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3X SB Champ Willie McGinest, Dungeons And Dragons And We Kill Billy

2020-07-15 | 🔗
These next 2 weeks all the sports are hanging in the balance. Madden ratings, bubble snitches, and hockey is doing a great job of telling us nothing. (2:22-10:18) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including plague squirrels and Will Smith's entanglement. (10:40-30:10) 3X Super Bowl Champion Willie McGinest joins the show to talk about Cam in New England, Culture change in locker rooms, and Brady on the Bucs. (31:34-55:21) We finish picking up on our Dungeons and Dragons adventure and Billy Football is in DEEP shit. (56:49-1:41:12)
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On today's pardon my take. We have three times Super Bowl champion: recurring guest, Willie, mcginest Talkin, about NFL. Coming back Tom Brady with the Box CAM Newton in New England. We also have dungeons dragons reef. We continue our quest, our adventure, no spoilers, but if you don't like Billy Football, you will love this episode ultimate satisfaction. We have hot seat cool throne little bubble talk and were brought to you by your friends at the cash app for my take is always brought to you by the cash. Was the easiest. Please send money to your friends. It's the safest, also huge news. The cash app has just signed on to Bubba Wallace's team, so they're going to maybe maybe see a green race car coming soon and we can check out the cash app so welcome to the family. Bubba Wallace, the cash app family, you'll love it here. The cash app is the best app in the world. It is our favor up in the world. It's a number one social distancing app in the world and guess what cash is gone? No more cash, don't use cash to use the cash app. It's the best way to go about your business and, of course, when you download the cash app and for the referral code, barstool you receive ten dollars and ten dollars go to the Aspca, use that ten dollars buy yourself. Something nice buy yourself, some new shoes, if your Billy
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Take presented by the cash app go downloader right now. You could bar so ten dollars for dollars free ten dollars s Aspca today is Wednesday July. Fifteen frogman man it's July Fuck its tax dad is taxed, extinguished, ass. She in the mail road only. I declare an extension. That's all you do right, I'm getting nervous a joy, fifty bucks a why dont at all That approach should be here soon. We should be right before trading camp, be positive, I'm gonna be positive and try to be more positive, but this, I feel like these. This next, like we can have two weeks, is going to be make or break for the next six months to a year we have baseball, hopefully starting next Thursday, basketball bubbles, goin scrimmages about start hockey and then training camp. If these can gone with off without a hitch, I think we're back. I think we had said
respect, so are at the very least. I think that the Unifil is gonna. Have I think that it is going to make out a way to fight with the only thing where I'm lack on will not come on. I'm like maybe not caught. Our wafer cabinet was a child in sight or no note disavow. Ok, I mean, while we disavow that yes, yes horse, but there's so much cool stuff happening in the Unifil, where it seems like we're not gonna have liked there were being. Can I like all this? awesome, storylines being dangle in front of us. I feel like it's too good to happen. I hope that I am wrong. You know has been going through with Tom but he had to have a Bay cam noon in New England, the Redskins or change the name, hopefully to the red wolves inside of your listening, the red wolves as a way to go, for this so much closer to high risk he's a seventy five and New Madden inside.
