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965: Is it Dangerous to Follow Your Desires by T.K. Coleman

2018-08-02 | 🔗

T.K. Coleman shares why it's ok to follow your desires.

Episode 965: Is it Dangerous to Follow Your Desires by T.K. Coleman (Critical Thinking & Giving Yourself Permission for Freedom).

T.K. Coleman is the Co-Founder & Education Director of Praxis. He is a prolific writer and speaker with a singular mission: to awaken people to their own creative power. Sounds cheesy, but TK listens to Christmas music year-round, so he's used to being called cheesy and it doesn't bother him in the least. Learn more about him at TKColeman.com.

The original post is located here: http://tkcoleman.com/2015/06/10/is-it-dangerous-to-follow-your-desires

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