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786: A Whirlwind Tour of Getting Things Done by Cal Newport of Study Hacks

2018-02-04 | 🔗

Cal Newport of the Study Hacks blog shares an overview of the popular Getting Things Done productivity method.

Episode 786: A Whirlwind Tour of Getting Things Done by Cal Newport of Study Hacks (The GTD Technique for Productivity).

Cal Newport is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University, who specializes in the theory of distributed algorithms. He previously earned his Ph.D. from MIT in 2009 and graduated from Dartmouth College in 2004. In addition to studying the theoretical foundations of our digital age as a professor, Newport also writes about the impact of these technologies on the world of work. His most recent book, Deep Work, argues that focus is the new I.Q. in the knowledge economy, and that individuals who cultivate their ability to concentrate without distraction will thrive.

The original post is located here: http://calnewport.com/blog/2007/07/20/a-whirlwind-tour-of-getting-things-done

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this is optimal living daily episode seven hundred and eighty six a world tour of getting things done by tell new port of call newport dot com and i'm just a moloch welcome back or welcome for the first time if you knew you is where simply merit blogs for you usually sometimes books always permission from the websites today's author being cow newport a super smarter system professor who create a blog called study hacks targeting college students but i find that somebody was pose apply to everyone like today's but before we get to it thank you too lacroix sparkling water for their support is a no calorie no sweetener and no sodium beverage with nothing artificial just a hint of fruit essences seeking to teach your version of water make the switch to a call sparkling water a of the showed it and loves it i'll talk about that at the end but for now check them out roy water dot com or on your feet social network at lacroix water that's l a sea
r o i acts water dotcom sal's get right to the post as we optimize your life a whirlwind tour of getting things done by cow newport of cow newport our come the two big ideas behind you the over twenty years ago david on began a story career of seeking and describing optimal productivity techniques the result of his work was captured in the book getting things done first published in two thousand one the gdp methodology immediately resonated with fatigue denizens of the technology saturated five emails a day new economy it became a national best our selling over five hundred thousand copies and was republished in twenty three four languages today remains in the top five hundred on amazon sales rankings and a spy
on thriving web communities devoted to his teachings was so special about the system is maintenance can be reduced two big ideas one you have to control your stuff simply put any obligation task idea or deadline they are keeping track of only in your head is training mental resources this causes dress and makes it difficult to reach a state of realized concentration needed to work effectively a central idea behind you is at all of your stuff has to get of your mind this means that incoming information is quickly shunted to a small number of well defined collection bins from words processed into a trust his system that you regularly review does ideas devastatingly powerful you ve taken the time in a poor everything out of your head and onto paper you'll be shocked by the sheer v i am of information your mind would try to juggle i maintain the sense of relief that follows from this process
long way toward understanding the colt like devotion shown to mister allen by many number two you manage actions you don't do projects you do specific actions at all your work is recorded in terms of large scale lumps of obligations such as right book proposal it is difficult to get started our days or to be the taco something so amorphous and intimidating gdp forces you to reduce everything down to a specific next action instead of right the proposal you might use amazon defined ten competitive titles for book proposal indeed he these specific actions are what you manage at any one point during the day the decision you make is what action should i do next this approach provides greater clarity to your dated eight productivity
as a reduces everything from mundane shores to making progress on huge life goes down to the same manageable scale the hidden advantage of this idea that it stops you from having to make big picture decisions what work is important in my life during the day and gdp these big since are considered less frequently during for example a weekly review at which point they are transformed into specific next actions which can be processed more mindlessly during the heat of battle a quick summary of the gdp methodology the basic there is a need for gdp or the following number one a number of collection bins for example your email inbox a physical embarks on your desk some sort of no powder planner that you carry with you number to a calendar number three next action west number for project list a number five a filing system
collection in gdp when new staff enters your world unita immediately play sit in one of your well defined collection bins stuff in this context defines any sort of formation that might require you to do something no this includes everything from specific tasks return library books to bigger projects figure a plan for tackling anderson account to brainstorms maybe i should start a blog make no distinction between work and personal life stuff his stuff it has to get out of your head free email this collection happens automatically consider email inbox a collection ben you will need a physical and boxed collecting such as letters memos and notes you also need a portable inbox quickly shot down stuff that you encounter away from your primary workspace e g in a meeting you are assigned to look into a new product a plan
no patter even a sheet of scrap paper as i advocate in straight a should suffice processing behavior and gdp is processing the items i build up in your various collection bids you need to do this regularly for example these once a day here's a processing decision tree by mr alan for tackling this task for each item number one decide if requires action on your part if it doesn't either the gate discard or file it for later reference otherwise number to identify the specific next action required by this item iv requires more than one action then identify the first his actions and make a note of the bigger project on your projects list if his action can be completed in two minutes early as do right now number three if the actions
he completed on or by a given date recorded on this date in your calendar otherwise number four record the action on your next actions list revealing in gdp reviews of your staff occurs at multiple levels and the lowest level you're making decision during the day regarding what action you should do next this process a simple first check a counter to see if there's a time sensitive material should be working on if not look through your next actions and shoe something reasonable to tackle given your energy global time and location there now where's ways my structure you next ashes list to make the decision easier mister allen suggests dividing it into context such as phone calls at my desk at home working online and deciding what to do next by reviewing the list associated with your current context at a slightly higher level
either of you your next actions list combining modifying consolidating actions as appropriate in addition you need to look over your projects list and where needed add actions to your next ash list the hobby make progress on the projects you deem to be active at the moment he shall make sure that any stuff lingering in your head or an ad hoc piles round your desk is moved into a collection men and then process in jpg this intermediate review happens once a week at the way to plug leaks and help you reflect on what work you wanna get done in the near future at the highest level you wanna occasionally check in and reflect on your goals in life here one year plan and where you are headed such consideration and might lead to the addition of new projects to your project list and or the deletion of projects that no longer seem relevant for jd to work
all three levels are revealing must occur regularly conclusion following the gdp approach can be summarised as follows number one get all the stuff in your life out of your mind and into collection bends number two process these bins at least once a day number three during the day user calendar and next actions list to help decide what to do next number for once a week clean up your system and check in on your projects list an umbrella i ve every few reflect on the big picture questions in your life and make sure these are reflected in your projects and next actions list you just listen to them
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or sodium you can check them out see a fool lesser retailers on their site lacroix why her dot com enjoyment unity on her favorite social network outlook roy water does l a c r o i acts watered our com and have a link to this episode description it is one of those episodes where i'm falling enough to go back and read through this in crank it out this is a huge productivity hack definitely try how is it something that you struggle with i know i'm going to and i should do over today happy sunday hoping every great weekend if policy listening in real time
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