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716: This Is It by Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle & The Let's Know Things Podcast

2017-11-26 | 🔗

Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle shares some important turning points in his life.

Episode 716: This Is It by Colin Wright of Exile Lifestyle & The Let's Know Things Podcast (Simple Living & Minimalism).

Colin Wright is a professional author and international speaker who co-founded a publishing company and travels full-time, moving to a new country every four months or so--that country determined by the votes of his readers! He also blogs. Colin's a minimalist in that he owns very few things and is careful in how he consumes. He tends to buy less, but invest in quality when he does, and trends toward the same in relationships, business endeavors, and just about everything else. He's left-handed, blue-eyed, scary good at Tetris, and can’t cook.

The original post is located here: http://exilelifestyle.com/this-is-it

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this is optimal living daily episode seven hundred and sixteen this is it by car right of exile lifestyle dot com and i'm just a moloch happy sunday and welcome to the public as well simply re blogs to you for free like a gigantic ongoing audio books with many different authors to his post being from com right a guy who lives in a new place every few months and before we get to the post is episode has brought by linked in learning the all my learning platform with thousands of expert led video tutorials to help you build your creative tack and business we learning now features content from linda dot com the lead all my learning for the past twenty years for a free thirty day trial visit linked in dot com slash optimal as start achieving more today for hours right to it as we optimize your life this is it
on right of exile lifestyle tat come i was probably five or six years old the first i thought i was going to die the exact context of what happened is fuzzy as i was just a little kid but i know i was at a friends house and i know this friend had a pool in their backyard and i know that one of the other kids swam up behind me and pull me under just as i was trying to get out of the pool it was a playful joking act the kind of thing oh boys is due to each other all the time but he had taken a deep breath before you some and i had not after a handful of seconds i was dark under water staring at the unreachable rim of the pool completely out of breath my flailed instead ambled behind nowhere left and my energy was sad i was well and truly screwed we clearly having one felt at the time like a very adult thought this is it this is how it ends this is how i die
so the kind of thing i suspected you don't have to worry about for a while or perhaps ever since i was a kid and the concept of actual physical consequences for things wasn't fully baked into my conception of the world at the last month when does dark spot scrub the n word from the corners of my eyes i popped back up to the surface like a cork i scrambled up to the side of the pool and cried looking for an adult to who am i blind and then swiftly forgot all about it most of it anyway the moment of uncomfortable clarity stuck with me as did the new found death inclusive world view that inspired i've been fortunate in the years since those halcyon days of swimming pools and rough housing in for about contacts there have been a few brushes with tragedy here and there but nothing truly dramatic nothing personally debilitating or life altering in a hugely negative way i've had reason to think those same words again though in very different circumstances i start my first business when i was in college
the sword amount of fanfares surroundings arrival in the local business ecosystem shall launch event felt like a milestone to me these are represented in extreme push into the unknown as testing the far expanses of my abilities and my shuffling in what felt like the right direction somehow resulted in a product that in totally suckin was a wily reviled in retrospect that same event now stands out as a high point before fall the business hit is crescendo earl i didn't know enough or have enough experience to recognize it my own there are many things lead to its collapse that failure marked by an immensely hyped in wildly unsuccessful second event than i do that first event though and everything seemed to be i so well and when i still had no inkling of what might come next i thought those same words this is it this is a turning point of some kind this is something important
worth remembering this could be a moment i look back on as the start of something wonderful that did turn out to be the case in a way though not in this sense i originally intended that failure was an important moment of growth for me at home erect he knows value of many things i had taken for granted and gave me the opportunity damn back up under my own steam after taking a gut punch there is one more moment in which those words came to mind that again served as something of a turning point in my life years after that failed expire and i was living in l a as on my third business and this one was doing really well way better than i could have hoped for actually concerning them the petitioners phasing at the time and the market at a client who had become something of a mentor to me and who was offering me an opportunity to come into the fold to work for him to run some of his business interests to make gobs of money to have a certain kind of lifestyle
i remember standing there in his office looking around the trappings of wealth with which he surrounded himself thinking about all the people odd man who worked for him and all the wealth trappings they possessed and flaunted also thought about how machine besides dealing with pretty much all the time while working for him to pay off was high but the expectations and potential the we're were also amplified everyday things like getting stuck in traffic and struggling asleep collecting the jam for the third night a row were wearing i may physically and psychologically being stressed all the time was stressing the out this is it i thought i can see future i can see it all roll down in front of me like a red carpet a huge opportune you have the kind i've been hoping for since i got into business became an entrepreneur the big pay off the next three decades or as set in stone chiseled into ridiculously expensive marble remember the
look that klein gave me when i thanked him but turned him down whose unthinkable that i would say no in such a sure thing a gold paved path that decisions are not to be perhaps the best one i ever it is no coincidence that it was also one of the most difficult there a part of me that wonders how things might be different had i vastly more monetary wealth than time the opposite of what i chose what i love about my lifestyle today is that although there are periodic whispers the first story moments where i wonder if i stumbled into something dangerous or even fatal i experienced plenty of the second opportunities to challenge myself and face difficulties emerging stronger on the other side and in the eight years as i saw traveling since a pivotal moment and ally have yet to be faced with a predictable future one in which my entire story is visible
a global and set in stone this is less traditional and often less comfortable path but has also anything i choose to make of it you just listen to the post titled does is it i can't write of exile lifestyle dot com and this episode broad he by linked in learning which now features every court from linda dot com the leader online learning with twenty years of experience weight and learn for problem solvers forego getters for people make me in their career move you wanna master photoshop design a website or expand your creativity everything you need to achieve more is only to learning whether you shoe photos on your phone dsl are linked in learning can improve your photography skills courses rain from basically composition and exposure
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tablet or mobile device and got a special deal for you you can get a free thirty two trial with linked in learning today by visiting in ten dot com a slash optimal does linked in dark com slash optimal a lower case and we thank them for sponsoring this part hope you have a really happy sunday i'll see you tomorrow for minimalist monday where you
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