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1914: Practical Minimalism for Busy People by Jennifer of SimplyFiercely on Intentional Shopping & A Simple Life

2021-03-08 | 🔗

Jennifer of Simply Fiercely talks about practical minimalism for busy people.

Episode 1914: Practical Minimalism for Busy People by Jennifer of SimplyFiercely on Intentional Shopping & A Simple Life

Jennifer is a traveller, minimalist and dream chaser. She grew up near Baltimore, Maryland but she caught a bad case of wanderlust at an early age and it has taken her all over the world. She is a reformed shopaholic turned minimalist and believes that clearing out the clutter is a vital part of creating a life you love.

The original post is located here: https://www.simplyfiercely.com/practical-minimalism-for-busy-people/

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It's a minimalist Monday edition of optimal living daily episode. Nineteen fourteen practical minimalism fur busy people by Jennifer of simply fiercely doc arm and I'm just a Moloch happy Monday, a welcome to the old podcast, the O l de Pugwash, optimal living daily, where I read to you like a big ongoing audio book, but from many different authors transposed being from Jennifer of simply fiercely a real quick thanks to anchor for hosting this pod cast anchor is the easiest way to make upon cast they'll distributor pod cast for you, so can be heard everywhere. Spotify Apple, podcast, Google Pie cast an many more. You can easily make money from your bike ass to with no minimum listener. Ship anger gives you everything you need in one place for free, which it can use right from your phone or computer creation to US
later record and edit your podcast, so it sounds great download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started now, get right to it and start optimizing. Your life. practical minimalism for busy people by Jennifer of simply fiercely dot com. I ve been learning about the minimalist lifestyle for nearly a decade now entering. At time my life has changed a lot right now I work for myself. I have, Flexibility with how I spend my time and energy. Of course, we still have a lot of responsibilities. Motherhood and self employment. Both keep you busy, but overall there's a lot of breathing room in my everyday life. I am so grateful for this space because I know it gift? It truly is at various times in my life, I've been on the other side, marking fifty sixty and even seventy plus hour weeks, just to make ends meet
the long commute I've juggled multiple jobs, and I know how it feels be truly busy and exhausted. I know that first, of you, hearing this being busy and exhausted, Ms still, your reality, Tired- and you know you need simplicity in your life, but with everything going on, you have no timer. energy to get started its an unfortunate cycle that keeps you stock right. If this house, familiar than I wrote this posed for you here, are three practical ways: he can start simplifying your life, even without a lot of time or energy, to spare no time to declare do this. Instead, almost every blog post about simple living or minimalism, encourages you to start by declaring this isn't bad advice Decoupling will help you simplify your life, but if you're busy, focusing anti cluttering can actually keep you stock. Why? Because, even if you break it down into small tasks at the end
day is still a big job. We already have a lot on your plate de cluttering and therefore simplify. Your life often ends up in the too hard basket do you have something to do one day when you finally have more time. Of course, the next thing you know, weeks months or even years pass and nothing has changed. The good news is There is one very important thing you can do right now to simplify your life and it takes no time. In fact, it actually saves you time stop shopping for things you don't need ultimately making this change is so much more than de cluttering snotty sexy, and I know it's more exciting to think about a pinterest worthy minimalist home. but I promise you of your more concerned with how your life feels on the inside and how it looks on the outside. Then this is a powerful place to start, as he learned to be mindful consumer used our thinking differently about your stuff,
This mindset shift is essential for minimalism and, if you take time to nurture it, you'll find cluttering. So much easier We finally have the time to tackle it, lay the foundations for intentional living. Here's the biggest lesson I've learned about minimalism is that has less to do what you own and everything to do with living with intention. Part of this process questioning how your things, everything from your physical possessions to your time commitments. I value your life. Why, do the things you do. Why do you The things you own cultivating the habit of asking these questions is something you to start doing right now, even if you don't have the time or capacity to follow up with action, practice anyway, seek and learn more about yourself and wire. Life is busy and cluttered in the first place, Why are you always working late? Why you spend so much time on your phone
Why you own so many clothes. Admittedly asking these questions takes a lot of mental energy, something that's often in short supply when you're busy by promised that is worth making the effort Tal part of cultivating intentional mindset and the more you practice, the easier it will become with, I'm real, develop a better understanding of the root cause of the clutter in your life. and this is essential for clearing it- think of it. This way, if you don't know the cause of your problem than how You truly go about solving it. Every minute matters. Finally, I know that when we're busy it's easy to convince ourselves that there is no point in starting small, I don't have time. Work out or reed or eat healthy, or simplify my life right now, but later, when I have more time sound familiar
said some version of this statement more times and I could possibly count but, as James Clear wrote in his book, atomic habits quote: every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become end quote. In other words, every We do matters. If you want to simplify your life, don't be afraid to start small. Then, when you're busy, can you find just five minutes to work towards creating a life you want? Mouse does might look like on subscribing from one email. Fluttering won t shirt, revenge, spinning five minutes sitting in silence, if you're not sure where to begin keep it simple. Look around you what's one, They must not adding value to your life. When, how can you let go if all you have is five minutes? That's ok, stars! or with any of the ideas in this post, and I can guarantee you that if you keep showing up, it will make a difference.
The other hand waiting for the perfect time when you're, finally, less busy is an almost guaranteed way to put off living your best life alone can be hard, but I promise you miss worth it. You just listen to the post title practical minimalism for busy people by Jennifer of simply fiercely dot com, after your small business owner this is for you running. A business is just plain hard manless to do list employees to take care of and your ever present bottom line. So, first of all kudos to you for staying on top of it. I want to tell you about Gaston Gaston built, an easier and more affordable way to manage payroll benefits and more. They have over one hundred thousand businesses, including ours here at optimal living daily, and they help with tasks like automated payroll tax filing simple direct deposits, free health Insurance administration for a
case on boring tools you may make made it easy. They really care about the small business owners. They work with their support teams, attentive and helpful answer money can be tight right now, you're even get three months free. Once you run your first payroll, just gotta gusto DOT Tk. Slash old as our setting up your business today. we'll see what I mean when I say easy again: the three months of free payroll, gusto dot, com, slash old You asked he oh dot com, slash, o Hildy, they did Jennifer I'd have to agree. The root of the problem with clutter is not the current clutter. Estranged s aims. But as the buying of unnecessary things in the first place. Now I don't think I can say I'm, a minimalist per se. It the same a minimalist in progress for life, but doubly not a shopper We only see me shopping. What I'm trying to solve a specific issue, and more often
Not my shopping involves, consumables switches and really clutter or less has expired, but anyway, yes, clutter right now can be contribute. De clutter in your brain. We can be affecting your mood unhappiness, but first, if those items weren't purchased and brought into your home in the first place, this would be a problem. and if you stop bringing in new items, then slowly, it is likely that the older ones will start getting donated or sold or thrown away. You name it and slowly the cutter will disappear overtime. If you are bringing in new things, you can even in Bonn the one in one out rule or even her, one in two out or three or four or five out rule for everyone, where, whenever you buy something nice consumable like some clothes, for example, you have to get rich of that. Many articles of clothing that same day so simple trick to keep things under control were even stop you from buying in the first place, but figure will wish for you if you try to minimise.
At least I thank you for listening every day and optimizing your life with me. Have a great start. Your weakened see you tomorrow, where optimal life awaits.
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