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1945: An Excerpt from the Book Rewriting Our Stories by Derek Gladwin on Education, Empowerment & Well-being

2021-04-08 | 🔗

Derek Gladwin offers an excerpt from his new book, "Rewriting Our Stories"

Episode 1945: An Excerpt from the Book Rewriting Our Stories by Derek Gladwin on Education, Empowerment & Well-being

Rewriting Our Stories: Education, Empowerment, and Well-being harnesses the therapeutic power of storytelling to convert feelings of fear and powerlessness into affirmative life narratives. Rather than seeing fear as an outcome, we can view it as a feeling in the moment largely governed by narratives. Many of our fears are stories we tell ourselves, even if they are largely fictional and rooted in sociocultural belief systems. The result is that we often feel helpless in the face of those fears. This transformational book considers a potent antidote: by recognising our recurring negative stories, we can rewrite and transform them to achieve greater empowerment and well-being in our lives. Throughout human existence, no matter where our place of origin or when in history, storytelling shapes our societies, influencing personal, sociocultural, educational, and public discourses that impact how we live. Creating and communicating the language of stories – to ourselves and others – enhances our innate voices and can empower us to engage in greater empathy, compassion, and possibility. Intended for educators, leaders, therapists, mental health professionals, and youth organisations, as well as the general public, Derek Gladwin offers practical and positive tools for everyone to re-author their lives.

More about the author can be found here: https://derekgladwin.com

More about the book can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/Rewriting-Our-Stories-empowerment-well-being/dp/1782054170

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This is optimal, living daily episode. Nineteen, forty five, an excerpt from the book, rewriting our stories by Doktor Derek Gladwin. I'm just a molecule very own personal narrator welcome to an award winning podcast. That's thanks to you. You blogs are narrated to you for free with permission from the the sometimes book excerpts excerpts like today, a real, quick, quick to anchor for hosting hosting this podcast anger is the easiest way to make a pie cast they'll podcast for you, so so can be heard everywhere: Spotify Apple, podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your your to with no minimum minimum listener. Anger gives you everything you need in one place for free, which you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools, light recording ETA, your PA. cast. So it sounds great download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started and I'll tell you about today's author right after the reading. So for now, let's get right to the book, excerpt and sort of
rising your life and at four from the book in writing our stories by Doktor Derek Gladwin in our professional and personal lives. We are increasingly expected to know our brand how we define and sell our skills in the so called marketplace linked to consumers. Culture people are portrayed as a product being unsold nerli branding ourselves furthers the problem of acting our salvation or worse to our labour and thus socio economic system lying stories of scarcity based upon the desirability of a person, brands stems from a culture of fear brain. illustrates the power of our personal, professional and social stories in IRAN, diminishing way, reducing our being To a brand, where are only value is based upon the number of likes followers or sales are branded tracks,
The american artist and film director, Andy Warhol, sarcastically, queer talk, consumerist pop art is all about liking things, instead of thinking of our own brand, less consider our own story, we're not selling ourselves are being, but rather we are constantly Roy lady, in creating many virtues of ourselves in a different context in which we live reckoning your story, rather than our brand, reinforces autonomy and leads to both personal and potentially collective liberation and the vast ocean of personalities and voices within the digital information age. We live in It is important to express what may already be obvious. We weave distinct stories within the fabric of the larger social tapestry of story, making we represent infinite personal and communal stories, waiting
we experienced and told one way to begin is to think of yourself and your life in terms of a story. Ask yourself some of the following questions: to recognise who you are in your story. How do I perceive myself do, I believe, This story version of myself- I don't think others perceive me or my perception of myself, the same more different than the perceptions others have of me, which characters do I want to be in my current story is the final question is unanswered well then spend some time. Writing the attributes and characteristics of who you want to be reflecting on your values, desires and dreams. Consider, the many roles to play in your stories create a list of characters, son or daughter, mother or Father Guide, visionary leader, author learner, Dewar, protector creator or
lover. These descriptions can draw your family background, relationship, history or professional experience. They can also propose new rules. You may wish to play or new ways of imagining yourself asking someone. What is your story is the same as asking them? Who are you? What are your values? How do you show up in the world? It can seem daunting to both ask and answer these questions, but it is an incredibly useful foundation for rewriting her past current and future stories. Less reflect on Ben Oak trees, storytelling perspective quote one way or another. We are living the stories planted in us early on along the way or we also living the stories we planted knowingly or unknowingly in ourselves. We live store.
is that either give our lives meaning or in a gated with meaninglessness. If we change the stories we live by quite possibly we change our lives and quote because our lives are filled with fluctuating stories. The question is more concerned with when our stories will change rather than Dave ever will. The trick to this process involves proactively rewriting our stories, rather than having them continually written for us, a practice that stems from education and awareness leading to personal and social Wellness to build on agree. How can we proactively right story, give our lives, meaning stories makes sense of our transitions and present, meaning in our lives, but all begins with us as a result is valuable. become aware of the value systems from which we operate and clarify these during trance
Nations in our families, relationships, career health or social groups returned to those stories, as rough drafts continually being revised Originally speaking with my friend Sarah, who is an hour late, forties tour dismays finding some are a long time social groups dissolving she expressed a paradox of feeling, both sadness and relief about this Monsieur reveal that many of her friends have changed, and this has shifted the values and interests in her social circles. Although she understood the fluid dynamics of social groups. She was surprised that happen with one group, in particular because of its cohesiveness, for over thirty years, Sir also acknowledged that one reason this particular group of friends fragmented, is because the increasing levels of fear they have experiences in their lives. Now each of them has coped with there counting fears in middle age, some have taken to medicating with drugs, alcohol or pharmaceuticals, while others are
to their political views and social values entirely. Building new narrative for themselves. Perhaps sir, worry sounds familiar reflects how our stories are always changing based upon who we are at any given moment nobody who we are and are constantly changing stories. Remains an ongoing process and it is an exciting opportunity, just us into an exit from the book, rewriting our stories by Doktor, Derek Gladwin I'll, tell you about him in just a SEC, but first I've been using a natural face Europe for man that I wanted to tell you about a dry skin for it long as I can remember, and I never got into special low. pins or systems because they rarely work or they have ingredients that are questionable at best, and I came across caldera labs. The good which is appropriately named is named by G Q as the
best natural face here for men and made from twenty seven active plant botanical. These are nontoxic. One hundred percent from plants makes less and look and feel really smooth and fresh, and not just me, but in there clinical trial. Ninety six percent of men saw healthier skin. Besides, all that, you know It is good when you can try one hundred percent risk free, if you don't love it after sixty days, refund you in full. That is a long time to really try and see our working for you, and I got a special offer for the optimal living daily audience received twenty percent off your first purchase of the good Gonna caldera lab dot com, and he is discount code old age. It out at sea, a l d. Or a l, a b. a calm and use discount code- oh well d, I check out, and they get a doctor, Derek Gladwin for the excerpt he's an assistant professor in language and literacy, education at the university of
British Columbia and has offered books on narrative media eco literacy, including contentious terrains and ecological exile. It also supports individuals and groups with a narrative coaching. Here's a why background. Having worked as a musician high school teacher writer and editor as book that you heard exit from today shows how to use the therapeutic power storytelling to rewrite in transform negative stories to achieve greater empowerment and well being our lives and health as a protest about it. Same name as the book rewriting our stories subject that out, but neither case come by Derek Gladwin for a lot more. This d are equal De L, a p d w I an dark, harmful A more another link in this episode description believer, therefore, today Thank you for being here listening every day, have a very happy rest of your day and I'll see you tomorrow, where optimal life awaits
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