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1781: Minimalism, Tidying Up, & the Most Important Benefit Behind the Less is More Movement by Jay & Heather Harrington

2020-10-26 | 🔗

Jay and Heather Harrington of Life and Whim discuss the many benefits of living a life with less.

Episode 1781: Minimalism, Tidying Up, & the Most Important Benefit Behind the Less is More Movement by Jay & Heather Harrington

Jay and Heather Harrington are the husband and wife team behind Life and Whim. They started Life and Whim after moving their family to Traverse City, a small town on the shores of Lake Michigan, to break the script of their life and reimagine what's possible. They live in pursuit of a purposeful, meaningful, active, and simple life.

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It's a minimalist Monday edition of optimal living daily episodes. Seventeen eighty one minimalism tidying up in the most Porn benefit behind the less is more movement by J and Heather Harrington of and when dot calm and I'm just a moloch happy Monday go back to optimal living daily or the o Hildy podcast. Where I read to you from some the best blogs, I can fight I get permission from mostly coming personally. Amateur minimalism on the show. We cover a bunch of other topics in the autumn. I'm all living daily, podcast network, just search for after living daily to find them, but for now get right too, minimalist Monday Post answer off. Rising life minimalism tying up and the most important benefit behind. The less is more movement by J and Heather Harrington of Life and whim doggone new shows on Netflix New York Times best selling books, donation centres bursting at
teams photos of nearly rolled garments, taking over Instagram a new verb, condo doing entering a lexicon in case you haven't buddhist minimalism, man that tidying up movement are having a moment, less is more, has gone mainstream. So the idea of living with less and the realisation of the attendant benefits as a newly discovered concept. Thousands years ago greek stoic philosopher, Epictetus, came to the king, fusion quote. Wealth consists nodded having great possessions, but having few wants end quote Today's culture, or at least some meaningful corner of it, is finally catching on a journey towards a more minimal life Our own journey towards a more minimal lifestyles been marked by fits and starts for, There's a goalie be in the shift towards a life motivated less by accumulation and consumption and more by chasing meaning and purpose.
We committed to living more minimally because we knew orally thought that a life with less could lead to more learn about the concept of minimalism. We were entreat daddy of shedding possessions and living lighter appealed to us, so we started boxing belongings and dropping them off at charitable thrift stores or placing them at the curve for trash pick up rafter weekend of shedding. We find ourselves back where we started with a few less things, but without making much of a dent in our desire for a broader change will lead us to transformational change in Millie greater happiness was taking a step back and trying to understand the larger purpose and vision we have for our lives. We focused on the end we had in mind and concluded it could be achieved through the mean of minimizing minimalism as a means to an end. Consumption requires a trade off and its greatest cost is time. The cost of a new
Oh pair of shoes isn't measured only in dollars and sense. Busy takes time and effort to acquire those dollars and sense. Does it mean social media means giving up moments could be spent doing something more meaningful or rising in reorganising mounds of stuff robs one. the ability to apply mental and physical energy to more productive pursuits, as one of the original minimalist writers, Henry David. The row once wrote for the cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life, which is required to be exchanged for it immediately or in the long run. End quote, in other words those things that are dominating our time, and attention are stifling the one thing we can never replace, which is life. All of this is to say that is easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of the minimalist movement and miss the bigger picture, and in this case the big picture is using minimalism,
as a means to an end to a more fulfilling intentional and purposeful life, rather than treating it as an end in itself. In my personal experience, I found that merely focusing on the tactic of minimalism without a larger purpose in mind, makes it hard to stick with it, just as collar accounting diets, measured only by the restriction of calories. Rarely work minimalism quest Only by the disposition of objects are hard to sustain is difficult to stay, motivated to stick with means without an end in mind that lets you up inside having a larger purpose is what helps you to persevere through challenge. as an minimizing ones. Lifestyle in the face of societal pressures to do otherwise certainly qualifies as a challenge By no means are we minimalist and appear a sense. We still have too much stuff get caught up in keeping up the Joneses answer come to temptation, despite knowing but of the last several years with a more clearly defined mission in mind every time.
Have fallen down, we been able to get up and get back on track, happier and ready for. What's next for us being more minimal minded allows us to elevate and prioritize experiences over things having less stuff in our home enables us to spend more time outside in nature or mine are less encumbered, so we have more capacity to pursue creative endeavours that, while not always financially remunerative bring us great contentment. That said, is not always easy because the siren song of more is addictive, you ve not careful, more stuff, more commitments and more mental clutter can easily see back in. If you try to focus on less, does laws of culture. messaging, that will suggest to you that your priorities are misplaced and you're missing. out on the false promises of large s, have endured summit tag and pool of more unless we firmly determine that. Yes, less is more.
Regarded by the knowledge born of experience that the path to fulfilment lies in doing the hard things with a purpose in mind You can learn to love the process of minimalism, even if it's difficult at times as Fyodor Dostoevsky once wrote quote, the mystery of human existence lies not just staying alive, but in finding some to live for. End quote: minimalism is not a magical cure. All an organised sock drawer, scale beyond fleeting satisfaction of those who have deeper, meaning in mind for their lives and want to pursue a mission in life that is challenging and fulfilling following the foundational and suppose a minimalism is a beneficial first step toward finding lice purpose. Happiness is not guaranteed. It's hard won and the struggle for happiness begins inside with commitment to be unrelenting in directing your actions in alignment with your life's purpose. You just listen to the post, titled
Animal tidying up and the most important benefit by Less is more movement J and Heather Harrington of Life and will com a real, quick thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast anchor is the easiest way to make a pie. They'll distribute your your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere. Spotify Apple, podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your broadcast to with no minimum listener. Ship anger gives you everything you need in one place for free which it can use right from your phone or computer creation tools, lighter, recording, Eddie, you're podcast, so it sounds great download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started, bigoted, J and other. I really like that part where they said the big picture is using minimalism as a means,
put it into a more fulfilling intentional and purposeful life, rather than treating it as an end in itself, because we often get stuck in that way of thinking it. Once I minimize down to one thousand items or five hundred, or even one hundred like some extreme minimalist, then I will have made it I'll, be an official minimalist and things will be great, but we know deep down. It doesn't work that way. The larger purpose and big picture or more important, not the details of how many items we have so hopefully does inspirational, for you have a great start to your week. Thank you for being here and listening to me and for subscribing to the show I'll be back tomorrow evening to you. We are off to my life away
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