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An ordinary day in Fox Lake turns deadly after Joe calls in some suspicious activity As the town and his colleagues mourns, Detective George Filenko sets out to catch the killers.

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A listener note. This episode contains adult content and language. This may not be suitable for all listeners on any other labour day, the town of fun. like Illinois would be filled with people out for a good time. Fishing boarding and drinking in the bars, but on. labour day, two thousand fifteen the streets were lined with Thousands of mourners all here to pay tribute to a fallen hero. a local police officer, the twenty fifth, nationwide to be shot dead in the line of duty that year. it, had been one of the hottest summers on record and insight,
The crowded high school theatre with a funeral was taking place. The temperature was almost unbearable and the troll division commander for the fox, like police department at the front of the theater, was the officers casket draped in an american flag. With great honour that I make this presentation sitting in the back. was a grey haired man in his late fifties, with a silver goatee and a thick pair of glasses, When I got there cannot took me back and sleep well, unbelievable medal of Honor George for Lincoln, with a police chief in a neighbouring towns. He'd been officer funerals before, but nothing like this It wishes incredible. How many officers were there from how many departments from all over the country charge was dressed and is one good safe? He watched as the other fox, like officers, took this day To speak Jos friend of mine, for thirty years, his say
embrace the sock forward. Today we are grown up, only Joe was a hero, but now the nation notice the euro. We are gonna with strong. I love your brother charge. Sat in the cushion see sweating from too many bodies crowded into the theatre. He gazed forward, trying to focus on the speakers. Joe was a father, those boys, but his mind was elsewhere because George had been tasked with life During the investigation into the officers death ferociously goods could be up to the station. All eyes in the room were focused on the stage, but for the last week they'd been on George, it was up to him to bring Jos killers too, Us I was focused on where we where we were going, what we had what our next steps are, gonna be constantly thinking when you're so absorbed in these cases,
Recently with this, your mind is just runs a thousand miles an hour, George thought, and all the people in the room who loved, attended Joe Glinda whence he couldn't let them down. You didn't tell you, the mold with Joe. George, and the other cops still had allowed to uncover about what had happened to their fallen brother, but there was one bit thing George didn't know that day the killer was right there in the room. Five students walk into detention. And only four walk out alive. Follow the story on the number one New York Times best seller, one of he's lying now, a new peacock original, the murder mystery begins when for students witness the death of their schools, gossip blogger in detention right before his
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is over. My dead by season is called Fox late. This episode, one a hero, dies Is it true that Al Capone, it's legit, the gangsters used to culminate in a few months ago, a former rapporteur, namely fireless, gave me a tour of Fox Lake Ellen. I it's a blue collar boating town with it Therefore, past about an hour and a half north of Chicago. Today, it's the kind of place where, every day is a vacation between May in September. Oxalic is just a massive, our town, in the summer time their party in going on also in the afternoon, people are dropped. By now
Where are rock music? Is the soundtrack two guys shooting pool? an island bar with broad and bikini tops hanging from the ceiling digital place up. Your called Kwairyo since been shut down, but the old days it was famous for being a place where people drink minnows. It's got a bit of a reputation, a town where drunken brawls into you eyes diamond does little. burning down there a little bit desirability situation, trajectory thus opening was bushes, but it's not a place where local cop gets killed in broad daylight George better. That's. Why was there to talk about that cop, Joe Glinda? What's He died in the summer of two thousand fifteen doing attends debate about policing in America a year earlier, the police killed eight
you're old, Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri. Working nationwide protests against racist, law enforcement right Clashes with the police and protestors gave rise to block. lives matter, but critics of the protests claims- war on cops, was erupting in America and that the police were being targeted who lives matter. They declared joggling It is dead, fit right in that narrative another american hero giving his life to protect those. He, sir turned out. There is another side to the story: TAT Sunday, our budgets, but I mean it all. I ever since the gloves I just don't- have any desire to cover the glint of its thing: changed Fox Lake forever it's like isn't the greatest place in the world.
