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3 X Pro Bowler Chris Johnson + Bartolo Colon and NFL Week 4 Preview

2018-09-28 | 🔗

Jared Goff is in the zone and maybe the greatest quarterback of all time. We talk about where we would sit at a Jared Goff vs Blake Bortles Super Bowl. (#:05-6:54) Preview of NFL Week 4 including our Loser Leaves Town, Are We Sure They're Good and Game Of The Week. Fantasy Fuccbois. (6:55-27:49) 3X Pro Bowler Chris Johnson joins the show to talk about his career in the NFL, Jeff Fisher, and what it's like being fast plus bonus Lendale White in studio with him. (33:02-50:31) 21 year MLB Starter Bartolo Colon joins the show to talk about his nickname Big Sexy, how he stays in such great shape, why he'll never touch Adrian Beltre's head, and how many times he watches his 1 home run (thanks to our colleague Liz Gonzalez for translating). (52:27-1:01:55) Segments include PR 101 Rovell did a bad tweet,(1:05:31-1:09:40) Thoughts and Prayers to CC Sabathia(1:09:41-1:12:45), Spinzone Tristan Thompson (1:24:46-1:14:24), Break in case of Emergency Jimmy Butler trade( 1:14:25-1:16:38), and FriYay Grab Bag (1:19:38-1:27:44). 

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On today's pardon my take. We have two great interviews. We have Chris Johnson former fastest man in the world, four, two four hundred and forty, not to brag titans legend. Time pro bowler awesome interview and a couple little guest spots from my Linda White, who is also in the room and we have Bartolo Cologne with, are great. Legal is Gonzalez translating actually interpreting they're, putting interpreting translation is when you write it. Interpretate interpreting is when you speak it. I learned that we have NFL week, four picks fantasy fuckboys in a gram. I get the end, but before we get to all that, we got an ad in because it is Friday. Larry's pics are going on during the ads we're literally taping him during the ad, so Pft will before I start the ad, whose first game we got the lions and the cow puke. So my that's what he called the cowboys become like him, nice, ok, so let's
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We didn't we're getting water all over the this. Probably not a good idea to have a huge fish. Take your podcast duty, but that's why we better get a watermark. First go turn us into a giant like interface, yeah. Okay, let's go welcome to party might take presented by Seatgeek. Today is Friday a September twenty eighth and Jared Goff is on
by your insane twenty six for thirty three thousand four hundred and six five yards passing five each downs, I feel so proud of our friend Jared Goff and the Rams are officially the team to beat circle. Him put him on the pedestal. They are a job or not, and they're so good that you almost forget like the first half, they were passing the ball all over the yard. This second, they come out and run Targ earlier, like oh yeah. They also have the best running back in the NFL yeah there a wagon, and they have a really good defense too, so once they get a lead which they always do. Yes, they get to the quarterback pretty quickly. You know what this means, though, what all signs are pointing to a Jerrod golf Blake, Bortle Super bowl right now We're gonna have to be in attendance wearing the like. I did the jersey that, like Brady Quinn sister used to wear when, and played against Aj Hawk. I actually. This is going to sound crazy and you can stop me.
If I'm sounding, like I'm being narcissistic for this podcast, no, I think we're all thinking it. I think that if that happened, probably get some air time on the super bowl like telecast? They would show us in the box being like world and there's Gerry Goffin Blake Bortles best friend. So I was just saying that we we we get a right. No, I was saying that they will go to us like there will be a prop, how many times we go to part of my take during the super yeah over under two will have time what we have to do is you have to sit with one of the families that have to sit with the other? No, we have our own box and we would have the the split jerseys. All of us would be wearing this. What's your homes and they just keep going back these guys that they must and the mother is going all the pressure you know does this? Does this make us quarterback whispers? I think so yeah. I think so. Okay, yeah I'll I'll, take that okay colors, but to get signed by the forty Niners so long, our guys after SAM Bradford whole work. I guess standard is standard. Yes, I guess Anders was at the other big. Take away from this game. Is the vikings defense or so Anthony Barr got torched.
Obviously they miss Everson Griffin that that he's a game changer for them, but that is supposedly one of the best defenses in the NFL and they got absolutely torched around on the fan. I thought they were gonna be good. When I saw the quote come out on the field MIKE Zimmer was looking like in, old sunburned librarian thighs working in both eyes are working. He was like red, which means that he's just been like living on the practice field. These are weak not going in he's been like an outdoor dog yeah, just chained up to the goal post. Even when they're not practicing, he had the glasses down on the bridge of his nose. Looking like a librarian that he's been he's been screaming all week, so now it's quiet time yep. I thought that they would do a little bit better, but I guess that just speaks to how good the rams offenses yeah and you forgot to unlearn everything you learned last week. I did well no because I bet on the Vikings and it pushed ok, so I didn't, learn anything at all. Last yeah, Hugh Hue Jackson abetting so we have a week for that. I'm going to say it not! The
matchups doesn't really matter, because it's still the NFL yeah, but only like two or three games at that saying. Well it when you have two of you know the rams the best in the NFL the Vikings are. You would want to watch him in the game because they have you know some star power, their playoff too much. You would have both those teams play on a Thursday night, yeah kind of takes away a little from Sunday any apart from homes playing on Monday night. So it's still a little from Sunday, but that's okay, because it's still the NFL still gonna enjoy the hell out of it. Before we get to our our naming. Our three games were gonna, like we did last week with. Are we sure they're good game? The loser leaves town game the game of the week. Are you wanna talk, quick just around the league Baker? Well, we all right Oakland we're gonna, get back to addressing the Stanford Oregon game. Yeah we can okay, we can bring that that we can definitely be no. No, no! No, I mean we get. We can go around the league, real quick. I mean I get a really important game. I think it's going to be Baker and the raiders right yeah. So if the raiders go to own for their well, I think there are any further
this fact I'm already sitting there. I want. I want a reporter every single week to ask John Gruden, Hey John. How do you think you can improve your pass rush? I want to hear him just like to put his foot in his mouth. Yes, a little bit like just a little bit more every week until he's up to his knee. Listen, I'm telling you he is doing this Heather Brooke on his leg to basically shield his entire team of sucking by being like hey. Remember that time I traded one of the best defensive players in the league. Speaking of Cleo MAC, the box in the bears dub this a an elimination game. So the loser will not make the playoffs the winner will, unless it's the, I think I think they're both going to miss the playoffs, but that so wrong.