It just in saying that you're not that bad, who simply nine last year condemned. I just feel like we're being set up. I feel it is, but nobody knows Oak okey, doke of all time we're good. We have the bar, the bubble is going, we have the snitch phone is working, shops and chef are now taking over all reports. This knit snitch phone is working. We had a kings player break the line for seamless and then get busted, which I actually think it's worth it IRAN, depending on what your ordering know anything right like if you order seamless- and it doesn't come to you- you have to go meet them right, there's! No, what you feel like you're leaving the guy to dry. If he's a standing there with your order right, it be actually a response for you to not go meet him. So that's happening! Everything feels like come on. Let's go guises George Fifty this we're balls deepen summer. They feel like that. The snitching is actually get pretty Larry's right now, because they there are play
Is that a reporting on other players for breaking gorging, and I can see their point if you're gonna be playing. It seems the playoffs and you see hypothetically James, hard and walking his way across camp is to get a lap dance on the east side. When you know that he should be in who, at his hotel room, getting lab dance in his room. I would immediately pick up that phone out our deputize myself on the spot as a carrot. Yeah, just knock knock out some of your competition Russell westward has. I have a really for that. Ok go Russell S. Work has grown of ours greeting he can't pasts is teammates. That is good day. Yes, good I don't know you'd think he'd know doesn't pass aha two's teammates getting his alienated. All we want to make sure no one to pass to write and some nerds gonna be like duty. Anxiously turns this game. Fuckin fraud Triple Danglars James Hardened,
He returned campaigns. Hoddan was late getting to the bubble, that's weird because he likes to travel. So much ha. That's good! Now, travel dude, it's pockets! after its gathers tat. I had an idea, though, about how the NBA can a police this, because it you run into a weird area when you're asking players to knock on their opponents. Their potential opponents, people that could Knocker teams are to play off they just round up in all sorts of parents. Just like I would barbecue Becky all was every student Becky and Karen. I feel like a Becky Fox, In fact, twenty years ago in the air and is like an older Becky, yes, so you get all the Cairns together, they were the unit. Like a baby shirt. They ve got there like super ten husbands behind them kind having their back, but not really like just to dispatch all the big Karen's I've seen on life, the last two months put them.
All done in Orlando monitoring. The situation have them just knock on everyone yeah, so I have a team actually higher that, like the Lakers should higher their own. It's also a swat team. They bring in a watch no one else. I like that. So, instead of me, so the legal higher Swat team to bring into play they even have a team. Smart civically get their own secure rights. Yes, I like that. I bet you There are more, is already figured this out like the advancing a linux of of knocking off one of your opponents. Every two weeks for krona virus allegations. Ok, so you not talking policing, your own team, yours are like private and getting everyone else out. Yes, yeah I've been law, we got a big series. Come up against a box, we gotta. Have we got a stick Karen on yonder is ass to make sure that he doesn't do any
improper. What happened to all the Gulf fans out there that are no longer allowed to common rules, violations at the? U S open their united around with the thumbs up their asses they're. Looking for jobs speaking a gulf, our guy broke scorn up against Tiger in Rory Eyes their threesome on the six major. What's it called the six major motorcycle Jake Travellers, the moral, I think not put pressure on Brooks, but I expect a very good, very good Thursday Friday from here He rise up against those guys come on absolutely and it's gonna be other feature groups or even if it's not on tv, I am sure, will be able to find your monthly uncertainties dream they can watched on that'll be nice, it won't be on tv in baseball news, a lot of mutually baseball teams are selling cut out to their fans. So if you want to put a cut out of yourself in the stands into, the Mets are doing this. The mariners doing this probably couple. Other teams are doing it, so you can actually have a picture of yourself as a cardboard cut out sitting in the stands at home games this year. If you
