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3X Pro Bowler Shawne Merriman

2017-01-17 | 🔗
NFL mid week drama (2:56 -7:30). NBA season is heating up with Cavs/Warriors, Melo trade rumors, and Joel Embiid (7:30 - 14:54). In honor of President Obama's Pardons, Pardon My misTake where we Pardon parts of our show (14:54 - 17:16). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (17:16 - 27:45). Former San Diego Charger and 3X Pro Bowl Winner Shawne Merriman joins the show to talk about the Chargers move to LA, what it was like to sack Tom Brady and Ben Rothlisberger, and whether or not he will sue us for our various business ideas that "borrow" the Lights Out name (27:45 - 49:47) . Segments include Hmmmm, Trouble in Paradise, Hurt or Injured, Embrace Debate do you button your top button, Uhhh Ya Think, Bad Radio watching Giannis dunks, and our weekly Bachelor Talk from guys that don't actually watch the Bachelor.

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