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What makes a good marriage? Dan is smitten when he meets Wendi. But after a lavish wedding and a move to Tallahassee for Dan’s job, cracks in their relationship start to appear. Dan is blindsided when he comes home from a work trip and Wendi is gone. Maybe he should have read her novel.

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This episode contains adult content. This is the first episode of season one. If you're looking for a season, two of over my dead body look for Joe exotic episode, one on the shows feed one morning attorney David LAD was sitting in his apartment in DC slipping through the Sunday New York Times when he arrived at. Favorite part of the paper. I have taken ass. I am a d, reader of the New York Times, wedding announcements. Let loves the wedding section, even though the vast majority of both are total strangers to him. They are looking for peace. Weird impressive pedigrees. They are looking for people who are photo genetic, but on that morning he spotted a pair of familiar faces. They were both very impressive, accomplished young lawyer as other and very nice looking couple so
If anyone was going to make it into those pages, it was going to be done and Wendy LAD began to read: Wendy Jill, Wilson, the daughter of Donna, Suharto, sin and Doktor Harvey J Edelson of Coral springs. Florida is to be read this evening to Dan Eric Marco, the Son of Ruth Marco and film archives of Toronto. The bride twenty six is keeping our name. I think it was. The best was ushered into every corner. Was a high school body of dance. He made the trip Boca return for the celebration, as did around two hundred other friends and family members, the weather perfect. The venue extravagant and at the centre of all of it. The happy couple Wendy danced for hours with their guests, I just felt- it was overflowing with with joy in love. I mean the sun, so horny
I actually found an email I sent to down on March for of two thousand six Dan, congratulations and best wishes to you and Wendy I'm sick at home. Reading the Sunday Times, and lo and behold there you are best Dave and it's funny and actually responded, because Dan was a very diligent email responder, even though he was on his honeymoon greetings from, Bob mad. He rode and then I respond Your team on your honeymoon, you truly our cyber attic. I thought I was bad. Don't respond to this email, we're having a wonderful time, so it makes a good marriage anyway. I guess I would say that- crucial to a good marriage is mutual respect, love of course, I also respect, but as you can probably guess, this isn't a story about the happy ever afters the luck once the couples who grow more inseparable with age, not even close
I have to be a little circumspect here, because over the years I've become very familiar with the I have a of the United States, so my eye I don't think I'm going My personal view here. It's a story about the opposite, a bad marriage, a worse breaker, a brutal divorce, and he storm doubt, and did he say something like I told you, you should never be marrying her are the biggest all our work on the historic, dicey. Ever I would say everything they came after. Nobody knows something because you wouldn't king, let someone else I have never said to anyone. As a dangerous person
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Magazine writer for about a decade now, and during that time, made a habit of keeping certain ideas in my back pocket ideas that I play returning to at some point down the line, but in the past couple years. One particular criminal case has taken up the bulk of my free time. A cases at least as much about marriage in love as it does revenge and justice and the links will go to to get even this season of over my dead body is called Talley episode one? The husband can I just tell em Your tone is my: is my cousin and William Shatner Leonard Cohen, died, but will Sattler was there and he'd know those couples who each other so line and when they too, stories, they can finish each other's sentences, Ruth and fell. Marco are just like that on this particular
afternoon the Marquis tells you sitting on a couch in a home in a leafy residential neighbourhood of Toronto, telling stuff is about their son Dan. He was very run boxes, the furthest thing from various personality for him, how he got lost in a shopping mall as a boy he went to the key ass, pretty ass, the lady can I use your phone please to call home because I lost my father how he was ambitious, even as a teenager by the time he was about thirteen thirteen and a half he decided. Now, I'm not going a rabbi, but I'm going to be the president of the synagogue by high school day, was telling anyone who would listen. It's Sunday, you can I go to Harvard I'll. Never forget he got accepted was almost unbelievable. Vainly was like Uncloud ninety nine. He was just so happy because he actually got what he really plan for a long long time. Anyone on
