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Joe Exotic: Cat and Mouse | 3


Joe goes on a helicopter mission to find more evidence but comes up short. Then someone hands him Carole’s diary.

A listener note: this episode contains descriptions of mistreatment of animals.

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If you happen to be a big cat, rescue one fall, dainty thousand ten, you might have seen three men, one with a rat tail and a bunch of missing t another with to prosper. Their legs and the other, with a bleach blonde mullet tucked up under his baseball cap, we women, height, rags, Judge I first to guard her Joe exotic had flown to tamper with his boyfriend John thinly and zoom manager, John Rinki, and they walked right through the front door. Wars of Carol, Basque and Sanctuary Joe did the world to know what conditions big cat rescue was keeping their animals in they pay. The twenty nine dollars enjoying the tour you see. What's the pages of over the top of a four year and kit interpretation and walk him a sanctuary.
We weeds the why algae was just inquiry, started snapping photos to Joe, it didn't much like a sanctuary. It looked a lot like a zoo in not a particularly nice one and then walked up ears. On a black, a weapon. She was so proud of, laying on God awful wrong cover with resting wire and She had guy horse so sunken from being dehydrating, do kept hearing around corners. Looking for signs of dawn lose his corpse at one point on the far side of some cages. They saw a White cross about that or download bird. That's John, Jos, boyfriend Joe, is also looking for Carol, but she was nowhere to be seen before they left
Joe turned around and walked back up to the cashier in the gift shop for energy. I shall and had low by one half of the later I'll. Be me he wasn't Joe about the helicopter. You dont go security works. Yet, under the guise of dollars- and he asked you want. The doors are rob we're one video, so we should think of ourselves what you got. There were no thought indoors and
We fly. They circled around big cat rescue a few times job leaned over to John Family and shouted in his ear. It would be really easy to kill someone come up here, just put a per day in a glass jar and drop. It had a whole me. What have you got a picture that gave us ammunition when needed? We know what the video that we took action my job to publish it all. She runs far as ammunition goes, it wasn't much. Some greeny photographs in the tree tops and a few shots, carols rusty, looking cages. But woe was there. He also picked up something else: a world I'll gel sheriff all of these documents come out of your office and we're gonna be questions arise
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from wondering I'm Robert more in this is over my dead body six feet. This season is called Joe Exotic, and this is episode three cat and mouse right before Jos trip to temper. He got an email, it was from one of carols, former employees. She said I've got something you're, gonna wanna see they had arranged a time to meet at a print shop in town, on the day they landed. Jonas husband went there and waited, and she finally got there and then she had to establish at least the piles of different documents. Everything from the diary overseas, where she bought the animals being asked how it is,
What color like while I ve, been thinking in this way, and she added she added all three file box full of carols documents: private emails, that twenty year plan she had made on our honeymoon even for private diary, the informant said many of them had come straight from carols office. I talked to the person gave Joe these files and agreed not to user name. She said she was afraid of what Kara would do, but she told me Oh, she also wanted to see Carol taken down Joan John, took the documents and started copying and copying and copying it took them hours to finish That's when we really started trying to exposure produce, she really was when he got home. Do began a fool out attack on terror.
