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Joe Exotic: Straight to Hell | 5


A newcomer arrives at the zoo who might be able to help Joe finally solve his Florida problem. 

A listener note: this episode discusses suicide. The episode also includes descriptions of mistreatment of animals.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, here are some additional resources:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

National Alliance on Mental Illness: 1-800-950-6264

Crisis Text Line: Text HOME to 741741

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Guanaria. In January two thousand fourteen a jokes. Three way wedding Jacqueline Thompson Joe. She knew a guy who might be able to solve its problems. He said is something that was really good with a gun. I could take her out and I said you need a sniper. Why you have won, and I said, actually I do it's. My husband he's a sniper mark Thomson was Jacqueline's, then husband there when Joe found out he was sniper. He was calling mark and he asked me if I'm interested working hard for sugar, Mark was a stock, a guy with a bald head and a small white mustache he'd worked as a sharp leaving instructor in the military to later Joe to Jack Odin Mark to his favorite mexican restaurant. Along with about a dozen of his employees and friends,. They all sat at a big round table in the middle of the restaurant. The wooden chair,
redecorated, with cacti men in some boroughs, sees says it s their net slackened badge in all this stuff and get out. There's kids, sit right behind us at a table and Joe Just that I don't care. If they know it's America, there's free speech, Joe turned a mark to talk about the job is so they know is essential Peter able climate and offences, and I and China cause problems. Stuff is like I'm not gonna, go anywhere without my bodyguard mark agreed to protect Joe in the park but there is more to the job which Joe wanted to discuss privately Joan workers. Ideas will understand. You gets some special skill, say I I do we got a problem Florida. Can you it s with it He's got this joking side in a serious side. Mark knew about Jos, beef
Carol from Jos, Youtube videos. He wasn't totally certain, but he figured. This was Jos. Joking side accepts its job and we had to be a law by spring break it at year may became really close really fast. A couple months later, Joe invited them into the studio to watch him record alive, video Joe had on a white button down shirt and a tan baseball cap. As always, his pistol was on his hip and on this night he had something else with him Joe. Had this blow up all It was just like Euro bask in the doll was dressed in a blonde wig and a pink Joe leaned into the camera. Run a masculine, than ever face to face
Joe turned to the door. Sick, tired of this shit any blur brains out. The Wigan hat went flying into the air as the dull deflated Denmark. Time after the show that he was furious. He's like everybody's gonna be looking at you. If anything happens that woman, because of what you just did psyche went way overboard. Mark says Joe never said anything again about taking care of his little Florida problem, at least not to him later. He would discover that overboard is exactly where you wanted to go. I think it was. Actively so looking not that I know he already found someone.
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gift to you. Twenty percent off the remaining gifts on your registry get started today and have fun: creating registry just go to bed bath and beyond dot com, slash registry, that's bed bath and beyond dot com. Slash registry From wondering, I'm Robert more than this over my dead by six feet at this season is called Joe Exotic, and this is episode five straight to hell by two thousand. Seventeen Joe transferred ownership at the zoo to his business partner. Jeff. Well, it was a way for Joe to avoid paying Carol, Baskin and big cat rescue the money he owed them. Jeff was away from the zoo alive He would regularly check into hotels on the LAS Vegas Strip like the Indian Grand and the Luxembourg with them.
