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1918: Reinvent Yourself in the Direction of Your Dreams by Cylon George of Spiritual Living For Busy People

2021-03-12 | 🔗

Cylon George of Spiritual Living for Busy People encourages you to reinvent yourself in the direction of your dreams.

Episode 1918: Reinvent Yourself in the Direction of Your Dreams by Cylon George of Spiritual Living For Busy People

Cylon George is a spiritual chaplain, musician, devoted husband, and busy dad of six. He loves listening to people’s stories and helping them gain perspective on life’s opportunities and challenges. The mission of his blog is to help busy people thrive in their spiritual lives so they can live with more joy, peace, purpose, and meaning.

The original post is located here: https://www.spirituallivingforbusypeople.com/reinvent-yourself-in-the-direction-of-your-dreams

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This is optimal living daily episode. Nineteen eighteen reinvent yourself in the direction of your dreams, bustle on Georgia, spiritual living for busy people, dot com and I'm just a moloch, It has been reading articles book excerpts, essays and more every day for you, if you find value in it, a greatly appreciate it if you can share it with friends family coworkers, anyone really. How gives us inshore nice ensure for the Friday up, Zella scare right to it. Answer optimizing your life reinvent yourself in the direction of your dreams so on Georgia, spiritual living for busy people die, come quote to grow towards love, union salvation or I meant. We must be moved from order to disorder and, ultimately, to reorder Richard roar
time, travel for a moment. Imagine you're an adolescent again remember how much pressure you fell from within and from your environment, to make all the right decisions to make all right moves. You needed to get good grades to get into a good college to get a good job. You needed to do the right person in order to live. Happily, ever after you needed to begin saving early for retirement. In some you needed to establish a stable foundation upon which to build a stable life. The room for error felt slim. because in this world, and all it takes, is one wrong move to derail your life plans. Phosphor do today. How do things turn out. Did you ever imagine being where you would be, even if all your plans worked out perfectly, you mean I realize it, but in the course of your life you ve often had to adapt. Regan group and even reinvent yourself. In response to external or internal changes, accelerate
local and global changes are forcing us to rethink life and work almost on a daily basis. Nor should we depend on a single life plan or path to carry us through in today's world. Embracing the status quo is a risk. Your bed then embracing change. Intentional verses, uninstall. Reinvention. You already know the world is changing at an increasing pace. You know that You're gonna have to keep changing and adapting in order to grow and thrive. So the question: isn't whether you'll need to reinvent yourself rather it's. How will you reinvent yourself, Willoughby, intentional or unintentional, will be something full or an exciting adventure. Maybe he felt a story You knew that made. You realize you ve always wanted to try something new or too afraid to take that step. But life is ingenious. the proverbial fork in the road where you'll need to make a decision, the companies
actually downsizing, and you see the writing on the wall. Your kids are entering their ten years and you feel out of your death parenting. those kids move out of the house years later and your left with an empty nest and a spouse. You hardly now you re as in these moments that we need to reinvent, we realized, in these moments is either adapt or perish, but idea. How to begin in unintentional way. Personal reinvention doesn't have to be scary. Mimi, dating even thrilling and filled with opportunities that comes with getting rid of old brush to clear the way for new growth. You can embrace this tonight. He survived the major transitions of life, but of all yourself into a deeply satisfying life. Here, a set of principles till we get there number one find out where you want. This is the first and most crucial step to intentional reinvention. The truth is,
many of us are terrified to examine our minds and hearts to find out what we really want were afraid to upset. The balance were afraid of appearing you self, centered or grandiose were afraid to revisit unfulfilled dreams. Have the courage to try again, who did you want to become when you were a child? Was secret ambition Have you been nurturing how's your present transitional period, these opportunity to do something. You ve always wanted. What one concrete step you can take to move in the direction of your dream number to silence the inner critic. Maybe you thinking yourself that used to be more flexible, but now you're too old for something new or maybe believe you not smart enough, or maybe you just think it's too late during times of upheaval and change, The democratic will tell you almost anything to keep you safe to keep you from doing something risky or stupid, but nor to reinvent and transform yourself. You must sign
