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Tally: Markel Murder Trial Update #2: Wendi Adelson Takes the Stand | 11


Five years after her ex-husband’s death Wendi Adelson takes the stand in the trial of his accused killers. What, if anything, did she know about his murder? 

Matthew Shaer speaks with Tallahassee Democrat reporter Karl Etters about the day in court. 

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Send is barely spoken publicly since her ex husband murder, but on Friday Wendy took the stand could get afternoon. Are you don't you don't? Ok by me nervous and my nerve, India some moments. You stay as lawyers question Wendy did she reveal anything new? You know the consequences of not being true hair, of course, and you also have a separate obligation as an attorney to tell the right course now do you know who killed then, Marco Tallahassee Demo, Rapporteur Karl was in the cormorant Hagen girl. So Wendy it'll sins appearance came right at the end of a long day in court and for most of the day
now retired investigator, Craig ice him a bit on the stand. Answering questions about how his theory about a murder for higher plodded come together, but then the prosecution called Wendy evils. Please introduce yourself and spell your name. My name is Wendy it'll w e Andy. I Ain t s What was her moment like will that most the day on Friday in general, but that Wendy aid often would be called the testify ends
The days when went on and on and on which we are about four o clock, it looked like. Maybe she wouldn't be called, but when they said her name, but I don't think a lot of people were expecting that, at least in the gallery and the people that were watching changes were in a grey blazer in dress when he was very composed and very stoic when she got the stand hurt her attorney was there in the courtroom most of the day, just sort of watching the and whatever nervousness was there they didn't last very long early. She was able to overcome that. Really, that's, ok,
on entering the questions at that she is an attorney, so it's not like she's unfamiliar with this entire process. So before we go on to the actual content of her testimony, tell me about this. You had been given covering this case for a really long time. You ve been writing about Wendy and her divorce from Denmark Cow. What was it like to actually see her on the stand talking about the case after so long? But I've been writing about this case and written Wendy Vain Wat. There actually met her in person subject to feed her. Take the stand during this trip during the trial of two people accused of killing her ex husband, I'm a little shocked. Surprise. You know back in July there was talk that she may not testify she had given them,
position independent, Ernie's and enacted our fifth amendment right during those, and I think, one of the things that I will as she did take the stand, those colored wondering what she would actually say during questioning and then sell. It was a lot of anticipation the owners few moments between when they called her name when they start actually asking now you are testifying today under our states, are correct, cracked and that states have been a gives you immunity for your testimony right yet. Can you explain to the jury sincere, an attorney what's immunity? Is
I mean it is freedom from prosecution, there's a couple different kinds of immunity in Florida, the one that Wendy was testifying under is basically prosecutors, can't use anything that she was to say during her testimony in that courtroom against terror that doesn't preclude investigators from violent charges or charging her in connection with this murder. To that mean that anything you say today can be used against, the state decides to arrest you later on. The state is going to decide to estimate on do you know if they consider this aspect I dont know so the prosecution begins its questioning and they essentially walkers through Wendy it'll sins relationship with Dan, how Wendy and then move to tell a happy
and how their relationship broke down. Would you consider your divorce with Mr Marc held to be a nasty divorce? I think most divorces aren't very pleasant. Ok, but this one was like really unpleasant right. I found getting divorced to be unpleasant and can you tell us a little bit about some of the problems in the marriage that the prosecution asked about a lot of good question that the prosecution asked about their merit really stems from more than five hundred pages of divorce filing realise that at the time of the murder?
just sort of starting from the bureau, they don't really know a lot about either one of either Denmark, L or Wendy evils it, and so on. The questioning on fridays surrounded sort of the fall out from their marriage. It talked about the sort of vicious back and forth court filing that had to do with the city of the children, visitation rights, Wendy, mother, Donna, all sin, Jordi, cattlemen DE prosecutor on this case did ask about what, if you look, if you just read, the court filing seemed like very petty thing about Kenneth rackets and different things that were in the house that they seem to be fighting over the windy during her. Testimony really lead us to believe that those were minor things that had the sort of been blown up by
