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When are arrests are finally made, it’s not who anyone expected. The FBI and local police seem to be zeroing in on a group of suspects. And soon, the King will have to make an important decision.

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A listener note. This story contained adult content and languid on May twenty. Fourth, two thousand sixteen and asked agent in italian ass. He police investigator show up at it. Whose story apartment complex in a palm tree line neighborhood in North Miami. Quite looking walking at the boy inside her apartment, Katy, mag Vanua, is on the phone Boyfriend seek Fredo Garcia, some special care to talk. Worker falcon contracting out, I'm like what the hell's going on seed Fredo tells, Haiti. Federal agents have been in his work again. Believe I somebody cod sweetie. You said something about a trip: mom homicide. Something I saw them
in order to call my journey and have them call guarantees and cooking Sparky that gun thumping need to fucking all friends and hoping that it now you gotta have a warm Katy, gets off the ground, on and waits for, the agents to leave. She does Let the man, Stay, seek Fredo pulls into an x on mobile stage. It's a warm breezy night in HOLLAND, they'll beach city, just north of Miami. He gets out of his Lexus Sudan, and suddenly he swarmed by FBI agents in office from the local police depart the cops coffin. Then an officer, searches, sick, Fredo and his car defined fifty hundred dollar bills, a hand the tender and some scripture bottles, they bring em the police station, where they fight,
something else in his wallet, a small baggy of cocaine. That's not why they're bringing a man we have arrested. Sucrose overseer the a problem Daniel MARC out, Mr Garcia it was located by the hall Police Department and Brown Downing and taken into custody police release a mug shot highly your southward guy knows his Vienna guy veered goatee black hair I don't know what a murderer looks like anything. There is a look for a murderer, but I didn't get that and for men see Fredo Garcia, whose friends column The nickname Tito has history with breaking the law, a couple of since our four I think he got busted for not having a fishing licence created, cocaine charge. I think in fact, he's got twenty two rests going back to when he was a teenager. This historic active, investigation, in order not to jeopardize is ongoing investigation, the probable cause in this case, And sealed by judge all shop is well
the information that we can provide to you today, car letters, the local reporter is at that press conference and like a lot of people he's wondering who is this person find a whole lot about separated, Garcia and the bigger mystery. Why in the world with this guy Miami resident, come all the we too Tallahassee to commit murder. Still, although connection to the immortal. At this point, If that somebody who lives in Miami who is now being charged two year old murder and Tallahassee enters colleague at the door Crap reaches out to Wendy angels. In for a comment on the arrest, she promptly sends back an email, These past few years have been an extraordinarily difficult time for our family Although my children will always live with a tremendous loss of their father, my hope is that these new developments will finally bring some closure put closure. Seems elusive,
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season is called tally and this episode for Toto and Toto, Wendy Athos and has given any interviews since stands: death she too, but she didn't want to talk on tape. For this year. Is writing class radio. I'm Andrey ass, though it were back in two thousand fifteen read about a year a half after the murder she the creative writing class. There was featured on a podcast if your tuning and now, for the first time been beneath us, that's what in Miami here by the way is from the original podcast episode. Ten months ago, someone killed the Father mental, my children, without the worst need murdered. Actual conversations, I dont know whether to call him my axe leave, spouse or my late experts, except that late Thou sounds like lead, hack, spouse, Wendy looks
and how she and Dan first came together and why they came park. They, when I was in my men twenties when I thought I could keep the system and marry a man. I lacked passionate love for because hey didn't die anyway during marriage, I saw him: intellect and big heart and thought. Make a wonderful father for my children, army dissolved after the children arrived as the lonely for being married to someone that didn't view me as an equal krypton. I do believe he loved me I say he knew how I mean like fiction, so why my novel, it was logic. Not a lack of love Wendy shows a dark sense of humor she's, also introspective right about? How would she presents to the world doesn't always match? What's going on inside Danny to tell me that everyone thought I was such a nice person in such a good person, but he the only one that knew the truth about what a bad person I was he was convinced I had deluded-
