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1712: Micro-Bursts of Self-Care by Julie Morgenstern on How To Make A Consistent Self Care Routine

2020-08-18 | 🔗

Julie Morgenstern discusses how to attain micro-bursts of self-care.

Episode 1712: Micro-Bursts of Self-Care by Julie Morgenstern on How To Make A Consistent Self Care Routine

Julie Morgenstern is an organizing & productivity consultant, New York Times best-selling author, and speaker. For over 30 years, Julie has been teaching people all around the world and at all stages of life how to overcome disorganization to achieve their goals. Her mission is to free each individual to make their unique contribution to the world - by helping them design their own systems for managing time and space that feel natural and are easy to maintain. This Inside Out approach to organizing everything gives readers, listeners, and clients the energy and knowledge they need to get (and stay) organized.

The original post is located here: https://www.juliemorgenstern.com/tips-tools-blog/2020/1/21/micro-bursts-of-self-care

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This is optimal living daily episodes. Seventeen twelve micro burst of self care by We Morgenstern of Julie, Morgenstern, dot com and I'm just a moloch. Optimal living daily or the O elder podcast. Where I read to you from some of the best blows, I can find and get permission from any those books coming personal development or self help minimalism, productivity. Anything, I think, will help you make. Your life more meaningful prosecuting, ensure short, so for now, Let's get right to it, answer off. Lies in your life, Micro, birth of self care, Julie, Morgenstern of Julie, Morgenstern, Dotcom. We all desire self care. More importantly, if all, come to understand that we need self care? The physical and psychological benefits of self nurturing have been scientifically proven. Time and time again is no longer revolutionary concept, but we often struggle to attain as sustain it, because well, life happy
and getting in the way of our best laid plans. So what can we do? I start upon the solution quite accident. Delay. When writing my most recent book time apparent, I set out to answer the question: how much time and attention due kids need to feel loved and secure. Having deep into the literature on child development. All the experts agreed children thrive on short, bursts of undivided attention, delivered, consistently more than big blocks of time, delivered. Occasionally the mind blowing discovery for me in an incredibly liberating notion for most parents and then came the epiphany just We can nurture children in short, bursts of undivided attention. So too, can we nurture ourselves in a short micro burst, tension to ourselves and our own needs. Too often. We think we need to carve out huge blocks of time for self care. Two hours of the gym a quite evening finish a book a full. We can catch up
with friends nearly impossible to find these big blocks of time consistently, which make self care incredibly difficult to maintain this, Three frame, our thinking on self care, stop looking for big blocks of time and start looking for small part gets twenty minutes or less they control We rely on small, for moments with measurable results. Here are a few examples to gay thinking. Self care goal improve sleep most of us desire to get more and better sleep those moments before bed, the tree. Position between the end of your day and falling asleep can be particularly hard for many people. You might find yourself stuck in limbo, going over to do less in your mind as you try to fall asleep plagued with worry about the things you didn't get to, or the tasks on your play for the following day. What timid, Thinking, you add into sleep routine. That sounds a transition. Microbes solutions Do something creative activities,
Just drawing her knitting can be productive escapes that help relax and refocused to mine on something other than your workaday worries. Stretch a movie body, doing a simple yoga, routine or spending a few minutes on deep stretches before bed can help to relax your muscles preparing your body for sleep or journal tick. Five to fifteen minutes, to record your thoughts experiences and what you feel grateful for can be extremely relax Seen too many people putting it, he's down on paper before climbing into bed can help release from your mind, allowing you to drift off to sleep more easily self care goal, improve work, life balance, reduce stress at work, Most of us are go. Go go working over forty five to fifty hours per week we're taking a moment throughout the day to check in with ourselves. How could you carve out five to fifteen minutes in your work day for
something that is truly renewing. Microbes solutions, take a walk, fresh air and a chance to stretch your legs can make all the difference in your day. Take a few minutes your conference call or before diving into a major project. To clear your mind, a quick stroll around the blog or three accompany campus can make all the difference made. Your own lunch resolved to spend ten minutes eating lunch away from your desk alive. To fully appreciate the effort you put into revealing your body savor the taste and smells as you nourish yourself, or connect call your spouse or France five minute check and at the same time every day or face Henry when they get home from school, these small touch points throughout the day. Not only strengthen you, action with your loved ones. They can provide you with a quick boost of love and support to carry you through the rest of the day. Self gurgle cultivate a new hobby We all have those things we used to love to do long weekend: ski trips curling.
Stop all day with a good book or spinning I in the art studio until our lives got too busy, but our Hobbes are what restores physical, emotionally and psychologically in the most efficient way. Imaginable is something you do just for you. How can you open up the space to provide this care nutrients to your soul, microbes solutions. Writing can be incredibly cathartic, start up by writing short compositions. I coups poems a short story or an autobiographical sketch. Writing is like a muscle. More you exercise at the stronger gets over time will be able to write more and less time plain instrument thanks to the internet, you can t yourself to play almost any instrument at home for free focus, on the guitar, piano or harmonica for even ten minutes a day can be trusted. This relaxing far more so an hour of television, more mindlessly scrolling through social media? More learn a fact today spend less
in five minutes a day. Learning a small, interesting tat bit about the history of jazz music or the greatest Putting up says of all time whether you dive deep into an existing field of interest or venture extremely fulfilling and rewarding exe These can be an extremely fulfilling and rewarding experience. They may be tempted to try them all start by choosing just one thing, something that takes just talk me ten five or even two minutes that really recharge. Is you something you find simply delicious, The amazed how one simple thing can change the narrative of your day and if your silence, by but he can find another five, ten or twenty minutes to add another activity and another. And another over time. You just listen to the both titled micro birth of self care by Julie, Morgenstern of Julie, Morgenstern Doctor and I have some comments, but first,
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Free, guide and schedule. Your free product were right now and net sweet dot com, slash, o Hildy net, sweet dot, TK I'm sorry old integrity, Julie, great tips, at very last one thereabout being tempted to try everything and see what sticks. That's probably not gonna help you, but instead of one jumped out too don't teacher interesting. He thought to yourself. That is like a great idea. Try that job Please come up again and again in a bunch of blogs, a myriad of the last seventeen hundred episodes, that's a big one, and if you don't know where to start with journal hold off on that and stay tuned. We are entering the production step of our journal that we ve been working on for a long time. Super longtime heavily this year, but really since the beginning of these podcast five years ago, just make sure my weekly newsletter to be up to date with the news about that journal. But even if you do use the one were making any kind of girl is the step in the right direction, in my opinion, by legally. Therefore, today I hope you have a gun.
The rest of your day. Thank you for being here and listening to me and for subscribing to the show I'll be back tomorrow where optimal life awaits
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