Nine, dedicating the next fifty seven days to the explosion of care, less vigorous floor. She created multiple websites to harasser, wrote, blog posts and Facebook post. He emailed of former friends involuntary actually the biggest problem that you will is most Darwin CARE, are truly afraid averting image against her. He made Youtube videos. Doesn't here, I'll, send you teach you get shipped to get on the phone or face my face to face. I guess we'll deal is over. You do, but it also helps for breath. You mean why they weren't scale. We like somebody why I made on even exist. Okay, so they can then our little talk even so Joe came back time time again to them, serious disappearance of her late husband, Don Move,
we're not gonna start laying down until we find out the truth about How then do not let ourselves and I we re starting at ten thousand dollar reward ringing? Anyone comes up with the information but Dawns whereabouts. Wasn't Jos biggest problem with Carol His main gripe was, he thought she was a hypocrite. The way he saw TAT, she was coming after him for breeding big that's, but when she started out she was no different care. Really, ok, me around. The country, harassment, because I think animals out of the public And you bang ginger and he Jack Jack and he took every opportunity to. Her out and problems good morning Carol. I thank you for having made one morning Carol was on a temper radio show taking listeners question sirens hockey channels with care about
One question: how can you say that you ve been rescuing animals since only too, when you are buying and selling exact Bobcat Peggy disclaimed, arrested before Caroline she can. I just ask: is Jill yeah I just can't facts wrong, and we always does to get a little bit background on show. Are you gonna do as good a tiger cover view stock com era, you Eddie videos of him smacking as highly little tiger with a whip so yeah. I guess you in your programme of changing Christmas cards with uranium when Joe Wasn't going after Carol himself, he was trying to get other people to do it and many people got after her and I mean viciously gave in February to them
eleven Joe began, trying to turn other animal rights activists against Carol for feeding rabbits tour. Bob cats- I don't give a shit, you know it, they even allow he had found a photo of big can't rescue employee, smiling and holding up dead rabbits. We are starting a new campaign tomorrow to get all of this those on with photographs of her three people posing proudly traveling with three rabbits that they might? again rescue as part of that new crusade. Jus took another trip to tamper this time, more conspicuously our big We protested in time or place standing on the sidewalk facing the explain highway at the entrance of the cat rescue Joe in a bunny costume with fake blood splotch down the front,
waved a sign that red save the bunnies. He was joy. A handful of other people and costumes a couple were dressed as tigers. Someone else had on a gorilla suit. One woman how the sign that said. Who can? DAWN Louis. I was actually honey, because one out of every three cars or went by murdered. Her husband and his plan worked feed. Live rabbits along with rats and mice has angered a network of rabbit rescue organisations based in gains will but big cat rescues founders. Is there is no alternative, but Jos victory was short, lived that photo of the dead Abbott Joe kept spreading around the internet was copyrighted Carol suit him again these lawsuits, reigned, his violence. It may sound directly just why you're so the money goes directly to fight this fight and fuelled his desire to expose her.
In two thousand eleven. My decent miss at his desk at a local tv station in Tampa survey did by mountains of documents, I had what was called a piling system instead will filing says MIKE was an investigative reporter tall. In Finn with dark hair and a white mustache She was sifting through his files when the phone rang on the and the line was Joe eggs. He said, I understand you workin out a story about big cat rescue internal bascombe. I can help you. I have a lot of information about her she's, not who sheep reports to be- and I said you have paperwork Joe, had all kinds of paperwork. Are they going to send me the Oklahoma to interview this guy and then he said I'm coming to Tampa. I was like: oh yes, it's his crate. When I hung up, I went holy crap. This is really good
It's gonna make a good story. Carol had been on MIKE's radar for a while now for months. Formerly, ways of the century had been contact. Him saying they are disappointed with things were being run. Their folks said to me that they believed she was some ripping off p. In just using the money that she collected at these sanctuary to foster her ability to keep big cats fertile personal enjoyment in use and, of course there are those other rumours everybody I talk to would say. Well you know about that Georgia that wasn't the main thrust of my story. The main thrust of my story is
here is a charitable organization that is raising like a million dollars a year and has for idle for five million dollars in the charity, and there are questions as to the veracity of what they are saying, and yet the public keeps feeding them Romani women great. If he could prove that you killed that instead of the tigers, but that was the proof. Bill story? Mike's report focused on the fact that many of the animals a big cat rescue or actually rescued, Carol Bread or bought them before it became a sanctuary. MIKE made Joe the central voice of the story. He was a bizarre character. Its putting it mildly. Oh boy, who, like tigers and hated care in the interview, Joe, is wearing precaution reckless and a dirty baseball