Ok, very wrong. You make up that right. Now, yeah! Ok, let's put one hundred dollars chisel it I get the box in the bears one hundred dollars. You get the bucks in the bears great one hundred bucks. I get the one hundred dollars. Ok, that's fine! I mean hey, listen. I feel I feel hot on my takes right now you want to talk about Baker. Mayfield, starting with this magic is going to run out yeah and then You know Mitch he's still football young he's got another year to grow his very feet. He doesn't know that office just yet yeah. We also have the Eagles and tightens, which was probably the runner up for the are we sure they're good game, because I think the Eagles eagles are are are good but they've looked a little weird. Often simply, I don't think they're good yeah. They look a little weird. Well, they have they have a ton of guys out. It would have it yeah. They have a ton of guys out and they've got like Carson Wentz playing on one leg right. I don't think he's ready to come back. Yet it's the old Robert Griffin, all in for week, one I'm gonna try to come back a lot faster than I should yep and then the Titans coach Rabal. I, the titans, are the team all year that they're gonna just
into fistfights during the games there, the Bernard Hopkins team you're, like ok, that's not really great boxing, but he keeps winning. I feel like that's what we're going to do, they're going to keep winning games ugly, really ugly. What about Miami New England? That to me is a do you have any pride bill Belichick? Well, let's do it. So what is good or games? Because we have that circle is one of our games. That's actually the are. We sure they're good game yeah, so the dolphins in the patriots. This is the are, we sure, they're, good game, because the dolphins yeah, I actually do think the winner of this game is going to officially be good in the loser. Is gonna be like that's a big problem yeah I it will I taken when you're going on to having a right. Now you guys are Davinci business or learn to have a car car five just came out. Yeah are
O'connor five just came out breaking news. Don't make me turn this car around to stop the podcast now? Ok, alright, so I feel like we're taking our kids on a road trip. Forget her grandparents house and they just yeah the dolphins around back there, yes screw around a lot in the back is talking their own like PIG latin language. We can understand it so the dolphins and the Patriots yeah, really not that important. Now that you say the Carter five is out, Fox is going to be shipped pumping yeah. I think the pages I think they're going to dominate until proven. Otherwise, the dolphins aren't a real NFL team. Well until they win this game till they win, they win. If they win the are, we sure they're good game. They are then good. Then I take them. So that's how you do it all right. The loser leaves town Game Detroit versus Dallas, both teams one into I like both stop me. If you heard this before Pft Sean Lee is not going to play. No reassuring hamstring is he's, got a leg. Is that the craziest thing about Sean Lee? There are different team when you play is complete, but it's like three games a year right
more than that, you should throw a parade for every game. Sean Lee does play their defense is vastly different when Sean Lee is out and he's always out, but the big question on this game will is: can Dac Prescott throw for over two hundred yards the first time in five games? Yes, I think I think that again ok and Matt. Patricia is going to remember. He lost the locker room week. One he lost sources were saying found it he he got, he got. He got a few tips he's hot on the trail of his locker room, yeah they're going to be red herrings, so he has not found his locker room. Yet it's a classic, let down game. They had a big emotional Monday night go into road game and the cowboys kind of have their backs against the wall tend to play better when they know that Jerry Jones is up there in the booth, with like an a r fifteen with the scope trim so yeah. I I like the cowboys this one. Both t seem sock, probably and they're, both Boehringer. How much are boring? That's
hi Ray Honolulu Blue. I like yeah, I do well. Are you aware of him? Some talking helmets, yeah put the lions. I if I had it gone ahead. If you have to ask yourself who which of these two teams are more likely to Baker on and be decent this year, I would say the lines yeah. I actually think the cowboys are it's over. The I think the cowboys have gone form is the NFC e is kind of a pseudo yeah. We're going to put the done chain on cowboys on Monday all loses, or maybe the entire enough see you soon. Well, I don't think anybody's making the playoffs are that crap division. I don't know it's a scrappy, it's a scrappy, they're gonna old school would have see yeah, it's all be spread, and that's my favorite thing is once you get into like November, and the red skins and eagles are playing like Fourteen to sixteen games like man, these teams beat the crap out of each other, and now it's just bad foot pellets bad football, but that's what I love and then the game of the week, the Ravens and the Steelers Sunday night football, I'm so excited for big bend. Getting sacked like four or five times faking a couple: injuries drill song,
it's doing whatever he does weird teeth these teeth. This game will come down to like three points in the fourth quarter. It will be great throughout the record books. They don't like each other, very much, no love lost, so they do not know they do not John Harbaugh and MIKE Tomlin on the opposite side sidelines. They're ready to go in this game is one that's always better at night. Don't I never for the rest of my life. I want to see a Ravens Steelers game played in broad daylight. I also don't want to see it played this early. I want to see a colt. I want it so the helmets when they go off each other, like they crack 'cause, it's so cold. That's what a real Ravens Steelers game yeah I want. I want the breath to be visible. Coming through the face, mask yeah. I want them to take their helmets off and have their head steaming on the sideline. That's what I think of when I think of code. Joe Flacco gets in his oversized coat and he loses himself like Marge Simpson at the candy convention. When do you think Lamar Jackson going to play? Well, he has been
I began. What do you think is going? What what do you see? Joe Flacco like intentionally, threw a pass high tone to try to get a manager yeah? Probably if you send me over the middle all right, we should do our picks rocks you before we do that too quickly. Talk about Penn State, verse, Ohio, state and Ohio State's nice pr move where they had a silence: the noise tweet with their all white uniforms, yep. Very, very nice tweet. There were very self aware for that game, especially if you see something, be silent. Yeah delete your text, game, make sure yeah make sure you change all the settings on your phone and then say that you've never changes said setting on your phone game instead of cheering during the game and screaming you just report that
happy to your superior and then that's all you have to do just escalated in appropriate escalated through the appropriate channels. Yes, I texted my friend and told him. I was excited, there's nothing more. I can do as the most powerful man on this campus there's nothing more. I can do I feel like we should address James Harrison's comments, real quick to jump back to the Steelers James Harrison. I think, did he go on the air and in Boston in New England? I think that's what he is. I think, he's a patriot. I think when James Harrison goes into the hall of Fame he's going to be wearing a patriots jacket so what he said. He said that if you were in Libya on Bell's position, he would just fake an injury. So he had reported cracked and then fake history every single week. Yes, but then you get physicians in, but you have to take physicals and you can be like no you're, clearly not faking. The idea I had for Le Veon Bell is: he should just fake diarrhea, yes, that you're not having diarrhea here's a question. Can't you speak injury like big Ben fakes, an injury every week like but they've been.
I was on place right, but the staff, the Pittsburgh matter. You know medical staff probably doesn't really know. What's real and what's fake anymore, because they've been you know having to diagnose big Ben yeah. You know, like a kid saying: I have a flu, it's like! No, you just don't wanna go to school today. Yeah know that you're right they don't have a good control over what it with an injured. So he cannot. He looks probably do it also you could just go and get can cost. That's true and then just wow That would probably be the easiest thing to do. Is just fake, like fake, screw, after concussion test right right, like backwards from seven and he'd. Just like count backwards from like to every time not a bad idea. James Harrison only kind of blew up a spot by just saying it out loud, just fig diarrhea dude, nobody ever questions, I know it. I don't think that can keep you all the best excuse of all time. I think you know if you, if you're just in the stall yeah, I'm so or should our pics yeah, let's get, there are pics and will do fancy fox will get the interviews Hank. Do you have your one pic yeah? I do it
we know we do at the end yeah eight, whose arm who's winning who's leading the pack. I thought we're doing. This is a team. We are he if he is just because he's got a hot start he's he keeps her he's reminded like every other days like hey. What's the record, what's the records funny? Is that I've done it one time previously, particularly for me, but it's been repeating in big cats. Had no he's so rattled of how hot I got. No, we were supposed to do it as a team in your ok. Now we're doing the word always thinking about himself doing in Wolf. We have to do it as a team with you, Nathan, Peterman Shirt come in yeah, I got the juice. I don't know where mine is wow ordered you ten. So thanks, I'm a team player. All right, you want to go lyrics, yeah I'll go first, since my picture him at a higher rate, so my over I'm gonna take New England in Miami okay, eight, I think New England's defense is pretty bad. My name is offenses okay and do Glenn will be able to score touchdowns at home. My
I'm going with Jacksonville and the jets thirty eight half low under that's real. It's a real honor really, but SAM Donald is like a new puppy that gets a little bit frightened and and different strange environments and the joy Jacksonville defense is pretty good. I think they're going to run the ball a lot to us. You know you have to be worried about. There is the SAM Darnold just throwing the ball in the middle of the field pick sixes. I do feel like that's going to happen a couple times it could it could, but I still like thirty, eight one slash two I'm taking the under my favorite, I'm taking Green Bay over Buffalo at nine and a half. That's a lot of points. My team that just lost plane gets in the desert, not like a ten. By the way I saw it at nine and a half and you it's in nine. Now it was a ten one, slash two ok, so I'll take nine ok yeah, so it allowed to do the same. Tech are different yeah. You have to have a different poker, yeah 'cause. We have nine different pics,
because otherwise you could just use all my pics and you do really well. That would be fair and how much money are you wanting PFD office? Well, I bet a lot of other games in addition to this game. So I was up last week, though, which is nice got it congrats. Thank you thanks very good job thanks big cat yeah So yeah Green Bay Buffalo. This is one of those things where it's going to be an over correction, so people are like oh Buffalo is not as bad as we thought that they were. I think they might be worse than we thought they were. and they lost Marshall Newhouse too. So that's a big big factor there. My underdog is is weight favorite, my underdog is going to be Detroit what scratch that I don't like to train more. I like Dallas. I had a last minute change of heart. We put that's your second favorite. Then also his your honor, so wait.
