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1739: 4 Ways to Be Mindful by Shirley of Daring Living on Meditation & Journaling for Personal Growth

2020-09-14 | 🔗

Shirley of Daring Living shares four ways that we can be mindful.

Episode 1739: 4 Ways to Be Mindful by Shirley of Daring Living on Meditation & Journaling for Personal Growth

Shirley is a Certified Life Coach who helps driven women create joy and success through brain-based coaching, self compassion, and emotional resilience.

The original post is located here: https://daringliving.com/be-mindful/

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This is optimal. Living daily episodes, seventeen thirty nine four way, to be mindful by Shirley. of daring, living dot com and I'm just a moloch, happy Monday, welcome back optimal living daily or the O elder podcast, where I read to you from some of the best Whilst I can find Inca permission from mostly coming, Development and minimalism on this show yesterday was for ways to live each day with intention today is for ways to be mindful good stuff am I mentioned yesterday. Today is the big day that we are launching a place for you to connect with me the hosts of Other shows and other listeners to do challenges and participate, as you like get to know us and other people which is great during these crazy pandemic times and even participate in live videos. Those will be happening soon, all of it completely free. Just like this podcast I'd love to see you there just come by old, podcast dot com. Slash
join to get in not really make my day and I'll. Give you a reminder about that at the end, so, for now, is here today is post ass are off flies in your life. For ways to be mindful by surely of daring, living dot com, We all know that staying in the present is important, but how do we we be aware of our thoughts and emotions. daily lives. What his mindfulness. There are many moments in my life where I acted and said things impulsively during states of high emotion. Without by saying I'll, just triggered by external events, to behave a certain way when you feel so much better to be income role of your own thoughts and emotions and understand why you are feeling and behaving the way you do. Mindfulness by definition, means to me. Tina moment by moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations.
And the surrounding environment through a gentle and nurturing lens, instead of being provoked by external factors. The mindful approach would be to step back and analyzed the situation. a grander picture to be mindful means to be conscious and aware of the content in one's mind. Note that this is actually differ from being alert, which means to access the car then in the mind as either helpful or harmful. Why is mindfulness so mourned being mindful means to take notice of your current state and surrounding instead of thinking about what has not happened yet or repeating past areas in your mind, thinking out there should housing and could have the means to pay our attention on how you are spending more time in prompt you to slow down in appreciate the little things as they come. Days when I'm feeling stressed out in my head is in the clouds. I would stop myself and bring all my senses back to the present. By asking these questions. wait. Where am I right now
my my room, what am I doing? I'm sitting my bed, and about to go to sleep. What do I hear sound of passing by traffic outside? What do I feel the soft bedsheet against my skin? This allows me to shift my focused present again and appreciate all the elements around me These are being mindful is the first step to making any change Decree in your life is about realizing the triggers you, your fears, anxieties and insecurities, but also what makes you light up in feel good, so they can grow to understand yourself better for simple ways. To be mindful mind, Let's take skills and a lot of practice to be more mindful. You must purposely make the time and effort to practise the act of being mindful here, some music is to start number one journaling spend time each day to write your thoughts into a journal, We can begin by pouring out anything this on your mind at the moment often
don't really know what it is: you're really feeling until he put them down into actual words on paper for me many of my aha realizations about myself happen during those precious moments as writing in my journal. I find this habit so helpful for even added it into my morning routine. So we can always start off my more grounded and, with a clear mind, number two meditation. I can't just sit here a thing about nothing. Does my media thought when I was first introduced to meditation? I am someone who cannot sit still, who needs to be constantly doing something prof come to realise that meditation. Just sitting there and thinking nothing is about separating itself from your current state of mind and observing each of your thoughts as they pass by. simply accepting them and letting them go. It's a powerful way to practise. Staying, conscious and aware of your thoughts
There are many guided meditation apps out there to help. You begin meditation my used com and had space number three hundred and thirty unplugging learned To appreciate your surroundings, as you spend time with yourself, go out for a short, walk in nature and listen to the birds being rustling sound of the leaves and your footsteps only gravel go to Jim and work on yourself as a focus on your every breath and action cook in eat by yourself and really enjoy every bite in the flavour of the food, spend one afternoon to sit down and read a good book without distraction. Immerse yourself in hobbies you can do by yourself and really take time to enjoy being with yourself the more use voting time alone and soft silence, the more you will aware of your presence in every moment before baking. yes about your behaviors, constantly step back in question yourself. Why anxious I, at my sister, during because she says something that annoys me: why I feel annoyed me
in a bad mood miles? in a bad mood, because I'm anxious about my presentation at work tomorrow. My do, I feel anxious. because it is something I value and I want to do a good job, but I spend time preparing for his presentation. Yes, is there anything else? I can do at this point. No, oh, then, should keep thing about it? To ruin my night, probably not Why not all be he regarded as easy to interpret, but the more he questioned your actions them he will grow to understand why you're behaving a certain way. Mindfulness has definitely created more clarity, gratitude joy into my daily life is always a constant progress and practice for me every day, all about taking the action to begin
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