Harvard LAW School after that, damn clerk for a federal judge landed a job at a prestigious law firm in DC termination. He knew what he wanted. He basically achieved Dan, had it all, but I've found anyone who wanted to spend the rest of his life. With a look fiery family life. He would. He was definitely looking for. You know like let's call it like a settling. He was ready to settle down as the expression goes. Children would therefore be a yard of light is like a question and then one day he met Wendy Edelson, she's, beautiful girl, woman she was worse than it very word. Dan and Wendy had found each other and jaded exchange messages. Joked flirted Soon he was introducing you to his parents. Dan was
out of Wendy's academic pedigree, which almost matched his Magna come loudly from Brandeis Masters Degree from Cambridge. She was seven years younger than Dan when they met she was law school. University of Man a meal. Everything was very positive, was Thirdly, no questioner in our minds, image Jewish came from a jewish family, rejoined from New York Father was it then Ass, the mother was whatever school, kids just siblings and Everything What more can jewish parents want from their kids, Dan and Wendy had started off long distance him in D C. And her in Miami, but it was a rocket courtship, if two thousand five Dan accepted a ten year track job at Florida, State University in Tallahassee, where he and Wendy plan to start a life together. That same month the couple took a trip to Israel.
Village of Tiberius, overlooking the sea of Galilee Dan proposed and Wendy accepted on his blog Dan wrote All I can say is: why did I win the lottery of life? A lot of? their people thought so too, as a couple Dan, and what were charismatic. They played off each other's energy, It was Thursday night September first, two thousand and five, and I met this wedding. I'm a single guy, I'm on the dance floor, kind of feeling, like lonely, and I I walk off the dance floor and just kind of strolling around this big hotel ballroom at the Pierre Hotel in your central park in New York City try a new Dan from Harvard a really attractive. Young lady stops me She says I recognize you from my fiance is Friendster page yeah Friendster. This is the two thousands. It was like the pre facebook Facebook kind of, but I guess
we're nearest successful, but her fiance apparently had a friend your page, and she recognized me is one of the friends in it, and I said, oh who's, your insane. She said Dan Help. Of course I was you know talking to Wendy and meeting her for the first time Dan and Wendy wasted no time hatching a plan there we're gonna set down. With one when his friends Dan said she's beautiful, she's jewish she's really and she's got a great body. And when these kind of blushing and like you know, shut up, he goes well. She does and you the meter, so Wendy picks up her cell phone and calls Abigail and leaves a voice mail and what the voicemail say Abigail stop dealing with, your be shared members share it. There's like your intended, as you probably know, and that was that Zack lived an airway Abigail lived in, in DC thousands of miles apart. So what dance said
He done long distance to look how it turned out. Begun, and I went on our first date and that's the last first date. I've ever been on The schreyer got married and, of course, the couple who introduced them were at the wedding, but Gale didn't wanna, give Dan and Wendy to big of a role there. Always a fair amount. The drama with a copper I'm not person who likes drama very much. The drama Abigail mentions There is no small thing Abigail says at one point, Wendy told her. She was thinking of breaking offer engagement with Dan Wendy. Can we go for a walk and said in a day had offended a friend of of Wendy's about feelings about a affirmative action see any New Dan knew that he never encountered an argument you wouldn't take up for sport. It wasn't even affirmative action as a policy he disliked debate be was closing. Pathetically to her and he really offended
these friend and she she said she needed to gonna walk with me when I walk, and she said I dont know what to do. Can I love this Pineau basically, should I get back together with them? Apparently we decided she could few months later, she and Dan were married. Still there, drama, it didn't go away even on Dan and when these wedding day The mark hell's in the April, since we're both paying for the wedding, was when these people higher the caterer Dan one of the wedding to be strictly kosher, but when we arrived the food knock and we noticed right away. They had dairy meet both being offered at the same time and that's when we both kind of start to step away like. What's not your was coming on here, the more kills were blindsided Dan was going round. Each of his guests, who kept kosher. We do and saying I'm. So sorry, please don't eat the food