we won by him after she finished reading the class gives notes. We're on the writing, not the murder, the teacher says we're not the podcast. Israel and when Wendy sits down with your teacher afterwards to talk about the experience she admits. It was tough it was shaking from head to toe, and I thought okay, bushes, do this suspense divan. I didn't have a plan to do it, but it just felt unavoidable the words gonna just flew out of me, but then, when I was done, I sat there and I couldn't look anyone in the eye and I was sweaty and I just thought: okay, now, I've done it now, it's out there now what. This was the only big one that we found that when the maiden we had a criminal and our mists may Sickly Marie
The scenario is just a few doors down from where sick, Fredo, Garcia, Katy, Mcdonald, Sheridan Apartment. It's quiet neighbourhood only after we saw it. In the end, the news we found out, who you was where he lived and we can believe it. Marie remembers, Katy to a young girl, polite Catherine, my Vanua Katy friends and family is thirty. One years old. She's long, dark hair died later at the tips and a bright smile. She moved to Miami when she was seven years old, she's my daughter's godmother, very close chatter, as we were together. Basically, twenty fourth on when it kiddies best friends from China. Best. Friends from childhood is yonder of Alaska S and they stayed close even a matching tattoos of bumblebees when you had cravings. While she was pregnant, there was a friend Katy with the food she wanted. They both got into bartender
she really liked the bartender life from the bottle service life. It was it was on this I mean I can assess Sorbiere. They did it neither for a year now, son, but eventually yonder, says Katie's boyfriend seek Fredo put aside, to that. When you work that lifestyle you have two were very small clothing. You to float where the clients, like that's how you make your money. That's how you think you're too says a bartender as a bottle garlic, that's just how you make your money. He didn't like this girl, yonder is known: sick Fredo, just as long Siegfried own Haiti started dating in high school and have had an on again off again relationship for years. They have two kids together, Yonder says yet suit. Fredo could be hot headed. But this this arrest and something many things like a robbery awry draws. Ok What a martyr like I would never ever expected. When sick Fredo was arrested, Katy was planning it Crypto, Orlando Disneyworld Design,
break their daughters, birthday Shin that obviously not going. We still want, because we already have patriarchy thing, and you know we were taken so did under appalling by This is because I was there was quite those Katy mag makes a lot of phone calls in the days after her boyfriend's arrest, one of the first people he talks to his brother Francis. What happened? Ok now mom, I got a lawyer. I have no idea. She tells him about how the F b I visited sick, Fredo work and literally shaded, because you're gonna be a manager on a job, but he's doing so good and he's like. Why are you write? The bourgeoisie? Supream has been set up. She says the tiny amount of coke they found on in the council.
Of planet. It there's no way you'd be stupid enough to carry with so much heat on everything that I lived. There are good and entering into an agreeable everything. You say that he was to trigger guy there I know he's not. I know that such thing that killing everybody even know everybody everybody in things, bookmark everybody's calling my ball back along the activate your facebook, sucralose, booked, Brower County jail Soon he's gonna be moved closer to Tallahassee to face the murder charges. They are all alone and each popular buggy grabbing cheers met it Enough Central America, which, sooner or later abundant. Now for something that you ve got. You know for the rest of his life, love towards you, what're you gonna do Katy Life is turned upside down in a bunch of ways.
Now what they're, gonna com and interrogated me for hours. Probably you know- and I got anywhere for myself because, like I'm scared, I'm already feeling a little weird would school with my kids, because blowing up parents is Bob, I just wanna buy, want them away from the idea that there were two bullets bugging thundered reviews bugging barking up about the bilingual. Have everybody in the hope of you studied like Spain, ITALY, daughters, Bertha this weekend, and I claim you and you will enable www kitty to friends and family who want to make sure she's doing ok, but just gets another call from a friend Jessica who says they need to talk you were ever bubble, needs distraught Jessica tells her. She should stay calm. I now come down, everything's gonna be stifled.
