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523: Do You Struggle to Perform Under Pressure by Alison Breen

2017-05-17 | 🔗

Mary Jaksch is an authorized Zen master (Diamond Sangha lineage), psychotherapist, and author. She has two nationalities,--English and German--and lives in New Zealand. She's the mother of a grown-up son and lives happily ever after with her partner David. She's been awarded an MA in Religious Studies, holds a 4th Dan Blackbelt in karate, started professional life as a flautist and loves dancing Argentine tango in skimpy dresses.

Episode 523: Do You Struggle to Perform Under Pressure by Alison Breen (Productivity & Success).

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this is optimal living daily episode five hundred and twenty three do you struggle to perform under pressure by us in green with go live zander com and i'm just a moloch logan back or welcome first time of your new here does why i to you ever single data help you live or more meaningful life covering personal development proactive the and minimalism from some of the best blogs you can find with their permission and today i am lucky enough to have a sponsor talks base tough bases the online therapy company that makes therapy affordable convenient and confidential they hamper a therapist for you and he has antics the audio and video messages or go live is telling were checking out just now by talk space dot com slash old does talks based dot com such o l d to learn but for now get right to today's posed as our optimize your life do you struggle to perform under pressure by us green with good lives and our com
you notice how some people manage should do their best work when they perform under pressure they knew the job interview aids presentation and are always able to think on their feet are you one of those people i'm not i'm under pressure i struggled to do good work and sometimes i do know work at all i freeze familiar with this experienced and you will understand the frustration it causes you know your capable of how much more but you struggle to show your best work so why is this the problem choky the problem is more common than most people realize it's called choking scion belacan university chicago psychologist and author of choke explains quote choking is form instead is inferior to what you can do and have done in the past and occurs when you feel pressure to get everything right on quote why does it happen researcher out and would baroques phd of
or business school explains that moderate amounts of pressure me enhance performance if it prompts thorough preparation but if the pressure bill our performance begins to decline as we resort to anxiety avoiding strategies like procrastination when the pressure reaches the bill levels can result in choking here's where it gets interesting a high pressure and stress the situation for one person can be experienced completely differently by another stress the result of our perception the role of beliefs and expectations in determining our performance beyond skill our beliefs about our abilities and expectations can affect our performance there are to me categories of performance squashing believes the first is about we see our own abilities as ranks fixed versus growth mindset carols work pressure at stanford university and author of mindset the psychology of success shows our conscious and unconscious beliefs have profound in
on how we develop our strengths and abilities her research shows that people fall into two categories those with a fixed mindset and those with a growth mindset people with a fixed myself believe that their strengths and judges and talents are fixed the more likely to shy away from challenges and fear making mistakes their focuses on getting things right if you failure as a sign of a i have in a talent or ability on the other hand people with a gun both mindset believe other town stability abilities can be developed they seek out challenges and welcome feedback is opportunity for growth they would rather try something that stretches their abilities that they learn and fail then do something within their capability and succeed anticipating judgment then there is a second category of beliefs and expectations that affect performance police about others will respond here there sir shows that people commonly choke have a fear of negative evaluation this is fairly self explanatory
people and performers situation expect that they'll be judged and even humiliated the morlocks it shook the ability form well under pressure and stressful circumstances is one of the most important skills we can develop unfortunately more just don't know how to do this the good news is that it is possible to train cells to not only survive but thrive under stressful circumstances how i almost choked while writing this posed ivory suddenly start blogging does an error i've been wanting to develop for a long time but fear has helped me back a few weeks ago i took the plunge i posted draft of a guess posts are writing in the list blogging master class facebook grew for review i was terrified waiting to be sure as an incompetent writer the opposite happened my post was while receives i got incredible feedback and too offers a guest posed for successful blogs there was one of them i was overjoyed but you probably already part of the problem the pressure in
patients for rightful incredibly successful blog i wanted to do the very best work i wanted to show marry that it was worth taking a risk with inviting me i try to come up with an idea for a topic that would be useful for her readers but nothing came my was about to show luckily for me something happened how me realize what i was doing and iceland blogger friend so owing to her new blog post i read it and responded to her love your by do have to first on finding a hard to read your work of suffering from a serious these of writers envy her response was perfect dumpy envious i can teach you how to write oh right yes skill this can be developed struggling doesn't mean that lacks some sort of blogging jeanne the shift i looked at what i was doing with my writing through this lends something shifted a real despite my conscious knowledge and believes that abilities could be developed there was a deeper more unconscious belief that my first post had been a flu
and i will not be able to replicate this success the pressure was entirely self generated approaching it from a different angle as an opportunity to grow and develop skills rather than expecting myself to succeed and avoid failure unlocked mike utility allowed me to finish the draft now what are you don't just make this another blow posed at you here i feel inspired but then do nothing about make it count take some time share the areas are you struggle to perform in and what believes hold you back even just right ensuring that is an important step and being able to shift those beliefs yeah listen to the post titled do you struggle to perform under pressure i also agree with your lives and our come in island brain some people make the best use of their shrinks talents and resources she's a psychologist actually does perfect psycho into our sponsor today talk space i go on pressure big time i didn't used to while i was there with publics
but in fact in my life outside a presentation so i got help with that a therapist is illegal step today to help with things like this or if we just prevent about work or relationships family talk through whatever your mind a licence therapist can help with a lot of that and i wish about taxpayers earlier or i wish they existed sooner because they connect to you with a hand picked therapist a little thirty two dollars a week in my spa second easily be less than ten percent of the cars for just one session with the service that alone the gray reason to try them out but also love communicate however you prefer text message audio video messages or alive it's such a good idea sign up or learn more through talks based dot com slash oil d they also show the code old which gives these thirty dollars offer first my making it even more affordable
this is only i know many of us can make great use of so try it out again this talk space dot com slash old he's a code old for thirty dollars off only with ever today thank you for being here have a grey rescue day i'll catch you in tomorrow's episode we are often the life awaits hey this is dan from the optimal financed daily podcast which is a lot like this show except more focused on personal financed just in hand picks the best posts he can find from blogs and authors like remit safety mr money moustache and more and i read them team five days a week so if you enjoy this punk cast come on over and subscribe to optimal financed daily to and together we optimize
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