every morning, lieutenant Glinda with woke up at o, dark thirty, military lingo for before sunrise in two thousand and fifteen Jos. In his fifties, thirty year, police veteran with a thin angular face and a high entire haircut left over from his army he chug is first cup of coffee, announcing himself vertical and cabinet. Then he'd get dressed often ditching his police uniform for a pair of camel pants and a tight, fitting polo sure that showed off his tattooed biceps. He head out the door
squad car, a black crown Victoria and hit the road cruising past. The shimmering lake cigarette on his drive in the Fox Lake waiting at each car he passed despite smoking, two packs a day, Joe, is in tip top shape. So jacked some said he was like a real life action figure. Maybe that's how he got his nickname gi. Joe Joe lived about ten minutes from the police station where he worked for the last thirty years, but oftentimes keep skip roll call and give right to work scanning the town keeping an eye out for trouble That's exactly what he did on the morning of September. First, two thousand and fifty What we do before eight a M
that an old cement plant near swamp, the abandoned plant had been a recent target for squatters and Joe had promised to keep an eye on, moments later he radioed over to the police dispatcher that three suspicious men had caught his attention. hard hitting it. If he didn't call for backup, he didn't need it. He was physically prepared to take on just about any threat. He could take care of himself Joe drove down the crumbling street passing old warehouses and about stores LA. He reached the gravel road locked out by a fence with no trespassing side, but four minutes later he changed his mind and called for backup How are you Having party had parted Unita banana Joe jumped out is currently headed toward the swamp. A marsh
overgrown area? It can't be from the road. In less than five minutes, three officers had arrived at opposite ends. swamp or you log in from between them. Acres of thick rush and grass nearly eight feet. All the officers walk authorities but they didn't see John. It had been more than six minutes since he called for backup several audiovisual. He hadn't heard from him since. or your fatter. Sixty seven hoodie wasn't respond. Thank you. I think these having party taking their displeasure tried the other officers,
Honing checking that, as on sixty seven forty We are, however, our look at one still no sign of job more officers headed toward the same as the three officers push deeper into the swamp. They heard a noise. de chase after cutting their way through the tall grass over fallen trees. It took them another five minutes before they finally found where the sound came from a merger. We unaltered ailed, hobnailed, juggling, oh it was lying face down in the dirt, If the water, all you know, come in at all, they are passed on lake officer down. There are neither an office, you turn your rooms back, he noticed
Just Gun Allister was empty. Thirty two reformation overhead chose face. Was covered in blood his eyes open, staring blankly the officer check for a pulse, but Joe was already gone. An officer shouted to his colleagues he's gone, get your gun, look for any movement and color anything you see with guns drawn the scandal surrounding woods. The cat tails were so thick, They couldn't see more than three feet in any direction There could be a whole army out there waiting to ambush them and they would never know it a few minutes or two more officers made their way up from the gravel road and tore Jos body one of them had known Joe for as long as it's been a cop. He took one look at his phone friend, and he dropped to his knees. She touched
shows left hand and moaned. Why Joe, why the other officers put I call for more backup every one you can pay with Paypal but the lingering. Just after eighty and that morning, church for Lincoln at is house and Leg Zurich about fifteen miles south of Fox Lake I just got out of the shower in some phone was rumbling across across it able: I saw was might apart, recalling it, is administrative assistance. She asked me I was aware of what was going on and Fox Lake as an eye. Her anything. What is going on the assistant, told George and according to the dispatch monitor there, was it of police activity on the scene of a car with the entire fox, like police debate,
and then some from surrounding agencies, the the strangest her virtually ride, it started filtering out there officer head had been shot George had only made policing a full time job in his mid forties, We wanted to be a cop put, his eyesight and good enough said workers. While carbon dispatcher before the visual climate change and let him go. the academy he was now police. Chief of round like park, a small town with just a dozen cops, but he also commanded, the late county, major crime taskforce made up of every police departments, best detectives who investigate the toughest and most high profile crime an officer involves, shooting was typically something that the task force would take charge of. He read: down to his assistant commanders on the taskforce once more