five hundred bucks. I like it. I think that we should put together some money and maybe GSM cut out schedule. I was mistaken lots of us- or maybe just what, if we had cut out so just TIM Tito admits, games or Marlins man, yeah Marlins member, billion miles and miles Van? If violence man issue, I think, Marlins Ban is he would be buying all the cut he's, probably already done, yeah he's Andrews, I and some people also fastball, he's purchase, and I think he has. What we should do is we should get pictures of would remember, would the guy from the means the krona virus names? Oh God, tv shows like ten years, we should, by a shit load of, would cut out and put them in the stands at like mariners, games That really does feel like put him in years. Put him in the stands at Metz Games and have Tebow's cut out, sit next to him with woods, forces which forced in his hand, man, that's that's what we gotta do, what once it all at once sports do come back and two weeks we should do our Mount Rushmore of Holy Shit. That happened and wonders
through all of Tiger King well and the initial has done a great job of not letting anything. We don't know DNA Charles doing good, and I heard that that Austin Matthews has grown virus which sucks but at that I haven't really heard shit from the vantage l is doing what they do their Andrew report. There do not your body upper body there just the whole, but we have a league. Yes, there is is: is handling this. The way that the initial handles their season normally yet, his we're gonna, not publicize anything, don't Anyone when any of this is happening, just surprised them with the the penguins versus Blackhawks on NBC. That's all they're going to do Okay, let's get. You are happy cool throne, and then we have Willie Mcguinness coming up and then dungeon and dragons awesome episodes him woods who has become like an all star in the p empty world, be love him sequel to his brought to you by Bud Light Seltzer. Try for yourself see why the great taste a bud light seltzer is putting all others in the hot seat
So our memory use code, P, M, T Andres. Eighty five dollars off your first purchase above light, Seltzer delivered right to your door. Do that use p m t this weekend, Andres they give five dollars off your first purchase above light, Seltzer delivered right to your door, Hank Hussy, cultural, my hot! It is Michael Beazley, Beazley busy. My boy he's super who bees? got signed than that's. Our hope have Seem Sean, though in the bubble, and then today it didn't see, reported pause for krona virus. Just said, Michael Busy has left the bubble No, I wasn't like I wasn't like obscene transaction- was It was a weird images like left his long and his colleague microbiologists bounce dear I showed up, was like air ass. I got too much money. I did read that he did have grown virus and sent home
Oh yes, said that I saw people speculate in sea, any any big J reporters report on it at it. He said Michael B, I saw him say he's a my arm scares me Sharm said: he had grown a virus reports. Micro businesses, positive test, creates answer,
Ross or says with nets as from India. That car, like the Bonn thing more yeah his heel, he left his butler, is what we're going with. He did not leave the bubble. My eyes made thirty three million dollars. I would also say that if you test pause for corona virus, probably the first thing that you should not do is get on a plane and fly back home. Also true, although with thirty three million dollars rabies flying private, that's also good point. Yes, can you name all the teams of Michael Bees is played for the Lakers, the Kansas State, Wildcats, dimmer wolves land, Memphis nope he's played on the heat, the timber rules, the sun's back to the heat, the Rockets, the box, the Knicks, the clippers, the Lakers the nets? Is he a super splutter? I think so ass a. However, he had its. He thought agencies, as in fourteen point on a different team, one, two, three four: five, six seven years in a row
counting the nets supercool measly. Is he spreads viruses? Ok, who's! Your cools run. My cool throne is punch, Bob Birthday, o shouted are darling, Jake and discussion. Pelts yeah shares Bertha, yes beautiful ever wish. I ask of you. Pulled a birth. Is action markets today. Today's Wednesday, Wednesdays July, fifteen death wish him a happy birthday. Please that's first thing you can do when you wake up the same nineteen, eighty, six, nineteen, thirty six, where one was on nineteen, thirty, eighty six, eighty six, ok, so he's thirty! Four five! Thirty four can do. Math is one year younger those wow, that's one about funnel ass. I feel like Spongebob, maybe have been dying out recently.
