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470: What Old People Know by Barbara Wagner with Budgets Are Sexy

2017-03-25 | 🔗

J. Money of Budgets are Sexy is a 6’1, hyperactive, rock a ‘hawk who loves drinking beer, blaring hip-hop, talking about money, and now playing with his two adorable baby boys. He also has a podcast: M.O.N.E.Y. He tracked his expenses for 3 months, made a budget, read some books, and stumbled into personal finance blogging and idea sharing, randomly turning BudgetsAreSexy.com into his full time “real job” a few short years later--14 million views later!

Episode 470: What Old People Know by Barbara Wagner with Budgets Are Sexy (Mindful Spending & Happiness).

The original post is located here: http://www.budgetsaresexy.com/2011/08/what-old-people-know-money

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real quick i recommend listen to the show on spotify we can listen to all of your favorite artist and podcast in one place for free without a premium account spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic plus he can follow your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode premium users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on instagram so if you haven't done so already be sure to download the spotify app search for optimal living daily on spotify or browse podcast in the your library tab also make sure to follow me so you never miss an episode optimal living daily this is optimal living daily episode four hundred and seventy what old people know by barbara bags wagner was it's our sexy dot com and i'm just a moloch together reads boy pose to you every day including holidays and that is with permission from the others and it is possible my guess author and budgets are sexy but really quick mention this the other day i'm doing a short five or six
should serve eighty at a better demographic feel of who you are i am giving away a cup both the random people who fill it out just come by old podcast our com a survey dounia overpowers here the post as we optimize your life what old people now but barbara dabs wagner with budgets our sexy dark com a great deal germany says is right on paying off debt saving for retirement in tracking www spans you may better choices are greater don't get me started on love drop his very personal hands on approach to charity i'm in love with love drop mr budgets are says he is dead wrong about one thing when he says i get creed the board minimise finances by old white man in black styles he makes me craig z crabby truth in advertising i'm a sort of old white woman who refers to dress classic ok blah clothes but all roma just yet we old
arts know a few things you might want to know to invest in your health not just your for one k in my twenties ache smoked like a chimney partied endlessly drank to excess never worked out and told myself i could always lose the weight later man's unless pretty good somewhere along the line i learn that later wasn't going to be much fun if i was in poor health think about it which sounds sexier rocking a hard body in your fifty with plenty of energy to enjoy your modest wealth or visiting a dark every other week to deal with your stress wait diabetes are writers and intestinal problems and little energy to spend millions you piled up have you ever listen to old people talking about their health problems it isn't pretty gimme the heart are any day sir if i wasn't happily married i'd really want a heart guy more than money now that my husband of twenty years until a heart that's why we re air conditioning try
in just a little healthy living on your way to be a millionaire every choice you make is to choices you just don't know it when you choose to save your choosing not to spend when it to spend money on one you are choosing not to spend it on something else any choice is a good one as long as you is what you really want it's a fabulous idea save all your money for retirement in her twenties because time compounding will make you rich unless you really want to experience a little world travel while you're young enough to do it wishes to backpacking good i can choose being rich in memories is a terrific all its also free and to spend a third of your income leasing of beemer unless you really have enough point actually date women who like us appears anytime some corn corps spurt recommends particular action ask yourself what you we be doing if you make that choice same goes right right ideas you come up with on your own as always you know all of the choices are making you'll do fine do it now
if you wait till you have enough money to leave home get married by our house make babies invest or anything else you to do anything there's no enough money to do things perfectly but there's always enough money to make a start i get it lousy economy is making things extraordinary difficult for twentysomethings but putting life on hold and living with your prayers in her twenties is a special kind of when i was my twenties oh god about to give you the classic old person back in my day speech unemployment was eight percent inflation was in double digits and wages work even worse if you are a woman i lived in a chromium vi to the scary part of town or closed from thrift store and ate a lot of roman pen was fond of living my own life humble as it was my first attempt at investing was fifty dollars savings bonds because my employer would deduct twenty five dollars for my paycheck to buy them and i can easily spend them my friends with enough
to invest in mutual funds thought i was pathetic polygamy story aren't cheating financial freedom and it turns out on page six percent every year for over twenty years and are the best investment a portfolio ah if you're lucky define true love don't wait till you can afford a wet get married in iran twenty other money doesn't happiness but love absolutely does if you and your soul made love children then when you are young and you'll be young enough to enjoy your grandchildren to whatever your dreams get going now don't try to figure missing out before you take action you will we're here an old person say i just wish i waited longer to find my bliss you didn't so the posts titled what old people know by barbara bab wagner with budgets are sexy dot com she's really a character and one more time on doing a demographic survey to understand who listening to the show a lot better it's a premium survey by my party
hosting provider with very common questions only five or six questions those really short and went away can do so anonymously which is grey thus just as helpful from the beginning a couple of books to random people who fill it out if you want to win those i need a way to contact you so you can include your email address in it you data won't be used for anything else in an email will be shared rising crazy like that it's just for me to contact winners in the answers to the survey help me figure out who is listening to the show and frankly how many people are actually engaged listeners of the show so please take the thirty seconds to fill it out the outer twin books ambering smiled my vase just come by old podcast dot com slash survey thank you for listening through all to the end and have a great saturday i'll be back tomorrow so see you there we're after my life but with this is dan from the optimal financed daily podcast which is a lot like this show except more focused on personal financed just in hand picked the best posts he can find from blogs and
there's like remit safety mr money moustache and more and i read them team five days a week so if you enjoy this podcast come on over and subscribe to optimal financed daily to and together we optimize your financial life you ve been listening to optimal living daily be sure they hit the subscribed button to stay up to date on each new episode and heads old podcast dotcom that's o l de podcast dot com free gift i was more actionable chips and resources to help you maximize your potential thanks for joining i remember your optimal life awaits
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