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Joe takes off for Florida, where he meets his match.

A listener note: this episode discusses suicide. The episode also includes descriptions of mistreatment of animals.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, here are some additional resources:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

National Alliance on Mental Illness: 1-800-950-6264

Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741

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By this two thousand eighteen Jody rolled into a little beach town, South Pensacola Florida he'd gone there to start a new life, believing what we lack Oklahoma. I brought nothing with me Joe Exotic reminded me, enjoy exotic. As far as I was concerned, when we left Obama, joy exotic no longer existed. Joe had a new name Joseph, while the Nano passage and new much younger husband, we'd met married just a few months after traps is death. Gene is husband, live just a mile from the beach in time swimming plain frisbie with their dogs and watching Orange the new black on networks. On the more if September, seven Joe climbed into his
whew Ford, pickup truck and drove in the town. He was feeling pretty good. Now you wake up and towards a daily rational, aware, now clear skies, pitiful capture, Flora live on reach, whether to obscure his whereabouts. Over the past few months, he'd been posting photos of the Gulf of Mexico. On Instagram we captions like gee? California, is amazing and hashtag, caribbean Beach, but still Joe got the sense. You is being followed that day driving into town, to ask about a job opening at a local hospital when he got their part, the truck locked it and was walking across vast parking lot lady, with palm trees, when
hours. Holed up in the guy's got out may pointed the gunshot me screen get on a grounded on the ground. I was like what you watch the movie caught it, don't matter how much you cooperate, they gotta be bad ashes. Shall I lay down on the ground of my hands, but my head still too are prepared to put knees and another man, Joe, was handcuffed alone. They literally change. We are right. There like drops on waste chain around the wage. Dont care bathwater. Look well. Why am I being arrested? They should you'll find as well as low. Well were right now we're just gonna pick you up
the federal Court House, lions and tigers and bears were Joe exotic staying for years. That Joseph Maldonado is facing a very serious charge that fifty five year old was arrested on two counts of hiring a person to commit murder of Angela's arrest, Carol. Basking claims to have been the bane of Joe Maldonado existence. Baskin believes he finally decided to make good on his threats of violence, federal agencies, Joe Exotic paid, someone, three grand commit the crime and he promised more cash was her heart stopped. Over my dead body is supported by bed bath and beyond your registry It is unique, as you are from kitchen. Essentials too, must have memories, and everything in between find all the things you want need, plus great gifts. Your guess will love to give the best part. It's your registry, your
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Furthermore, in this season, two of over my dead by six feet decision is called Joe exotic. This is the six and final episode. Karma is. Carol Basket was driving through rainstorm in Tampa when phone rang. How are you May I was actually driving my car when he called and said that she had been arrested. I probably screamed and the foe- and I was so thrilled. I wasn't going to have to worry about this anymore. Joe was I did on two counts of murder for higher in nineteen of wildlife violations, including sir Tiger Cubs illegally in killing five adult tigers to minor counts for later dropped after Jos arrest a judge declared threat to the community and denied him bail. His trial was set for March,
I absolutely wanted to be, therefore, every second of that trial. I wanted to hear all of the stuff that I had not been allowed to know about what has been going on. I wanted to see and hear every bit of it, because I felt like an awful lot of this was going to expose, along with the other, bad guys, Carol, pact or bags, but with a closet, full of cat theme dresses She had trouble figuring out what to wear the court. I was worried people from Oklahoma may not appreciate Gatt Brand, and so I went to good will and I bought a bunch of things that I thought looked is Midwestern, as I could possibly look so that I wouldn't look like such a different sort of character to them than what they were accustomed to Carol got a flight to Oklahoma City when she lay at the airport, federal we're waiting there to guard her jesting