His girlfriend more n, a slender young redhead with pale skin, rule suitcase behind them. They would walk through the casino and take the elevator up to their sweet. According to Joe the din unzip, the suitcase we're inside was a tiger co chair, the government now tails Come on for two thousand dollars wealthy clients good book, the hotel room to play with the cub Jeff. By the way denies they ever put tigers and suitcases. He says they used a Louis Baton, dog carrier, but they both agree. This was all part of just plan to make the G W Zoo, profitable again when Jeff took over, he instructed Joe defeat. Linking outcomes just spent most of his time in Vegas we rented a ranch house and a fancy gated community. He told the local reported that your secret parties for his rich clients in showcase the cats on private
because he was away so much needed some. The help look after the zoo and he had just the man when he arrived. He had nothing but a little patience change in a treaty that has not yet achieved head and a teardrop tattoo on his left cheek. His name was Alan Glover. He worked as a grounds keeper and maintenance man at the zoo aren't going to prison for Sultan battery in South Carolina. That didn't seem to bother Joe. He would treat out to dinner or offer to drive him to the grocery store other times they take Jos guns out to a vacant piece of land. He owned prison target practice, on one of these outings Joe taped explosives to the side of an old waters, eater then walked back about fifty yards kneeled down and looked through the scope of his white, a our fifteen rifle
The explosion needs a big white cloud of smoke. Didn t after work, one night, Joe pull down aside was about eleven p M and they were standing on the front porch of the gift shop Joe made down and offer I'll give you find. Thousand dollars. If you go to Tampa and kill Carole Baskin, and if you pull it off I'll, take care of you for life and told them I can get it done, Meanwhile, Jos on another mission, are probably state
dont want to ease he knocked over. He was running for governor of Oklahoma. This was His first run for political office, he'd actually launched a campaign for president back in two thousand sixteen as a right in candidate. Now he was competing to be on the libertarian ticket. Joe was not budgetary, his political ideology. I can't I can't explain it. I really can't jos, just like a Donald Trump on that Josh Dial was Jews campaign manager. When you hired him Josh initially had high hopes for Jos candidacy? After all, you could be charming on Josh's. First Dave work, Joe brought Josh to the front porch of the If she were the whole staff was assembled. Joe introduces me says, does Josh's be the campaign manager for the governors run and only thing that was said was by Travis
and that was two words bad idea I have a small Donato, was Jos husband. He was attached to twenty three year old, skater kid from California tall and muscular. Yet why old black hair and a mischievous smile chose was zoo, a light happy everybody zoo media really happy. Cheryl Maldonado was Travis. His mom Joe had taken Travis his last name legally, he was Joseph Maldonado, but his yard signs said Joe fucking exotic on October six too, in seventeen while Joe was away running Aaron's Josh was sitting in the office. Updating Jos, Facebook, page Travis walked in and plot down in an office chair about ten feet from Josh Travis was expecting a package to arrive any minute, but while his way there was nothing
but bitching. He was non, stop complaining about about. No, how how he feels like he's in a cage, Joe Let him get a job Joe want hang out with people. Don't a little have friends and right after he got done saying that he pulled out his new gone. You know any pointed at me and I What's the matter so the hell, you point a gun at me. Don't you ever pointed gonna me again: Travis Travis dropped the clear out of the pistol and placed it on the desk. He said: don't worry, it's a router and held the gun to his temple. So don't you know a router will fire without a club and the second he got down the word clip he pulled the trigger the gun, fired and you went straight through Temple. The temple Into the wall, as head fell back and is
Adam's apple was bobbing up and down so, but bloodless spurting out of his temple. Why if some one had a super soaker and his head was shooting it out. So I thought a joke. You know it didn't. It looks so real that it look, fake and he was even still looking at me before. His head fell back and You know I could see the I've got his eyes, and but it was, it was as a nightmare. Cheryl Travis, his mom had to Oklahoma to be near him When she heard the news she rushed to the zoo. There was a crowd.
Others outside the gift shop horse there. My I wouldn't go kissing them our secret, so bad, but I didn't see like Joe arrive shortly after views juice. Just screaming screenings Boeing. It was very, very sad, very Travis. His corpse was already in a body bag, but you wanted to see
one last time, so the UN's the bag down to Travis his chest and now he had each Temple damages our little tiny, also show crash, and yet blood I'm allowed his nose and there he was sure to give him a kiss. Exhibit the bag shut, one night not long after Joe is at home alone. He was sitting in a chair. Crying in his hand, was its three fifty seven magnum. She pointed it at the tv pointed at the couch. Then he put the gun
to his head. I wish I was literally going to real myself and pulled the trigger nothing Joe called his Ex husband, John Findley Sobbing, and asked him to come over and John found me again and again and opened again up an english lack Jesus Christ. If bullet didn't fire, the hammer hit the boy the primer and did not go off in the weeks after Travis his funeral Joe wandered around the zoo with glazed expression. He became convinced that he felt Travis is present everywhere in animals and other people in the clouds, but the most outrageous one was, he believed,
that Travis had come back as bees dont mean one B. He thought the Travis came back as a full swarm of bees, because I'm a day drives died. The bees happened to be migrating, and one landed on on all of us. Actually that day call it what you want. Some people call that God some people call that reincarnation. I call that coincidence, but Joe called that Travis he just wasn't the same person afterwards I mean he lost his mind. He lost it and I don't think you ever got it back Joe took that bullet that didn't fire made a necklace from it and word around his neck. A reminder. He said of how things must end.