at the green light from facts like requesting our assistance. My instructions were this. Tell these guys, then, unless they're fucking dead, they're, gonna, Fuckin hospital or in another fuckin country, their asses need to be in fact slake as soon as possible. No excuses, Your trust, really quickly skip breakfast gotten. The car hit the lights and sirens inserted heading for Fox, like with sirens blazing George arrived in Fox, like less than fifteen minutes. He parked on the north side of the station and jumped out of his car, the fox, like police station look like a military bunker, squat building stone, facade and a big Bay window entrance so turned and started heading into the building Yes, I'm heading up. This is this: walkway might comes out up until a month ago might be hand had been police chief,
it's like George unknown MIKE for almost ten years and as he walked up to the station, he could tell Michael looked upset might feel them in the name of the officer who had been shot. The tenet, Joe Glinda. What's I'd heard the name? Only because of his involvement with explores county why'd. He ran like eight explorer camp. In fact, sleigh explorers programme gave high schoolers an opportunity to see what it was really like. To be a cop, but that's all I knew about a million. I couldn't even tell you what he looked like it. Their point might be hand. The former fox, like police chief, wasn't just shows all boss. He'd been is free
for thirty years. He come to the station that day to see. If there was anything he could do now. He looked George right in the eye you shook my head. He just said George get these motherfuckers as MIKE walked away. George wondered: who is in charge? He went into it. Station. It was practically deserted. It's empty there's! Nobody there, Everybody, fraud, tents and purposes is out of the crime scene. When he got to second set of doors here somebody screaming and cursing I opened the door took a look. Saw a woman who was very upset. She was a heavyset woman, her body coursing with agitation, and she paste back and forth. Clearly she was upset, Sir George didn't want to bother. He backed out of the room and let the door closed
I know I didn't hear the context of what she was saying. George did know who she was, but other people the station did. It was Joe Glinda. What's his wife melody and she was shouting about someone livid, calling that person a bitch but George was already out the door still, king for someone who could tell him what the hell how was going on. Hey. This is map the hosts of over my dead body Fox Lake? A lot of us have shifted how we work and learn, but sometimes it feels like the world is changing faster than we can keep up with, and all that uncertainty can be extremely stressful. Talk space online therapy can help you manage that stress and process. Significant life changes whatever it is,
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We are and why that's a hundred dollars off when you use the code over my I talk space dot com as George fully CO is trying to figure out who was running. The search things were escalating Fox Lake fast schools. And put on locked down in an army of cops we're scouring the town, a spokesperson for the sheriffs Department alerted the two HANS people that a man who was under way are. We have numerous canines on the ground, checking for sense. We have numerous helicopters and aircraft in the air. We have a large number of officers on foot, conducting searches up the area. We still have. Three offenders at large residents were told stay inside. Nothing like this had ever happened before Ruth Hogan had just opened up her jewelry store for the day.
and I did not hear the phone ringing my daughter, trying to Allow me to tell me to lock up so came running down upon the panic on her face. What what's wrong and like a police officer has been shot and there's the killer out there. Like all the doors, and and we got to hide roof put aside a vacuum cleaner and quickly shut the curtain. A jewelry store would be an easy target for a couple of killers on the run who needed money we were scared to death. The really even go anywhere do go, you know near the window. Do we leave? Do we get out of here and There is a sense of me this at ya, stay and protect my jury. Thinking, Joel at their ease out their running around. You know: he'll catch the sky. We don't have to worry and then to find out who was Joe, then the panic tat of comes in Ruth. I know Joe for years. He looked
after her shop and always told her whatever you need day or night. You, let me know, I couldn't believe it becomes. Here is a guy larger than life. You know he's a tough guy, he wasn't gonna, shot by anybody, Ruth and her daughter, hunkered down in the dark and shop. We are just waiting for news. They weren't tellin us at the police station George was trying to get his team organised the major crimes force would be taking the lead on the investigation as soon as the man who was over all morning long his team members had been calling him with questions, Basically, what I'm telling of his look, let's wait for whoever is in charge of the scene, to at least give us an update or get information, because we, I have very limited information. The people at the police station weren't much help the fox, like police chief, had retired the previous week, and nobody at the station seem too.