It's not kosher, I'm so sorry, Dan and recruited, a rabbi friend as efficient and the key put him in a specially awkward position with his body. The rabbi that he had asked her officiate had to leave the wedding at that point. Dan must have felt awful but if he let the kosher mix up more than trip him up momentarily Abigail didn't see it, and this Stan. He went to every person who kept kosher and apologize them personally, and then he ran right back to the dance floor and started dancing with her again after the war, Dan and Wendy returned to Tallahassee, where Dan, through he life is published academic? He taught he published papers, he traveled the country attending conferences and it was at those conferences that fellow attorney David, lad. Woodsia Dan
on the legal conference circuit was something of a rock star. He appeared on many many panels. He was a speaker often I believe, a keynote speaker that had been friends with Dan at Harvard and now they found themselves running in the same circles again Dan and I reconnect through legal blogging. I, started to legal blogs and Dan found a very popular influential law, professor blog, called across blog, normally dance blood now, with the ins and outs of his legal theories of crime and punishment or the these developments on the courts, but in July, If two thousand nine Dan had some more personal news to share, Wendy and I welcome the little and delicious seven pounds: five oz, baby boy into the world last night, Wednesday, at ten, fifty eight p m- everyone is flourish. The baby naming ceremony embrace will take place next week on Thursday in the happy more detail,
to follow, but I'm using Facebook mobile to pepper the world of inanity is a new pigs. So, if you're into did follow, Bam, dams, life journey there with gratitude and Blessings Wendy, eight Olsson and Danny Marco next to it. He posted a photo huh a pic of the little guy dreaming of whitefish, salad and other smoke delicacies to come. If you, a regular reader of profit blog in those years. You would have gotten a picture. The Dan and Wendy's marriage was well happy when Wendy he did in a triathlon Dan gushed about it. When Wendy wrote a novel, Dan promoted or books signing on the blog, she was a seat. Little bare and Spanish Dan wasted no opportune, they define over, which struck even his close friends is a little over the top it was. The out there. It was really dan- and you know it was, it was- basically uncool. It was
he's angrily. You know brash, but was it was so unbelievably January and that I kind of don't know how you can I've been disarmed by at even in person. Zack Schreyer remembers. The couple could engage in a kind of pda, that's usually reserved for teenagers. He literally jumps on Wendy on this and just sort of smothers her and starts like kissing her right in front of me on this bed in a way that was in mostly just playful, not as wildly inappropriate as it sounds, but just kind of just sort of like ridiculous funny drama love. She was relentless. In a certain sense, he was a relentless with love, so then imagine that you're, Denmark, Cow Yonah, short business, trip to New York. You get a call from your wife. She tells you she's leaving you you can't your trip.
You sure you can still convinced her to reconsider. You get the first flight home But as you open the door, you notice The house is weirdly quiet, echoing never this quiet van you notice a lot of the furniture in the living room is gone. The kids room mostly empty, in fact pretty much everything is God, including your wife and the kids. You walk in your bedroom. The bed is still there and on it you see us lack of divorce papers in re, the marriage of Wendy, Edelson, petitioner, wife and Denmark, Hell responded husband petition for dissolution of marriage dance. It's written and came down the next day, for a visit. Unfortunately,
his whole home was totally devastated. But the children's clothing. The children's toys in bed and stuff like that we're gone down he's a phrase from history to describe what he felt his wife had just done to her pearl arbour. On December seventh, nineteen forty one, Japan, like its infamous access partners, struck first then declared war. Afterwards, Dan and Wendy had become close with a couple who live near them and Tallahassee Jeremy and Tracy Cohen dare to later Dan went to see them is very devastated there super emotional ends. You upset serious, I mean just over by what had happened. And I think his way of processing is gonna talking through it, and they needed in that having board ends. That's not a conversation with a bag of what he was doing
