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1961: [Part 1] How to Set Your Top Priorities in Life by Julianna Poplin of The Simplicity Habit

2021-04-24 | 🔗

Julianna Poplin of The Simplicity Habit teaches you how to set your top priorities in life. This is part 1 of 2.

Episode 1961: [Part 1] How to Set Your Top Priorities in Life by Julianna Poplin of The Simplicity Habit

Julianna is a professional declutterer and writer at The Simplicity Habit. She writes to encourage and inspire women who want to simplify their homes and lives

The original post is located here: https://www.thesimplicityhabit.com/how-to-set-top-priorities-life/

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not today, have a bit of a longer posts. All read the first have today and then finish the rest for you tomorrow, so that let's get right to it answered amazing, her life, how to set your top priorities in life? Part one by Julie on a problem of the simplicity, habit, dark com? Do you feel, like You never have enough time to do everything you want to accomplish. Are you constantly adding new items here to do list, even though you know there's no way in gather it all. You need to learn how to choose your priorities. We have a certain amount of time in the day to get through you to do list by setting clear priorities for yourself, you ensure you're spending, more time and energy on the things that matter most? That includes the actions. I will help you achieve your goals in his article. I answer some of your biggest question. About setting your top priorities in life. What is the difference between priorities and goals, What are the main priorities in life lion?
how do you set priorities to improve your life and more? What are priorities? Let's start by asking the simple question: what our priorities? According to the Oxford dictionary dictionary priority priorities, as quote a thing that is regarded as more important than another, and quote simple enough right. Your priorities are the things that matter the most to you, does the things you value above all else does the things in life that are most deserving of your time and energy. Not all priorities are the same. Some parties matter to us because they involve the things we care about our family, my friend, Our livelihood, some things like doctors, visits and maintenance car maintenance, our priorities because of the catastrophic consequences that can result when they aren't, Things are priorities because they help us reach our goals, the difference between priorities and goals. But wait a second you might be thinking. Aren't you
raising goals, the same thing: no, they aren't prior Using goals are definitely interconnected, but they are distinct in different things. When trying to understand the difference between priorities and goals. Looking at the definitions can be helpful. A priority is quote a thing that is regarded as more important than another end quote something you care about and put above other things by the definition. You can't have a ton of priorities. A goal is quote the object of a person's ambition or effort and aim or desired result and will only priorities. You can have an unlimited number of goals achieving goal can be a priority and you can prioritize the actions you need to take to achieve a particular go by basing your priorities around your goals. You can ensure your priority, these are meaningful and focused on the right things. Why you need to define your top priorities.
Life, we're all limited by the same constraint, time for only twenty four hours in the day will accomplish everything we have to do this forces all of us to make big decisions around how we spend that time Do we watch tv or do we washed the dishes to start a family, or do we focused growing our careers and traveling the world does it make more sense to focus on your current job or to work towards creating your dream business. defining your top priorities and life makes those decisions much easier. If you prioritize maintaining a clean, how you'll be more likely to washed the dishes. Before you sit on the couch to binge watch your favorite show if world travel is a priority. You may decide to wait to start a family. You explore and if money is a big motivator, it may spend more time. Work king then focused on your favorite hobbies by identifying the fuse instead deserve your attention. Above all else, it becomes easier to make important decisions and stay focused on things that matter most
and, since your top priorities likely align with your goals, keeping your priorities top of mind will help you make progress toward them. Identifying your priorities will help you on your journey to live more intentionally. What Are your priorities in life? Do you know what your main priorities in life are? If you don't that's? Okay, if you haven't thought about it much, it can be an intimidating question. Choosing your top priorities can feel like a serious commitment, but really you're free to shift your focus whenever you need to simply sit down and ask yourself? What do you spend most of your time doing theory that should line up pretty well with your priorities, for some is pursuing a creative outlet, Ike arts or dance or music for others. It's helping others, others value time spent with friends. Financial security or physical or mental wellbeing, do you feel like your priorities? More in order is important to make sure your priorities are in order when they are
life can feel out of balance and totally miss aligned, leading to extra stress uneasiness and unhappiness while priorities and goals are the same thing you do want to make sure there aligned, if you're going to say for a down payment on a home, but you're spending all your money on eating hours in buying new clothes, then your behavior not lined up with your priorities by realigning those priorities and taking actions that move in the direction of your goals, you'll feel better and make more progress. Why you need to clearly define your priorities. We do not have clearly define priorities. Life can be hard to manage. Feeling, like you, don't have focused, can be tough and the plane to know how to spend your time can be stressful, as you learn how to set, parties in your life? You will get clear on your goals priorities that align with them. When you know the thing that matter most to you, you'll gain confidence in your actions and be able to spend your time
more meaningful ways how to set priorities to improve your life, getting focused in setting priorities. absolutely improve your life by understanding, that really matter most EU and taking actions toward goals that lie with those meaningful things? You'll be more satisfied happier and make more progress toward your dreams if you're on a mission to improve your life. Getting your priorities right can make all the difference how to list your top priorities mean your daily life here that into How's episode, you just listen to part one of the post titled. How to set your top priorities in life by Juliana, Poplin of the simplicity, habit, dot, com I'll finish the rest for you in tomorrow's episode. I'll keep this episode short for today. Thank you for being here and listening every day, including the weekends and I'll, be back tomorrow. To finish up this post, where your optimal life wait,
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