on your terms and experiencing true personal freedom. She describes herself as a person in search of all that life has to offer and who has built a life that enables her to do just that. No more, no less. She chose to retire from corporate life in her mid-thirties because it wasn't in line with what she wanted anymore.

The original post is located here: http://www.freetopursue.com/blog/2014/9/3/what-bungee-jumping-taught-me-about-self-control

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from covering productivity, minimalism, personal development, although fun stuff and without us, get right to it, start optimizing your life what bungee jumping Tommy about visualization by you massacred of free to pursue dot com. One thirty in the afternoon and the weather's perfect, the crew Victoria falls bungee have just I'm and they've done all the necessary safety checks to ensure good to go. there now helping me move to the edge of the platform, because my ankles are secured with tight straps around too thick layers of folded, towels to protect my legs from the jarring thereabout to receive My toes are over the edge. I look out does embassy river and that I hear it three two one bungee a jump off the platform with it, green on my face and start screaming. Whoo hoo Take it all in my initial weightlessness, my radio
oration the beauty of the cliff side there. She water below, and finally the diesel rayshun, as the bungee save me from a much shorter life than I would like, abounds up and down another half dozen times before. The experience comes to an end is the best hundred fifty seven dollars. I've ever spent not just because of the Bundy job was even more valuable was the less. I learned in preparing for this experience, one day earlier, on more involved is twenty. Second, my travel Buddy Michel, inform me that, due to a tight travel schedule, I'd be jumping on August, twenty third, not August twenty. Fourth, as that initially prepared for an answer, anything at the time, but it didn't sit well with me out. All up to that point had been confidence. I played out the day my mind for weeks, and I felt in control this change tipped scale and fears.
However, the reality now is that Bundy Jumping, if it were still on the table, was to happen number one a day earlier than expected, number two after a morning flight on all fours eater Bush plain those are always eventful. Number three shortly after we arrive at our lodge drop our bags check in and take a shell to the bridge and number four with no opportunity It oriented or settle in Russia that I wouldn't be in my happy place later that evening. My friend started speaking enthusiastically about the job and I stopped her dead in her tracks and informed her The change made a significant difference to me, the sense we were rushing to get in and the fact that I felt I lost control of the situation changed my jump status from green to amber with a tin
bread. She struggled to understand, and I struggled to explain, processing the change. I full many crazy stones over the years. My bucket list does not lie in bungee was far from the toughest revolves needed. feel that I was in control of the variable surrounding the experience which both ensure I felt safe and I enjoy the moment, if anything didn't feel right, but always give myself permission to walk away Guildford, I guess you could say that I needed to feel that I was free to participate in the experience not bullied into getting had done by people or circumstances that night. I thought long and hard about look up in the next day. I work through all the very both old and new and processed, what the they might look like I thought about the transport, asian to the new large. What clothes I would wear the bus ride to the bridge guinea abridge pass out customs. Does it. Joe Borg, between Zimbabwe in Zambia, paying for the jump men,
we're getting the gear on, and everything involved in the jump itself. The cites the smells the feel of the window, my skin The feeling of the harness my heart rate, tat thought process took the better part of an hour before asleep and our lying in bed the following morning that mental preparation made the difference through the calmness about me that morning and thankfully Michel did not bring the job- indeed, our understanding of my need to decide on my own terms may have made a difference. Getting it done once at the Victoria falls Safari large. I changed into my jumping clothes, still wavering, buddy be more comfortable with the idea. Once we had our room keys, I knew that and I'd be on that bus. If you only solidified once on the bridge, everything felt as it should be. It was almost like deja vu. I got to the counter
Since I plan to ask paid and ended up with a number Renaud my form, I was jumper sixty four twenty seven. This was really happening. I felt relaxed and made the right decision thanks to re the experience from then on. It was pure joy. I was excited looking forward to it and, most importantly, not scared. I watched five jumpers before me. into instructions and focused on taking in everything about the experience I wanted to remember it all I assure you, I remember the cites. The smells the feeling the body harness and the ankle restrains everything I was in the moment. I would even say that time slowed for me. Enabling me to process it all the power a visualization, I always knew. I had a process when confronted with a new experience. I never comprehended the pie or of that process until I had to work through it
you over of that preparation at already done the preparation for the jump weeks beforehand, but the change indeed in circumstances forced me to the reset button on my expectations and start from scratch. That force me to pay attention to what I do before, carrying out a big projects or new experience, though expand my comfort zone, the key was visualization visualization. How so we think I've been somewhere before and done what it is that I'm about to do. I never before appreciate the full power of this process, if anything going for, values: mental two or more often and more thoroughly. Given the positive experience The result with practice I even in building a comfortable more quickly and with less effort you just listen the post, titled, what bungee jumping taught me about visualization island
he caught a free to pursue dot com. A real, quick thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast anger is the easiest way to make a pie. Cast they'll distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere: Spotify Apple, podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your podcast too, with no minimum listener ship aggregates you everything you need in one place, for free, which it can use right from your phone or computer creation tools like to record and edit your podcast. So it sounds great download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started. Super interesting strategy from Elaine Massey caught today to one think of ever thought about? So if you haven't either, maybe you think about that? Can you visualize something before going into it and see how that impacts? Your experience, but are due for today hope you have a great more afternoon or evening. Whenever every listening to this and I'll see you tomorrow, as usual, where optimal life awaits
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