Detroit is the favorite in that or is the underdog? Yes, so I'm not taking that correct yeah. So I'm not going to take Dallas. You should go back to the jets game for top ten coach Todd Bowles. I am going to take San Francisco San Francisco Okay, all right! That was my pick as well, but yeah San Francisco at first ten and a half yep, that's good pick it the chargers! Thank you! Jay Beth. They don't there's no tape out there on yelp so well, there is, he played hockey games, but not somebody. I don't there's no safe from this year. I do think it's an overreaction yeah. We do that with the guy getting hurt. Yes, so that that's kind of my my line of thought on that. So I like to pick a lot I'll I'll. Do the Texans instead Texans plus one and a half as my underdog scenes, giants under bears minus three in the Bengals over what is greens fight? What's the under in Saint fifty and a half, giants like on the billion unders Right John. I don't. The same is true different different way, but the saints defense is is pretty bad yeah but drew Brees, not a don't. They played
every single down against the falcons like it was the last play against the vikings. The thing is: when you bet the saints over under you know, bet I bet against them. If they're away, all these guys is drew Brees, different, different away from home yep. What is not a dummy just if don't say that and then just people like yeah. You know what you're right you just don't even do stuff like the home cook, yeah, alright, Hank, what you pick on, fixing to seahawks minus three. Ok will be playing Josh Rosen threw like four pics I actually like Josh Guy poses a fraud. I'll tell you what I actually thought: Josh Rosen he's he's good, I'm yeah Josh rose is good. I don't think I actually was way more scared him last week than SAM Bradford yeah. That's not saying much know what it is saying that the cardinals could be you're scared of the potential of them, but you know I really think rose in action. I think not this week he'll be exposed. Josh Rosen was my favorite. Second favorite Osh coming out of the draft, but he
it's a problem with authority. True, and he doesn't love football. True, he's more concerned about being an activist. I don't know. I just feel like the Seahawks like last week, was the Superbowl now they're just going to chill yeah. So I really like that you have to put the done change. I do remember that actually, there's no, but do not change date, stays on these two done chains. Is it done chain versus done? She thought that done. Shane went to the Texans. No, you add up the done chains, lyrics, multiple teams, don't yes yeah it right now. I think it's just the Seahawks, the Texans that have the doctor. We did the cardinals, not bills. No, the the cardinals are on my watch list got it. I think we declared them very I've. I've, so many lives up there. I think I I like that pick. I'm just scared, because I like it so much no yeah. I want to go out and that that's bad, my entire bankroll like that. So that's that's kind of a big looking like that's very that always scares you when you're like holy there's, no way that that that's got to be a mistake and it will be at the four twenty five. You know, games and you're like all right for.
Ok, I'm going to go on a little rant here. I did it on Sunday, Roger Goodell, the roughing, the passer, the ridiculous penalties that you be you suspensions and everything, not letting players smoke weed of ruining training camp. All these things all these things I can deal with. Sneaking this game in at four hundred and five and then all the other games at four hundred and twenty five. You need to fix this fucking problem because the game that gets lost every single week you just forget it starts you miss. I have missed cuz, it's every single four hundred and five kickoff ever It starts in the witching hour. It starts right in the witching hour and you're waiting for your other bets to, hopefully cash and you're just sitting there, and then you just forget to bet it Roger Goodell. Listen to me right now:
listen good! You fucking fix this because I'm sick of the four hundred and five game and here's the problem, even when you do see the kickoff. It's always just like a quick panic, yeah on red zone, and I spend my time yelling at Red zone to get back to the other young ship with that one is going, and so it makes me hate that game in the browser. Raiders are at four hundred and four. I need to set someone who set an alert for me on everyone treat me at four four hundred o'clock on Sunday. They tell me that you really don't forget Browns Raiders Cox, cardinals, four hundred and five. What do you think? What do you think Baker is going to do? I think they're going to be really good yeah, although can I tell you is never played on a baseball field. Can I tell you yeah, I was gonna say: can I tell you something? That's getting me a little nervous about. It is the baseball because I just like v envisioning Baker, they're all over his uniform 'cause you got sacked few times yeah. Well, actually, no oakland doesn't have any pass rushers,
a story of him now and and at Oklahoma plan that a real team softball, no doubt who could forget, is like the year will be transferred. You like join a softball team that, like Absolue dominated in interview awful to me, dominated that we are okay with and yeah Baker at itself, right at home, on a baseball joe it well, everybody all hold on was it was a baseball summer softball about it softball, but at the it was yeah, but it's no different measurements. True, so we need you know we need to be ready, for we need somebody to go out there before the game Hue Jackson, if you're listening, bring a tape measure and make sure the field is the same way hoosiers out like it is it in Cleveland and that'll clear everything up. You can also let the and also make sure that you have something to do so. You can't up the game plan right before the yeah during the game. I want you, I want you double checking your measurements. Let somebody else take care of all the play. Calling all the time response was like Sean Mcvay summit phase got
his own guy who's totally responsible. Before I leave for clock management, it's brilliant is a really really smart thing to have yeah everyone. Any read the fact that Andy Reid doesn't have that guy through this many years in the NFL he probably does, but he probably doesn't listen to him yeah. It's probably I mean it's so stupid that all the coaches, don't do this Sean Mcvay, Andy Reid, probably looks at time like a newfangled sabermetric sabermetric. How many years think Sean Mcvay is going to coach for the ramps along. Do you think he's going to be the cowboys coach now and know? What's going to happen? So, what's going to happen, he's going to fall in love with LOS Angeles and he's going to be, like I'm, the pretty boy coach with perfectly sculpted beard and some
I'm a movie star somewhere stature. True, you get him in one episode of entourage which is off the air. I should probably coming back yeah ballers for sure ballers, which is in our thoughts right. Yes, he gets on episode, ballers and he's going to just stay in LA for us as well. Yes, all right sure we do it fancy boys time. Let's kick it all right. Do you start hey? What's up? This is Bobby Blue Route. A three game like you party, brawl, I'm starting this week. I'm sorry Facebook bring it back baby, your body of work, hey! What's up what is a me, I don't know NFL robot thirty double showing up that will right. His story doesn't have feeling in his arms, where I'm from recall that, like with that great for the game that your favorite bands, the four forty one tv Spiro, my stardom is wrong. Roman and Greek. My story is rough and rowdy, everyone's favorite frost who doesn't like to watch hillbillies party, three minutes fight, Ryan Young everyone's coming back next Friday, talking Ronnie took place on the island of Cyprus. My system is Jared Goff. He already played for the twenty four point, one m on the banks- and I don't know discount him Sunday to before and my sleep is the cost of the, because that's what I'm going to sleep listening to tonight. All I heard all all right I'll finish up right. He told yup. You got that little get a little fall is all the pumpkin spice latte share one I just want to drink black coffee have the wrong the dragon. Other black coffee out the wrong again reports. Those people might also what the this is. The one with the guy from grammar school, not really my cup of tea, don't say it one. I think forty great family yeah OC one like you, read about thanks in after the hill, so they were Sunday dinner, yeah, all right, okay, fizzy boys, good luck with your fantasy football season, yeah I! What's your team's record
nobody cares yeah, I'm I'm three! No all we don't pull that out. We don't all people that mocked me and made fun of my team draft. Wait. You mean the team at me in Pft Draft of team, that I told you not to go home. Yeah, an Agora, no mother, okay, well, you'd, be three, you know or if you would yeah homes. Looking for you, I notice how convenient is you said your record without saying what place you were in in your league, because you probably have a score enough points being for all sure, yeah you just got exposed read like a book yeah. You are the team that everyone's looking at well, this guy's gonna suck by the end of the year, manage dangers we should wipe up in here because of this bill, the teal overhang so yeah you, you definitely have played the lowest scores every week. Now
yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you're, the Miami Dolphins, AFL football, all right straight, the schedules, bad! You would make my peace. Yes, all right, three, like a ziplock bag. Okay, let's get to our ads in our interviews. Okay, before we get to Chris Johnson and Bart Toll Cologne, we have a another word from our sponsors in another pic from Larry. What came redoing Pft the Falcons in the speaker, the MIKE, please Billy the Falcons and the bangles, the Dick killer, bees, the birds in the tigers who, okay so yeah. We were the dummies who have a fish tank literally sitting like next to all of our podcast equipment. It's getting wet it's getting. Wild Blair is doing it's the thing falcons in the bangles and the ad for this one is our friends at movement watch. Is you guys know the
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you know the answer to this cameras everywhere: ok, ok, ok, yeah, yeah, yeah! is car wealthy. The war intentions. Okay, you know the crazy thing about it is, I think, the first time releasing it. Ali was like six seven years ago, but um got better with it. Didn't kind of. I just feel like the first time I released it. wasn't as good as as it is now, the re release are eerily. Scott and improve. So what kind of stuff are you selling shirts pants I would wear all those yes, sir yeah you got it. We have it all right. So we got to start with this question, though you are you retired, yes, full yeah. So what? If what Belichick called you up tomorrow today, ten million dollars know what your forty time right now
now come on. Would you run if you, if you had to run right now? Don't happen right now, why would you ever run if you didn't absolutely have yeah yeah I've got? This is a tough question, I'm just going to let you know right off the bat I'm going to take a big swing. Did you ever drink? Bruce one presents yeah. No, now no, you should drink pain right, not in order yeah. I've heard that he'd like he doesn't really like its players. Again. Water breaks during practices after yeah. That's true, yeah, yeah we don't. We don't warm up and stretch before I start so you gotta get out there early and do it on your own, like it eats into time. My high school coach just say the same thing
with a number of soft tissue injuries. So you had a Bruce Arians coach, yet Rex Ryan, your Jeff Fisher who's, your favorite of those three office, yeah he's my favorite personally yeah yeah, I'm actually kind of a a personal one, man Jeff Fisher PR team yeah. So do you think that he will get another job in the NFL young producer who were yeah? I know it will arm. Actually I try out some two years ago, not that well a year, so he said arm this. Will he love our on site, not Saint Louis, where LA yet yeah yeah? He say that he was on take a year off and they're probably get back in the call to so probably next. Why? Why do you think he gets a bad rap? You know kind of changed it. You know he had the Superbowl year where they went to the super bowl, the loss, obviously in dramatic fashion he
pretty consistent coach for a very long time. But everyone goes after him because yeah, he did kind of finish five hundred a lot of times. Do you think that he, the narrative, is a little wrong on Jeff Fisher yeah, I think, is a little wrong. You know everybody, they won't super bowls, so it's super bowl, a bus or whatever, but I just think fish. He has his own way of coaching. Do things his way and a lot of people don't like that? So that's probably why you get a bad. What do you smell like yeah yeah? Let's see I don't know, did you ever look at those like long shirts that he would wear and wonder how come you didn't trip over him? It was like you know the one that went out to sneeze auto that with those this way that was, I feel, like. You were like a little bit too good for Jeff Fisher. In that, like you, were liable to break off a long touchdown run any given moment and he's like hey. We got to control the clock here. Maybe if you went score all the time that be great, give her defense blow, it doesn't
get problem. It's a good problem to have, but I feel like he. He likes to control that clock and anything. That's like outside of his control is a bit of an issue we had. Former teammate of years Vince Young on the show not too long ago. and he told us about what his strategy was for winning football games. I don't know if you know this, but his strategy was like in the first half and I just stick around and allow yeah in the second half he said: go the off go the off. Did you know that that's what he was doing the whole time, not in not a yeah. I had a note in the nose he should've, probably let everyone know that beforehand, like K, so yeah, that's what is known as well as talking later there. Yes, the Fisher or no, no video eyes, yeah the. Why was I hang around for the first and then go off to Seattle? Yeah yeah, I told you guys no yeah. That would be nice to know so you're. What we mention. Obviously your for your for two four, forty, the fastest time
I've been broken by who John Ross yeah yeah, so it was the fastest time for a very long time. How much did that, like change change. Your life in terms of you were a second third round pick. Then you run that for you, then the sky rocket. Like did you did. You know instantly like booth, that forty was so fast. This is gonna is gonna change. Everything yeah I left after I left and went home. He that's it! No, you are, you just did the forty. Do you have any other exercise schedule, or were you going to do the project for you, gonna do the vertical I was doing. I was going to do everything right after the forty. This is my home. Yeah no need right, yeah, no nude young Ani and then was just getting the phone calls right away like hey. This guy is yeah, because actually, when I went to the common I bet there they didn't come. They did allow phones on the field, but everybody still,
but the files in their book bags had them in the book bag. So you know you around your forty there you go, lay down ground and looking at the pharmacy, which time is right because when you actually had to combine, they don't tell your actual time until, like probably like hour later, I would never see you not looking at the phone. We can add a phone. Then I found out what IRAN did you, did you do any interviews with teams at the combine yeah? the idea interviews at the combine, I had thirteen visits and to combine go until you go to the different rooms with all the teams and stuff like that yeah, so I had thirteen of business What was the weirdest question got asked this How are you so fast? I wanna see a weird question, but yeah somebody asked me what I was going to run at the combine,
and I say I'm going for I'm around four hundred and twenty five and they laughed at me and I actually ran faster than you did it. I love it. I love you. Are you little upset that they weren't doing that thing? Where they're going to give you an island? If you run into four twos, oh yeah, I I'm I was there. What happened when when I was when I was really John Ross gone I'll yeah, you will have the no. No, he didn't wear the shoes very little. That's right! Yeah! You know I was part of that promotion because I was with the the sort of the the I mean dollars or you get your own island? I would have in the crazy thing about it. Is you didn't actually have to sign with the data? You only had to wear the shoe wow? Okay. So if you were to sue the, you would want one idiot she's done, it should have done that yeah. When did you realize you were fast? probably middle school.
When I start as my first year running actual track was seventh grade. Ok, follow up question: how cool is it being fast for a cool yeah all right here, yeah, Just like you ever you just go to the gym and sat down on people on like you put the treadmill up to twenty miles an hour. Just like a check this. I guess I would do that that that's different, you mean you. I like to start a little bit. The So yeah you you, obviously you would be the home run hitter. I think I read that you had the only player in history to have a thirty yard, sixty yard ninety yard touchdown in one game. separate from yes, someone, I think, is fifty over fifty sixty and ninety. So when you're running a ninety yard, touchdown like do you just know, would you would you know that there's no chance? Anyone is even coming close to me with. Did anyone ever catch you that you regret when you look back? Never not one person.
Well, check the tape on this trailer. I feel like someone caught you at one point. Chris Conte took a really good angle on you. One time Okay, that would absolutely never have yeah. Would you like to thank me for drafting you on my fancy football team numerous years? Definitely would how much an inspiration was at before games. You get fans just like scream at you hate your my face. You do you, that's crazy, because actually what fantasy football is is got a good signs and got a downside. You know you want to be the number one pick or whatever, but it's a certain games. You don't do well, you know they on your twitter feed and, yes and and then also you know, we can actually win the game and you know it and things that I'm not sure how it all lays out how you get the points and stuff. But you know you don't score
this down and this and that and we still win the game whatever right in the still of like two hundred yards and no touchdowns are come on. What the was that yeah yeah. You know the score. I was trying to have it coming in yet so levy on Bell. Holding out now you and hold out where you said famously won't be paid like a play maker. Do you what? Where do you? just leaving bill things going to end up, because the offensive line basically came out and bashed yeah. Well, basically, They have a credit season? You have to place his game so basically what he going, because I went to the same situation right and was willing to do what God is doing now. So what you do is you hold out, then the season, then you hold out all the way up until week. Eleven, so you missed the first ten games come back play the last six and then you get a credit season when you were holding out. Were you talking to your teammates? Were they mad at you?
