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1937: Life Invaders 3: Return of Responsibility by Greg Audino on How To Be Responsible for Your Life

2021-03-31 | 🔗

Greg Audino encourages you to see life as a game that's full of opportunities to take responsibility for all problems that you face, whether or not you caused them.

Episode 1937: Life Invaders 3: Return of Responsibility by Greg Audino on How To Be Responsible for Your Life

Greg Audino is both a certified life coach and an actor. He combines his passions to create short and digestible videos which shine new light on the turbulent areas of life that many of us already have our minds made up about. Constantly seeking to share new insight, Audino uses humor and a variety of PG-13 examples to offer a refreshing and more relatable approach to self-development. TV fanatics can find him with principle roles on shows like Westworld, Now Apocalypse, NCIS:LA, and Jane the Virgin to name a few. Greg's videos, as well as information about becoming a life coaching client of his, can be found at gregaudino.com.

The original post is located here: https://medium.com/invisible-illness/life-invaders-3-return-of-responsibility-fbb9d06baa9e

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A real, quick thanks to anchor for hosting this podcast anger. Anchor is the easiest way to make pie. Cast. They'll distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere: Spotify Apple, podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your broadcast to with no minimum listener. Ship anger gives you everything you need in one place for free which it can use right from your phone or computer creation tools, lighter, recording, Eddie, you're podcast, so it sounds great download the anchor app org, but an anchor dot affirm to get started. This is optimal. Living daily episode, nineteen thirty seven life in vain It's three return of responsibility. The gray Gardena of Gregg already know dot, and I'm just a molecule. It has been reading articles or book excerpts to you every day, including holidays for over five years, coming personal development or self help how to live a better life in la more those with permission. The authors or websites. Facebook is from
like our dino host two of our other parts ass and our network search for optimal relationships really an optimal living advice to hear his shows and voice, but preferably after we hear today's episodes of that? Let's get right to it, and continue optimizing you're alive life invaders three return of responsibility. by Gregg Arduino of Gregg Arduino, Dotcom, being response. The ball is one of those concepts whose meaning changes drastically, as life goes on for most middle class, Children, for example, responsibility as first introduced when their old enough to receive a toy parsley The two them do not break loose, swallow or fashion or murder weapon. Out of this as time goes on and as they have matured a few years later, responsibility extends ass their own belongings and into a more communal aspects like doing chores around the house, then after that it might mean
Looking after another life in a minimal signs, such as taking care of our hamster or being sure to look after the new younger sibling at school here comes around and responsibility turns into a grades, maybe a part time jobs, and that old in drug say polish, while still very much about drugs, becomes about responsibility for one's future. Then it's an adult job, then it's a family and so on. Depending on who you are, you might be behind on pace with or ahead of schedule throughout your whole life. You might things up as a kid and then right, the ship in your thirty's, where he might be to responsible as a kid and by your twenty, your high school reunion near the spectacular downward spiral that makes your old classmates feel better about their lives. There is how, across rose on the path of responsibility that nearly everyone takes a wrong turn out. No matter how many times they find themselves there, I go there. However, I think is valuable to show
few. The experience I heard with a book I read recently the book is called busting. From the money game written by a robber. Shameful busting, loose from the money game is hardly about money and more about our perception of reality. In short, shameful believes night by studies in Quantum physics, but everything we experience in life is a hologram. If you will, but every single thing you Oh, including me, dolphins, the sky your parents are mere projections coming from a reality that exceeds time and space. He stay that way all playing what he refers to as the human game and every limit we think that exists. Our version of reality is really only there, because our limiting believes have made them so so not having enough money, for example. Therefore- shameful, makes it known immediately upon opening the book at the book itself is an invitation to overcome
any limit. You know in life because in it he shares a process that you can apply in any stressful situation. The trick is that or you applying come to believe in this process slowly but surely. the walls of life will be broken down. should we be living in a utopia of sorts on our shared, the entire process, as I'd rather not reveal the whole core of the book. It's better that you read it for yourself, but part of the process includes ignore. bring any stress in your life is being manner said by you and your set of police up until that point now. They're probably sounds absolutely banana lands, but personally I love this book. I first it me off, because I felt it was severely minimizing all significant relationships in my life, which is putting keeping pace with my little philosophy of hearing everyone out. I stayed with it and I found new and unexpected value in it meant to me. The value doesn't have You with whether or not you believe what he is saying, but it does have a lot to do with responsibility.