Cuba is invited their fury of this case about how contentious their divorce. Actually, why didn't seem that those things were such a big deal to her during her testimony? I notice in the e mails that your mother referring to, and I think as Denmark as gibberish. What does that mean divers when a nickname that I gave Danny when he was being really difficult? and causing me a lot of pain was sort of an name. I gave him to make him feel less threatening. So it was a derogatory thing. I wouldn't to say was derogatory. Did you call him back to his face? No one called them Danny to his face
at some point. We get to the issue of Charlie it'll, send whose Wendy's brother now tell us about this. Tell us about the vein of questioning with Charlie did according to Wendy did Charlie like Dan. She said that he probably wasn't Charlie favour person. There were several of your family members that were upset and sort of angry with Marco They were going through their divorce proceedings. Would you describe your parents is being over involved in your personal business as compared to other peoples Yeah? I don't know
But Charley was the only one who seems to have joked about hiring hit man. Can you tell us about that? Did that come up when Wendy was understand that part of this case about Charlie it'll projecting a party had been out for a couple years now we saw it in Wendy's, first interview with police, three or four hours after Marco had been shot. She called attacked him Craig ICE and let her brother had sort of made this often joke about hiring a hitman. He tended to repeat himself in some. He would make jokes that weren't very funny about all kinds of things did Charlie ever say that he considered all possible options to take care of the problem, the problem being down Marco? No captain wragge renewal of the journey. It should have directly asked her about it. She knew who told the marginal and she said no
and this immediately call that up with Digital, but rather have you can download Arco, I dont believe so I dont believe. So you don't think I mean whatever you like, but I think that that is. It is a question that really played into the prosecutions theory in this case. That's interesting though one of this and other another fascinating thing that comes up is the issue of Wendy, changing her sons last names from mark. How can you talk a little bit about that and when and how Wendy responded to those questions when he copied out? You know in the. Since the immortal deaths or the intense media. Screwed me that has come on her in her family, even before their investigators theory of this murder for higher without their she said that she changed her son per Tucson last names to analyse and to protect them from that media scrutiny. Had you been keep?
with the media coverage. In this case, I don't want any media related to this case so but you are aware of the attention that has been brought on this score I am aware only because of the constant death threats that I receive. Yes, okay, so just so, here's the big the big question, perhaps the biggest question from from Wendy's testimony. What does it mean for the prosecution in the defence and and more specifically, I guess, as this changed anything for the case, but I dont think Wendy subtly change anything for the case, but I think it in a way sort of bolsters the prosecutions case a little
she talked him. She said she really doesn't know much about the theory of the case. She's, really unaware of what's been going on. That's what she says that she'd unaware of what's been happening as ends, but some of her answer is especially the one about whether she thinks her family within ball in killing D amato, I think really adds and wait for the prosecutions gauge for ticklish sorted before word answer about whether a brother at nothing to do with joy, Denmark Ellen, is, I don't believe so you take as, Inter you half the wonder. What does that mean because someone like Wendy's so careful about what she says right seen you you think when response comes, I dad did it's loaded. Some why I guess churn she. She knows that every word that you say understands is going to be scrutinised, the meaning of everywhere. They say it like to be sure lized list
girl. I know I've got a few more weeks ahead of us, or at least a couple more weeks in will catch up with you really soon her mad about you later, thanks Carl will continue following the Denmark how murder trial as it unfolds and special updates exclusively on wondering plus that's also where you can listen to both seasons of over my dead body. Add four Sign up today wondering dot com forward, slash plus that's w, oh and de. Are why dot com? Slash p? L you ass from wondering this is a special episode of over my dead body. If you have a tip about a story involving two people pushed to their limits could be the next season of over my dead body. You malice tests, have wondered, dot, com
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