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503: Being Happy Equals Being Happy by J. Money of Budgets Are Sexy

2017-04-27 | 🔗

J. Money is a 6’1, hyperactive, rock a ‘hawk who loves drinking beer, blaring hip-hop, talking about money, and now playing with his two adorable baby boys. He also has a podcast: M.O.N.E.Y. He tracked his expenses for 3 months, made a budget, read some books, and stumbled into personal finance blogging and idea sharing, randomly turning BudgetsAreSexy.com into his full time “real job” a few short years later--14 million views later!

Episode 503: Being Happy Equals Being Happy by J. Money of Budgets Are Sexy (Self Help & Happiness).

The original post is located here: http://www.budgetsaresexy.com/being-happy-spending-less

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this is optimal living daily episode five hundred and three being happy equals being happy by j money of budgets are sexy doc i'm just a moloch your very own also narrator for blog posts and sometimes book excerpts that i think will have few optimize your life princess special week here some of them the authors that i regularly re from right here on this show have decided to participate for the big five hundred that so all this he threw giving me a break from narrating and doing it themselves has been awesome sophie our and today's no different if features he j money of budgets are sexy dot com and rockstar finance that is in a second first i do have a sponsor dimension speaking of finance and that is fresh books fresh books as a cloud accounting
after that you can use to track your expenses send in voices track time and more any trial all of their features for free for a month definitely worth it come by fresh bookstore com slash living to check it out so biology money from budgets are sexy he's read very frequently on our other i cast optimal financed daily and something we don't mention enough is his other site rockstar finance is like the best of personal finance basically what we do on our part gas curing the content for you but in web and therefore if you join his email list there you can get the best delivered to you if you like this show your love that so check that out at rock star financed our come recorded a short little ensure to go along with his post soulless jump right into that as we optimize your life
hey guys gave money here from budgets are sexy dot com and rock star finance dot com just ass if i wanted to read one of my blog posts you all today which is very strange that i've never done that before yes suck i so i picked one of my favorite blog posts and mentalities is called being happy equals being happy yesterday i found my biggest score yet on a single walk sixteen whole sense six pennies and one dime just littered on the ground as if money fell from trees maybe they did fall from a tree smiley face hid his mouth if issues anyways i was still excited that i not only rush home to exclaim i exuberance to the wife she didn't care but to also hit up instagram and twitter to of course to share my findings with the world
people there cared a little more but i tell you this because it made me just as happy as if i found a hundred dollar or even thousand dollar bill instead which also would have been pretty exciting but not exponentially more knowing this about yourself can play a huge part in your finances whenever we consider buying were usually fixated on the price but what were really after how much joy this new thing will bring us bills and such excluded we're pretty good at knowing what these are but were not so good a paying attention to the alternatives that can also bring as much joy into our lives for example i'm just as happy drinking beer at home as i am at the bar which is true i'm just as happy hey with friends as i am going to the movies i'm just as happy driving my beat up cadillac as i was my twenty five thousand dollar suv i'm just as happy wearing gently ease close as i am new clothes
i'm just as happy eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as i am hitting a new restaurant i'm just as happy getting my hair cut at home as i am at the barbershop i'm just as have watching a show on my medium size tv first my old big screen tv on even more shocking i'm pretty much just as happy having a stake haitian as i am a vacation does that mean i still don't eat out or by new clothes or drink tasty beers for ten times the price well i love doing those things to hover when comparing the happiness levels only there not that far part if at all so i do more of the free cheap stuff and continue having a sweet quality of life to something to think about out there and about the sweet doing your thing no shame and enjoying the niceties out there but remember there's plenty
alternatives they do the same trick at a fraction of the cost were lucky to have such options up let me say again we're lucky to have such options big acclamation boy up and we have a p s here and then i am little bullet point after ps here's another post i wrote last year along the same lines if you want to keep the juices flowing although this is being read out loud so doesn't really help here here's a little isolation are the little asterisks a thousand dollar bills actually exist and in fact a hundred thousand ones do too though they are extremely rare most of the larger denomination u s bills were used by banks and the federal government for large transactions between themselves and not the general public though the general public now and a lot of these bigger bills as collectible items and they cost a lot more than faced i too there you go that's my first time ever reading anything out loud hope
enjoyed it thanks for listening to all the times justin is read my own articles out loud and yak he paid attention to that money in an go after the dreams you just listen to the post titled being happy equals be happy by j money that is our sexy dot com and rockstar financed our calm down get to join his mailing list there is being financed fresh books big thanks to them being instrumental in keeping the show guy i use fresh books is really smart way to send an voices takes like a whole thirty seconds compared to much longer for any other system i've seen i love to use it and something mention frequently which i'm sure j money would agree with it valuable it is to track your expenses even if it's a challenge for just one month try it but i guarantee you will be in lightning in some way freshly says a super the way to do this both online air with their up they connect to each other
use one or the other poor both you can even used after take pictures overseas to help you organise them again a solution i've ever seen including my own solution that have offered for free you guys you don't you tutorial or anything to learn how works is very intuitive enshrine all their features out for free for months without entering any payment or credit card info just come by fresh books dot com slush living and when they ask you how did you hear about us enter an optimal living daily again this fresh books dot com slash living think j money for doing the recording his strange as it was for him as a pleasure to listen to and you can tell he's a happy man i can curtis mile to the airways assure you could to thank you j for dissipating and thank you the listener for being here every day and art as in your life with us it means a lot will be continuing
guess narrators tomorrow and even through this weekend which is amazing i'll give you a hint tomorrow features netflix star which is exciting so say to infer that where you're optimal life awaits hey this is dan from the optimal financed daily podcast which is a lot like this shell except more focused on personal financed just in hand pigs the best posts he can find from blogs and authors like were meet safety mr money moustache and more and i read them team five days a week so if you enjoy this podcast come on over and subscribed optimal financed daily to together optimize europe a natural life you ve been listening to optimal living daily be sure they hit the subscribed button to stay up to date on each new episode and heads old pod cast doubt come that's o elsie cast dot com free gift as well
more actionable tips and resources to help you maximize your potential joining us remember your optimal life awaits
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