it's. The trial was held in Oklahoma City Federal Court House. I expected it to be packed with Jos fans and his foes, but when I got there the wooden benches in the gallery, or only about half full, mostly with journalists? Joe sat at the defence table wearing a dark ill fitting suit his moment neatly. Com, the double doors at the back of the room opened and in walked Carol. She wore a long black cardigan over a dark purple. Blouse Carol walked up to the witness, stand and turn to take her seat, just a few yards from where Joe sat in their ten year long feud they'd rarely ever been in the same place now they were facing each other across a clue. Best. I had ever seen him do issue and is best leather, pants and teacher, so
what's really surprising, to see him in a suit Carol, avoided making eye contact with Joe. Pick up on the emotions is people around me alive and he just so. Rule and fire and just evil to the core that you can feel that all the way across the room and it's just a horrible horrible feeling- it's like you, can't take a bath fast enough to get away from that feeling on the witness stand. Carol was calm and professional, but she had trouble sticking to the questions and kept launching into attacks on Joe and others like him? I would start into all of this detail about how cruel it is and how these animals are. These cuts are pulled from them. There's, an all of that sort of thing and the Judge shut me down and said just answer yes or no. I think it was like four times
shut me down this way and thing, and he is gonna slap me with contempt of court at one point on cross examination, Jos attorney referred to Jos threats on Youtube as silly videos Carol cut in well, I didn't think they were silly. She told the court has been an ongoing onslaught for the past nine years. The prosecution played some of those videos, Joe shooting them oh up doll, sick and tired of this shit, Joe declaring that he is the most dangerous exotic animal owner on the planet, and before you bring me now, I believe that she will Scot Free video after video of Joe threatening Carol Yo Carol. You better never say me in a dark. Galley bitch show my lazy, there's gonna, be there. By giving late in the day right. This is your warning from the word. Go
by your men, as Carol testified Joe fidgeted in his seat, nervously, crunching, handfuls of me. You could see his brain was working up responses to everything she said Peter leaned over to whisper something in his lawyers. Ear. Carol me danger composure throughout we're, on the other hand, looked queasy afterwards. She wanted to stay for the rest of the trial, but Howard convinced her to fly home and he said his big concern was that if Joe, could just Khan one person on that jury very, would be a Hungary and Joe would be off the hook and then I'd be stuck Ferrand Oklahoma. With this crazy Killer and all of his men, this would feel so empowered by that that it would be a far worse situation. For me, the following day
the prosecution unveiled their secret weapon, James Garrison garrison was Jos friend. He had helped doctor that fake idea for the first hitman Joe hired Alan Glover, Garrison warn all button down shirt. His grief see brown hair was parted down the middle. He stared straight ahead, reading glancing at Joe Garrison told the court that for over a year you ve been working as an informant for the effort. I and secretly recording his conversations with Joe and Alan it's in those recordings, the garrison repeatedly tells Joe nodded stolen. He says that he knows a guy named mark who can do the job instead, my guy is a pro garrison says, Mark it turned out.
Was it pro, but not the kind Joe is thinking of he was an undercover agent marks. Meeting with Joe was also recorded and the prosecution played in Joe offers to buy mark a pistol at a flea market, so it can't be traced. He tells Mark just like follow her into a parking lot and just capper and just drive off on the stand. Garrison field something else Jeff Low had been can during selling the zoo. Yes, at the time he was trying to get out, She wanted out from underneath the part because of all the litigation, and he wanted out of the park. Yes and the person Jeff wanted to sell it to was none other than Ngos, arch nemesis and the person Jeff had called the devil incarnate. Did Mister Lowe. Ask you to contact Carol Baskin. He did. Why did you want you to contact her? I guess
represented by attorneys and miss basking represented by Turkey's so wanted me to call her and asked if she be willing to buy the park from Jeff low since he was the rightful owner. Ok did you agree to contact her for him? Yes, garrison said Joe, dollars to broker the deal and that he had accepted this offer. He went so far as calling care in August. Two thousand seventeen she didn't pick up and he never heard back from her, but garrisons call set off a chain reaction chain reaction. Now, as a result of that call, you made to Carol. Baskin did someone else: Are you back in August two thousand seventeen? Yes, who called you back Matthew Brian. With the: U S, fish and wildlife service individual lately meet special agent bright in person for an interview in mid September of two thousand seventeen. Yes, and what did you tell him about? We just