No, not really. I don't. I talked to a couple guys, but they understood yeah, yeah, and they probably wasn't mad, because the season has has started right like the levee en situation, but uhm yeah? They know the situation. Do you think levy on going to regret this? In the long term I mean it's, it's probably will pay off, but he also is dealing with what we said. The offense of line, which you never really see coming out being like we don't want to arm where the crazy thing about it is that they live in, is turning twenty seven. yeah, yeah, two thousand six hundred and twenty seven yeah. So it's crazy situation because the type of money that he want. He at the backseat by to be third yeah, so is going. it's hard for him to get that money, and you know that's why he's see an out and trying to get it from Stiller's right, but has looking now has a light he's not going to get it there, so he end up probably have to go to free days right here, get a deal but he's not going to
nothing that like when he was I get two years ago that he was trying to get right from them. 'cause he got three years see they already. I think, he's turning twenty seven in nature. He turned twenty eight right yeah. He know once we running back position once you get close to thirty. You know they start looking younger yeah. You only really get one bite of that big apple too. If you're running back for the big free agent contract, if you had to go back and do it all over again, would you still want to play running back all the way through college and then you have fell or would you look me hey? Maybe I could extend my career. If I'm, slot guy or something like that. Yeah definitely would've play receiver. Yeah get to cut yeah, I get to contracts, three yeah, maybe yeah yeah. That's true and the running back position I mean: do you think that it is eventually not extinct, but it feels like teams are basically they'll after I guy, maybe in the third or fourth round, use him for a couple of years in, like the running back by committee, do you think that you would have
been able to survive still in this NFL like if you were a rookie right now? If I was a rookie, do you think it means is clearly not the feature back and a felony yeah? You got a couple guys, though, used yeah yeah. You got a couple guys like Girly Ezekiel Elliott got a couple of guys break. Want Chris Carson yeah yeah. You gotta couple guys and then the way to lead to set up now. How are they not? Let him play tackle football right yeah So are you? Do you land on the fat on the NFL, getting softer? You think it's good that they're trying to protect players is definitely give us our okay yeah. I like that. put that down. Let's move song clips, it's you and Clay Matthews and you love going for contact. That's the thing is like you're, both fast and like to get hit. I can't say I ran in in the middle outside on it. So yeah yeah did you like running people over? Would you like more running by someone running over some
I will say I like running over better because I did it only a couple times. Yeah and I just went past people or whatever so or anybody in the NFL that, like a linebacker or safety, or what have you that you would see on the schedule and be like that guys, my pitch I'm! I know that I have real estate in this dude said I'm going to put up one hundred and fifty yards on them No it wasn't it wasn't there. It was more of defenses certain defenses. Would you like to play Houston, yeah, yeah they're, pretty soft, throw out the status of those stats all right. I read that you raised to cheat a one time. You lost it. You, explain that with how they did it. It was at Busch Gardens and they put a big like a big wall up in between us yeah right. So you might think it was
a total of eighty yard, run, go ran down forty test and come back okay, so I was being the the whole time said he barely he barely at the end, because I couldn't see him though so you took ' let off the gas, yeah sure high step and she wore you cross ins on okay, damn you had it, you had it for a second. There all right see key question put in promo code. Take you get ten dollars off your keep purchas. If you want to go to football game, we're talking to Chris Johnson three time pro bowler once fastest man on earth, Fuckyou Usain Bolt, 'cause, it means you can't it doesn't count if it's true, if you're not wearing pads, when it's not really sport, that's not a sport right, that's not a sport! Alright, my c question is Who is the guy that who is the one defender that was hard to juke or run by like the one guy that you had the most respect for D'Qwell Jackson and you knew
coming in like okay, this guy is, you know we got to make sure that he's going to be different than than all the other defenders. Yeah yeah was. Was he the hardest guy that, like you, ever got tackled? Who who laid the willing to test him yeah? What what Charlie? What hurts your play with him? Our our backup quarterback? Now now I wasn't there. I was gone already when he who's who your quarterbacks Vince Young, Kerry, Collins, J Locker, oh Jake, locker that didn't workout so hot. I pray which no Smith, Ryan, Fitzpatrick. Okay, you always got seven kids as is found. I don't know that yeah. Do you believe in Fitz MAGIC yeah? You do talk to me if it's magic, real, quick, because it's a hot topic, yeah he's doing a good job right now we just gotta see if he's going to be able to do it. For the whole,
It is good Ryan, there's bad right. Does he have something, though, in like the huddle that people are drawn to he just a cool guy, they are cool guy. Well, yeah. We got to see if you're going to be able. If you're going to be at last, the whole season is really interesting to see what Temple is going to do when James come by. Yeah yeah? Absolutely I got one last question: who's your favorite player to watch today today I like Julio Jones, okay I sifted through threw the ball occasionally occasionally in red zone. What about the running back they're running back? running back, always been berry sanders. Ok, he could still probably put on the pads and get one hundred yards and they probably can't yeah. I got one last for Glendale Glendale, you ever think about the rose bowl and how they should have run you more and you would have they run you more man definitely is crazy. I was just in Texas with Vince for the love
for the vin and they asked me the same stuff, but I definitely feel would around the ball more. Aha. The game would have been over. What about when Reggie did the fumble? Did you? Would you say to him on the sideline like do nothing you think you know I I couldn't even say the road how we grow up plan football, I'm sure Chris can attest to this. Like we we're known for the page yeah, we try to page we're trying to make a play. So I know if I was in the game, I would cut it yeah and scores. Yeah got mad, I'm happy! He did it. I mean it didn't work out for us, but if we could rewind it and do it all over again, not the pitch it again. I, like I, I thought of one last question about Vince Young in your time on the titans who ate the most cheese cake actors who
twenty three of you have. Instead your cheesecake ever yeah, we hung out there now that thing be. Why probably have more cheesecake than anybody else inspired, but you guys ever like hey come on man. Do we have to go to cheesecake again? Well, you know: that's the quarterback, so he tried to make him happy man. Whatever you say you just go in and just probably picking up the tab too. So this trip I'm going to eat the shrimp eat the cake anime. I like that. I like that, all right guys. Thank you. So much appreciate check out the clothing line was their website. We can tell people go to right now. They just go on Instagram. Ok, what the warranty is only Instagram website will be up in a few months. Ok, alright check it out. Awesome! Alright, thanks guys appreciate it right now, it's Chris Johnson and a little bit of Linndale White sprinkled in there as we're doing this ad read: we are going to be picking or even the ravens and the Steelers hey big cat yeah. You can try to.
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Sure been in MLB for over twenty years twenty plus years and saying it is part, Bartolo Cologne, a legend of the game. We also have our and and colleague Liz Gonzales concert can who is going to help us with the spanish translation Liz go. I've? Never done this before been we need about, I was at the age of eleven when her disable things see the whole thing to get the get the logs on is in a better understanding of Import Ban Day, as he is gay. So you must okay first question for me: Bartolo. How do you stay in such great shape? Bartolo, let's proceed like it doesn't sound when I am going to see on fees government that no I get it go on the policy is decided, the the isn't what I something but yeah, but it's impossible up. Let me got a book in a particular person in the room.
I don't know what to tell. You is just always the way I've been. I guess I'm a little what you would say fat. No, no, and it's always been that way since good, on the go go to the hello yeah yeah hi good day does but grow. Your nickname is big sexy. Did you give yourself that nickname or was a girlfriend or wife, our our and radio announcer they yeah mine? Now it's like sexy, get get on the sexy. Can did you also but if, when Novih Half way again at the, let me see on get the love. You know it's the middle of the the Norse in the future. The if I close my eyes. Okay, so yep medically be says, see yeah, I'm having
Noah Syndergaard ever heard of him. He was going to make a t shirt with his name big sexy on there, and so we asked her mission and since then it caught on and everybody seems to love it. So he stuck with it makes people smile Kevin made. The shirts telekinesis is a no Kevin Carter photos. When super fun Optical Bartolo, do you have a t? Shirt Dennis comes up, She then got Bangor thing over the long message. Ok, so twenty one years in major League baseball, who is your favorite teammate of all time? Being the only who won baseball baseball Tu Favorito persona. a photo of the whether God gave them the local. I owned the money that made it yeah and many many hell, yeah hell, yeah the city, What is the strangest thing that man he's ever done in the clubhouse around you get like, because I
many imprinted at. Locating the west, the S M took was a boy that was a good I could die, they would get. It is legal, Manny yeah, but the. But what that is is a local man. You see live, I mean yes, I know what you're going to see him, because there are technical him he would take. You would find in take ran. Hose or or hair ties, and he would put those on and if that went well, then he would be grateful that day, like seriously, I have special here. It's like that, so the it's at twenty one years league how many more years do you think that you can actually pitch in major league baseball? I mean do not just in the west the wander sandals MAS Dns and into that they said a long time, not hello. There, I don't get a Yahoo vice email about putting up over here made it made it up a little bit mishandled. The ambient are still board both okay, good doing tamika if we make it to next