It's a multi million dollar business out there to so called save, rescued Somethin internal heartstrings from people all over the world. We need to be able to be see all Carol, Baskin wooden talk to us on camera buddy in her own video in the park. She admit she started out doing just that and says it wasn't all bad very well to so many of the things that were accused of after the story aired Joe was ecstatic. I believe the Joe was hoping the people Sending the million dollars a year to Carol would go hey, she's a fraud he's the real thing. We're gonna send our money to join. Among exotic animal owners, Joe STAR, to be seen as a kind of hero, part crusader, part desperado
came regular guest on shows around the internet. Talking to other, animal people and tearing into Carroll, and he found a ready audience. After all, Joe wasn't the only enemy had made. We are not going to shut up until I get her mug shot. The lower jaw, people doing what you do in early retirement. I've gotta run behind you. This is a major, serious issue that affecting us all. We need to get on this woman with your gun. Like now, in his own little corner of the internet, Joe becoming well known, the way he saw he was the only one brave enough to take on not only Carol Basket
All the animal rights people and even the U S government, but that came at a cost and if you do enough research on this woman, she scary it hell. There were. The law suits the protests and, worse, I get debt bread every week since I have taken the forefront. I am there biggest rat to exposing their entire agenda and since then I have had my animals and afraid I've had my the machine in their case, and I want to go on public record girl, lady gentlemen all over the world by end up dead. I did not kill myself in paranoia, wasn't totally baseless because all time while Joe was pursuing Carroll and big cat rescue, it turned out some
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no, what state he was an or which small he might be out at one point. We actually see how shared a man to follow Jos truck from city to the next city. And I ve noticed we came up with really creative ways to try to figure out where he was going next. She used a fig profile to keep tabs on his facebook page. Sometimes more managers looking to rebuild Jos CUB Petting tour recalled big cat rescue by mistake, and she would talk them out of it. Whenever she located Jos next shopping, mall, would send out an alert to all of the cat rescues followers online, asking them to voice their can The emails will go directly to the people at them all the people. At the J C pennies, for example, and they could easily get one hundred five
Two thousand emails within a day from people saying you know I'll of big cats. I don't want them seeing exploited and shopping malls, and sometimes people at the malls. They would call me they would be like you know you ve crossed my system. I agree, will never have cubs again stopped just stop. She had some help through a lot of followers round the country food heard about Joe comparing operations and also wanted to see him brought down. They would show up at the shopping malls, reduced touring, take videos of the conditions and they manage to get real Borders interested this isn't a zoo. These adorable tigers are stop at a mall where, between Christmas shopping, people can pay to get their pictures taken with that, but the eight legal cub I got to Pat was obviously sick and barely moved during our visit
come on, display was missing a patch of fur and clearly not have visa habits photo. Take inside addition would join the spot about his own, going running with government. Inspectors have had to pay twenty five thousand dollars and finds you ve had twenty three of your tigers dive. Do you think that you're responsible governor of Tiger damn sure do when Howard Basque hired Susan she had set a clear goal. He calculated that in order to make it worth the time and effort they had to convince a does. Shopping malls to cancel on Joe. There was one mall conglomerate? I believe they owned over seventy malls so when they basically signed on with, as that was a huge win with that in our while we're like over a hundred miles in one year, so we did far exceed whatever goals. Howard had sat then towards the end of two, Eleven Susan Gonna message from a young woman in Michigan with
When do a mall in Grand Rapids was planning to host Jos roadshow. It was scheduled for the weeks leading up to Christmas, the busiest time of the year added dialysis, ill thinking of those cubs being howled and petted, and prodded and woken up and and not fed properly. For all that time. In the shopping mall, this woman said she was playing to stage a protest she'd already begun, making picket signs that Red Stop Tiger CUB abuse and tag cubs, don't belong in malls and eyes. You. I will help spread the word to our supporters that this protest is going to be happening and all of a sudden you know we had like seventy. Ninety a hundred people signed up for this protest. The following Saturday, Susan booked, a flight to Michigan. She one to attend the protest herself and finally see the man she been hunting for the past year. She actor bags and headed to the airport,