Nor do I get my school. There is above. The jailing warning you leave from money. I've gotten all something because this year, when came to power from one out What I do know bringing my work. I have been going on urban Saigu Avengers, not being honoured me wouldn't lever to anything like good error. You know here I need a place where you can make a plan to meet Jessica tells be careful, keep an eye out for anyone who might be following you make double turn. When you're driving, if you have to but a half hour, ass and Jessica doesn't hear anything back. She calls Katy again goes to voicemail. She texture just come to my house. I really need to talk to you. He Sab Katy text back Gimme,
Zack. I my whole family talking to me. Please Jessica, it's for over an hour until she loses their patience. You know I need you to talk to me. I'm sorry. This is happening, but this shit's not even done yet still. Katy keeps dodging her and maybe. For good reason, Jessica's married to the other man. The cops have placed in the press was sick, Fredo, Garcia on the day of the murder, his knee Aim is Louis Rivera Lou. Rivero is like a brother to sink Fredo. Their friend interval, ask as says she didn't know em as well. They ran in the same circles growing up and she'd heard something at least it was a gang member I mean knights to no secret is lacking. Is ours lacking eyes, not only that he was the head of the night, Miami chapter of the latin kings, and he got a nickname king Tato the moment of sick Fredo's arrest, Louis Rivera is already behind bars in a federal prince
outside Orlando he'd, been picked up in a big federal. It against the latin kings a year before. Wasn't ascribes anybody because, where it, crown and they do a wrinkle act. They're gonna pick you up. This just gonna happen now, king. It must make a decision can understand. If I put myself in his possession of their time He has children thing unless a comeback onto its ongoing, also children must come back onto its ongoing. All I can say is this: he use facing the death penalty yet that that's on this Chuck Collins was one of Louis Rivera lawyers on the murder charge. He says client was in a tough spot. He was already serving a twelve year federal since, if he didn't want to plead guilty primary sector. Please deal the only other alternative was to go to a jury. Trout input, his they india hands of twelve jerks. Jury trial and the possibility of the death penalty
or seven extra years imprisonment, Rivera all these options and then decides yeah, I'm gonna cooperate if you intentionally tell a story for you give a statement that you know not true. We demanded a territory which is really the leaks, he tells investigators his story of what, two years ago in Tallahassee I always emerged from the holiday season. A little traumatized, so much travel such close quarters with rude strangers, but this here things were a little more tolerable for me, because I had best beans in my pocket
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for various slouched. In a swivel chair in a bare interview room in the Generous County sheriff's office, he short much shorter than his friends. Fredo Garcia five feet, four inches and socks today he's in his neon orange prison jumpsuit across table from him or a pair of cops. There's the figure at all where you furry that you were going to come Tallahassee, because I've never been to Tallahassee before three very telling investigators that two summers before he answered afraid Garcia, drove to Tallahassee, not once but twice the first time is in June of two thousand fourteen a month before Denmark, Hell's murder, Garcia picked more than a black handy rental, car results, You pick me up.
The so called usurping funny story. The bigger the sandy NATO of ammonia Rivera, says, is used to jobs. Like this, that boy, I'm a jack boy, I robbed dealers. He says the long drive up north. Equally the length of his state, but Their driving Rivera learns that this trip. It's not to rob? Someone in fact He later say it's not like anything. He stopped before they arise When I get in the car or see it's kind of your work Yes, why Garcia shows him a picture. The man they're going to tally to kill Garcia Also tells him the guy's name, but Rivera doesn't want to hear it to show me the picture he says
they finally stop at a motel near Tallahassee, where they and wind they drink, smoke, we'd stew, blame, which I was relieved back in the car they get to tracking down Denmark. How does that era now the settings but didn't do anything to dance, not yet. Instead, the following, a day and a half and when they're not working their party, they go to a Hooters. He chicken wins drink. Smoke more we'd back at their hotel room, and now That's when Rivera starts to get jittery about the whole thing. This data will be worth it's hard to hear Rivera here, but he's saying I dont think he's gonna, be worth it think it I am
