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1931: How to Create an Ideal Life for Yourself & Start Living it Today by Shirley of Daring Living on Vision Planning

2021-03-25 | 🔗

Shirley of Daring Living tells you how to create and start living an ideal life.

Episode 1931: How to Create an Ideal Life for Yourself & Start Living it Today by Shirley of Daring Living on Vision Planning

Shirley is a Certified Life Coach who helps driven women create joy and success through brain-based coaching, self compassion, and emotional resilience.

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MR optimizing alive, how to create an ideal life for yourself and start living today by Shirley of Daring living, dark arm. Vision. Planning is I've planning method that many people do not understand, yet it is so important even before, you begin goal setting. You should first have a clear vision of your life and what it looks like what is vision planning and why that important I've ever wondered why you're setting so many goals but you're having a hard time achieving them feel aligned to the goals you set at all even before goal setting first, you need to create your ideal life vision. Vision planning is the action that helps you. The overall big picture of your ideal life does include. Finding out was important to you, while you value. principles you live by and what your best life looks like he's about. Creating that vision,
that idea of your best life as vividly and in as much detail as possible. See. You know exactly what you want and show your Amy for goal, setting versus vision. Planet Go setting, on the other hand, is about setting actionable steps that led to the results you want to achieve. Most people do not spend that much effort to plan their vision. They only set goals. But often happens, is that three years, five years or ten years down the road there Eliza? They ve been working so hard all along wrong goals because they were not looking at the big picture, which is what vision planning is all about Ultimately, vision, planning and goal setting work together if need be, super about your vision, sea can set the right goals and achieve the right result. That's a lie with what you really want. A creative revision play
The course that will guide you through the steps of creating an ideal light vision for yourself. How do you create an ideal life vision? Number one discover yourself, building strong self awareness is the foundation to designing the dream life for yourself. You need Exactly who you really are what you want and what's important to you, This includes acknowledging where you are in life right now, knowing your strengths and weaknesses letting go of things that no longer serve you. A great way to consciously practice self awareness is to ask yourself good questions then journal how your answers here, some great questions to get started. What is important to me? What am I good at describe a time when I felt like myself. Why did I feel like myself? What do I need to him? Prove on what do I want to learn more about what are something
the scare me men excite me at the same time. What is success? Look like for me who- or what do I want to invite into my life number two creature ideal day, create an ideal stay in your best life. What is that one day look like try to list everything else. You can write it out type it out in paragraphs or in point form as much detail as possible from the moment you wake up in the morning to when you go to bed at night you need to be super clear and specific about your ideal day. clarity. You have the more we can actively aim for that increase. into reality, so think about what time do you wake up in the morning? What are you here when you first wake up? What do you see, What is your room? Look like what, your home, look like. Where do you live? What are we for breakfast Does the rest of your day. Look like who are you with?
Where do you work right in as much detail as possible, remember to write your words and present tense as if you're living that life right now, if he's future tax, for example, I will instead of I am if he was a bit distant and when you read it, afterward Mew can feel that gap so right in present tense. As if really living that life now and as he read it over and over again imagine and feel that day in vivid detail again, the mark current specific. You are about your ideal day clear. You know what you need to do to achieve that number three creature, ideal thoughts and emotions in order to really live your best life. You have to believe and think as it. you are already living that life. All our actions and results first started as thoughts. We ve learned thought about something than those thoughts create the feelings, though we take actions and we get the results. We want
of your big dreams. For yourself, you have to start thinking a certain way and feeling certain emotions on a much higher level is all you can think big feel excited and motivated about it and then take those big, bold actions, creature, ideal life. Member that you can consciously choose to feel those thoughts and emotions for yourself and your best life. What kind of emotions do you want to be feeling. How do you want to feel something? Example: feelings may be determined, ambitious, committed, peaceful, inspired, joyful and loved. Likewise, what kind of thoughts do you want to be thinking about, hear some examples: how to empower others and how to lift people up how to expand? business? How to give back to the community deasey alleys, emotions and thoughts can really help. You create the dream life hope you find. These exercises helpful. You just listen to the poles titled how to create
ideal life for yourself and start living today by surely of debt living com. I'll do for today. Hope you had me a great morning afternoon or evening whenever you listen to this and I'll see you tomorrow for optimal life, awaits
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