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Even the Rich gives you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most infamous family dynasties in modern history. In their new season, The House of Versace, three siblings — Gianni, Donatella, and Santo — build one of the greatest fashion labels the world has ever seen. But When Gianni is murdered on the front steps of his Miami Beach mansion, the label loses its visionary. Can the House of Versace survive? On this four-episode series, we’ll dive into the origins of the Versace label. We’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at Gianni and Donatella’s relationship. And we’ll meet a few celebrities along the way, like Elton John, Princess Diana, and Madonna. Listen to the full episode http://wondery.fm/ETR_OMDB

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On over my dead body, Dan and Wendy's, marriage could have simply ended in divorce instead and ended with Dan's murder, a crime of passion in the fashion world. No crime of passion is more talked about than the night ninety seven murder of Gian ever Saki on the steps of his Miami home with and hunt underway for Johnny Sociopath a killer, it was decided that Donna tell over Saki would be thrust into the spotlight suddenly and solely in charge of the global fast. Empire success while morning, her brothers murder, she shares her vision for a post gian. Ever, unfortunately, Donna Teller comes under scrutiny from all sides feeling a drug addiction casting doubt on ability to succeed? It is only through her undying friendship with her brother Sancho that she is able to usher in a new era of the house of researching you're, about to hear a preview of even the rich to explore the complexities of one of the most Family businesses listen to wonder a season of even the rich on Apple podcast, Spotify or the wonder, yeah
Ok, arena! still, I fifteenth ninety ninety seven and you're in Rome. I prefer to visit in the fall, but ok, ok! Well, you don't have a choice. You're done it, however: Saki the vice president of one of the biggest fashioned labels in the world and right now, you're scrambling to put the finishing touches on a fashion, show that's going to err on italian television in twenty four hours. Ok I'll make an exception. This one time, heals under stiletto, are sinking into the half cement. There's a heap in Rome, but you don't care you warn of five and she'll every day. Since you were fifteen, no reason to change now. I must have some serious lower back while, when you're five too when a fashion icon, you gotta, do what you gotta, do fair your mom king up and down rooms, iconic spanish steps normally
the place would be packed with tourists getting gelato and taking photos. But today its path models, trying not to fall down its total may have made the bird models and stylists running around like sugar crazed children, but you keep your cool Doesn't your first rodeo and you know you're. Doing you're like this miss too long. Peanut up this needs about. What kind of I shudder was this one? Other than death metal concept, I would never say that you might. If you're gonna tell her, she knows what she wants and she's got an amazing. I, the rehearsed wrap up, but the real work is beginning back at the hotel, the crew taken over two large spaces on the first floor, Donna Tell hurries into the models room than gets busy evaluating hair and the fit of plunging dresses, making. Sure all the models of scotch tape, their breasts in place and her phone rings It's Johnny, verse, Archie Donna tell US brother,
calling from Miami. It's just six in the morning, and he can't sleep he's always That's the night before a show, even when these their he's a perfectionist. Trust no one but himself to know what will work. Happened on a towel with questions NIT picking every detail, what dresses she choose. What shoes which model will there what she snaps and help me from there and she hangs up the phone back in the day. She would have stopped everything for her brothers call and taken every no to heart, but in the law few year, she's learned a trust. Her got she now what she's doing and she needs to focus when he again thirty minutes later than ITALY ignores him, back in Miami Emmi Johnny sets down the phone, he's frustrated, Heath, rounded, the verse label built it from scratch. How air Donna tell aid ignore him. Be some sunshine or common down, there's nothing! Quite so.
We as the early morning in Miami I'm trees lining the widest streets, the sun bouncing off the ocean. Even after Five years here still feels like Paradise. He opens the door of CASA Casuarina palatial, South Beach, mansion and steps out to greet the morning. I've seen pictures this house, it's insane, I know right he's decorated. Every inch of the thirty five room mansion with baroque mosaics paintings by Picasso, busts of medusa, it's cool B and over the top and orderly fabulous. Just like raising Johnny. Does I mean what else would you expect from world famous fashion designer. While you might expect that he dress a little better today He looks just like an average guy White T shirt Black, shorts and sandals. He problem figures. No one will notice him he's just running a quick erin.
Heads to a new stand, a few blocks away where fifteen dollars, he buys five magazines. Then he turns for home where he cried the front steps and slips is key in the lock of his wrought iron gate he so see fiddling with the lock that he doesn't know, the young man who cross the street and walks toward him. He doesn't the guy mount the causes, five stone steps doesn't see what the kid is holding until it's too late. Meanwhile, back in Rome done a tunnel Bessie fitting a model when her brother Santo runs into the room. He says, don't tell a plea come with me, she's annoyed Santos knows how much she hates to be interrupted when she's working, but something about look on his face makes her follow him into the hall when he's, the he's out of breath, a lunatic such Jani Don T tell us heart drops. He says, don't worry, he's already on the way to the hospital he'll, be ok Donna, tell it isn't so sure
even though she Indiana sometimes fight like cats and dogs, they have us so bond and something the very wrong she on the verge of hysterics. When she reaches Johnny's assistant, is he dead? She else. There's a pause. And then the assistant says yes. He is dead, Donna tell let's at a howl that echoes across the spanish steps. What gonna? Do she can on the business? Without her brother, she not even sure she can live without him and then thanks to listen to the rest of house over Saki on even the rich click on the link in the show description or subscribed to even the rich on Apple, podcast, Spotify or the wonder, yeah hey listener. It's a risk! Admiral Williams. You may know me as host of even the rich with Brooks Efron. If you have an already heard wondering, has its own act.
Oh, and it has been my saving grace during quarantine, not only have I been able to listen to some of my steeple favorites, but have also been able to act. Or some wondering classics. My current fave doktor death. I now I'm late to the party better late than never right, I'll, join wondering, plus to check out even the right and many great wonder. He shows ad free, anti, listen to exclusive, shows binges and get early access join before Friday July. Thirty, first, to receive a thirty day free trial on me, download the up today,
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