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Introducing Motive for Murder


Motive for Murder is a new podcast from Dateline NBC.

Two murders, months apart, in Houston. The young victims knew each other, but did they also know their elusive killer? Dateline’s Josh Mankiewicz takes you inside one of the most twisted and confounding cases he’s ever covered. From the team who brought you the #1 podcast The Thing About Pam comes the chilling story of the race to find the killer by unmasking the motive. Subscribe to Motive for Murder now: https://link.chtbl.com/Z4hAqqWp?sid=omdb.

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How do you catch a killer? Whose motive is simply unimaginable the first step to finding out who did it is figuring out the why homicide detective say that most murders can be chalked up to want to three things: love money or pride from the creators of the smash had podcast the thing about PAN, comes motive for murder. This new shows a captivating story of fraud, power and mystery. Dateline Josh Manka wits takes you through the chilling story of the race to find a killer by unmask king there motive. This is a tale, so twisted that it would take not only one murder but too for the killers motive to come to light. You won't believe, with the Dateline team, uncovered you're about to hear a special preview of deadlines, motive for murder If you enjoy the preview search for motive for murder, wherever your listing right now to subscribe, and here the complete first episode,
this close to midnight on January Fifteen's, two thousand twelve we're near the Galleria, which is Big expensive Hmong it's also a nice neighborhood in Houston. This Katy. I see Google NEWS at ten police say the victim was still in her car when someone walked up to the passenger side window and shot and the head. The shooting happened behind a row of town homes on a quiet street. It wasn't long after that gun was fired, that neighbours started dialing nine one won't hurt shot and have not had the courage to go out here a collar who had heard shots, was to discover the body my neighbors car maybe shot. I think
God. I wish I could matter we're here, one really play when police arrived. They saw a car, certainly Rayam, that gives the garage door. It was a silver LISA Ultimate inside was a young woman slumped over Shop among the first on the scene was detective. Richard Bolton as a single place, also with Eastern placed the varlet the immediate seen and the victim. What she looked like what's Goin on their basically, they pass. Our side glass had been shattered is broken. This some of those on the ground fellows those in the vehicle the victim was laying over to the right side,
vehicle hill sitting in the driver's seat lying over, like the council area, thus quickly learned who the victim was her name gallery buggers Oddy lived in one of those town homes near where the shooting happened through a shattered car window, Bolton see something lying next to her lifeless body. There's a cell phone lying in the of the floor Borg and that cell phone had recently made a call This murder, apparently did not have an eye witness there was someone who had been listening that person was galleries friend we're being damned are. Geller. I had called him while she was driving as the bullet struck gallery her car crashed into the garage door, her tyres, spinning hot ruby,
phone with her the entire time we spoke to him and he said he was on the fall with her when something happen or a car remain later told police he'd heard a screen and then silence that was just a preview motive for murder subscribed to motive for murder on apple podcast, to hear the rest of the first episode today.
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