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364: The Minimalist's Guide to Career Happiness by Michelle Agner with Good Life Zen

2016-12-09 | 🔗

Mary Jaksch is an authorized Zen master (Diamond Sangha lineage), psychotherapist, and author. She has two nationalities,--English and German--and lives in New Zealand. She's the mother of a grown-up son and lives happily ever after with her partner David. She's been awarded an MA in Religious Studies, holds a 4th Dan Blackbelt in karate, started professional life as a flautist and loves dancing Argentine tango in skimpy dresses.

Episode 364: The Minimalist's Guide to Career Happiness by Michelle Agner with Good Life Zen (Work Advice & Being Happier).

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in sixty four stray days of doing the show real technically three sixty five user an episode zero but i'm counting tomorrow is the one year mark screen who knew this crazy every employee you alas is long anyway friday i am actually hosting to podcast today yesterday i did also i'm costing i'm all start up daily with my good friend and business partner lee and in yesterday and today's episodes of that show i'm reading impulse tat i think everyone to really to it answers the question when the best time to post on social media who surely vast yourself that question before but they re posed very actionable would take away so come check it out and subscribe to optimal rob daily to hear me read you some more but you're on while living daily honeybee be reading opposed from a guest author on go live then so what that was scary to it as our optimizing your life the member states
the career happiness by michel agnor with their lives and our come think about the worst have you ever had taught him up brain dead boring tedious work you ve had at least one of those yes sometimes the job like that knowing that it doesn't suit is perfectly born in a position to be particularly choosy we have to pay the bills right but other times the job looks great on the surface after accepting the offered you discover that it in suit you at all why is that the complications of choosing a career maybe your well intending parents push you to become a lawyer because they wanted to secure a profitable career for you but our sudden case president's bore you to tears if your siblings went into medicine and competitive nature lead you there too but while you enjoy working with patients deal with the other members in your practice plus the insurance issues are killing you or maybe a high take environment was consider the cool place to be so you study software development and now you spend
days holed up in front of a screen when you'd really rather be around people in each of these cases decrees were selected for external reasons elements of the outside world heavily influenced your career choice sure and i salary is great but once you have the basics coverage you factory and what makes you happy and fulfilled when deciding how to and the bulk of your day no your past races weren't terrible but he didn't exactly to career happiness either said i already consider a different approach would you need there are things you need to be happy in your career might work pace imagine your natural tendencies soldier i shall levels that suit you anko were those who energize you do you think a factor those in when he psyche recurring job unfortunately of a stout but were immediately aware of the mismatch once it's too late a new approach how i like to do things so let's try a simple
rather than focusing on the complicated job trade such as pay which are family wants where your work what you'll do who your word for let's just consider how you like to do things let's say you are in charge of a new initiative do you need some time for study and analysis before he began taking action or you jump right in informed ass to get things moving quickly do need to know background or history of how this project came to be or is the fact that your boss i do it enough for you to approach it enthusiastically when you get a roadblock during your project teachers work your way around it delicately work your way through it all do you like a steamroller because i'm on a deadline people can you see that's how you like to do things concept applies your natural preferences regarding things like pace details and how you influence others impact your happiness and each day discovering yourself understanding what your natural tendencies are will help you identify potential mismatch
likely already have an idea about your natural inclinations now there are planted the seed plus go over some questions to how draw more ideas pace eager or deliberate when someone asked a question or you answering before the finnish order two more things over a bet maybe even use a let me think it over and get back to you so you can analyze a bit before responding influencing others inspiring or logical is your natural tendency to effectively connect with people or does it take a deliberate effort to just wing it and successfully persuade or do you lay out the facts because then someone of your case risk taking uninhibited more cautious do you love line by the seat of your pants would you prefer to map out a plan and evaluate potential consequences before taking action these opposite extremes and preferences vol somewhere along its continuing training his energizing we are now
troll tendencies are alignment with your job your team work environment its heavenly you feel energize nuclear to take on more challenges dream bigger and grow you feel happy but alas there can be hiccups even in job as well suited to your natural tendencies there will be times when he must adapt outsider unnatural provinces no biggie it happens present to realize that adapting someone else's pace communication style restores takes additional energy which is why or find a certain people tasks or projects absolutely drain you if they pick up as a temporary or occasional occurrence no worries you deal with it but if it covers all the time battering overall happiness you might have to make a change that may mean resolving the mismatched in your current role or it could mean moving on to another position that better suits your natural tendencies after all this is your happiness were talking about you doesn't
to the postal the minimalist guided career happiness by michel agnor with good lives and our com no other reminded me of the myers breaks personality test you probably fine three short one online but it's really fast the ngos along with his post quite well i'm i as tp by the way was known as their craftsmen anyway once again a ring opposed in today's episode of optimal start up daily then recommend since replies to nearly every one is about when opposed social media to maximize exposure come check it out and it be awesome if you could subscribe to that show too i'll give it super shore for this friday have greatly and all catch you tomorrow for episode three sixty five than one here mark where
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