Know what was going on an officer head had been shot. You know it emotional. It gets very personal and you know, sometimes that creates a gap of whose actually in charge his team was beginning to arrive, and the first thing he needed to do was to set up a command most George had told everybody to meet him at the fox, like police station rather than to head out to the scene. Among the first to arrive, was Georgia's second in command John Eric Anderson. He was alive attic seen Generic was, it is mid forties. He had a full head of silvery hair and a boyish face with bright blue eyes. Some say they ve never seen him without a smile, even in. His angry at one time he was the youngest he D Herblay men, soccer coach in history. Now he was an expert in investigating white collar crime In Georgia's right hand, man, someone who was always
questioning all sides of a case. I kind of served the devil's advocate for four George, any of the press, the group in the assessment of the station. To accommodate a training room, the taskforce to use John Eric and the rest of the team took seats in the packed room and George began his briefing. They had a vague description of the three individuals. They said it was a male black and to mail lights. Nothing else know clothing description, nothing. There wasn't much to report yet George assigned roles. One group would be in charge of leads another evidence and John Eric and his team would manage things like getting warrants and phone records, but with no good description of the shooters no leads to pursue. George knew the sooner they could get out to the swamp and start searching for.
Who's the better every minute counted. I just know from experience that first hour is total chaos, and when you have an officer, it's down, you ve got people responding from everywhere, here and there he was getting snippets of information from people out of the crime scene, the pit should they painted was in a pretty one. There were more than three hundred fifty cops from all over the counting. The FBI had shown up. The eighty f Even the secret service for some reason, all come loaded for war with their tactical gear helicopters and canine trackers their multiple slot teams, responding helicopter I mean every resource available was coming, even if they were ass, young ass, another part of the process, one is that in cases where
this: you get responses from all over the place. It's not organised! You ve got people coming Wanna help, but a reality. What they're doing is there they're, probably making a situation more confusing? It was total incomplete. Hey ass, the problem was No one knew whether the swamp was even safe. We didn't feel comfortable. Meaning our evidence tax out to the scene because of the fact that there still actively looking for potentially three shooter It has been two hours since Joe had been found in the teams. Patience was wearing thin our evidence. Chief basically said to Georgian me he said. Listen we gotta get to that scene and if that in that we done our gear. You know, including ballistic helmets and go out there. We need Do it so I created a little bit of a interesting dilemma because he wanted to go and George
was adamant about officer safety. It basically told those guys know, stand down stand down. You're gonna have to wait. George, didn't want to risk putting his team and danger. These officers had families for all. He knew this could be planned ambush right now. The killers lying in wait, one police, officer had already lost his life that day and he and want to make it to base a tree. police officers and responding to critical incidents. In I know, When you have an officer, it's down, it's a very good. attic senior could spiral out of control very quickly charge knew the swamp was filled with hundreds of cops in full, combat gear, jacked up on adrenaline Their rifles pointed into the thick woods ready to fire the slightest sign of movement? There was. Oh telling. What might happen but, on the other hand, waiting might, support the evidence at risk?