and she was just getting ready to border flight when she got a call from a reporter in Michigan. He said I just reached out to the mall again and they told me that they ve kicked him out. They ve made him Lee and it was. It was like the highlight of my whole year. It was a huge win one that will cost you a lot of money Susan turned round and went back to the sanctuary. That was the last mile that he ever went to that night. He went out for dinner, with Carolyn Howard and over glasses of champagne. They toasted their victory. It was just such a celebratory moment in our lives because We felt, like we finally rounded the honour on this whole mall petting thing and Was just we thought that that was going to be the end of it, but it wasn't the end on Christmas day
one day after the cancellation of his last mall show Joe posted online Dear Carol, Baskin going, Let this be asked to the next level. Let's play You don't know just how crazy I can be for months. Joe had been making low budget videos. He called them sagas attacking Carol. Now he wanted to go bigger, but he would need some help. Building. We can write her very good, your building, a very powerful gun to fight back in a way. Yes, yes, you will your first sale, probably in late March, Right Marguerite. We we have a plan. David Stanton was a tv producer from Pittsburgh he was a thin guy with a shaved head high, cheekbones bones and coy smile he'd hosted a show called out and while which, combined the animal segments with racy humor, sometimes yet
Go on as a guess running at ease hit my clothes off, so ok look ever brought the sports for Joe hired him to print His own live web show exotic animal tv David had assumed it was gonna, be another fun. Animal show my kids, but with Joe is the star, so he packed up his things, took a four day: train trip to Oklahoma and move into a trailer at the zoo. At first week he came over to dinner at Jos House to talk shop chosen, the kitchen with
friend? So then date Russell me up a plate says like potato salad, macaroni, salad and stake. You know so they put in front of me and I go, and I cut the state thing and I gotta eat before aid like I can smell it from my fork. It smelled off. It wasn't like yours, so bad is gimmick. Drawbridges had that slight known, we need just cast, one is the first day or so that starts to go bad. David didn't want to be rude, so I just tat potato salad. Instead, over dinner, Joe and David discuss their plans for the show, and I wanted it still be- the platform where were like every day or every. Shall we go to different animals within the park and talk about them? Do something whatever learn about them, but
Joe had other ideas. He came out right away, basically saying that when the things that he wanted to do was in the name of education is educate the public about things I Carol bask in animal rights, acts activists and what they do Carol had started, producing really slick professional, looking videos she already amassed thirty five thousand scribes on Youtube in that bug Joe. So he was something to basically be better than hers. I mean so I thought well, this is going to
the challenge, not long after an email arrived in David's inbox from Karel Baskin herself David was surprised to hear from her. She would warrant me about the place. Just like you know. Good luck! With your time there be careful, she said. Watch your back over my dead body. Jus exotic comes from wondering the makers of dirty John Doktor death and the shrink next door. The shrink next
There is a thriller full of twists and turns, and every liking over my dead body. We know you'll love this podcast, two journalists, Jonas Heroes neighbour and his Hamptons house- was a therapist named Ike, whose patience included celebrities manhattans elite one summer after Ike, strangely disappeared. Joe did some digging only to discover everything he thought he knew about his neighbour and the house. Next door was wrong, stay tuned until the end of the episode to cheer preview of the shrink next door and don't forget to subscribe to the ship next door on Apple podcast, a regular listening this right. Now, a few weeks went by David and settled into life in Oklahoma. Every morning, David woke up and walked through the zoo. He said. How do the tigers gave? Creed is the camel a kiss
crossed a small boat and walked into the tv studio. It was a big dusty room with concrete floors, at one end, was a green screen and a bunch of cameras? Like always it smelled kind of musty like the reptiles section of a pet store, because on either side of the studio, where enclosures for the zoo, alligators, a bunch of baby Gators lived in the one on the right and then on. The left side was Michael Jackson's old alligator. How Joe got it, but he it Michael Jackson's alligator, along with another alligator that was we before he got to work, he show format were be there weren't any loose gaiters around, I could have been. Might just one back there to look for something else. Low muggers just was never David and Joe Ere. It alive web tv show two or three times a week. David did his best, but
so was kind of a mass Joe simply refuse to stick to the script. So we try to keep her like a tonight. Show format worthy fun and airy The two little reckons that we had on the shelter a week or so ago out low muggers tight, but it just was never that I would say like out of office. Shows you ve ever did just probably only been a handful of ones are actually about animals. All it was was what the animal rights people or Doin and Carol Basket. I kill Baskin. Has one employee higher dedicated to do nothing but track me down, and that's where you can really really really give me started on this? Ok, how she thinks nobody shown exotic animals except her she's, doing everything she can take your wretch away, you're. Not then we have to own example because of her the monkey you love is gonna. Go.
