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554: How to Increase Your Entire Family's Productivity by Kalen Bruce of Money Mini Blog

2017-06-17 | 🔗

Kalen Bruce is the founder of MoneyMiniBlog. His story is simple… he and his wife were $24,000 in debt and became a student of finances to get out. They are now debt-free and building wealth. Kalen shares everything he has learned on his blog, writing informative, entertaining, mini blogs to help you with your finances. Finances can be intimidating, so he keeps his posts short, sweet, and simple.

Episode 554: How to Increase Your Entire Family's Productivity by Kalen Bruce of Money Mini Blog (Mindful Living & Simplicity).

The original post is located here: http://moneyminiblog.com/family/family-productivity

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real quick i recommend listen to the show on spotify we can listen to all of your favorite artist and podcast in one place for free without a premium account spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic plus he can follow your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode premium users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on instagram so if you haven't done so already be sure to download the spotify app search for optimal living daily on spotify or browse podcast in the your library tab also make sure to follow me so you never miss an episode optimal living daily this is optimal living daily episode five hundred and fifty four how to increase your entire families productivity by kalen bruce of money blog dot com and i'm just in my like the guy that reads blog post to you every day including weekends with permission from the author's taste post covers more than just yourself how to be productive with a family which is a nice segue and asking you to check
our new as partners in the old family optimal living daily relationships charles covers topics like this on that show how much anything from friends dating marriage and parenting and everything in between alone if you show some support for that part yes to does optimal living daily relationships but for now is here today is posed as we optimize your life how to increase your entire families productivity bike bruce of money many blog darksome have ever an entire article on productivity and thought it would be great for someone without a family but with him you can really implement most of it have been married for almost nine years my wife and i have four kids i've been there before i am also looking for ways to increase productivity but i admit is not very motivating to re an article about having a three hour long morning routine took me
that sounds awesome and i would love to do that but unfortunately i work spend time with my family exercise and oh yes sleep when i'm free to do so i don't have three hours for a morning routine and as much as i would like to it's just not going to happen right now that doesn't mean we can't be productive i'm very productive and so is my family i have found some things that work is possible to be productive even with a big family let me share what has worked for me understand your season nowhere you're out in life when you're sick you have all the time in the world and then i feel like it at the time but once you get a family you look back and said while had all the time in the world sing all you have time to devote to work friends and obvious they made all your time but the time is there to spend when you get me start having children things change is that simple is not bad its awesome but is different and you have to accept
that does not a free time you have changes we have a family because your priorities change you have to accept the fact that you dont have as much you time as you this do you have to learn to manage your new life it won't be like this forever before we move a family productivity let's talk about marriage how to be productive and marriage a first marriage is a lot like being single you live with someone but you still have quite a bit of time if you want to go i ihop at two a you have that option you can both hop in the car hop and i hope when children come along things change a little more about that in a moment here are some tips to be productive in marriage number one get on the same page communicate with your spouse about the things you want to accomplish it will help them to understand why you're spending time on certain things and they will help you gain their support number to set a schedule together it doesn't help you to set a scary
of your spouse has no idea what's on it get together the end of each week and prepare schedule for the next week number three get into what they do you should strive to understand the things that are important to your spouse and vice versa when the what the others into it makes both of you more likely to make time for it and before improve productivity together get your spouse interested in being more productive if they are interested already you'll need to show them how great it is with your actions reed or listen to books and teaching together you can be extremely productive a marriage but when you begin to have children you may feel overwhelmed how to be productive with children like i said at the beginning you have to understand the season urine don't use it as an excuse but understand having children means you have less time for yourself loreen to be productive with kids in the house is about finding ways to avoid spending time with them
is about spending more time on the right things the important things here are some tips number one delegate family task to your children this is vital once you showed you are laugh they can help with things like laundry dishes and other household chores it may take them some i am to learn how to do it but that time is an investment in your children that will not only help them in life but free up your time in the future number to teach our children how to be productive believe it or not there are children's books on prototype how great would it be if it children already knew how to manage their time and maximize productivity before they the real world is rare for kissed understand this but at such an important skill number three teach our children to problem solved my wife and i used to here i'm telling on you scream from the bed firms in any case we come running into fall through with her claim but we start asking them is something you guys can work out and more often than not they
good work it out without our help problem solving can be taught number four make unproductive things productive find ways to make the things you do more productive instead of watching cartoons try watching and educational movie not only will they learn from it but it gives more to talk about them all you're watching it we also idea kid friendly educational audio books for road trips never miss an opportunity to spend time with her kids because you trying to be more productive on the other hand you shouldn't be spending hours taking here shores that they are fully capable of doing there is will he balance final words i believe that productivity means accomplishing what you set out to accomplish if you set out to accomplish a day full of watching cartoons with their kids and you accomplish that then that's productive sometimes you just need to offer some cartoons tone stress about not being
doctor prescribed to always be looking for ways to improve it and that's exactly what you're doing here is great that you dear finding ways to be productive in your life instead of making excuses about why you can't be productive with a family now go be productive and have fun with it you didn't to the post titled how to increase your entire families productivity by council use of money many blogger com and again this is the kind of content that joss narrates over on our newest party asked optimal living daily relationships so if you like this kind of content definite check out that show to unsubscribe aim is also wrote all five of russia to hear a bunch of blogs beanery for you for free thank you for listening through to the end of a grey saturday and i'll be back tomorrow restart a week long series on minimalism mostly how two's saucy there
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