entertaining ideas as outlandish. Ashine fells is key for harvesting a more open mind towards all things in life suffer Gaza reading this book was in a rhythm of trying to see things differently than I ever had before. The way that he preached so just questioning the reality of my world around me. I really just like us enough videogame, I felt like I was into a video game in which I was the main character, and every single thing I came in contact with was a reflection of how I live my life up to that point, every single thing I'd come in contact, going forward was dependent on any action. I take and looking at life in that way brought more importance unless coincidence to all things. I crossed paths with with it really means is that I found myself responsible for everything, regardless of how long
It seemed ass though I had to do with it in the first place, and this is precisely the direction that it so easy for people to walk away from when arriving at their cross roads. You see we like responsibility. Within reason feels nice a tell ourselves were responsible and its point of pride to act responsibly towards that which we have deemed as our responsibility were told that is right to stay in our lane and finish what we start, but in sending that was our most people sign up for that's why blame and entitlement kick in the face of that which we call unfair getting laid off. Having a tree fall on our house, We're getting committee from that trustworthy bar patron, who swore than untested last week without cry out. They did everything else opposed it. I followed all the rules. How could this happen more de penniless, Donations undines relate to deflect responsibility and say it is the governments false we need a change of government or is in God's hands. Some very nice of God doesn't like that. It should be part of it.
Ninety nine point: nine percent of the world that doesn't by into shine, fails theory. Then no things like this aren't a result of anything you ve done, but they ve been put into Europe I've regardless and what happens next, is up to you. The trick. Is this guy's for as much as we like reverting back to childhood and blaming others for our problems and giving up when unfair stuff happens to us is an unexpected catharsis that comes with keen on more responsibility, because that brings us a greater sense of control. Over our own lives. Does not telling everyone else what to do and how to live their lives, but instead not shy away from things not feeling fearful to engage in that was signed. as you may, not giving your power away to an unknown, something that you normally think could, You are risk for some kind of backlash, taking deliberate responsibility. Four things that aren't a part of your plan gives you comfortable, witty, uncomfortable and empty,
This fearlessness encouraged to step away from your plan if need be put back in the driver's seat and helps you rise to the occasion of life, see a baby on someone's doorstep, don't way for them to find its Gulfy handle it see someone getting bullied step in. We handle it to the reason Title like a video game is that's my challenge for you today. No, you don't buy into what everything wrong. Fine fellow saying but get out there. brought a your horizons and pretend you're in a video game in which this is all fake and everything in front of you is there because you put it. There is therefore a reason. Everything has the ability to guide you and react into all of it properly responses Lee and attentively is the only way to level up. He. Doesn't to the post, titled life invaders, three return. Possibility I grow Do you know of Gregg Sardine out our com? I personally
really enjoy articles movies books and the like that really question are realities. Is one Youtube video I shared in the old podcast dotcom weekly newsletter a few weeks back that still entered my mind from at a time when I find myself. Judging other people or feeling excessively affected by someone else's actions, the video is called the egg, a short story rend by anti we're a software engineer, turned rider. He also wrote the Martian, which turn into a popular movie anyway. I dont want to spoil the egg the short story, but it's sort of of what it farm life. Ten alike. Will we heard entities episode? What if reality isn't what it seems?
There are so many possibilities and our brains can only handle so much in terms of what we can see here, touch taste, smell and even think so. For me, it's nice to get a really, sometimes bizarre outside perspective, because a small shift can really change the way we behave for the better. You never know again, if you like besides the strange posts or books or media that make you question your reality. Things like that you can look for the egg, a short story on Youtube by Andy Weir. So thank you to Greg for that one. You can hear him there, a post on optimal relationships daily, covering all things relationships, including relationship with yourself, or answer your life questions on optimal living advice. He answers them for you, my check, those out it follow or subscribe. He do that in any free podcast up have a great recipe day out I'll be back tomorrow. We're optimal life awaits
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