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776: Slow Down and Keep Going by Anthony Ongaro of Break the Twitch

2018-01-25 | 🔗

Anthony Ongaro of Break the Twitch shares a personal story, plus how to slow down and keep going.

Episode 776: Slow Down and Keep Going by Anthony Ongaro of Break the Twitch (Burn Out & Rewards of Sticking With It - Consistency).

After years of impulse spending on Amazon and elsewhere, Anthony Ongaro realized that his one-click purchase habits were more of a physical Twitch than an intentional action. It turned out, this Twitch wasn’t just limited to online spending. It applied to social media, impulsive smartphone usage, and more. Break the Twitch is all about minimizing distractions and doing more of what matters. Check out Anthony's new book, Break the Twitch: http://breakthetwitch.com/book

The original post is located here: http://www.breakthetwitch.com/slow-keep-going

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