I'm selling sponge by means of their stock and by the way I am considering. Making about dollar means the hours of also considering making in an algorithm to tell me winter, by which stocks just based on what means or will smack own really yeah, we'll Psmith Entanglement Smith cell in that I buy. What does it intend to send the fifty aviation ever talk about agreeing on having sex? That's like the way that you would explain it fair to your lawyer. Yes, ok got tangled. Did you go see the text exchange of Dm Exchange between two, some and not re Psmith. Yes, it was one hundred and ninety percent real. How Hudson HAWK is fifty cent no way. That was real. I would bet money that it was real. Why? Because it's fifty seven he's of absolute reckless. These regulatory also make stuff up I'd know. I bet you, Israel onwards, so there was a couple there's another communion through that. Also like damn damn it was someone that will Smith followed and he D Animal is kind of like shooting Ottoman him and then are blocking you now. Ok, it's Teresa,
There are fifty cent reach out to all Psmith after he did that entanglement thing and was like hey is entanglement just mean she got her back blown out. Yes, no ways are real, Nevertheless, on much like an entanglement, if its entanglement that's more like a weird comma sutra position, not just like pounded, doggie Sal, you know, that's pretty straightforward, you never get entangled averages him from the back Hank idle. Think so he said, then she said only she can get permission for somebody blow her back out, and these had fuck you fifty and fifty cents and wait what what what I do. Ok, so it's not we'll Smith because worse, but doesn't cuss yeah what about? No, it doesn't really doesn't we'll seiners algae most but doesn't have to cost us all records, but I do so fuck him you too after fifty cent guy away or who, what jaded said during her red table, talkie shared a screen shot of a fake dm message he received from Well Psmith. That's almost worse actually said that I'm ready website capital Extra got it well,
it's all I mean I'm reading website what it was securing page which now, but are you when he made? That up is what we're saying this is fifty cent alleged leading allegedly now that's what is more fucked up to fifty did that then it was if that was real like for him to make that joke behind Wilson S back and then put it out. That's worst. I understand why why fifties got targets on his back? I don't think that was real. I don't think you're real. While we think that's a Photoshop, that's hip hop lately dot com. You never know these days You don't know waiting for to caution. Six, nine. Where, on this you said a hundred percent real, as my obviously didn't have corona. Fifty cent sent that DM in God, you somewhat and the roses first name is thug: yes got it, ok, you also, you realize it. Other person you thought it was one hundred percent Real Stephen CHE says not good company when it comes to gullible things. Online, reacted point, that's tough, yes, but I'm sticking with it. Ok, if you wish,
What's he called her, my heart seat is trailing, go and Nick Marks, both recurring guess the show within the last I think month or so, because A video came out online yesterday of a bear using none too I saw so it turns out that bears actually can use weapons. Nick you laughed at us, you made a sound like like we were idiots to think that a bearer guerrilla would be able to pick up a non chuck. If a bare can pick up a non shook, a gorilla can pick up a fucking rocket launchers. Guerrilla, a gorilla would be able. Fly like a black, HAWK helicopter engineers able to use these more for weapons. I was the first thing I thought I was wrong. Jesus Christ, this guy this bears got enough. Do colours for some reason, even though he was a bare whose deadly using non shocks which are also deadly it made the bare le cuter and made me want to go. It has been, it would look like use like scratching his back. There's, somewhere these trying to get to that, like they scratch your backs on
he's in software when a person is a nun shocked? I just think back scratch right exactly what's what percentage of like you think that was real? Yes, yeah you had to bear was real y know, there's a video. How is a fake, convinced I. What do you mean? What me of someone who is with you today, who could it be? Are either they any upside down world? There is a bit I mean, there's bit Hank, it's a real bad Hake Europa, leaving your eyes within. You believe fifty cent is posing a screenshot bears, can catch fish with their bare hands and pretty sure they can use non shocks. The fifty something looks fake behind whatever a wide. What app? What app is those inscribed GM, but it doesn't interim DMZ, look like that. Research would beg to differ
one system. Ok, what's my cool throne is Oj Verges on the core thrown back in the news. Bigtime OJ did not wear a mask at his big birthday extravaganza in LAS Vegas, and so that led to a lot of people making jokes about her, how odious on the loose trying to kill again and in the sea couple days same twenty four hours. Actually, the Ford Bronco is coming back ass, so big come on it's ninety nine five again, though, cleanse dicks getting in trouble. I wanted or baseball has certainly not as agreed on these. I want the old ones. I want an old brok. I like the nuance. Now I don't like to new ones. I'll see you gotta, I feel you have two yet the let that ITALY couple models go before you hop in I give you just by the first. Bronco is definitely be a she's pregnant, be like ship blown up in like weird stuff happening, that's kind of what is trapped about four bronco. It's like it. It's heavenly cod