the longer? We wait that the more the likelihood that that scene could get trampled down, evidence could be lost and losing, idle evidence could make it impossible to find Jos killer I just took our guy aside and, I said, listen. This is on me. I'm ordering you to go out there and you got to do what you got to do and then take a team with you, John Eric watched as the evidence text headed out, we arrange for a Swat team to escort them to the crime scene and get them to the scene sooner rather than later. He and George both headset but the crime scene was going to be, as do they just hoped they weren't getting there too. We ve all had a lot of time to sit around and think about how to make our spaces more comfortable, and maybe even more fighting the guests. As we start gathering again, article is
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service free when you're in role and interactive monitoring again that simply safe dot com. Slash over my. Around seven in the evening, George, around did the man Hunt Command posed to get an update? The search was headed up by the sheriffs department. Eleven hours had passed since Joe had died. George still. knew very little about what had happened when you pulled in it wishes lined I'm Bolsa these streets worth. You know I came to tell you how many squad cars there was. Almost it was surreal, nor in the sense that you had people that came there would food trucks they are handed out Gatorade or here in our water handed out energy bar things like that, It was unbelievable to George. I look more like a fair and a command post he park and walked down the road, even though it was evening. He was sweating bullets,
It was awful conditions. It was in the nineties ass, he walked, he pass rose, Rose of ambulances, he looked inside the ambulances head on. officers in their hooked. Up to I vs. There were ivy bags hanging like in a row or further Swat team members. Were dehydrating, some of the officers had been there all day in full rights, gear, vests, long, pants and helmets. They were dropping like flies from fatigue and the blazing son. The search was still in full swing Helicopters circled overhead canine units had been on the scene. George learn that one of the dogs had picked up a set. The dogs knows followed a trail that went off to the west, a possible escape route, but, as the dog got her into the brush. The dog lost assent because there were so many officers and other canines. The cane I lie
strict they had sent because there is. There is so much overlapping going on it wasn't what George wanted to hear one more thing he'd have to deal with once he was in charge. George walked out to a mobile command centre, a large boxy vehicle that look like a cross between an hour v and a tank. It was being used as a meeting place inside he saw several officers cram together in a rosea lieutenant from facts, lake sitting towards the front of this vehicle, any look complete, stunned just just sitting here. Dazed Ass. The year under sheriff at the time rose what the story was. stirring. What's his story and he goes women, and tell him to go home all day. just you just won't go inside the warehouse it was like a who's who of law enforcement from lay county
but it wasn't just police officers from nearby departments. Every law enforcement agency that you could probably think of they are represented their yeah, the FBI Warsaw's when breakers with the big logos FBI Army at eighty f. Was there? U S, marshals the state police? Now Experience charge knew from past experience that it was too chaotic with so many officers. Responding from so many agencies. It was no wonder they did it. Take several hours to get everybody on the same page shook my hands. Menaces Clown college, spotted one of his sub commanders who derive before him. George walked over. I asked how's it going out at the at the search scene and win Things are really a camp acts and we don't have control of them Kyle's favour term is this? Is a shit sandwich
So to me, that's alright. We're gonna be fighting appeal on this one. Just then, the under sheriff had been running the day search hold. George He said well what we're gonna do. We're gonna fly to helicopter over this entire area, one more time, one final sweet before they call a night said once we do there, turn all this already you guys there was still no sign of Jos killers. It would be impossible to continue the search once night. They were running out of time, the urgency on George. He will outside to get some fresh air. The sun was just beginning to set the sky turning a fiery red the helicopter swooped in scanning over the trees, with especial heat sensing device to detect movement, those like something out of a warm
Fever Senior Apocalypse. Now it was sort of like that it was. It was Vietnam era helicopter to just kind of flew by very well very slowly. The hell After did a few passes and then turn for home. The thudding sounds of its rotor blades fading as it flew off. And that was it. The man hunt was over George was now in charge here, left standing there with the exhausted cops again of dogs and trampled the crime scene. He needed to find some clues. later that night George and his team men in the basement of the fox like pity, to go over but they knew and evidence technician had taken a video walking through the crime scene George Generic and the others reviewed it carefully. Looking for leave this hand how camera working for what, in such a little bit shaky cause you're walking