Basically, he asked me if I ever heard MR passage ask anybody to kill Karel Baskin, and I said yes, on cross examination. Jos attorneys attacked garrisons credibility as a witness. They pointed out that he had an incentive to get you out of the way all right. So not only did Mister Lowe have a financial interest in getting rid of MR passage, but you did it. At that point, correct know. What have you got rid of MR passage you get a hundred thousand bucks right. Mr passage was an employee of the park he could have been fired at any time is what I understood. Then Jos Attorneys accused garrison of credit card fraud. Garrison hesitated and asked. Is that relevant to the case, Joe with us, look on his face turned in his chair. Looked at the journalists gathered in the gallery in mouthed she's screwed, then he looked directly at me and winked. On the sixth day
The defence announced the name of their final witness Joseph Maldonado passage a k, a Joe exotic. Before Joe, took the stand. His lawyers warned him. He was under no obligate His lawyers warned him. He was under no obligation to testify, they were visibly nervous, how this would all play out, but Joe seemed confident excited. Even he kept twitching his nose like a rabbit, Joe wore a baggy blazer black pants black tie his spilled over his shoulders on the stand splain that his menacing online persona had a very calculated purpose, to scare away his adversaries. Wanted to look like these dangerous psycho, but so no one broke into the zoo. That was simple line of defence. Then he pivoted into a direct attack on Carol Baskin Jos eyes. Sparkled
was his moment. The room was full of joy. The west from National tv shows and prominent magazines, and he had there divided attention. My problem is she's a hypocrite. He pointed out there was little difference between her sanctuary in his zoo because she also charges for people to take tours. He claimed that she wanted to outlaw big cat ownership everywhere except Florida, so she could corner the market on exhibiting big cats. However, Joe flatly denied hiring anyone to kill Carol, she strongly implied that all set up, I Jeff low and ass for the five tigers chilled Joe when he was putting them out of their misery, that they had all been sick
injured in some way Joe is engaging. He was passionate. All those years spent in front of the camera had clearly prepared him for this. When Jos attorneys asked if something happened in the fall of two thousand, seventeen that changed his life Jos face turned red before he could even sir talking the tears. Sorry coming Christian Richardson was sitting in the jury box. At that moment, I felt like this was rehearsed. I think it was how fast here's came on and there is no in our trying Hold them back. Sobbing George and how we learn that Travis his husband had shot himself and how afterward he vowed to get out of the zoo business altogether huge waving motions when his wife noise tears I just I didn't buy at other people in the jury. There are a few that like he was really sad. He may have ban. I just had a hard time
sorry for him. It came time for assistance, the attorney Amanda Green, to make her closing argument. She stood up and face the jury. The tiger King that's how MR passage marketed himself, and that is how he lived. His life mister passage built his own kingdom, the gene, EU exotic animal part. She gestured to Joe but here's the problem with kings They get used to making all the rules, and they said to believe that they are above the law I came to a close and the jury went out to consider their verdict.
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it was announced Joe didn't cry or shout he simply looked down at the desk. In that moment he seemed deeply alone. Back in temper, Howard was working at his desk. When Rob, call them from the court house and at the same time there was this intense relief and a certain. I wanted jump up into a high five, but our domestic catches doesn't very good doing that. Instead, he called Carol at this swear, Howie and Susan. I think, and I had written up a press release in the expectation that that would be the case. We didn't write up, one for, if he is, he won because I'd probably go into hiding at that point that had been the case. Carol barely had time to process the news she high tailed it back to the office and recorded her statement. Carols spoke to the camera in a pink leopard.