since the critic gently let it know that you will be ok, but another. You have what it takes to do something new and that something exciting is around the corner, number three start paying attention to how much time you voice did we live in a time of instinct gratification we want, will we want? Yesterday, things have become so bad at even teenagers are having midlife crises. I've wanted to play the cello for decades, but Molly took action recently after hearing the story of a retiree who took up the cello himself, I kept thinking away so much time. I would have been a great pleasure by now that may be true, but I'm grateful I decided to do a now and that's what I focus on, furthermore, ray Invention is often not a one time. Snap decision made to undergo a series of mindset changes that took years before. I could finally make the decision to pick up the cello as the saying goes
the best time to plant the tree was twenty years ago. The second best time Miss now number four try on different identities, even if it feels uncomfortable, We may feel, like our identities, are set in stone, but take some time to reflect on the arc of your life and you'll see that your identity has Change and morphed multiple times over. Your life is just that. It often happens so gradually that don't notice the changes as they are happening? What you're dominant identity today, a mom busy national minority in introvert or extrovert How's your dominant identity, reinforced on a personal and societal level, come up with as many other identities as you can Brian other identities. You don't naturally gravity too for a time out of pure career so the and experimentation how my doing this change or challenge your thinking, how might achieve Those were invested in your current identity. How might help you
form a new and more empowered identity for yourself number: five: don't wait for permission what do you decided to try something new start? Taking action immediately, don't way for the permission of friends, foes or authority figures, don't wait for the right set of circumstance. don't wait until you ve done exhaustive research simply began taking action. Sure you'll make mistakes along the way. She'll be criticise and talked about behind your back, but it's ok, because your loudest critics are part. Feeling stock themselves and feel threatened by your action, taking in the end he may inspired. To take action themselves. Maybe they won't. Thus, I your concern just keep move in the direction of your dreams and only take advice from people who have successfully done the same number, six notice and celebrate small changes alone.
This is important, because the reinvention process takes time, especially when it comes to challenging in changing deeply held assumptions, and mine says if you ve, been a painfully shy person. Your whole life, introducing yourself to two people in a social setting, is a huge deal. track and celebrate these wins along the way they will move. were you to keep going in number seven be prepared to do it over and over again. Reinvention is not a one time deal. You'll need to be prepared to adapt and adjust to the constant flow of life. If you open a being flux, oh you'll, grow more resilience, you'll grow, more confident and you'll see the transitions in crises of life as opportunities for growth. Man knew adventures, so don't be afraid of chain embrace. It use it to reinvent yourself in the direction of your dreams. You just listen to the post, titled reinvent
herself in the direction of your dreams? By so on, Georgia, spiritual living for busy people dare come a real quick thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast anger is the easiest way to make a pie. Cast they'll distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere: Spotify, Apple, podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your broadcast to with no minimum listener. Ship anger gives you everything you need in one piece:
is for free, which you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools, light record and edit your podcast. So it sounds great download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started and take it a salon, George. He wrote this before the global pandemic actually seems like right before and how appropriate and timely, considering everything that happened. Here's a quote again from his post, accelerating local and global changes, are forcing us to rethink life and work almost on a daily basis, the psych more true now than ever before, with a pandemic and I'm sure on some level, we
can all relate number for something I highly agree with and led me to where I am today number for was trying on different identities, even if it feels uncomfortable. What I found is that it comes in phases with motivation, courage, all that fun stuff, that's really for the better, because if we were constantly trying new identities- and we wouldn't really have one- I think- but more often we can get stuck in identities and that that's who we are when the opposite might be true, if you see people in your own life go into a field that you never expected or their personality shined, and it was much different than you thought, I'm hoping to work on this more soon is really important. Is a new thing about from time to time, so something about your own life I'll leave it there. Thank you for being here listening everyday in considering these articles, and my commentary and I'll see you tomorrow over the weekend where optimal life awaits
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