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wherever you listening right now in the chaos following Travis, his death Jos plans to kill Karel Van skin, entered a new phase gene, Alan Glover, the maintenance man with a teardrop tattoo, look over aerial maps of big cat rescue in discussed various methods of killing Carol Joe proposed booby trapping something with explosives like her mailbox and then shooting it from afar, like they'd practiced, but Alan said that wouldn't work, because he was a convicted Phelan. If you found with a gun, he go straight to jail. Joe also suggested that Alan, where camouflage suit the kind snipers where in hiding the bite path Carol took to work when she rode by. He could pick her off with a cross bow,
but they eventually settled on Alan suggestion. He would do it with a big knife and cut off her head on November six oh said, Ellen down to Dallas on a little mission. He taught them to go to a shop where they sold fake ideas. Alan picked out one from Arizona with the name. John Alan Mcdowell. The plan was ruined, use the idea to rent a motel in Tampa under a fake name. That way there wouldn't be a paper trail after he killed Carol on his way home Alan stopped at a store tiger liquidation to see the owner James Garrison Garrison, was a pudgy man, with narrow shifty eyes. He'd recently bought a couple tigers offer Joe
and had been hanging around the zoo, Alot Joseph Alan. His way to make sure the idea was foolproof. Oh and handed over the idea garrison in Garrison, carefully filed The lettering on the back that red entertainment purposes only Three days later, Garrison dropped by the zoo he and Alan talked in front of the gift shop, garrison, wanted to know. If this was really gonna happen. He asked how long you gonna be vacationing down in Florida. Alan said as long as it takes make sure he pays you real good he's. Can it be in my pocket forever. Then outside I'm going to hell anyway. James replied we're all going I'm going straight there. I have no chance. Alan said that once you went to tamper, no one we hear from him until news of the murder was on tv, she added,
and if anybody rats me out- and I get popped, buddy that they love I'll, have been burnt alive, every fucking single person- and I mean that from the bottom of my heart they will be burnt the buck alive. Before Alan left, Joe handed him an envelope stuff with a thousand dollars in cash. We also took Alan's old, cellphone mailed it to Jeff. Well, the plan was to have Jeff use it to periodically send people text messages from Vegas to create an alibi Joe was confident he told garrets and over the phone as long as you don't get caught red handed. I think we got this, but if they busting red handed Mean Jeff our story down to where we fired the mother Fucker and he just went off the deep and then Allen was gone. Two weeks went by
and Carol was clearly still alive on this. Amber Eighth James Garrison walked into Jos Office with a back up plan. Behind him, was a man named Mark Williams. According to garrison market just been released from prison and he was a professional hitman while they chatted a skunk proud under the desks. Talk turned to Carol joking We find this bitch has cost us almost three quarters of a million dollars and lawyers already Marcus If he had any info on Carol Joe Laugh How much do you need any pulled out? A folder with documents and swam down on the table. Josephine is that Mark Williams drive up to Carol anymore Parking lot, shooter and drive off Joe Ass So how much does something like that run? Mark said it would cost.
Ten thousand dollars half up front easy. Joe said you're just sell some tigers. He added that bitch just got to go away. All this time, Carol Baskin had been getting increasingly nervous to get to work. In the morning she bite from her home to big cat rescue. Normally she took a quiet bypass. It took about an hour, but one morning August two thousand seventeen. She was running late for staff meeting. The only way I was gonna make in thirty minutes was to go straight down Sheldon Road, and there is a lot of financial road should be down the busy four Lane highway rush hour. She had just reached stoplight crowded intersection about ten minutes from a sanctuary when she saw small white car. Turning towards her, I'm thinking. Oh my gosh he can't see me and if
was coming kind of fast, and so I was afraid he was gonna hit my bike, and so I'm looking for a way that I can back out. You know, too, to let him see I was there, and instead of him doing that the passenger door opens and this guy's leaped out of the car, and I mean sky looked like a thug right out of central casting a big man wearing dark sunglasses sleep was shirt. Chains around his neck and she's coming straight for May Carol, frantically peddled away, and I remember thinking I don't watch horror show has been seems like every scary, seeing the person's running from the bad guy and they keep looking back and the bad guys gaining on em, and so I was like I am not looking back. I'm just gonna go as fast as I can possibly go for. As long as I can go, at a time she reached the next intersection Carol had lost the guy, but she was still pretty freaked out and I was just like. Oh my god,
I thought for sure it was somebody they Joe had hired to kill me, but there and so many situations like that were I'm just kind of like in this fighter light mood ever since had begun. Broadcasting is threats on Youtube, Carol had been on high alert, I am the most dangerous. Animal honour on planet right now than before, You bring me down. It is my belief that you will stop dreaming.
I really felt like it was a physical threat to my body and was trying to do something to stop that, and then there were the disturbing phone calls. I care really gonna call me back much. Ashley Webster worked in Jos. Zoo here is actually talking about someone telling you trying to get me to do it. I'm not gonna put you knew that nobody ever her body is offering like a couple of thousand dollars. Billig your life is in danger. She said her father had been a police officer, and so I thought what There's somebody who is finally going to do the right thing. All the right people another had come from Jacqueline Thompson. The woman whose husband worked is Joe Security Guard.