Sure it had been nearly nine years since our first video about Jos, CUB, petting operation, angry for the justice was served and Joe Shriver GO. Maldonado passage, hopefully, will serve time in prison and no longer present a threat either to me or to his former big cats, while mediator. Jim regarding this trial has primarily focused on the murder for higher charges. There is Much larger significance to the wildlife charges. Afterward she and Howard took a moment to honour. The occasion and, as is our practice whenever we have a big celebration like that he gets those little tiny, Also, she impending that's like two glasses and a bottle he'll get those and a round of pre, and why we and crackers and champagne to celebrate our hour when those aren't you feel when you, when you ve, heard the news of this thing. You ve been fighting for it for you
Really I mean for many years. I guess you're at it finally feel to know that you would most likely be locked up for a long time. Because they have had the sentencing yet, but I just don't feel like it's completely done so feel like I have that complete sense of relief, yet it Absolutely. I fear that he will find some way to financial his way out of this city. He has been successful in evading responsible before his actions all these years. So it's hard to imagine that has finally come to a close to the people who lived in work, with Joe at the zoo have mostly dispersed recur, come the reality tv producer whose house burned now lives in a small fishing town in Norway. He moved there in part to get this far
away from Joe in anything associated with him, as he could that and has so many people and heard so many animals mean he's, destroys lives. Mine was one of them time, name yours. Anything is anything he has. We never walked out of prison working for Joe took a serious hold on his mental health damage. It took me a wild and dry out after I got out of Anjou, because I was just drinking on drink fucking gaol in Rome on night. Just to forget what no one's room. I tried. Some of the looney things man for two weeks, because I thought I was gonna, be suicidal Rick says he still suffering from PTSD. He can't bring himself to watch any of these two videos he made their forty years away and journalists
interviews serial killers, I'm interviewed murderers, I've, enervate guy, cut his own mothers head off and put it in refrigerator, I have never known anyone more evil and our hearts and NGO if I'd nothing else from my one year. Experience of living Anna Zoo with Joe exotic. It is that I survived Joe exotic Joe denies much of Rick Kirkham story getting in an argument with Rick over the film rights or changing the loss to the studio or getting someone to start the fire Jones is that he is the most honest person you'll ever meet. There's nothing hid behind this face. He once told me and people like me for that but over the years I have spoken to me. In seventy people who knew Joe from them Just how many lies Joe is told me when I first met him. She said he, dying of bone marrow cancer. He wasn't. He lied to me about why
your suit him for a million dollars. She said it was over that one bunny photo and are confirmed Carol Basket for any one related to her to hack Jos computers that time it was. A marijuana themed Youtube her name, not GEO. Many of you Former friends and employees were still trying to make sense of it. How Joe shrine Vogel Animal Lover became Joe exotic, the deceitful Tiger Killer, obsessed with destroying Carol Basket hit. His heart was in the right place when he first started this and everything, but the money start again tell him
the fame being popular famous, got telling our always contend that Joe is not an evil person. I honestly in my heart caning say he's a bad person he's sick, absolutely their and our sister traits are absolutely there's hollowed out actually look people's Jesus Christ. I feel a walking around North Korea is images. Joe were on vat, zoo property that twelve acres show was God in his head. It was his warm and creative and whenever he wanted you to believe or you'd, do that's what you said in your live within the zoo. You know you in there all day long. The cage, fuller by parliament's call, it was gained the Hobart the whole sixteen anchors was a cage after Jos arrest. I went back to the D W zoo it had been. Nearly four
years since the wild weak I spent with Joe there. I wanted to see what it was like now. It was a chilly winter day, besides the entrance gate still said, the G, W Zoo but Jeff Low is in charge. Now the tiger breeding I've been working to stop is still there. Much on display. There's a big white banner on fence facing the main road. It reads: baby TIGERS, the parking lot still smell tat this rule so they say he's Joe exotic Nice gone, I went there with the producer Rachel Hubbard, We walked into the gift shop greeted by a woman with a brush cut hairdo. She frowned at us. Have you were here through the zoo, intolerable? It's not gonna happen over. Can someone,
Is it your other than than just now? You can walk around like a normal zoo, gay, interesting it was eerie. There's no one. I mean there's not one visitor, there's, not one and play its it's a ghost town. I think that right here they used to be a big. Stage area with fear. I guess Jeff doesn't have any need for a stage as I walked around. I noticed the alligator, the chimp, the hyena you would want to bring. They were all gone. Just squirrels pigeons is just like a random animals that could just be well, for you will be fine. I think I don't know why there are squirrels, and here we straw.
