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1748: Is What You Know to Be True Really True? by Adi Redzic on The Road to True Understanding & Questioning Beliefs

2020-09-23 | 🔗

Adi Redzic asks us to question the truth of what we feel we know.

Episode 1748: Is What You Know to Be True Really True? by Adi Redzic on The Road to True Understanding & Questioning Beliefs

Adi Redzic is an award-winning life, business, and leadership coach, entrepreneur, author of two books, and motivational speaker. From a war-torn childhood to meetings at The White House, Adi has proven the possibility of change and growth.

The original post is located here: https://www.adiredzic.com/journal/2018/7/26/is-what-you-know-to-be-true-really-true

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This is optimal, living daily episode. Seventeen forty eight, is what you know to be true. Really true by ADI red sick of ADI red sector com and I'm just about the guy has been reading articles book excerpts, even student essays to you ever including holidays for over four and a half years covering personal development or self help how to live. A better life will allow more it's always with permission from the authors or websites just hit these subscribe button in your podcast up to get new Ipsos for free. To post is from a great writer ADI Red sick, so let's get right to it and start the your life is what you know to be true, really true by Algeria. Of ADI rhetoric that in
This tradition, there's a beautiful discourse known as the heart sutra that dulls into the essence of letting go of preconceived notions about how our life should be in order to embrace the wondrous nature of what our life actually is. Its ultimate objective is to help us relinquish the deep, often unconscious suffering that dwells within us, while their many facets of the text the following question particularly resonate with me or the beliefs, old about myself in the world around me really true, under Danny is honouring the truth underneath and perfect understanding. Another translation of this text is only possible when we recognise the limits of what we know you see in life. Knowledge is often a barrier to standing in the words of his anteater, taking on Hon quote. If we take something to be the truth, we may cling to it so much that, even if the comes and knocking at our door? We won't want but again we have to be able to transcend our precious knowledge and the same
where we climb up a ladder. If we're on the fifth wrong and think that, very high, there's no hope for us to step up to the sixth? We must learn train. And our own views understand like water can flow can penetrate, views, knowledge and even wisdom are solid and can block the way of understanding and quote May times. Am I I've been in situations where the new deeper understanding knocked, but our union bargained with it rationalizing its merits and fighting against it, because I fear this new idea would be high, a full to me, even though I was the one who started out in the first place, I've come to the identity. My past experiences knowledge and believes had formed for me, while those past identities served a purpose once they block. The deeper understanding of who I am and what I m all about and prevented life from revealing itself without anxiety, resistance in fear, in other words, by clinging to a particular truth.
I prevented my bliss from coming into a full light and caused myself suffering instead, even if I pretended this wasn't so for example, for a long time. I believe that my should be a lawyer. Maybe I I've made a good one, but is not likely that I have been writing this. I say now. Nevertheless, I spent a great amount of time resist in the pool into where I am today even fighting in fighting others? Who pointed out to me, because I believe this other It was really me or think of a purse. who had been married for thirty years most of those years unfulfilled, but can or can break out of it because of the identity, a set of beliefs, their bill? but we ve been together all these years. I can possibly start over just ass millions, who did and were glad for it or take someone who had had a rough, abusive, lonely upbringing.
and spent many years trying to build the opposite, never realizing that nothing will ever be good enough as a replacement. We must build a new, yet they keep on trying because they believe this identity to be the truth, even if in the process they pass life. I'm sure you can identify many examples of this in your own life, and I encourage you to do so and in question them earnestly monopolies asked you to, or some asian Buddhist Tax said it would be wise, but because without deeper understanding. Life will continue to lack without perfect understood and brutal honesty. Authentic happiness is impossible is what I know to be true, really true, Toby on this quest here, ten questions to get you, number one. Is it really true that I was or am a victim of my circumstances, not bringing relationships etc? did. I have a say: do I have a say today, number two: is it
the truth of the love I seek hasn't yet appear, or is it that myself love, isn't enough to see it number three. Is it really true? things never go. My way was a glass really half empty number? Four. Is it really true that film, a blank has to materialise in this way, or is that my past belief talking number five? Is it really true that I screwed that film a blank up. Isn't there a silver lining? Number six is really true. Is that due to genes circumstances etc? I need to be sickly or unfulfilled, or even that I'm incapable or stupid number seven Is it really true that there are no ideal opportunities for me out there and that I'll always be poor number eight? Is it really true that I'm ugly fat mean all green, yellow, not worthy of authentic love? Number nine. Is it really true that I am responsible for all
all the things that happened to me around me into other people to number ten. Is it really true I love myself? Is it really true I am courageous Who are these only pretty words that cover the wounded child beneath? Has a child heal Many many more of these questions. Some answers will come as it. Yes, some as an o and a measure yes and no trickier isn't so much to give a part. Your answer, although that's a good start, but to live the questions out and wrestle with them in the quest of going deeper, discovering that perfect understanding about yourself in the universe, around you only then armed with perfect understanding. Do we experienced a liveliness and authentic love. Joy and peace in its most natural form You just listen to the poles titled, it's what you know to be true, really true,
body rhetoric of ADI red Sector COM, a real quick thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast anger is the easiest way to make a pie. Cast they'll distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere: Spotify Apple, podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your podcast too, with no minimum listener ship aggregates you everything you need in one place for free, which you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools, light record and edit your podcast. So it sounds great. Download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started and they get ADI? The title reminded me of an article that I saw a pop up on something like Buzzfeed does like ten things you thought were true that totally aren't or something along those lines where you're like what that's been set in school or I was taught that growing up without a common knowledge and nope, just something random, Nels, mistaken or messengers
then just spread. There are a lot of those moments in life from the silly like Darth Vader, not actually saying Luke, I am your father and in not being the Baron Steen Bears, but the Baron stain barriers. Those both were very confusing for me does also wants happening in our lives all the time. Like God, he said it's important to go through these questions. He asked and see, what's really true that you do for today. Thank you for listening and being here and for subscribing to the show. Please do subscribe for free if you haven't already have a great rest of your day and we back tomorrow as usual, where Altima life awaits,
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