Torn out of your hands from Carol Kara was gonna, get your animal and it wasn't just the web show that was going off the rails. The longer David stated, the zoo, the more he saw things that disturbed him. You like one time a big bear died of dehydration, but the one thing that is concerned with most is that they get the dead, bear out the cage and in full with the different bear. Another time a horse with a wounded leg was brought to the zoo, Joe, was still taking it, injured and unwanted animals. Any name this one miracle, the wonder horse. Joe Ass for donations and they poured in these two one very special wars, call miracle. Will you try and save their wisdom that just yesterday to be shot in the head and FED target He had David record a veterinarian, or at least that's what he called the guy while they inspected the horse, Joe deemed miracle healthy enough.
Let us do everything we can in our power to save this one very special worth Joe said. He would update the donors on the horses progress two days later, when the cameras weren't rolling, he shot miracle in the head and then those worker people they carry. The sharpest nice died ever see was about eight of them circle the horse, and within minutes The zoo is getting expired. Meat from Walmart defeated the TIGERS but Joe encourage the workers to eat it too. That is why David stake it smelled off to hire people who are house fresh out of rehab fresh out of jail that way once they were living at the zoo they later, while you're living at the only paid at hundred and fifty dollars a week. It wasn't enough experience
and so Joe cut corners, the zoo is getting expired. Meat from Walmart defeated the TIGERS but Joe encourage the workers to eat it too. That is why David stake. It smelled off that first night in Jos House he's a master of command people getting them to believe what he says and does he's a perfect called later, while you're living at the park working at the park, it's a very much a Jim Jones experience. One day in February, Javert turned from a court hearing in Tampa. Looking. SL. I would say almost like a defeated look you're, a mad he's really mad. After two years, the lawsuit with the basket was finally over he'd lost Joe exotic hasn't
the pay of Florida animal Sanctuary, nearly one million dollars. She got a judge, but unfortunately it was. It was the day before we were supposed to see a jury. You know the same thing for filling Rene in court? In truth, Joe had been drowning and lawyers feeds, so to an amount, the judge decided, was fair. She says his lawyers talked him into it once he found out, they lost he just kind like thought everything was over. What's he gonna do now and what can happen at the park to David? Things seem to be spiralling out of control, but would bother Him most were the House cats one day just about a dozen or more of them in a small cage beside offence. So I asked Joe with this was going on. Well, what he's doin is rescuing domestic cats that people are dropping off to the park
as the weeks when by the cats were neglected, and I approached him again about it now, like you know, as I do he's catcher like you're, just some pregnant ones over there, then I and they have no food in the sun. He had no shelter nothin. I cannot play these Catherine torture like this and then eventually Tommy goes well door actually being held there, because our food for the Reptile House Jos plan a code David was to starve the cats down until they were sluggish and then feed them to the snakes David had seen enough in the last year she told you he was done. I can turn the sum quitting us like I can now they shed this crazy Can I mean, according to David Joe, pulled out a pistol and aimed at him Instead, I leave and nowhere lie
leave nowhere in and out by and to stop talking. So I stopped talking letting go nowhere. So at that point, this is what I found right now. After that I ended shut up. I'm not been taught by no more really some act like everything's hunky dory. So I can I knew I had to. Use my smart to get out of it. Joe denies this. He insists his neck. Pulled his gun on anyone. David began secretly. Moving his things out of the zoo to an apartment had rented in town. She was planning to make his exit quietly over several weeks, Meanwhile, he kept his eye on the house cats, the ones who is going to feed to the snakes by this time? all being crammed into a single dog create. Now, when David checked on them, she was horrified by what he saw. Three were visibly praying
in all of them were ragged panting in the heat and actually thought it was a sign from the universe. That now is the time. Just cast serious, he would not have made it another day and it's gonna be my father sent to chicken shit guiding get out of there, Sir David opt in a White Ford Van from the zoo grab the dog. Can full of cats and loaded them into the back. Without saying a word. She sped off now was scared. I was scared up because I just know that I'm like I can't even go near that park, nothing I'll just nap or something, and then I would be tiger food. Two months later, David sat down to make another video, but this time he was in front of the camera,
This video had the feel of a deposition. The edited version is more than an hour long. I was given the a photo of what was it knew, who is of semi? Holding up rabbits looked like that. David, had on a white button down shirt and looked worn out, just as you do with it. Behind the camera is Howard, Basque after leaving the zoo David had contacted big rescue, untold Carolyn Howard. Everything kind of kicking action right away and paid for expenses paid for me to get back and offered to she had a right to know. What's up what I knew so the deal so to speak is an offer and I would go to for the first mate with them and then, go to Pittsburgh, David met with them at their sanctuary and agree to record an interview for evidence of the cap.