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Equally everywhere we went people told us Tallahassee has he's sleeping Tallahassee, QUIET Tallahassee is basically a village, It's the capital of Florida, but its north Florida, a big difference from the area around Miami. It feels more the deep self finish. Moss humidity is thick is a blanket bugs decisive fist Tracy retired couples and then in one of the nicest neighborhoods in town and they write forbidden health. If you look at the sign of bottled after the Beverly Hills, fine, so it's has! That has aspirations. Superb who'd, been here a decade, leave two kids and run a small business together. The most part is houses ever built in the fifties and Sixtys and Seventys, so it's kind of a mix of older retired couples and then more and more a young families with children, Moving to this neighborhood button Hills
we're Dan and Wendy lived. We let our first child without seven ends and I spent than shortly after that at a party we were still kind of an emotive of trying to be do people need your friends, Wendy was charming with blonde hair and beard bright blue eyes, which Tracy you're fine, our enhanced with two contents Dan was chatty tense. With light brown, hair and glasses, there is going to support their return to the political party refers to hang up after that It had been a job. They brought their new friends to Tallahassee Dan's job. The law school it offered Wendy a teaching position to on a contract basis to get this attractive. Candidates like like Danny the loss of as often to accommodate, either that their spouses right and an untold
This is notoriously difficult place for that. For now notice is an argentine diplomats and tired? Member of the faculty edifice use law school. He held tired and we're not New York. We're not Washington, weeded out she car with this, not stuff This poses Tallahassee. Certainly wasn't Wendy's first choice, but she tried to make deal in order to please daddy, gave her a clinical job, and I think that in that job, as she did pretty well, she connected with it. Who do human trafficking and she did pretty well there for performers citing acceded, a expectation, over time. Dan and he became a kind of Tallahassee Power couple A lot of Friday's Dan and Wendy hosted Big should, by dinners in their home it when he woke up point together. People from.
The jewish community, but also outside the jewish communities. In chairing this meal, with a pretty broad array of really interesting people The Collins also saw the cracks in the relationship. Just small couple type things like arguing: overtures by consuming it's gotta, be very too. He was not personally mobilise. Thank you. Didn't you do dishes, but there were some bigger issues to one's the data back to their wedding day. They were very careful about giving the Kosovo I will save windy broke that No, I don't think that was a point of contention between the tool, but Bedford, daily intake their friend. Abigail Schreyer says the dance. Jewish identity mattered him a lot he was very thoroughly jewish guy. It's sort of hard to convey that sometimes, He he really was said something that was in his bones. For example, believed he was a coin. A member of the jewish priestly class
he took their role seriously planted the structures as if you're a coin you're not supposed to visit a grave site. You can go to a funeral, but you're not actually supposed to sort of, as far as I know, defined yourself by going to the court grave site Wendy. She didn't kill except the sacrifices they came with that her grand their died and she I m? Sorry, I can't go. I think this was their first year of marriage, and she and her from one he told me she and her family could not understand us. How could you possibly do to my grandmother. How could you do this to us? Why? Wouldn't you go around this time Wendy also started to work on a novel. Called. This is our story. She asked friend Tracy for help. Battening it and when Tracy read the manuscript, she was surprised to find a major parts of the novel appeared to be pretty nakedly autobiographical
Tallahassee had been redone. Taiwan springs, the attorney narrator was lily, not Wendy, but still there ass seemed awfully familiar in the novel lily hates her adopted city of high. Was he springs? Here's how she describes her arrival there was pouring rain, which was just as well because it obscure the fact that I was U Springs was, shall we say less than I expected it's my own fault, really not having done enough research I just assumed, and we all know what assuming does the highway springs in Florida and would be just like other parts of floored. I knew Lily Lily Lily definitely found out how wrong you can be with assumptions. By all accounts, Wendy was not a fan of Tallahassee shoe. And happier in Miami where her passion, immigration law would be put to better use and where she could be closer to our extended family.