Down Tiger alley. So it was a counter six recently with twenty nine, so we could reach when I tried to make a count, how many cats were left when I find that the part luring just wife worked quickly toward us. Her bright red hair, pulled back an opponent She demanded Rachel turn off microphone thing. We're just look around twenty five and hold otherwise. I heard you were asking for jobs and for other things as well. Let's say I have a better way For decades we put aware recording equipment and left Jeff Louis announced he has plans to close the zoo and move everything a few, our south right down the road from the world's largest casino,
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air and seven much the greedy county jail is a forty five minute, Dr Southwest of Oklahoma City. It's a giant ten colored cube with. Virtually no windows, locking conquering rubbish Y, know TV, L, radio, no, nothing from awakes on there is more regulations under the animal welfare AG. Take every animal at issue. The nourish perpetually. Only I'm being jail. Just sentence was expected to be handed down this path July, but strange case. The court is still deciding how to handle and murder for higher conviction? That also includes several counts of animal abuse. He potentially faces up to twenty years. In prison for the murder for higher charges in up to forty nine years for the animal charges recently,
I asked you if he misses the zoo. I do I measured Jerry and what I miss is closed as being able to go in and hugged underline again now that, although a guy saying you know I've, I've done more than that, most people ever dreamer. If he gets out his dream is to build a new kind of zoo, there's gonna, be anything in captivity. It's going to have a curse, to learn and to build a courageous and figure out what the bakers Euclid Layer, the animals just, but they aren't allowed help wines with three personally and Terrestrial Merrick now, because they need to see what they do in the white paper
but if I tell a gazelle the outlet for produce, it turns out of all the things he has done in his life. This is the one thing
does feel remorseful about keeping big cats in Tejas. I know exactly how they felt near all. They were talking. Nothing could do an end and looking looking through bars, and I looked for a little porthole window. Battledore Jews curtly pinning his hopes on a presidential pardon, but I'm not gonna shut up. Until I get enough fresh, the pressure from personal congressmen stretched and while many megawatt cannabis, he also plans to appeal in case any still maintains he's completely innocent. Did I do anything wrong by you and I know I've gotta my brave sailor. You didn't do anything wrong button. It I even higher to Meda programme. L now in a solution to the video tapes
revealed- that money can reveal paid fate. I want implicated in that. I have listened to those recordings and this simply isn't true. There's plenty of incriminating evidence in there. I asked Joe once about that. One tape where he said that if Alan got caught Red handed Mean Jeff got our story down to where we fired the mother Fucker and he just went off the deepened. Joe said the Hughes merely playing along with the fought Jeff Low had hatched. That was your idea of one. From now on out. There are aimed at turning I pictured out there, and you know tell me a hundred times: men will MILAN, we're just gonna, make sure we're gonna, sorcery, Jeff Wooden agreed to an interview, but he denied this through email, we're feeling much better than it is at least in jail peel. There still the potential threat from others, but we go back to
our normal level of threat sort of like in those land security, where they have the colors We're back on yellow. Would we dont go below Yellow Jeffrey never arrested in connection with the plot to kill Karel Baskin, but there's one thing: Carolyn Joe do agree. Thank the police were doing anything all of these years. So the fact that they put together a case was a real. If anything was happening with Joe. I didn't think that you were doing anything all of these years, so the fact that they put together a case was a real shock. To me and I'm really hoping to be pleasantly surprised at some point to find out they ve been doing the same thing with Jeff low evidence. A trial suggested the Jeff knew about the prime prosecutors wooden comment. Unlike yes or Ellen Glover. The first hit man with the teardrop tattoo were arrested in the case in an email. Jeff said
I was, or would have been a subject of the investigation and the small, thing I ever did was go to the feds with my concerns when he took over the zoo, Jeff Low, also took on Jos dead to the basque ends. There still tied up in little Asian but the basque and are working on something bigger. There would shut down Jeff and others like him, carols curve. Lobbying for a new building Congress called the big CAT public Safety ACT, which would outlaw cub Heading and the private ownership of big cats have a quota. Ask by Woodrow Wilson is says: if you wanna make enemies tried to change something and care, still running the sanctuary in temper? I visited big cat rescue and it's nothing like Joe said it was So this is a true sanctuary in this is our home for our its pleasantly jungle e this law,
enclosures shaded. By treats, I want you to keep in mind that as an face wary families, I mean you not anymore. You never go emphatically that we cannot wait any will not answer here, I asked Carol to imagine the day when she is finally succeeded in no more big cats in cages, not even your own sanctuary. Wouldn't she missed them every had I see why this cats in a cage, price, here here here. She said if were to open every door out here, not one these cats would be on this property tonight. They want to be free. This is carols obsession. Sheens To this day, the fight with Joe Exotic was never about Joe exotic, no matter how personal his attacks became
