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954: [Part 2] Finding the Courage to Live Mindfully by Kali Hawlk with CaitFlanders.com

2018-07-22 | 🔗

Guest author Kali Hawlk with Cait Flanders shares how she found the courage to live mindfully. This is Part 2 of 2.

Episode 954: [Part 2] Finding the Courage to Live Mindfully by Kali Hawlk with CaitFlanders.com (Finding Happiness & Strength).

Cait Flanders started Blonde on a Budget to document her debt repayment journey. After paying it off, she adopted a minimalist lifestyle, tossed 75% of her stuff, and is currently doing a two-year shopping ban. She shares stories and lessons learned every week.

The original post is located here: https://caitflanders.com/2015/09/07/finding-the-courage-to-live-mindfully

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this is optimal levine daily episode nine hundred and fifty for finding the courage to live mindfully part two like hollyhock with key flanders dot com and i'm just a moloch happy sunday logo the award winning podcast and one of the only progress in the world where blogs are near did to you for free with permission from the authors super important term narrating opposed from cape i entered the site but it's a continuation for yesterday's or recommend listening to yesterday's episode first an thank you haven life insurance agency for sponsoring our show even life offers term life ensure this issued by massachusetts mutual life insurance company that you can apply for online nationwide they're all about life insurance to protect people in work is a convenient smart and actually simple is surprisingly affordable to i'll but that in a bed for now come by well
come dot heathen life dot com slash old to learn more that's welcome dot each av an ally f p darkened slash o aldi sal's javert in two parts to continue optimizing your life finding the courage to live mindfully part two by clearly hawk with kate flanders dot com starting over and why we had to but why why didn't need to change my life need to include the decision to end a marriage the closest i can com is too i ask you to imagine to sin wooden beams the beams straight men lying each other at one end beams are touching but instead of running straight upward together making two parallel lines one leans towards the left one toward the right as the beans run out from where they touched to get farther and farther apart
you you're rearrange them to make them touch but assuming the ends are fixed the ends where the beams touch the only way to do this is to break one or both of the beams and rearrange the pieces next to each other the beams represent who we are not just what we were lunch or our hopes and dreams hu we are our course alike the beams represents time i met my eye when i was nineteen years old in college i married him when i was twenty two though my gut felt uneasy something's things are indicated who we were as people i d love him profusely he was and is a wonder person and when the friendliest kind souls i've ever known ass time went on that gut feeling got stronger as a true but father along my beam i felt unease every and we made a decision that reflect the path i wanted to take with my life try am i to align my core self with his while ever more frantically attempting to practice gratitude for all the things i can complain about the beam
resisted more and more each time i put pressure on a tiny splinters began appearing where i tried desperately to change who i was to suit the decisions made in the past and one day i realized if i pulled back any harder i would snap and find a path litter the broken beam and full of what is missed opportunities dreams i never even got a shot of becoming reality i wish i had more they express what led us to this point or why things ended this way but his image must do because while i'm ok sharing pieces of my life in a public forum my axe mean i feel the same way i want to both protect and respect his privacy and emotions bees i do are deeply for him and as bizarre as it may sound to say about someone you divorced i do to flourish and find the sort of happiness i felt in exist in our old state of being he deserves on days full of inspiration satisfaction and fulfilment we both to finding the courage to live mindfully
i realise that my decisions within relationship or not a reflection of who i was or what i wanted out of my life i knew that i can continue making those mistakes i do not deal with the fear of judgment i do not stop worrying about what other people would say about me but i didn't oh i didn't want to live with the knowledge that i turned away from what was right for me or state in a place where i felt unhappy unfulfilled and lacking direction and purpose because i was here as soon as i blurred out my dad one day that i was unhappy i broke down in tears and felt immensely sad ashamed and relieved i walked out of the court house after filing for divorce i sound he cried all the way home over many things and i felt like a massive waited and lifted off my chest as soon as i moved to a new city and took my first walk around the streets by myself i felt com i felt like something that had shifted around
unpleasantly for years within me finally cleft into place living mindfully is not always easy it is an unpleasant scary and painful in the moments you choose a step away from the herd unintentionally create your own path living mindfully requires you to wait from what might be a perfectly nice daydream in which things are ok and your content and everything is fine the usual turning away from something you know and accepting the risk that challenge and the potential for epic failure that we're taking a leap into the unknown but living i am fully also means finding the courage to tune out everything else and i d if i were your own inner truth looks like man what is trying to tell you when you let that feeling take the stage when you listen to it and hearts of all act in accordance to what you know to be the right thing for you you'll have the opportunity to create a full of meaning and purpose
you just as in a part two of the postal finding the courage to live mindfully by clearly hawk with key flanders dot com if i more about her at keeley hawked our com that's kay el i each a w l k dot com and did you into haven life insurance agency responds wring our show haven life offers term life insurance issued by mass mutual they can apply for online nationwide many people don't realize the value of life insurance or how affordable term life insurance can be i was like that but after looking into what coverage might cause to using even life insurance calculator it super clear for example five year old woman in excellent health could get a five hundred thousand dollar twenty year haven life term policy issued by mass mutual for around eighteen dollars a month to help financially protector family if she were no longer around that's worth it and make it soon
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