Jaclyn had had a falling out with Jill decided to contact Carol. She told Karel. She overheard a woman from Florida offer to help inject Carol with a force, tranquilizer thrower in the trunk of a car and then dump her body in a swamp. And so I have always been a little nervous about the fact that there are these people living here right in my back yard that have such evil intent. Most of the time when Karel gotta call about extreme threats from Joe she told the police. She even try, to get a restraining order against Joe, but nothing ever came of it until one day in late, two thousand seventeen Howard was sitting at his desk. When you got a call from a law enforcement officer, he informed Howard. There was an imminent threat. They were monitoring it and want to overly worry us that they felt we needed to know
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in LAS Vegas for running an unlicensed cub petting operation in failing to appear in court humor and move into a wooden cabin at the zoo for outside their living, a glamorous life. You know this is one of the perks of being a tiger in Mypark. You could ride to the vet in the Ferrari right ready to go you ready to go, but in private things were tents. The zoo was strapped for cash in both Jeff and were now embroiled in lawsuits with Carol to make matters worse, while Jeff was away, so we ve been getting rid of animals at the zoo, some he sold or gave away a few. He just killed off Joad, gotten so desperate to eat.
Reached out to one of the very animal rights organizations he'd been so against people for the ethical treatment of animals aged over shelter, meaning you know, I'm not biggest radical in the world, even above all by French. When war heavenly closed, how'd. You know Jus told Peter. He was looking to get out of the zoo business altogether and move on with his life. He donated three bears to baboons and more than thirty tigers to the organization, but around the same time she told the friendly simply too many tigers for the zoo to ever be inefficient moneymaker. I need to get down to about fifty. He said just my breeders. One month after Jeff move back to the zoo things came, Your head he's stormed into Jos Office. I'm just saying that job I came here to bear your ass. You will be.
Fucking, who knows where without me- and you even said it before- was LAS Vegas Jeff was secretly recording the argument He accused Joe of embezzling the zoos money for his political campaign. It says campaign by the poor First legal, I'm so sick. A senior fucking face every goddamn thing in this. Ice, cube, I've told you know many people, don't ever talk about me that way, or my has just like the other night when you drove his shop, forest mining, twenty working times cash checks at one point: Jeff punch to filing cabinet- you're, not gonna. Fuck me you're, not gonna, put me in trouble and I treat me like shit, asshole, Jeff, accused of committing fraud and worse by one of barley, phased out, like you did the fucking Joe said,
nothing, you didn't argue, he didn't even deny it who do it and although this part the right way longer as Germany that guy I was made in origin, The final straw came one day in June, Joe euthanize to tigers must pay, Turning to euthanize, more Jeff was out to dinner with Lord, when you got a call about what Joe is up to he hurried back to the zoo in confronted Joe, he said if Joe didn't stop killing cats. The next needle goes in your arm. He told Joe get the fuck off my property. Josh dial was
office, stuffing envelopes for Jos campaign Joe burst in, and then he said, go through resolve is just the leading everything it was frantic. It was like a like an embassy being raided, I mean he was shredding stuff. He was burning. Stuff is throwing stuff away. He was gone on computers and erasing hard drives, so whatever Jeff said to him scared the shit. Afterward Joe gathered the employees and the gift shop for his fine, Farewell Joe, is just crying like we never hadn't. Seen across as Travis died, you know and yet you just bawling
I told everyone to see loved us and that you know he'd look out for us and get us all. Hugs and y'all get some kisses and he walked out the back door. So there was no drive off into the sunset. I mean he was just there one day next morning he was gone Joe, never came back. He was headed to Florida less than a week after Joe it left the zoo, Jeff Low, made a phone call a much bigger problem. It was the Owin Glover, the man with a teardrop tat to the one who had been last seen heading to Florida to kill Carol. Jeff says even trying to reach our for seven months, he'd been messaging him on Facebook
calling old numbers. Now he finally had him on the phone and Jeff wanted down to tell him everything went down with Joe Joe said Ellen. Will you please go to Florida and why he left a delay in giving five thousand dollars cash? How did you go to to tamper with a cable? I never went to tamper. Alan said. Oh, you didn't go can now, because we might tell you just european market is about you. Wanna kill them by the by Alan said Joe mistreated him. That's why I left the zoo Bob arbitrary suckers, give me five thousand dollars. You get the photo labour now by
Jeff would eventually post is recording of this call on mine by then everything would have changed. They know how about you is in some serious trouble and they don't watch and they know everything they stop. What I recommend Not only does it is you, you don't want to be unjustified on his companion. They know everything but who were they from wondering this is episode five of sick of over my dead body, this season is called Joe exotic a story about two people who want to see animals
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