One brother lost lived outside Florida, the of at eight o Sinclair lived and worked around Miami. But there's more than just hating Tallahassee the lily. Eric during Monday's novel, also fear she's become trapped in a broken marriage did even love and many more Willie things to herself or did I just love the idea being attached to something Knowing that I was moving in one particular direction, I was lost without a clear idea of where I might be headed. My time is precious. One speck wasted reading that novel, but people are ready,
It is a fragile Dan dutifully promoted the novel on his blog, but to close friends, he was less positive. Danny was intelligently very rigorous. My suspicion- this is complete. Speculation on my part, you have to understand, is that he thought he was crap on here that an undue did not deserve intellectual respect. I think your daddy is the true scholar and his research been allowed to have his very well respected in the field, and that was uneconomic, Pisa literature, and so I think he ain't gonna turn his nose up a lot of it at that and gazed at it. Freedom, one nation, reading as it were, the novel was eventually published Dan
they'll never read it, which was a mortal land for Wendy, really hurt her feelings. Very think about that of your wife. Ports are designed to this. Both it's gotten, pretty broad claim and feels like you did wanting to attribute. It gets hurt me if you're married to somebody that somebody does something or says something upon which is something worthless. What're you gonna, do take, take the two and a half hours and read it. That's my colleague yard Benson talking with sound yeah. She could have said that they told us that it was crap yeah. So maybe here the ride not have you read? It was not the best marital thing to do din and Wendy and had would seemed on the outside. Like a storybook romance whirlwind, courtship picture, perfect engagement lavish wedding.
But in the book lilies attitude towards love seems more transaction. I see dating fast is nothing more than a romantic interview. Are you the kind of person who would produce good, looking smart and nice children and never cheat on me and help me clean up the kitchen and love me even when I'm grouchy and not trade me in for a younger model and join the other team. The real life Wendy had gotten some of those things by marrying Dan Success his career, a couple of kids, not much of the cleaning the kitchen part, in wasn't completely clueless about when these dissatisfaction during that time, DEN and Wendy vis. Their friends. The schreyer, in LOS Angeles, remembered them. Same Darzac, don't you ass. You asked a lot more questions before you got married or something like that, but he was also confident he could make it work dance when it feels like. If there is a problem he just needs day. You know, punch
they get past that that was my always my impression of him. An obstacle was just an excuse for not getting things done, and I think he felt that way in the relationship to Wendy, meanwhile, was moving in a very different direction. She had enough of living in a city she hated Sheena plan. She was gonna, get a lawyer book, moving trucks, fill out divorce papers, and then she was going to take her to boys and get the hell out of Tallahassee
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Wendy and Dan, when on a trip with some friends, including their neighbours, the Cohen's we entered the beach trip with ourselves, our families and the Marquis ladle sends another couple and their kids and then the two of us and our children and went to think Central Saint George for the day and while we were sitting at a cafe on them trip. Wendy shared something with Tracy Colon Wending told me and the other friends ass. She was planning on leaning out within a couple weeks. She had they picked out and to. Let us know that I was imminent Tracy Toby, began incomes for me to secrecy, Jeremy Collins thought about saying something to Dan, looking back out of which could have been better for sure that have done something after the
split Dan downward vent about Pearl harbor to any friend who listen? people he waited till. I can therefore only looks at how things going in winter, The story of very personal are fulfilling that happened to him and he laid out there for a lot of other people to do here. So I said what there was another woman does. The first thing I think
No, so what I imagine he wasn't the abuse or anything nor, of course, no abuse. No alcohol, no drugs, no infidelity did she have somebody, maybe a guy, a boyfriend. No, and I could not, for my life get from him a coherent as think there was a hundred percent persuasive about the cause of the break up. She said that she resented him because he was like this kind of her tenure superstar, something on which she, didn't feel like she was at his level unresented dad. Then she wrote this novel yeah that novel again, maybe if and had read it all the way through he would have a stronger hint of what was coming
at the very end, the character, lily, fines or purpose through our work. Adopt a baby whenever immigrant clients must give up for adoption and ends up. Separated from her husband, there are many, but things are Look I'm sure by one thing on being a lawyer, is that we are trained to hear both sides. So I always told Danny what he was told me all these bad things are so we're, ok, Danny. If Wendy was here, what would you say? Well, she said she would say that you could not stand be removed. Airline Tallahassee does he feel frustrated within the marriage, because I respect your blah blah blah. She would say that to me when I asked about what would be Wendy story, but I never got Wendy Stone Dan blasted out an email to a bunch of his friends. He sent out an email about how devastating How determined he was to get winner back and make it work? How confounded he was by what was going on and he concluded it with love mightily
while you can- and that was very Dan. Turn it and then just wish. The best for the rest of us tell us like what we should be doing and hope for the best Abigail picked up the phone and called Dan. She led with a joke. A call back to the fire that. He and Wendy had been the ones who set her up successfully with her husband, Dan the girl for you Dan laughed, but as they talked, she could hear how broken he was he's here. Started Cry and he said to me: what's gonna Then, with my boys, he said, Derec connection to kite to Julia is already so attenuated. What's gonna become of them, and I have never I never heard Dan cry. It was really heartbreaking for weeks after she left him Wendy did then tell Dan where she and the boys were living.