here, I'd like to get one more year in, and I just want to say that I'm very thankful for everything I've done in my career and all the opportunities I've been given. That's great love Tom Brady has said recently that he wants to play until he's forty five years old. What advice would you be Tom Brady on how he can achieve sustained success until that age, Tom Brady id to get get a cool God football Americano as a LOS Gatos at grand? I think one yes get concept because of outside, but I'd say he'd another one for them this year. That I well I mean for the game, will have a job. Now, a delay with the label doesn't print cool weather, what it isn't quite a lot of water. He says nothing is as if he keeps doing what he's doing is playing with the passion, the love that he has he's gonna. Do it? Okay, nicer I've, two more questions, the second last one I have it was as mass. You didn't say that part list. You know she she did I'm trying to be helpful. How many times has he watched a replay of his home run and remember that time you to hold on it was awesome
and does this is as me adult to add on the beds available. If I get on that, I got it. Okay sees that it depends as so Margot, but I'm usually, if it's a musical motors, is a horror only blow it though yeah. I know what you one moment with a global yeah, he looked a little. Will I be able to the low yeah, but I'm usually it usually. He says that that he watches it all the time, because to him that home run meant a lot. He said actually, last night I was watching it love it. I love it ask Tiamo beyond that. I love you. I love you Damo Bartolo follow up question. Did he get steroid tested after his home run? up? I I don't know how to say steroids, and in this area it's performance, gas, the wrong button
They look at him as they don't really have much of what I don't hate to not going to test them after I don't react. They knew that was all man. Let me ask you, so it normally set up okay. Yes, I didn't get the what I was put on, but I okay ask question for me: have you ever touched Adrian Beltre, head and two viva still got Adrian Beltre? No, no! No, it will take a look at a live with them. At the gonna. Go is a kind of a home grown to promote the way? I'm really. Although it'll look at the Monaco was up okay, but I am being as no he's never done it, but he's always wonder, there's so many people there are always asking and wanting to touch. It said he's never partake in and out you gotta be careful, it's dangerous, but, okay, we grow so touch liquor, baser, but it doesn't say it's just,
but I guess believe it also yeah the course of events that no no sir, no sir. The book is mostly, is that I know he just knows that he does not like it ask him what his favorite sports town that he's ever played in was NY voted us without and gas who either when I get home. Ok, I remember to Montreal He says well, he was like, if you're going to make me do this. He was like I liked every place I've played in, but if you're going to make me do this and I'm going to go with Montreal, that was smart because it's not your favorite exist anymore, very smart. Well, first of all, can I ask him if I can use the goose TED to him or, if I don't do, I have to use your stud get a seven cc epiphany Skl side. I will step configure Contigo for my, but
get a no, no, not polemical. However, you want to do it. If it were me, there's no problem I'll blow out front front. Says fronts this week from the fridge I'm not for so he says it's open up for me to try to speak English and now you're trying to get me in another language. I thought those french ship. Ok, you excuse! That's! I got all my questions. I know what you're thinking about it. Last yes ground, I'm asking to tell us about his favorite ribs recipe, yeah, because they're here to do some promotion yeah. What is the voted that a set that bottles ribs? No, no, a guess I, like I said the last, the the goal. You know million doses that way right, yeah, like listen, I'm I'll his father in law has the recipe. So he can't give you that secret, but they do it together. Ok, do you have any recommendations for what brand of Truckle one should use it for cooking ribs
a common, that's you own and and get for them- is about to get out of. Let go, but I settles rips there is Kingsford Monster truck he's, got the shirt, Kingsford Ribs! That's awesome! and that I would say you. Oh I'm gonna miss your text here with questions. Yes, you can. You say that to us in English? First, so that we don't, I'm sorry that you're going to be doing some things here that she's going to tell us slap it with steel or gas, going Alumbra big sexy coalescence those Muchachos two caresses, my sexy. What we had paid for the Sls that old he's, let's just ask who's more. Second, I got to Chelsea and I got to check she like so it's official according to big sexy big cat, you are yeah you're of the cross. The US far Tolo NAS Mustafa, take news. Yes, I was in my Milo NEWS. Hello
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end. And if you want to know what Larry's fifth pick is you have to tune into the partial sports visors at ten? Am yes, you can watch it on tv g. Where else can you find Wpix in New York to be p acts in New York, W P, H, love network? I adversity in Philly, something like that. Our w six double wide fives philae, others yeah fill it with us. We had w fix one of those checks. It's just on a station in Philly and then Tv Gw of Philly Fanduel, Fanduel lap. You can watch a barstool sports at eleven thirty after it's the reruns of name. Eleven am I see I watch it and hash tag be advised Hastert. We bother makes a great pick this Leri Sereno. He is a. He is hot on the pics and you can still buy Larry shirts for another like week. So if you want to get in, if you play investing are completely legal and not a The scheme goldfish
scheme that we're doing you can do it he's. Ironically, for a fish. This is very above board. Yes, exactly it's all out there very way. Larry is a healthy masculine fish here. Well, I don't abuse. I would say that is a must for the most beautiful fish I've ever seen. I once a mask and I just think he's sleek no he's Maskell he's like a you could got bagel balls. I when I look at I envision a marble run down the hood of a Tesla. I imagine a movie a mover come in and grab my piano and cooking them, wife watching them feeling. Well, they will reach into their guys, but it is a lot of people might be very confuse were doing as Riley stated. Rick Reilly call. Okay, let's get some segments first up, we have a p r one. Oh one for Derren Revell, you know rebel king of all, nerds, also, king of all brands. There was a lot of news. Yesterday there was a supreme court hearing, it was a very serious
gave testimony about how she was sexually assaulted. Yes, so Chris Christine believes the Ford gave testimony in front of all the senators and terror fell. She was drinking out of the bottle some Coca COLA during Val thought. This was a great time to let everyone know how much that branding did for Coca COLA. He tweeted three point one four million, value, the Coca COLA garnered from Christine Blasi Fords Ford's testimony, while drinking coke on tv broadcast today, CNN Fox Business Fox NEWS, MSNBC Abc Nbc, CBS Fox. So just just sum it up again, it is a woman. giving testimony about a sexual assault. What drink or and Ravel's brain went to. How much did that do for Coca COLA?
I think this was the most ravel thing ever ever. The close runner up would be when the chilean miners were being released. Yep and one of them was wearing Oakley sunglasses when he walked out and then Ravel said how much branding that was worth yeah. How much the airtime was worth for that this is pretty bad A rebel! His explanation was like peak Revell. He said he defaulted, we say he's Given my scope, that's ridiculous! given my status means like given my pain, yeah, my brain, my brain works. Is I defaulted to a sponsor impact point of view on this tweet. I in no way sought to diminish the sensitivity surrounding today's hearings. I defaulted sponsor impact point of it. That sounds like I got unplugged yes, and so I, when I replied myself, it defaulted to the manufacture, so it it really is a robots response is, as it did get a given. My scope, I is a robot, was
not able to detect human emotion in this situation, an defaulted to just talking about brand. Listen, it wasn't my fault, that's just how I do things. Yes, that's how we've been doing. Should I actually think Ravel is at the point now where he can do this an ngo like it. This used to cause a stir, but Ravel is so Ravel and he is it's almost everyone expects it that he can get away with anything. At this point, yeah yeah, it's It's almost satirical right when I read it yet this is a fake there's like a parody, because if it was, that would be a very good tweet for a breakdown ravel account to tweet out to make fun of them. But no. This is one hundred percent real summer summer. So what do you have for him for PR? How can you fix this? I mean he kind of what he got. He should like play both sides and say how much free branding cocaine got during Kavanaugh's testimony that guy was amped up or light air beer beer beer,
he said beer a lot. He fully endorses and will continue to endorse. Having beers with a fellow yeah, I don't know I mean Ravel can just I don't know, tweet a picture of his kids. That's really kind of his thing, like I'm just going to Instagram my kids so that people can be like. Oh he's, not just a robot. He feels he feels emotion. He he did Instagram a picture of his life, x, yeah because he's training for a half marathon always running the Chicago Marathon. I don't know if you know this, but he's running the Chicago marathon he's been telling us about every single day for the last four months. You want to see the sweet gams on here. Don Terry Revell go to his instagram titles or have it I mean that? Listen, I I really can't make fun for doing that, because half of my instagram stories are just pictures that show my caps yeah. That's true! That's kind of my brand during step off your so vain. Your instagram account is about your capital. Strapping. Yes, oh yeah you're Antonio Brown yeah all right. Next up, we have a sabermetrics. This is for Jacob, the Grom, so bad season for the Mets, but we have to at least mention this, because it was actually incredible
reading all the Jacob Degrom crime stats. So he as the season with a one point, have an era to order seventeen innings pitched two hundred sixty nine strikeouts, ok, ridiculous, here's, here's some of the stats so that it like can blow your mind. Aaron NOLA, the Phillies picture who is second in the nl in DRA. If he threw ninety, second of scoreless innings. He still wouldn't have a better e r r e r a than she could be a problem that is pretty insane. Jan back sure if MAX Scherzer pitched one hundred and ten scoreless innings, he would have any are a one better than Jacob the Grom. Well, let's talk wins and losses, though, so here we go had thirty two starts, he ended up the I think the end of the season will be in the season. Hank. Ninety nine! That's not good. Okay yeah! He stinks so he ended the season nine in the hind, but if he had, if he allowed zero runs in eight starts. One run in ten starts to runs in five.