she never responded in kind, but it's also clear that she takes pride in never backing down from a fight she once wrote on our website, I always win. I am not sitting here but stay the frame of mind that I have had since I was a child and it serve me well arise. We have another. This was, last phone call him with job exotic. When I was at your zoom We wanted to dinner one night and you got really worked. We started alone of your members. You start talking about how I'm gonna go, kill, Carol, Amerigo Shooter, you said I I and, as I said, are you said I never used to fantasize about seeing someone's brains on the wall ends
was ever was kind of laughing. You know it was like a moment where let you work you're kind of being shocking, but at the same time you know in light of recent events, I look back on that and I wonder where were you really fantasizing about? I mean set aside Biennale too, that the case is that something you were thinking about about. Why are you trying to get me to tire retorted telephone and I was proud of our brain bucket Bob, I'm not saying that you are going to saying that you're thinking that Europe get the mean. Why even get a comment on that So why did you tell me why? Why would you say the exact? What I never understood? Why would you sit in front of a group of people? kidding. Where you trying to shock us, I mean what was going on. Then I went to jail for my by I'm. Gonna hang up, and so and so they also want to ask you one of the things you often said on Facebook, and
and in your videos, was about. Formerly, corn was a bitch in its coming for you Carol a bitch. I point for me is this: if God, but will get her just I answered someday, show karma. Haven't you wanted to line Palmer? How do you want to describe Palmer Carol? Is gonna be trapped in a fiery burning,
I hope that's gonna be her Parma, and so do I mean you know what my next question is gonna be, which is what do you think you're com is dead, landed you in there. What did you do that made? You have to go through all this, this pain and suffering. I get from what I witnessed in here, what the crooked ocean and politics and everything else. I e that the sentencing of eleven years for conspiracy programme industry after the people here are in here for conspiracy, popular cellphone, then everyone soldier or touch drugs or anything else. This is human eyes, kidnapping, listeners, nothing short of this being illegal human trafficking, and so so you, you won't come to anything in your past, giving you bad karma that might have that might have result. And that's not in it not the case, not necessarily anything having to do with the murder for
both, but anything you don't you ever sitting things. I really believe this is not my Carla. This vicious chose gonna get out again. Some points and chose can make some changes because I gotta pick up my of digging up we'll have to make sure that the government has to wonder soon wrong. You need a programme is supposed to be will charge and the truth is also happen. You're supposed to re write him a shorter time to tell the truth, not why somebody rich forward at the market on TIGERS. Don't even you feel that that was all the witnesses their online. I have a lock down. I have no choice I think it is pathetic. Justice that he could potentially
spend the rest of his life in a cage. Given the fact fish he So many of these magnificent animals to be bred for the purpose of being exploited and abused and kept prisoner their entire lives
the expedient. From wondering this is the six and final episode of over a dead body, this and is called Joe exotic, we'll have special interview episode next week, so stay subscribe here. If you like to help
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you want a strange and unsettling journey through one of the most mysterious murder cases in Florida, history hosted by journalists. Matthew share the story starts with a seemingly perfect marriage that ends in a hostile divorce and it takes an even darker turn when, on a hot July morning, one half of the couple is murdered in cold blood stay tuned in for a preview of the first season of over my dead body, and if having already make sure to subscribe to our show an apple podcast wherever you're. Listening to this right now You know that couple. It seems too good to be true. Danny was a phenomenal person cover larger than life. Groovy woman had a million friends its button. So for a successful, damn could have been a professor journalist boy, As you know, she bought a novel good looking
our care and his green eyes, egg bright smile, but those couples there. Never is perfect, as they seem You never really addresses conflict. So if he had done something to bother her, she can bear it and when he's go bad legal really bad. I think he was surprised that he didn't know his wife better. She was his everything outer space You want to kill somebody from wondering the network behind doktor death and dirty John I'm Matthew share a few years ago. I wrote a story, forget you alone
The dogs rabbi in New York City I'll get people had a bad marriages. One of his catch phrases was the divorce or a funeral. It was crazy story, but then I learned about one of the lawyers only case which led me to any crazier story: point about a couple down and tallow hassle, Florida sleepy southern town. I would say that if you don't realize it has actually become a couple, it seems so perfect. Until one of them ended up dead completely out of the blue, walks into the garage and shoots them in the face. Baby, you gear Gaddafi sins tally. The first sees it over my dead body out now. Listen they are ass, Spotify, Pandora
I think that new, your lawyer divorces, have a tendency to be uglier than average.
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