You'd wait for Wendy at their kids school a morning drop off an afternoon pick up. I think that is one way of seeing her travelling figure, which is then be there in the parking lot for her, but not legal confrontation, not yet because was still holding onto the hope, however distant he could whew Wendy back. He could make the family whole again three men he didn't take. Four friends like the Cohen's to start choosing sides. So there is everything went in there and we were all came down from the beginning I mean I I was ends the budget also lived on our streets, our kids went to school together and were roughly the same age
I had one divorced from my first many years ago. I guess you know, and this divorce issues people take sides, and I decided by much as I liked Wendy right, whose are still lighter. You know I I I mean Danny, had chosen me as one confidence. So I was not entitled. I thought to go back to her. I talked to her. I thought that that was not consistently. My role Has done, is friend for a guy who really like to be in control things gotten a little out of control for him in an unpleasant way like not that he was a kid control frigate. I suggest that he wasn't, but this was not. The plan in any way when may have been relieved to escape a marriage and made her unhappy, but striking out on her own turned out to be not so simple, has it been
I am increasingly clear too damn that he was never getting Wendy back. His attitude changed I'd, say that there are two phases: turf puss divorce life today. The first phase was him is meted out to his Pearl harbor moment where she got papers on the bed and he was committed to winning back and when that wouldn't happening been shifted to the second phase, which was fighting like hell. Denmark tell became famous in illegal world in part due to its unique theories on crime and punishment, which often too, asked on his blog to Dan, a big part of why we punish Krim, does is to reinforce the unspoken pact we all have as a society and was taking the side that no, it's a positive good for fenders to suffer in the car being punished, because that's part of how we re the scale of that law. School colleague marks password, that's part of how signal to them that you know what you want. You
it was wrong and you, as a sort of equal moral member of society, does to be held to account for that, so and I'm summarizing here, danced these are building on one of the oldest ideas around the justice is all about getting even so once the gloves were off. Once clear. Their marriage was never going back to how it was again and when they get what they wanted in the modern world where most of us are in a pretty safe and then completely out of the blue, some walks into the garage and shoots women face many things: a robbery awry drugs, ok, but a murder like I would never ever expect bullshit man, you know exactly one point as we know what the fuck is going on there, doubts on this season of over my
dead body from wondering this is one of six of over my dead body, a story about love, death and family If you'd like to help us spread, the word please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe. Three major listening as well as on wondering dotcom if you're listening on a smartphone tapir swipe over the coverage of this podcast, if you're listening on a smartphone may swipe over the also find some offers from The episode notes, including some details you may have missed. You also finds Offers from our sponsors Putting them helps us offer our shows for free and thank you over my dead, he was written in reported by me. Matthew share an adventure,
sound designed by judgment. The producers Chris Siegel Executive produce. By George Lavender Marshall Lulli in her Non Lopez for wondering.
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