It's three runs in eight starts. He never allowed more than four runs in any start. I really want a princess of the just step. On the Michael me, the eight one, zero one, every single step, two one is reading one binary code, zero, all right. So here's a crazy stat. If Mets it scored, four runs in each of Jacob. The Grom starts. He would have been thirty in four runs. That's all he needed to do four runs. If they had scored three, he would be twenty five in one big cat. Correct me if I'm wrong, but pictures also bat in the National League true, could help. That's all that's also on his shoulder. He could have helped himself sure is a great hitting pitcher. He doesn't need to rely on Bryce Harper to do that if they had just two runs in all this starts, he would have been twenty and six again, it's nine again. A picture is insane picture. Is a leader out there that isn't so we have to take yeah you have to but some of that on his shoulders. If you, if, if he gave his teammates more confidence, then they would hit better. He, that is a seer. That's a season that, like
What are we are? Maybe what a waste you want in on real season? It isn't a real season. Here is a half serious, take them baking in my head and I'm not sure if there's any legitimacy to it whatsoever, but that's not gonna. Stop me from saying it. Do you think, there's an l knowing that Jacob, the Grom's going out on the mound that day, that makes players like take five percent off the preparation. Six percent off. You know what they do the night before 'cause there, like god! Jacob going out there he's going to let it up. I mean I definitely think, there's something to be said about having your ace on the mound in knowing that you like there's, definitely said when you have your fifth starter out there and you know like ok, we gotta score eight runs to win this game, but this just sucks. So in other words, you shouldn't have any good pictures or just the Mets just suck. So he probably that one. He was a second picture since DRA became official in nineteen thirteen with a sub to er a two hundred and fifty strikeouts and fewer than fifty walks in
ok MAX. Rager sister Martinez, Cy Young award Insane insane season. We had to give a little shout Jacob to Graham 'cause. Those are statistic: Porns TIM Kirchen still is coming. You still coming his one thousand and finished tonight. Wow so is actually pretty good season over five hundred so sticking on baseball for a second, with thoughts and prayers CC, Sub Afya, so cc. Bathiya has in innings clause in his contract If you reach it, he gets an extra five hundred thousand dollars. He play Tampa Bay Rays in the afternoon. On Thursday he was, he was seven innings away. He went six innings pitching scoreless, but they got into a little being off and he had to protect his teammates. He threw the rays and the ump kicked him out in the sixth inning and
Credit CC, sub Afya. He I think he said like suck my dick as he walked off to the Tampa Bay Rays. He got Abich, he Combwich switches for you, Biches pendejo, yeah. So all time teammate move yeah, it's great did he know that he was wondering where we had to have anything. So, yes, absolutely. I was is because when he was walking off the mound, you didn't see the reaction in his face. Like oh shit, I just have one morning it was just he was caught up in the moment, so I wasn't sure if he knew going into it. Yes, a prize later, if he was like just that pistol, I feel like that's something you're counting just let you know of yeah keeps keeps tap you on the shoulder. Your agent should give you a call before that game is the see if you're going to get thrown out, get thrown out in the in the eighth in the Yankees. Should definitely let him pitch one more in it yeah they should put it to him, bring after Mount yeah. That is the way, though that's the best teammate move. Basically ever analysed. Image should love him.
back actually all his teammates or PAM. Let's do a go fund me for C span. Yes, that's good! Five hundred thousand dollars Matthew was Rob. Have all the fans payout money form yeah? Alright, before we get to our grab bag, we have a spin zone for Tristan Thompson. All time quote from Tristan Thompson. I still can't believe he said this but see he he didn't lie. He said were still four time, Eastern conference champions. So until you take us down from that teams, ain't got much to say, Boston, Philly, they've, got much to say, Boston at how court game, seven in lost Philly. You guys almost got swept Toronto. We know that story I mean spot the lie. Tristan today are defending champions. Listen there's no in team, You can't be like this. One guy wanted all form, but Lebron James came this close to having that happen as possible last year. Yeah he wanted all for them, but guess what they got. The crown there user conference chair great when that banner goes up, because I can either yeah
it seems to be on target on their back all season. Oh yeah, as Eastern Conference Champs, that's the only reason that I might be doubting. Him is because they're going to get every team's best game yeah. Well, here's spends on that. The calves are unveiling this year, Tyronn Lue said it's not about wins and losses, it's about wins and lessons. That is really yeah. They said that he said that is Rg3. Their head coach nuts translation we're going to lose a shitload of games this year, but we're going to lose any they're, actually just going to gain a lot of lessons. It's not about the winds. It's about the friends you make along the way, so by the end of this season, we're all going to be best buddies. I mean that's such a great, be like hey, listen, we. What was your final record tyronn Lue? Well, we went twenty and sixty two lessons is Jay are still on the team this year. Yes, that's going to be it's going to be he's going to bring him to see during the game shutout SAM Dekker front of the program. I hope he goes off this year. I hope he becomes a new Lebron in Cleveland yeah, but if he doesn't that teams probably going to suck yeah
on the side of of the Michael's crashed, but if you learn lessons so that works, lessons are important that they're actually like they can never take those away from you right. You can always have a banner taken away like Rick Pitino, so ring you got your rank, you could get bankrupt and have to sell it on Ebay. Our Vladimir Putin might steal it. You also. These things are temporary. What really matters is the memories that you make yes and what you learned in the lessons. Tyra. Definitely the last year's alright. Well, let's do a grab bag but wait before we do that a break in case of Emergency Jimmy Butler Trade. He just got clippers the sons, okay yeah, that really I thought he was going to the clippers. No, I think the last I think he's a minister in the extra like the sons are like okay, we you know, maybe we'll do that. Every team he's gonna think about where you can go and it's just gonna be a new big. Three yeah was Devon, broke Booker, T, Andre and Jimmy Butler. He hears a tale like every team in the NBA. Besides, like you know it very, very select few really
no chance to win the championship, yeah so they're on a battle just to stay relevant right, and so this would be a stay. Relevant was so good job son. Don't forget about us yeah! You got your b butler yeah, that's our break in case of emergency, Jim Keller, trade. We're just basically at this point we're living in fear in between episodes, because everyone's waiting, I do work for Jimmy Butler going from Minnesota. There is on a because that's like the big climate change. Last post, nasal drip going, some allergies will be all dry. Heat is a dry heat, but still like the temperature change, that's you know, that's not fit for man to be yeah. Do you see the rumor that he didn't show up to media day? Instead, he went to just like a twenty four hour. Fitness in played pickup hoops, not good, be hilarious, just walk in one day and have Jimmy Butler be like yeah, I'm here to dunk on everyone. I would turn it great. I would do that all day. If I was a professional athlete, I would just spend all day. Just dunking on people
people. It would be amazing, it would be not even if I was if I could just dunk yeah. I would just go to Jim's a lot more. I said the other day when we were we had a. I can't remember what the context was like. What would you do if you're rich and I decide if I was rich? If I were rich, I would just build a sports complex at my house and just hire people to come and let me dominate them in sports and to pretend that they were bad. Yes, yes, well! No, they that's what Joe told you can't pretend you wanted. Justin Bieber. Nobody can't pretend they're bad. Well, I'm not I'm not talking just talking about real snow. He beat you have you ever seen his mixtape play. Basketball, yes sure, and is he in and we do want to skateboarding yeah. It's gonna call sure you always bro. Yeah he's got a bunch of jumps around like four compelling down. While he does only hawk yeah, he got a job as a ball off his foot dead. People always ask me on that trust me yeah. Yes, so yeah, that's fine and you want to just be best fund. That actually sounds awesome. Remember when we're in LA and we are we're on the basketball court outside of the hotel that we're in and we may have indulgence some legal activities. Yes, any life hell for young allies, it, as
a digital says: weed is not a drug, not a drug, we may have indulged, and then we played some hoops and we thought they were. Ask because we're like getting close to dunking, I think I dumped a tennis ball out there yeah and then were like. Oh, she the spring was like a nine and a half years. Also I wouldn't rely systems not to ninety eight. It's not a half was not is basically ten feet was not, and I almost done you'll get your course. I know dogs as well. If you were close, is not, it was like eight is now is a nine half It was actually many who yeah I was. I was a mini hoop on the back of the door. No, it was. It was nerve. It was when this pool basketball hoops in the pool yeah it was. It was one of those hoops you had as a kid where your dirty laundry to get your your parents, like hey yeah, put your dirty laundry in the hamper and it was a sign making it a who yeah. I was a sock and I was really high and I talk. I thought it was outside yeah, all right, hey grab bag. Let's do it this ones from personal explained to Hank, but I'm not sure. If we've done this already but 3d printers hold