even though they ve known each other. Since childhood Rivera is in taking any chances, he tells the police that he stashed, an extra gun, to protect himself from Garcia, Joe you maybe we'll stay and so they bail on the head. They turn around and head back to Miami They go back to their regular lives. They don't speak about. It again. Says he figures. The plan is dead. He forgets about the man and tat and tell a month later, but they look, we gotta go back, so they you this time Rivera rents, a previous, attempted windows about repaired side mirror and its painted silver pine. My God Toto in two to drive up north again on the way the cargo for
graft going through one of the toll both on the freeway and then later, while their driving around Tallahassee procedures, filling with a gun. In the passenger see someone. The gun goes off by accident that it will be required. I see what they stop Garcia crawls under the car. Wash the boy had gone. Clean, through the gas line. I say he shut the line serious. So we pushed aside proceed gets a ride to an auto part store, buys a rubber hose fixes it himself. The next morning there parked on trust God, DR outside a dance house. When Dan comes out with his kids. They follow the car to day care. He circled block would then drops the kids off. Then they follow
to the gin and wait. Some more said. Emma Jane Father when Dan posts into his driveway. He opens his garage door. Rivera pulls the prayers right up by our faithful, fade away his car, and so they were chosen twice over. He never spoke again by Rivera, says, Garcia pulled the trigger, and that was the last time they talked about it That's Rivera story, but now what? investigators want to know is why why did you go, get his best friend Tato to help him killed Dan very careful
yeah. I guess he's saying: Katy is the person between the woman than was the case in America, and asked what he touched: Katy Katy Magnanimous, sick, free girlfriend. That's who insisted they go back to finish the job after they build the first time, even Rivera, says Katy and sick Fredo run a break you. Oh, I get it back if you want me back, you gotta go. Do this shit. That is true Rivera tells the cops seek? Fredo and Katy are calling texting, each other the whole trip and one we're very sees an hour in the motel parking lot
it's cool moments? We snaps a picture of it and puts it on Instagram Katy sees the Pope and caused to two right away that shit down stupor were so don't run away but to develop why were you you can't do that what about people now and then, as their driving out of Tallahassee, Russia, more money away. When we get back to the house, because what is the website, everything. If you didn't hear that he says that Fredo hast where's, my money and Katy said: don't worry about it I'll. Have it tomorrow more sick, Fredo, Garcia, Louis Rivera and Katy Magda seem to live in a world very far from Denmark Hell's? They don't seem to have
connection to him at all, except one shaver every eyes here s a record forgetting that he'd there she worked here. I wouldn't I would in any case the weakest Fritos arrest, the F B. I shows up at a dental practice asking for records, Katie's employment. There, the office manager, as to the back room and makes a call to one of the dentists, Charlie Edelson Viagra. Did you ever hear she wondered? How would you warning that America within their guard here, I'm not there right now and I'm in surgery and her excellent
my office. It's my office. I can do anything out, but you don't have access anything. So I would do this. I would not speak to anybody. Are there now that it has been declared their number
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Banda gets to work finding the money they need for a good lawyer seeing them anywhere from fifty to a hundred grand. I would have liked costing them anywhere from fifty to a hundred grand. I would have liked crazy war, I gotta go right now and she put a plan. Emotion, virgin. Today Instead of my packing everything, I'm just gonna sell everything to bring it about, twitter lawyer, move out of her apartment get whatever money. She cannot, just as I am a somebody wants your furniture to send our big. I have pictures I'll find you here and now she call Sixth graders lawyer, Jim Louis again. Are you doin they are in all their own children something more? If I was, I was thinking If you have something new,
give up another beer Can I talk to talk in the treaty and that either I conjure stations are finished Charlie's gonna be talking early police, Charlotte I got so far. What about me out there? They said anything about me her, like a girl. And when she got married at nine o clock at night last night again that the convention tremor color ass, she called me In short, what are you talking to her? What you gonna do not cooperate. Tallahassee police, you telling Louis the Katy should cooperate. If you want to go to jail herself, whether they ve got a quorum. I want you to cooperate now- urge the pressure either squeezing here too grasping extra hooker. They only know really who to approach in the family.