you'll get into expecting to die, nor yet others have yet, but I would rather die looking stylish and an old one than a new. Yet there was an old one that was a dollar retro retro fitted That could be kind, but I think the new ones look awesome just a good rule of thumb in general. If OJ is doing anything just do the exact opposite of nowadays we are your lawyer mask. No, I'm not saying that no joy, it say change life according to, according to numerous blue checkmark safety on Twitter, you should be wearing where mask yet where mass people, unfortunately after that ran thought, I was specifically dogma. John rusting- I am not John Rothstein- is Saint he's doing everything genuinely I'm talking about the people who, just looking for club I am wearing a mask. Yet I also don't feel I guess we're promo, I'm also an idiot, so you probably should like, if I M, in feeling the need to speak very publicly on something chases armed, not that informed about it to us on quietly wearing mass, because people smarter than me have told harass, currer and then
I was gonna, have on my other cool thrown entanglement, but we are to get to that. Are my hot seat. Is my emotional well being because I'm having a little bit of your most Hank Tony soprano member when he was watching the commercials and he started crying. I have watched to sports highlights in the last week that have made meteorite. Ok, I watched one makes sense. I watched the Wilson insurers are sorry, not wasn't jurists. Miguel Montero Grand Slam, Elsie S game one. We were in the bleachers for that loudest I've ever heard a stadium. Gets dodgers washed. It got terrified the second one. For some reason I was really was on Twitter, the World CUP. Women's final. Ninety nine british chest, ain't, no less our name yet that isn't it yet brainy testing hitting, though the winning Piquet started to tear up that is bad
it makes sense in I miss sport so much. I missed the moment that I get chills and I'm starting to well up on. Highlights that like why We are because we as a nation need something like that right now that that reminds us that the U S can be better than everybody else in the world at stuff. We have theirs bonuses Your lack of that in the news recently from going back in time tonight to ninety nine in seeing that, seeing that utter domination and then That is bad fucking, though I was just sitting there like lying in bed. Kind of welling up in, like men are really MRS. I actually cried at warrant sharp. Read the other day that he put online, which was just NFL coaches, realizing how to hack the rule book to their advantage. In remembering school plays like the eye. The play word, Jim Harbour are John Harbour, cried and complained to the officials for life. Week after week, lined up her attack. All that was eligible without having to report as eligible, because there was a guy in the lehne scrimmage. Then there was Bilbil check taking a safety,
Nl Michael's getting like super excited about watching that for the first time that made me to Europe a little behind and in my grable staring down belgian because he wasted like sixty seconds worthy clock time. The playoffs seen sports moments, it is usual chills casual I thought you said that you cried when you saw the boys estate highlight against Opel homo known ass. You had ok, I know my seven mortal lock and now in life and that the end that guy was probably the best kind of any college football game of scene, and yet our classic fifteen miles so convinces like you'd. How could Boise State beat Oklahoma? The latter was leaving home Adrian Peterson's, a beast lateral. I my cool, thrown positive news. The first vaccine for corona virus looks like it is like a month away from me. I will start re mass produced a month way from final studies, motorway from final studies. Yes, so what's that a motorway from progress and better Sir Trojans Admiral right now,
yet, we need it now yeah. So if it's a month away from final studies, then it has to get certified afterwards and then we're fine. It's like the their injecting people in like people again, and their cruel about business actually putting their immune system was once how the people, who were the guinea pigs right now, but, like Eve, you feel I give a side effect, be cool about it and don't make a big deal. Diarrhoea, not a big deal. You know little sleeplessness, not a big deal. Yap, don't hold this dark thoughts, not a big deal just to slips get. Do you remember you ass? Might I remember this because, as a massive massive store in Washington DC back and like two thousand one, two thousand too, I think there is a Redskins cheerleader arm, Exuviae TBD Washington football named cheerleader. That was in the news because you get a flu shot and after her flew shot, she couldn't talk anymore. She can work,
can you more? She was like trying to walk down this path and being interviewed by the news channel, and she was just like physically falling over talking in this weird weird voice and proposing. Oh, my god. The flu shots bad this year and then it turned out like a week later, is facing the entire thing. As you say ass, you say that when she was able to run backwards, she could speak normally talk normally yeah put forward. Prison which was walking forward and it was desert some to go. Look it up online. It's an all time. High Larry's Youtube. There was later than that. It wasn't you does it for. I think it was like two thousand one some sometime around then, and it's it's so a fucking funny to watch. I dont know what her in game was in this situation, but for some reason she thought to herself. You know be
some is, if I got in the news faking those two now who's, whose two thousand ten yeah two dozen tat was a real member is very much on the internet. Yes, yes, she yeah issue they inside addition, she doesn't ok, it was two thousand ten, but is a very funny to pluck regardless yet watch. It is very funny Billy, while, thankfully you guys, I took one of my selections. I made a whole list because when you go last coming Hollis hot seat, forty nine hours rule George Kill has said he will go to train camp camp, no matter what, if they get contract signed or not. I am on team pay. George kill trending yeah huts forty Niners he should do. You should just changes his position in his twitter profile. Jimmy Gram tried to do after.
