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427: Skepticism May Be Harmful or Fatal if Swallowed by Steve Pavlina

2017-02-10 | 🔗

Steve Pavlina is widely recognized as one of the most successful personal development bloggers on the Internet, with his work attracting more than 100 million visits to his website, StevePavlina.com. He has written more than 1300 articles and recorded many audio programs on a broad range of self-help topics, including productivity, relationships, and spirituality. Steve has been quoted as an expert by the New York Times, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, the Los Angeles Daily News, Self Magazine, The Guardian, and countless other publications. He's also a frequent guest on popular podcasts and radio shows.

Episode 427: Skepticism May Be Harmful or Fatal if Swallowed by Steve Pavlina (Personal Development & Self-Help).

The original post is located here: http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/11/skepticism-may-be-harmful-or-fatal-if-swallowed

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this is optimal living daily episode four hundred and twenty seven scepticism may be harmful or fatalist swallowed by steve avellino of steve pavlovna dot com and i'm just a moloch the guy who reads blog posts you every single day tell you optimize your life and it is with permission from the authors be reading from sipa but really quick my good friends are fresh books are helping out by sponsoring this episode please check him out they have amazing expense tracking time tracking voicing tools and more i use them in i recommend you tried out too is totally free to get access to all other features from and you don't need enter a credit card or payment details just tried out without any commitment can buy fresh books dot com slash living to do that when they ask you how you heard about them you can say optimal living daily and he these interests as short as possible so get right to seize posed as our optimizing your life get it
this may be harmful or fatal swallowed by sea family not lena darksome sketches means used doubt and disbelief as tools for understanding reality with the hope that resulting in sites will allow one to behave intelligently scepticism router came about as a form of opposition a dogma the general here behind scepticism is to avoid swallowing foolish police that's all good but today is to see the practice of scepticism stretch far beyond religious and spiritual matters is scepticism can help you avoid falling prey to religious dogma perhaps it will work in other areas too and some degree mit does scepticism is good avoiding business scams for instance there there is a risk of scepticism however and that is a risk of swallowing it when you swallow scepticism eternal keys inward upon yourself you attempt to use doubt and believe as tools for self understanding what am i capable of can i
we do that what i look foolish if i tried big mistake people are so concerned with the possibility of doing something foolish that they swam the tool of scepticism thing there their behaviour more intelligent and their actions more successful unfortunately in this environment scepticism has the opposite effect swallowing kept will curtail the intellectual resources you have available and actually make you less intelligent for the rest of this article when i use the term scepticism are sceptic offering to someone this wall this tool as using it as a means for self understanding scepticism is harmful sceptics mistakenly assume that our thoughts are merely passive observations and that therefore thoughts of doubt about themselves can only yield positive information they fail to
recognize her thoughts also have a creative components or their scepticism will actually install negative information to harbour thoughts of fear and doubt is to install fear and out to harbour thoughts of success is to create success the sceptic does not understand this but the wise person as sceptics are smart enough to avoid betting ten dollars when twenty dollars when the odds of success are only twenty percent that's just being smart however they also avoid betting ten dollars to make a thousand dollars when oz as he says are only twenty percent that's utterly foolish especially if you're free to make this again and again and even reinvest your winnings furthermore epix donor stand at their own fear and doubt is what makes the odds of success only twenty percent totally oblivious to the fact that having greater faith in themselves raises two forty percent or more sceptics are on to suffer being the fool but in doing so they behave most foolishly because they missed you many opportunities eventually
makes it hard to see the people they regard as fools pass them by and this can drive sceptics deeper interfere and self doubt and eventually loneliness the sceptics these other people fails as self glad i worry that we shall be looking at them the successes in saint shame i avoided that beyond scepticism how does an intelligent person function odin person recognises that there is a component of all success which is self created the intelligent person resolved not to abuse his power by creating fear and out to do so would be unwise scepticism is like flash the cars tyres to prevent one of them from going flat then you know the tires had been slashed and conclude that it makes more sense to stay home and to drive a crippled vehicle intelligent people honesty and that fear and doubt will only cripple them never help them fear and out are not necessary to avoid pitfalls is around wrong tool for the job just as a knife is around tool for the job above inflating attire
if you're going to drive a car you should do so with inflated tires if you get a flat tire it's not the end of the world simply replace a tire keep going the skeptic mistaken leaves at one flat tire is the end of the world so driving us that must be avoided entirely hence the sceptics days home with what is safe and comfortable but the wise person embraces risk as a way to capitalize on opportunity the tools of intelligent people or courage and common sense and origin what is or is impossible they find out for themselves by taking direct action often that leads to failure which produces greater self knowledge allowing wiser choices to be made in the future not from a place of fear and doubt what place of understanding intelligent person understands that there is a creative component of thought so i'm taking action is important to align though starts to create success instead of creating fear in doubt the wise person turn scepticism against itself using doubt as a weapon doubt they literally doubt their doubts their sceptics
about their scepticism and while their scepticism fee you're in doubt run around in circles they take action and find out what is or is impossible through direct experience and common sense the sceptic thinks that it would be disastrous to take a risk and experienced failure the intelligent person knows this is the unnecessary step on the path of success the sceptic music there's a war never to be cross whereas the intelligent person sees failures stepping stone that must fall under ones booed in order to proceed to the next one the sceptics risky and errors as resulting in either success or failure of the two were polar opposite the intelligent person knows that failure is part of the process some success and that both lie in the same direction opposite cowardice sceptics avoid success because they avoid failure but in doing so they guarantee ultimate failure by failing to summon the courage to act intelligent people experience greater success because they bill
the courage to allow them to take action in spite of fear the sceptics says let's see if this will work the intelligent person says let's see this work step this is a useful tools he used for letting go of dogma and developing a more open mind but after that it must be discarded in favour of better tools you scepticism as a knife to cut away false beliefs but remember to set it down once the blade as reach your own flesh that the boy where you must ask our scepticism and begin using the tool of courage you just listen the post scepticism may be harmful or fatal if swallowed by steve avellino of steep adelina dot com and by the way my brother read a post from steve havoline about how to become an early riser a little while back in episode one hundred and thirty eight of optimal health daily and was a follow up to that post and a bunch of us instead they to hear the part two of that so just a heads up he will be reading that next week on optimal health daily justino
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