terrain? There's you get a feel for the train. The camera follow Jos, Donna Gravel rode on either side tall grass had taken. were old, rusty, cement tanks. Then Georgian team watched as the camera veered off toward the swamp each hand. It's a wooded marshy area. You can't simply put up some crime scene tape, springing around something you hear the word helicopters literally overhead and you can kind of sea the water kind of turned out that in a waves in this part from the helicopters could that's how closer at one point, a helicopter came down so low that it actually blew the grass flat making a clearing, so officers could see. If anything, Facts were lurking in the grass, but sending branches and potential evidence flying then the video moves towards Jos Body, the path was barely visible from the road
It was a narrow path, and this was not a like. A human trail is actually a deer trail. very narrow and, as you'd walk down it you'd see the over growth so you'd have their the brush in the trees covering you. But what really struck? me about it. I think more than anything was just de the fact that its sole secluded, I don't. I even find it if you were just walking along the gravel path there, because again it's just a deer tree, along the way they could see some of Jos gear strewn about you'd, see see up, the pepper spray had been dispense because the foliage was and then the canister was laying their return. There were phones about I'd, say ten to fifteen yards away from that area above a few feet from the. Tom with a pair of glasses, the Joe had been wearing that day also chose guy
which was initially reported to be missing from his holster, was found in the thick grass, Is it turned out there were such thick foliage there, this tall grass, almost waste high where you could turn around and throw something no If we weren't landed and walk over There- and you can't find it, it just gets sucked in by the weeds. And apparently the gun was a few several feet away from Glinda wits the assumption was that whoever had shot Joe had abandoned the weapon and fled who to Hawaii to be seen running down, you know, through a field, or maybe a main road with a gun in your hand, you want to get rid of their thing as quickly as possible and especially if it's something had happened very quickly spontaneously. Who knows. Finally, the video focused in
Jos lifeless body was trying to picture the struggle for you. Just figure out how this might might happen with these three books. And what do they do? Do they have him down in a position where you know he couldn't do anything really and he had a scimitar what were the other possible scenarios if you're thinking you're and you see these guys go off into this wooded area. You know Does he get ambushed? Another word cycle they just inside the tree line. He doesn't realise that and then maybe as Joe makes his way down this narrow trail, barely seeing through the thick woods criminals taken by surprise, he's trying to get whatever he can get his hands on to defend himself. Whatever he's got on his belt short of his firearm, what does he got that that can help to find? What can I get you right away? What can you get too easily he's reaching for his pepper spray, his baton, but he's out numbered
three men against what the next thing you know these guys either come from behind or they get him in a blind spot, and now they got him under control and their use in his weaponry on him. Before he has a chance react. You know we know, their point. This is a homicide struggle ensued right at the edge of this opening down to the swamp. You had broken himself evidence all over the place when George needed to be alone, he went outside to the front line of the fox, like police depart it had become a shrine to jog Leno, its members of it. Meanwhile, he had left balloon. Star balloons, stuffed bears american flags all piled so I they nearly blocked the station sign, for which a certain kind of gather my thoughts, George perched on the brick ledge in front of the Bay window. He sat near a bronze plaque that red.
Dedicated to those who honourably serve their nation in its time with me? He thought about job, you think about his family. You think about the fact. Do you know who who would do such a thing? I mean that's with not just a police officer burn with any human being charged with tough. If he wasn't, he never would have become a cop at four five years old, but he still had his moments. He looked out on the candles around the shrine flickering with the night breeze. He thought about the distraught officers at the man. The sheer panic gripping the town you feel almost hopeless Their point we have brought the single close. There are still some jewels outdated, murdered Joe this kind of injects more in your system and tells you ve gotta keep going no matter what we ve gotta bring clear
you're in justice to this man, jars, at the side saluting gee I Joe one of them was a picture of Jos. island in front of an american flag. It read A hero remembered, never dies. Coming up on over my dead body Fox Lake, what's he doing this cocaine there's no record of their cocaine anywhere in a police departments. Its net logged in his evidence, its untraceable Where did it come from? I was told in a very strong voice. It's none of your business. You don't need to know that doctor I was shocked me. We try to plant something honor the killer. No, I don't think we ever knew what was behind the closed
or with Gm Joke Leonards. From wondering this is episode, one of six of over my dead body Fox, like a series about corruption, betrayal in the sea, rights of a fall in Europe. Over my dead body, Fox Lake is hosted written by me, mad baggily producer is Heather Schreyer associate producer is Tracy Egg Bus back checking by Sonya Maynard additional. Reduction assistance. Daniel Gonzalez, managing pretty? There is a letter. Puglia music supervisor is Scott Velasquez, original music and sound designed by me. Henry Philips executive Users are George Lavender Marshall, Louie engender sergeant for wonder.
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