We're and malnutrition examiner, restated cut without because his balls whatsoever also held David draft a letter to the USDA complaining Animal abuse, he'd seen a Josie I and a former employees of Deja Vu Exotic animal park, in Winwood Oklahoma, I was acting share with you my experience and hope that you will take steps to stop the mistreatment of animals there. Carol, even briefly, teamed up and credit our own web, show everyone and welcome to the catch check. My name is David Lee Stanton your hosts and please help me make welcome the other host Carol. Baskin tamper for there she is as beautiful as can be for so long David had listened to oh ran about how Carol was evil and manipulative, but now is
Did you realize that me, he had it wrong, the both at fault for letting it get this far, but I think that they, both in twisted way use each other. Every leader needs a Nita or nemesis and he has heard nemesis, and you know I mean that's why she goes after him. Back in Oklahoma, Joe, was left without a tv producer and with renewed feeling that everyone without to get it buying, have entered our organization, and then she hired the daily state guy. I'm under me, provision. He may lost David, but he still habitat. These studio in that way, come in handy for the next stage of his plan. Reality: television, Joe Exotic was going If com
from wondering this is episode. Three sick, over my dead body. This season is called Joe Exotic, a story about two. People who want to save animals and destroy each other if you like to help us spread the word Please give us a five year review and tell your friends to subscribe were available and Apple podcast Spotify Handle in every major listening out as well as wondering dot com. Listening on a smartphone, tap or swipe over the cover art of this podcast you're. Funny episode notes, including some details you may have missed so find some offers from our sponsors. Supporting them helps us offer our shows for free and thank you. Joe Exotic, was written in reported by Meet Robert, more Socio producer is Chris Siegel story. Editor is Josh Block, produce by Heather a sound design. I just Schmidt executive produce
by George Lavender Marshall Louis, and her non Lopez for wondering, Marty markets had his share of problems, troubles it a failing relationship. His parents had recently died so- money decided to get some professional help in this. Of nineteen anyone. He walked into the office of a psychiatrist, name Ike Herschkopf, like his office, and we looked at each other then he said. Okay. Why are you here? Marty like dyke and I well He seemed to see something and Marty at the the first session he said, I'm gonna. Take you want is a patient and he says you know I don't do that with everybody, but this psychiatrist it- would turn out, wasn't like other psychiatrists here. Me off from everybody. So the only purse
and I could turn to was doktor. I in from the moment Marty started seeing him. He began The chain we didn't see him. I mean look around the corner and like suddenly waiting, go there anymore, like he was coming over anymore. It's as if somebody died, it was obvious. It was is that I had the power and mighty all the rules. If Marty markets had known what he was walking into first visited that office probably would have worked right at the door and never come up I am trying to reach a curse of extremely high doctors coffin, I'm do, sir working for Wonderin Bloomberg, media and I've been trying to get touch with you, because I've been talking to Marty markets. This is story about power control, turning to the wrong person for help for more than twice the nine years when I constructed made by this house
told me now. You can't use the master bedroom you're going to stay in the back section of the house of trying to speak when it really got nuts. It really got crazy. The parties were at their height and business was truly, it was like almost a fence effect is a good word. It was like working in faith from Bloomberg, wondering accompanied behind dirty John Doktor death and over, dead, but Joe. No Sarah elements from Hamburg opinion. Ok, it's it's a wild story, the shrink next door for years on May twenty first again allowed to talk to you, but I know looks like you were friends for a long time link
hello, subscribe on Apple pie, gas, wherever you're listening right now, hi, I'm lucky boy, a host of wonder is ground. Breaking new pod gas dying for sex meet my best friend Molly she's, in the midst of a sexual renaissance and was recently diagnosed with stage for breast cancer and the six part series molly- and I recall her momentous and outrageous sexual escapades, as only best friends can dine for sex, is about love friendship, any act lapses text but is also a story of self discovery and making the best of every moment make sure. Does the pride to dine for sex and other great shows from wondering Apple POD cats bought a fight or wherever you're listening right now
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