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1777: Welcome to the Real World by Chris Guillebeau on Challenging Yourself & Pursuing Dreams

2020-10-22 | 🔗

Chris Guillebeau welcomes us to the real world.

Episode 1777: Welcome to the Real World by Chris Guillebeau on Challenging Yourself & Pursuing Dreams

Chris Guillebeau is a New York Times bestselling author and modern-day explorer. He is the author of 5 books and his daily podcast, Side Hustle School, is downloaded more than 2 million times a month. Every summer in Portland, Oregon, Chris hosts the World Domination Summit, a gathering of creative, remarkable people with thousands in attendance. Chris is also the founder of Pioneer Nation, Unconventional Guides, the Travel Hacking Cartel, and numerous other projects. During a lifetime of self-employment that included a four-year commitment as a volunteer executive in West Africa, he visited every country in the world (193 in total) before his 35th birthday.

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This is optimal. Living daily episodes, seventeen, seventy seven Malcolm the real world by Chris kill a bow of crystal about our com thus a your personal narrator reading to everyday, including holidays, does from some of the best blogs I can find covering purse. Development and minimalism, mostly with permission from the authors and without scary to it as we optimize your life welcome to the real world by Chris Kill of Chris Skill about our com, Something has been bothering me lately and, judging from what I know about the people, read these articles each week. I bet it's bothered. Some of you before is this phrase. Welcome to the real world, have you ever heard that Do you really intended, as a sarcastic cassock remark about what someone else's said or is doing, might also have been phrased like this dash is not how it works
you'll understand better one day when you're older wiser have a mortgage wherever that sounds nice, but its unrealistic, monsieur something very important with you These are the things that people say when they want to marginalize. You. Other negative adjectives are idealistic, naive and well meaning if here those words, get ready. Some one is very close to telling you their interpretation of the real world to be more precise, Here's what the real world looks like from the perspective of those who would like to welcome you to this world remaining true to print the poles are values is admirable to appoint, but after a while, we expect the compromise them in order to be true to a greater good? No one should be too much of anything if you're too smart. He can't really to regular people if you're too rich. You don't understand the rest of us live if you're too nice, even your naive or not. Knowing that the world is a dog eat dog place where each person must compete for scarce resources and anyone
who was able to break loose and find their own way should be treated with suspicion. The attitude is, if I can't do that, do you should be able to either please note the real world is not reality is not defined by fax is determined by the collective perception of unremarkable average people there. The people in the matrix who have taken a bluebell, remember that Naturally, I have a different perspective from those who talk about the real world. The perspective is this is absurd. Here's how I see it instead, no one is better than you. Short of being enslaved. No one can get away with telling you what to do without you accepting at the best years of our lives are neither behind us nor ahead of us there right now, so we'd better take advantage of them. You go! away from a good job and have more freedom and opportunity than the colleagues you leave behind the widespread belief in deferred gratification,
shit, where we willingly put off the things we want for decades and a vague hope that one day we can enjoy life is a false belief that prevents people from finding purpose at an early age, the world is waiting for you, free you to go out and see it, no need to pact a lonely planet our plan, much of anything before you go you'll figure it out. I'm well aware what people in the real world say about these ideas is a pretty much the same thing that has always been said: rob his three about unrealistic ideas those notions about how women should Have the same rights as men, human being should not be bought and sold. Lay people should have access to religious tex crimson should be rehabilitated instead of simply put to death and so on. All those crazy, realistic ideas that could never work in the real world response when presented with welcome to the real world. That's not how it works here pitch yet to choose whether to ignore it or fight back, be careful when you choose to
I back because people who hold these beliefs are like caged animals, in the long run. You are smarter, stronger and have more am another them when the short run. You might get then if you put your hand in a cage when animals or small minded people feel threatened. They tend to lash whoever is near by if you do fight back carefully. The response I come. To my mind is something like this: maybe that's not how works for you in your world, however, not of us are sleep, augurs some of us are alive. Some of us have given up on the unrealistic? Some of us have taken the red pill. Some of us dont want the things in the real world. The law, Bing world the it into the real world is to join the living world. Joseph Campbell understood this alternative
years ago, when he wrote about the meaning of life. Well, people say that what we are seeking is a meaning for alive. I don't think that's what we're really seeking always seek is an experience of being alive and quote the living world this is yet another reason to be happy about the world falling apart around us in the car of losing wealth and job security. More people are choosing to seek the experience of being alive. Some certainly not all are realising that the real world has failed them and that they need to find another way to make it now that the current has been lifted. Yes, I know it sucks. realize that everything you ve been told is alive, but consider the alternative. Would you rather spend your whole life believing the lie Don't get me wrong. Another are plenty of people who would choose the lie. They are the ones who say your ideas are unrealistic and you are living in the real world, but the Good NEWS is that the people in the real world or losing their ranks and some of them are ready to wake up. We voted
and so you're ahead of the game, you can help people wake up from sleep, walking and welcome them to the living world. I don't think that's an unrealistic idea. At all you just listen to the post title. welcome to the real world by Chris kill a bow of crystal about our com and they get an eight year tis to season to upgrade your wifi. when you're connected to your world by wifi, be sure it's the best or be wifi. Six from next year is the gift that keeps on giving it covers your entire home with the fastest wifi. Seeking streamer favours, shows and movies, video chat with family far away and work and learn from home on more devices than ever before in any part of the house is wifi worth celebrating don't miss this holiday seasons. Exclusive offers on the best wifi ever find out. What makes net gear Erica number one choice for wifi at net gear
dot com, slash best wifi, that's a net gear dot com, slash best wifi And I have that Linkedin in this episode description think it to an inspirational posed of your feeling, like your style, living life. He didn't imagine for yourself many, the authors I neri for you here would probably agree with what he sang and they live. What others would consider in unconventional life by the average person the hundreds at least the first authors I carried way back in episode. One, for example, the minimalist Super unconventional Joshua acquitted having got rid of most of his possessions in debt and wanted to be a writer. I figured you work at a coffee. Job if he had to at doing something he enjoys and not wasting six figures a year on things. He didn't really need to be happy than this Inauthor an area was legal about us. Zen habits, overweight, smoker, turn it all around and became a marathon runner all while having six kids.
And also on the minimalism side, corny carver diagnosed with multiple sclerosis decided to vote. on having more meaningful life and minimalism she quitter job. She says she's never been happier. I share. Most of the people in their lies, probably said they were crazy for taking this weird different path: look where they are now Stephanie possible. Might not work a beautifully, or it might be a tough start. I know all These people have had their fair share of struggles to, but I also know they wouldn't take it back for the world now one either with these podcast wishes. Thanks to you. So thank you for listening. Hope we having a great day only back for the Friday, show tomorrow we're optimal life. Noise
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