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2X SB Champ Kyle Van Noy + Hank Has To Buy A Cat

2019-02-14 | 🔗

John Elway has been cancelled. He keeps getting average to below average QB's and Joe Flacco is the next in line (2:27 - 15:30). NBA All Star Weekend (15:30 - 20:22). PFT tries to take away Hank's Duke fandom and now Hank might have to buy a Cat (20:22 - 30:41). 2X Super Bowl Champion Kyle Van Noy joins the show and talks about the Super Bowl Gameplan, what the transition from Detroit to New England was like, soaking, and Ernie Adams the silent genius (30:41 - 58:20). Segments include PR 101 for the Dog Show controversy, Antonio Brown needs to go somewhere, trouble in paradise Roger Goodell, just stop tweeting Kirk Cousins and some behind the scenes FAQ 

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