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1941: The Life-Changing Magic of Being Openhearted by Kat Medina on Personal Growth & Development

2021-04-04 | 🔗

Kat Medina talks about how being openhearted can change your life for the better.

Episode 1941: The Life-Changing Magic of Being Openhearted by Kat Medina on Personal Growth & Development

As a child, Kat Medina wanted to be MacGyver when she grew up. Now, as the founder and Creative Director of a Silicon Valley startup, she's become a well-traveled bookworm who finds creative solutions to entrepreneurial challenges with the resourcefulness of a figurative shoelace, paperclip, and bubblegum. Her forthcoming book, The Joys of Jet Lag, explores the most valuable lessons she's learned during the process and shares the keys to creating a life of adventure through an openhearted approach to living. These insights, when embodied and applied, have the potential to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary and craft unbridled joy and fulfillment, no matter where you are.

The original post is located here: https://www.katmedina.com/article?id=openhearted

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A real, quick things to anchor for hosting this podcast anchor? Is the easiest way to make a podcast they'll distribute your podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere: Spotify, Apple, podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your podcast to with no minimum listenership anger gives you everything you need in one place for free. Would you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools? Allow you to record and edit your podcast, so it sounds great download the anchor app or go to Anchor FM to get started. This is optimal. Living daily episode, one thousand nine hundred and forty one. The life changing magic of being open art I can't Medina of CAP Medina dot com and regenerate just a moloch reading. You blogs every single day of the year to help deliver more meaningful life then includes we, and an holidays, and today is a holiday holidays, Easter hope you having a great one of your celebrating endlessly in real time, now, keep this short. So, let's get right to another post
We optimize your life. The life changing magic of being open hearted by coming of CAP Medina Dar come. We were sitting cross, in the long, narrow wooden boat, water, occasionally splashing over the sides. We motored past burmese fish men, balancing on one leg as a castor, large cone shaped nets into the water, is our last day beyond only lake and for our final ride. Our boat never had his wife males, also and young sir, an on board as well. We can speak Burmese and they didn't speak English, so there was a quiet but surprisingly comfortable ride through gestures and smiles smell, so so asked of my friend Amber, and I would like to join her family for lunch before we left. We not at all An agreement, an awfully went for one last adventure on the lake, their homes,
modesty welcoming and was perched upon stills about two feet above the water three play for cats, greeted us as we arrived confidently jumping from the opener window into the above, about the baby, expertly crawled up a narrow steps, avoiding the younger, They dropped to the water below. while Amber and I cautiously walked along the two foot plank leading up the front door. We were invited to sit on the floor and offered t appetizers and role of toilet paper to use as a napkin, a friend of theirs arrive shortly after with a bag of some colorful vegetables in and she and may also efficiently began putting together an authentic burmese lunch. The kitchen was located out back of the two room: Shack connected by would planks almost like something from water world. They cooked over a small wood fire stove, the cask getting playfully sly away by the women as they worked. The lunch was incredible: multiple dishes of colorful foods we couldn't pronounce yet all
fully delicious throughout our meal we communicated by gestures and, as a surprisingly fun conversation sooner Far waistband were on the verge of tearing after so many offers for seconds men thirds enforce. It is clear that this impromptu feast would be one of the highlights of our trip by choosing the open, hearted and saying yes to the moment, we learned that hospitality and gratitude we're universal Languages- and I am also was an amazing cook. Being open. Hearted comes naturally to most of us when we try. although we are more aware of our surroundings and are eager to engage in whatever is happening at the moment at hand, random relations with strangers are pursued instead of avoided. We noticed a different as in daily life, with appreciation, neither for what we are currently burying thing or what we are lucky enough to take for granted back home
we see challenges as opportunities for improvisation and humor. We are open hearted. We are fully present and participating in life. We are turning down a volume of our minds and instead choosing to listen with our hearts. It may seem illogical at times by trusting the heart we are giving it the chance to guide us on our path. Oftentimes, this journey is much different than what we would have play. for ourselves, but it always leads us exactly two where we need to be the other day. I was at the growth store and as I was waiting on line, I decided to just look around me. Instead of scrolling, my farm, an older woman in front of me- was doing the same, so we got to Talkin. It wasn't about anything in particular at first whether the pandemic grocery store lines, but then it went a little deeper and we started to chat about the good that came to us out of such an unprecedented year. By the time she saw,
using her broccoli and milk on the conveyor belt. We're both feeling joy for the hidden gifts of twenty twenty anti sharing the good with others is what makes it feel real. After so many months, holed up in my socially distanced bubble. I felt recharged by the spontaneous grocery store conversation. And the rest of my day. I felt light and happy. I'm grown accustomed to only be open hearted on my time. I was after so long without going anywhere. I had forgotten an impact it can have on me when we are open hearted, we create space for the magic to happen. Other kind, involving way rabbits crammed into time, black hat rather the kind of magic it takes us back on ourselves, you may come in the form of insights, gained or happiness, felt and often lie thus to new experiences and relationships that transformed the trajectory of our lives, so may call it when students and other serendipity
Regardless of the name you give it. The effects are undeniable, it is life fully lived, is pure acceptance and total appreciation, for whatever is happening at a given time. Nobody hard mindset, cultivates, inauthentic connection to the present moment to other people and to ourselves with enough of these experiences, we can start to see that this connection is what life's all about is the act of showing up and courageously stepping into the arena instead of standing along the same lines as a spectator, miss exhilarating terrifying as button. Is it worth it with covert urging through the country it's hard to say what we will ever get to travel again? So how can we bring an open heart? into our daily life. To start, I'm going against a stern warning of your parents, I won't you talk to strangers other creepy ones who painted free candy on the site. There are windowless way vans, rather the people you see as he walked down the street or
wait in line with the store. It will feel awkward. A f at first but so do most new habits. They go against the cultural norm. Do it anyway go into the conversation, the goal of lining up their day and getting them to smile. Don't know what to say genuinely ask how they are doing talk about what a strange an interesting time we are living in, we're in them of an ongoing historical event, and everyone is happy a unique experience, get to know how you hello, community members as fellow human being, is doing pretend you are on a trip and our curious about the life. The stranger in front of you be curious and playful. If the thought of talking someone you dont know makes her but pucker and anxiety simply, smile and say hi, be sure to some I was your eyes, though, or else he made. You seem like a total, not job behind her mask another way.
The open hearted is to be aware of what is going on in real life, not just on your phone, while you're in public resist the urge to automatically check email or watchdog. Videos on Instagram look around and observe the situation folding before you chances are or will be boring, but you may notice something: maybe you see a person with them? As far as they approach a closed door, do them a solid and help them out, maybe As someone who seems really sad ask them if they are okay, we miss so much when we distract ourselves behind our screens. by exposing ourselves to a bit of awareness. We have the chance to brain someone else's day and spread a bit of kindness move through your day, actively wondering what the moment is asking of you. How can you show up even more whether it means An invitation to do something that seems interesting yet outside of your comfort zone or feeling the urge to read to someone. You haven't spoken too in ages, listen to your heart and follow your curiosity
you'll, be amazed at where leads you and the unintentional positive impact open heartedness leaves in its wake. you just listen to the post, poles titled, the life changing man, of being open hearted by CAP Medina of TAT. Madame dot com or give us any lies in store for the weaker and so have a great day and a great weekend of your lives in real time? Take them all to be open, hearted, again, happy Easter view celebrating and I'll see you tomorrow form in most Monday, where optimal life awaits
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