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590: Out of Time and The Arrogance of the Middle Class by Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle and the Let's Know Things Podcast

2017-07-23 | 🔗

Colin Wright is a professional author and international speaker who co-founded a publishing company and travels full-time, moving to a new country every four months or so--that country determined by the votes of his readers! He also blogs. Colin's a minimalist in that he owns very few things and is careful in how he consumes. He tends to buy less, but invest in quality when he does, and trends toward the same in relationships, business endeavors, and just about everything else. He's left-handed, blue-eyed, scary good at Tetris, and can’t cook.

Episode 590: Out of Time and The Arrogance of the Middle Class by Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle and the Let's Know Things Podcast.

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real quick i recommend listen to the show on spotify we can listen to all of your favorite artists and podcast in one place for free without a premium account spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic plus he can follow your favorite podcast so you never miss an episode premium users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on instagram so if you haven't done so already be sure to download the spotify app search for optimal living daily on spotify or browse podcast in the your library tab also make sure to follow me so you never miss an app out of optimal living daily this is optimal living daily episode five hundred and ninety out of time and the arrogance of the middle class both by car right of exile lifestyle dot com and i'm just a moloch happy sunday to the podcast where simply red blogs you for free like a gigantic going audio books with many different authors to ambient
reading to post from common right regain towards the end of the month and this month only is upon cast a worse it be awesome if he could vote for this pod cast in the people's choice category and healthcare gory though i mean a lot to me the shorter linked to the site is old podcast start com slash vote and they are encouraging us to let you know about it and what is not a deal voting just once again the shortcut link is old podcast dot com slash vote and an likely ever reminder next week's weekly newsletter if your honour to four hours here to post from con as we optimize your life out of time by common right of exile lifestyle that come there's a trick i use when i'm undertaking project or processed us particularly honour us or tedious but which i know was worth doing i think about a mom
in time when the project is completed i imagine what it will look like what i'll be feeling where i'll be in winter will happen i try to imagine it in as close to perfect detail as possible then i tell myself all come up for air at that future moment i just imagined when i get there to that point in time and take stock i'll take a deep breath or reemergence a larger world outside that task until that point though i focused on being the here and now in a space out of time without a past present rather than fixated on what's tom or what's a lead up to this moment i focus doing what i need to do in doing it well knows to the greens shoulder to the wheel does this the idea that has proven to be remarkably effective for me especially when we
long road troops or undertaking a dull but important project with a lot of repetition and not much initial satisfaction if you resign yourself to the fact that this task needs to be done needs to be completed before you can move forward your more capable of making the best of it of settling in for the journey and enjoying it for what it is rather than agonizing over what is not you take pleasure in the repetition or the along our staring at the road being in her own head not being continuously entertained and distracted is different it's a new perspective as a useful state of mind for when your goals when your next steps are reliant on first overcoming something cumbersome or relatively unexciting all you have to do is set an end point and until that point has reached become a simpler specialised mechanism a human machine capable of a singular focus and fewer than usual existential requirements this isn't it
it is being you'd want to stay in forever mano tasking as a general rule tends to be a good idea but this is something a little more intense than that but for short birds here and there when a more complete version of yourself might be unsatisfied with a road ahead it can be liberating to strip yourself down to the bare essentials fixate on getting where you're going play when the road your on lead someplace he'd very much like to be the arrogance of the middle class by car right of exile lifestyle tat come my pyramid i like a solid portion of my audience in all likelihood come from a middle class family seldom have i fell like anything in the world was out of my grasp a generally assume that if i want to do something there will be a way to do it if i'm going to work hard enough vertical mobility
is a psychological reality in the first world even if it doesn't necessarily happen as frequently as we like to believe which means if i find myself in a situation i dont like i am sir can figure out a way to make myself stronger or richer faster or whatever other because i want to be it happens all the time i don't see any reason why when work for me this is the arrogance of the middle class and largely miss warranted despite all the problems with the western world the fact is that we really do have a massive middle class and because of this the vast majority of people are comfortable and confident enough do not worry about a whole lot beyond what impact their immediate lifestyle we're pretty far our muscles pyramid and the view is great but their eliza downside as well because no matter how much we are told about the problems of the world is incredibly difficult for us to put ourselves
the mindset of someone who is living in a wily different reality there pyramid i'm travelling peru on my weight to from windows areas and i've got ten hours i've done a seventy two hour bus ride this bus socks and ass no lie the seats are crammed the bathroom may as well not even be there and the air conditioning missing doing much to suppress pulsing desert eat looking out the window i see a handful peruvians my age clustered around the fire outside a house built out of tree trunks and plaster the top unfinished and one sided collapsing they look up as the bus passes a little surprised but not enough to stir from their reverie eyes pivoting back to the sputtering of the flames minds resetting eyes unfocused i know from speaking to a few people in this part of peru that their prospects are clear and they aren't much the buses are most of the locals make their money climbing aboard then peddling homemade foodstuffs to captive passengers than getting dropped off a few miles
further down the road opening catch another bus or otherwise walking back potentially not having made a single sail for their efforts there's a chance says someone here will meet made from another country or city and make their way to a city but is incredibly unlikely and the locals are still talking about ass connection of that sort that happened thirty years ago no what usually have and so these kids ass they grow up in the same town as our parents doing the same thing that their parents do manning snack shops selling inca to tourists aloud bout with their friends after dark and circling a fire build on the front stoop talking about any one interesting they saw in the buzzes earlier that day and probably about that lucky girl from thirty years ago motive power what's the point of motivation or better question where would even come from reality is such that you good and caught in a tower mobility upward or otherwise simply is impossible on any kind of scale what's the point
moving beyond the campfire to see what else is out there in the world could be no one to encourage you know old wives tales but the son in law who sold to start over five million dollars while in his teens or the middle man and she who became ceo that's probably the biggest benefit a member of the middle class and the biggest deficit suffered by those who are not the modern folk tales passed on from person to person describing what's possible and who can do what and how are we keep us ticking moving forward in striving for more keeping these tales alive i would keep our ambitions alive and passing them on our what's read the fire of innovation spargo fire oh your tail update december first twenty sixteen interest this is a concept that was relatively new to me back then or rather it was a cause that was around but which i have spent much time thinking about these days is a much bigger
part of the common conversation however and we call it privilege which is a much better term than the ones i was using this post but it amounts to the same thing you just listen to the post titled out of time and the arrogance of the middle class both by calling right as i got a lifestyle dot com a really quick reminder the pod as a wards are taking votes this month only and then not again till next year and you can vote for many different categories optimal living daily is in two of them people's choice and health and we were these and shouted doing well in those categories of you want to show your support for free does an amazing how to do it and it only takes one vote and disposed of multiple times or daily or anything grace you i thought so too do that an easier we're short cut linked set up its old podcast dot com slash vote and involve the instruction
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