That at least that family now knows what's going on and another Charlie links talking to if she's arrested. Louis Social also need her own lawyer. He can represent both Siegfried and Katy, would cost or even more, but that's not happening yet he says the irish language, the approaching in ours to arrest. You won't come I don't think you have enough to do it again unless there's something out there. Just hold on open backing, coarser insinuating that they do that. I don't. I don't know what that will be. That's why I thought it was so important that we reach up to that family to see. If anybody over there was talk of her saying anything, and we now. I know as of right now that nobody is one yet again by first extending our answers to the Michael family. On June, second, the Tallahassee police chief gets back up in the briefing room for another update,
almost two years, even during a tremendous amount of turmoil in their lives and remind everyone, out where these cases about the mortar, professor, Marco and lasting effects. It has upon his family and the community up now the judge you been keeping the evidence under wraps to protect the rest of the investigation, but today NATO is unsealed, so we can provide additional information. Someone tells me that the court document has been filed for his arrest Carl enters into TAT. Has he Democrat doesn't wasted? Second again like I'm way People out away like this is a huge deal enters open. Up, the six page affidavit lays out the probable cause that led to seek Fredo, Garcia Arrest and the first thing that Really pops out me is that when the family sincerely is being implicated, were not only someone been arrested, but now damn, shells ex wife family is also deal with that on page to the rest, after dinner,
Investigators believe motive for this murder stem from a desperate desire of the evils. In fact, relocate Wendy and the children to South Florida, which is system with what Louis Rivera tells the cops gave back, then I want you to give us your kids but when the lady wants or two kids back now is the plan, that's what I went to go, killed a man for Charlie. Eighty friend and colleague Marvin calls to checking on really can't talk value, talk about it. Ok, are you? Ok, you ok yeah, I'm fine, I'm actually Mamma would work right now, but I had some at high patient wanting. Could Sunni, because use attain from his employer failed, but he strives to me yesterday that a white beard exploits dear problems. Worse than I care about you around the same time Fredo's lawyer breaks the news to Katy.
A J, they run she'll, be will cause affidavit temperature suddenly, the internet and stuff, and those already stories about dear involvement, collapsed Democrat, ok, just by what was in the problem. On Saturday at the bottom of the Bela. Ok, so mining There are already yes, your name shopping preparing that already public right Charlie warns is friend to watch what he says. Lord, let me put it this way there anything that you would not want gotta, be listening, do don't say it on the top arm in a professional clark. Anything anywhere, you're, really you're supposed to work through the trick. Dad I'm coming in only aiming at nine a day, you're gonna be able to work Marvin I worked towards surgery yesterday in an hour.
You read you reached out, and you don't need I just, but I usually they can write whatever they want to write a decree countries stand actually take. Ok, meanwhile, It's now been a week's in sick, Fredo's, arrest and key. Been dealing with the fall out. Selinger furniture moving out of her place, can't your trip to Disney World with her daughter, she's also been avoiding Jessica, Louis River his wife, the one who wants you to calm down and meter instead, Katie's p ass Jessica's number along tour lawyer to handle, and you give number two, your lawyer, you fucking, kidding me on what grounds Katy get fucking you know damn well. I don't have shit to do with. What's going on Us when you concerned and to talk, but don't get it twisted. What are you? and tell your lawyer the reason your husband is in jail is because, if you and charlie- and this also fits-
very tells the cops. I start my wife is she, bearing motionless. Then, yes, you heard their right. As page six of the probable cause, affidavit states, investigators, developed information that around the time of the murder, Charlie Wendy's brother, was involved. In a personal relationship with Catherine MEG Banner one or lose were very says. She was fucking, the dentist, the police and the the I have been listening in on both Charlie's and Katie's phone conversations. Four months methodically, putting together their case warrior how much damage, but even boy will help and revolver I often say I got a chance to go down to my mom,
it might have used. I these are, oh yeah yeah. I do you dream about. Let's all that, you know that guy oh yeah oh shit, once these, staff. A David is public, Carl Adders assumes the rest of the story will unfold quickly. I thought it within a week. Debate also really would be charged as this summer drags on. He waits anyway. But no new charges come enters. Put in a public information request for any unreleased documents related to the case, he's not beckoned to get much but the tower. See, police are reportedly frustrated by the slow progress the state prosecutor's are making
that fall. They release a boat load of documents. On the case those documents showed everyone. They talk to boyfriends and girlfriends of Denmark, ITALY and Wendy Eagle in those documents Alba cause affidavit, illustrates in painstaking detail with police, Is it conspiracy between Katy Magda success you're, Garcia, Louis Vera and Charlie eight also. Cattle has not been taken care of his family's. Nothing care. I thought TAT was why why you call It means Bubu you something regarding our sun, something regarding his ex girlfriend and the person You love her somebody that on the next episode. Over my dead body from Wonder
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