a good one. I don't know how that, because you can make a gun right, yeah you've. Actually, I think, that's probably what you should do. If you have a three d printer yeah make a gun. First thing: it's plastic right! Yes, it's plastic! Diff, types of polymers. I don't know what a polymer is, but it sounds right. Yeah that does sound right. So imagine how expensive fuckin', replacing a cartridge on a 3d printer must be it doesn't happen, that's who has printers. Actually I was thinking about this. I kind of want to get back in the printing out articles in reading them game yeah, especially because if you do have a printer in your house, the only time you ever use it is, if, like changing apartments, right, sign a new lease right exactly or like your job right. So then your for your job, yeah tax by the way, like fifteen so shut yeah October, fifteenth, not what you did yours didn't last year, Craigslist
you're right, Hank, sorry for laughing you're right, you did impressions doing twice a year. You said you have last last year. I did him last march. That's this this year. Ok, that's this year, so it's still like. Have you seen him in twenty eighteen? Yes, ok! So he didn't like eighteen months ago. So your gooch know that that's here we don't talk. We don't say that Jerrod Golf is good and sucked with Jeff Fisher. Does that mean that snowing at the big bear is actually the greatest quarterback of all time it took a year for coach fishers lessons to sink in because they were so complicated. Also Jerrod Office Football Young and, as we learned with Mister Buski Football Young is a dangerous disease. That's right have you ever seen a kung FU movie, where the guy has like snatch the pebble out of the guys hand that was Jeff sure yeah. I guess what you're not able to do that on day, one right week, one right our week! Sixteen,
time in the office. It takes awhile. Ok, you know what you know what he really did. Jeff Fisher taught your golf a lot of lessons, not losses. Lessons Jimbo! I tried a ten hour road trip with my friends in my car. Without making any pit stops on the way we had one designated driver in the rest of us wore diapers and drink, I had to pee first don't diapers are only made for small leaks, not full bladders and now my whole car reeks of urine in a highway. Full of people saw me jump out on the shoulder in an adult diaper. It's just dudes, yes, guys being dudes yeah this actually, no I would like there's invention that we had called diapers yet for guys to just wear while they're watching sporting events, so they can just themselves which is in a bottle. Yeah, what the hell Diaper thing seems like it was a bit excite you get. You know what happened. You guys got cute with it. Yeah I enjoy pissing bottles in the in a car since, like you spell little, it's kind of funny,
How many times did your friend looks like you did you look at my dick and then everyone said? Oh ok, listen I'm giving you I'm going to give you guys, I'm going to give you guys a community here how much pistis and keep spilled in my car in any way, no, no, no, I or or in various cars we've driven in with you, my car. First in all the cars in your car. Just like I don't know like beers couple oz, twelve ounces, ok, twelve hours! I can deal with that where you hang not that much in your card Vinny, all this piss. The problem is you get a real smooth station in your car, so much fucking stress thinking about like the fact that I still own Vinny and I don't really know, what's going it's just sitting in young, you know, I think we tried to pick it up that one time I don't what
do you do you? Can you just? Can I just declare next to a can. I declare force from Vinnie yeah. You can just on a car okay absolutely by, but I have to settle. No, you can just park on the street and just kind of you know what I don't want anymore. Okay, here's what we do We take Vinnie to a really bad neighborhood yeah and we leave the keys in it and have it turned on yeah and then we walk away and then we just like big car here's what we have really follow up on here. So we really do here's what we really do have CD
it chainsaw ten have! No brain is not what we really studio. No, that's not what we do. Pft did it on Wednesday, with his amp free plug. Someone needs to come up with the empty, so I'm like yeah, I got hooked up with someone needs hook me up with headphones. Someone needs to hook up, they said we will get you so much free advertising to say the name of the company till the amp arrives put it starts with an f. We will give so much free advertising to an auto body shop or any kind of like anyone who could pimp out vani bring it back to life. We will be forever in your debt and will just say your name. We will Renee. We will rename this podcast your auto body shop. Could you imagine this one day, wake up in the podcast fees like Joe's auto. This is brought to I scratch and Dent collision repair dude bring back. Many would someone. Please will you'll, tell it we'll Oh it and you'll, see your life yeah. It's like cars for kids, except for grownups. That act like children. Yes, sub boys actually Pft Winky face.
Looking for an answer you got it brides main entrance song for wedding, I'm in and I'm thinking a lecture avenue any others suggestions for an awkward dancer, slash person, slash a WL, crazy Don's. I could do that was a joke, but I did see a bride one time in a in a viral video walking down the aisle to doctors, crazy and was very awkward. That is very awkward. You can't well with thunderstruck, I was going to say stone cold center, but it that's why no one will win feature Travis, Scott! No one would ever! I haven't heard it yet, but it looks like it's on if you, if your bride in glass shatters- and you come through- that door, chills chills right now, just thinking about it sounds like a hell of a I mean
you would want to be that wedding. No, this pride comes up stone cold. What about a without prodigy fire starter? That's pretty good reason why I'm going on! I don't think you don't know what went on alone and twisted file. Stop nope, okay, okay, I say and hashtag explain just explain Santa well. It's silicon is rocks in his last two there's a lot of glass. If you will you break class and you're fine, it's become sent to you. Well, that's. Why
tell you that not to bring glass container to the ocean yeah to the beach, because it's like hey, we got enough yeah right at home, don't brings into the b that's what he said and world used to be made of just class and then slowly Pangea broken. Actually, I I think the real answer is that's. What's at the bottom of the ocean, and so waves just like to throw their trash and they just you know how we throw plastic bottles and get that please write rash. Island Hank did look like that. He's right. This is the ocean throwing away all that trash on to our beautiful land. You know, like maybe the ocean to get its house in order before we start stop cutting up our styrofoam cups and our our plastic rings to go around Sixpack. That's exactly right! All right! We're gonna any started in connection with this one, we'll finish: yeah, that's right! They started this Russian, our enemy crackers. Actually, cookies or crackers there I think they're cooking as well their animals. So it's me to Krakow, animal crackers or cookies, but there's
tweet crackers, but they're sweet they're, not savory their sweet. I would, I would agree with the cat. I think that the third definitely cookie do you know what they were shooting in a great crack. I was gonna say: I'm I'm not willing to just like cast the cookie label on them because they aren't good, no, the worst cookie but the bit best cracker. So it's depends on how you look and I'm just gonna say that they're meet their steaks yeah. I love animal crackers. We should do you what you? just got done saying that they are to the worst with the best cracker healthy. But ok, it's a cracker. Would you put a salty savory spread onto it? Yeah sure you dip animal cracker into Buffalo Chicken DIP, yeah. Right. That's right, yeah what yeah? What fellowship is so good hell? Yeah eat shoe leather off? Ok, so we need someone.
Fix Vani get Pft New AMP, get Hank New headphones and also said this a bunch of apple right now. Please don't send the same as a bunch of animal crackers and say that I would rather have, and we do have no, I won't back so. Fortunately I want the animal know. They're gone, they just my stadium, all the pilots back by the way, yeah pals all the way, Pft's desk is way worse, every time, every walk in the middle of the office, and I take a look at it and I just laugh out loud because it is his
he doesn't have any work, though it's like the underground from stranger things bigger and I have to be bigger. I have to jump into my seat because the pile is already left around sharing my bottom beauty, and I also are in this long to get hurt. I almost I almost broke my ankle getting into my chair. Pstn are in this silent battle, both on the floor and at our desk level of like slowly just inching the ship back and forth, like if I get in before and I'll just give. I won't push it onto his desk I'll just give it a nudge and then, when I leave he'll, give it a nudge, it just goes back and forth. The pendulum is always swing, so we could clean up, but that make us lose we're moving soon. Yeah, that's true!
Some of it. Somebody told me cluttered desk cluttered mind. Yes, I think that's bullshit sovereign! I get inspired by looking at the random things on my desk. Well, no, I haven't. I have a big butcher's knife on my desk, which I used to open up a can of a fake dip. Today, yeah almost cut my hand wide open, yeah six times, trying to do it, but that's living baby. I'm on the edge cluttered desk cluttered mind, though, that what you say to go back is so then what does a clean desk mean? your mind is empty. You got nothing in your brain bro. You got enough that we got all kinds of stuff in our brain. We got shirts. We have weird shit and got times to take him so we went through, but you know what that's. That is the spy life right. I have like a hundred and fifty dollars in cash on my on my desk in small all small bills like one dollar bills just like, because I just throw it out there and it's just it's a bass. I honestly think I have at the moment probably a
I've been t shirts on my desk. Yeah is also like seven hundred nfl home. It's because we keep getting a white helmet and we order thirty, two more so than in ninety five, and if All teams do the full set. All that's zero love! You guys.
I don't know, I'm just saying to find you shop to.