That he should just comes off a quarter back to cash in on this Patrick HOMES, money, cub, more hot seas, but I'll go get up. Hussy is the lash you're gonna talk perfect, we'll squirrels are the plagues of their I'm hot seat. And why did we why retesting squirrels yeah? How did I get the bat Billy another? So decide that if the batter living in my ceiling most run weren't bats because they have rabies, but if the bats like living my roof, I'm running into them at a higher rate than other people, so they rallied. I have rabies why testing swirls were black like death, bubonic plague idle. How do you daddy determine if a squirrel is feeling sick or not? Looking by observing a squirrel? A much I'd be woe progress, asking questions that are they testing every squirrel or editors in dead squirrels for all types of diseases, it seems a little
convenient to make this world dies and just happens to have the robotic plague, recounting that towards bubonic plague, statistical someone walk by and was like who look at a squirrel, looks like he died from the plague was tested. No way spare questions very pleasant, maybe of testing tenants were squirrels Why I'll be ok within a yard of desire population orbit during our humanist squirrels, my group Britney spears, dad on a hot seek? Is everyone thinks he's free? Brittany is treading on his scram because they think Britney's being held? The answer will buy her dad some back now, Tom Cruise Hazard Tom Hanks. Excuse me last hot seat is joined. Maxwell's is being sent to pray. For one year, she's not only save their weight, la cool thrown. My will. You started over the pet of trials, not offer you. So she's got lifers in time, so fuck you at greatest risk would have Julian Maxwell gets Fuckin Jack in the next year. She just does nothing, but prison yard work out prison, x, yeah. She shows up to a cordon she's weren't. Like
sleeveless shirts, how will you pronounce your name? We set a billion different ways: Gallienne gleefully glittering, the kid dead, Gill, Jesse, Maxwell JUICE, Lane she's entrances, supermax well. Prison Gillian occur cool thrown beef, burking figure, how reduce environmental impacts of cow farts by freeing them different diet. Mace Ramsay yeah was the spokesperson for sweet for the programme, our there, how they eliminating comforts either feeding them different touch. Grass I'd appreciate it was like we grass or someone is yes make the cows go on dates, and then they won't try real hard, not to good point high school thrown that I had down. I thought you guys were easily take, has ever been a metaphor than like a second you get out of date now and you get to your house, you get dry.
Maybe you dropped the girl off and then immediately just let it rip along. Copyright is up there, but yes, Mikhail, that that seen in TED, because their milk quotas and she walks waning, just like finally farts yeah yeah. We're. Now writing the plot tat. We know, of course, were closer to border docks. We're just gonna like let tat happen in our brain naturally, and then we're like ok. Now we are dumb enough to finish Bonner dogs, their feed them lemon grasped by the way so having causing a two tangier last one is billionaires on equal terms. He made a bunch of my drink of it. Anyway, that's all be urging bad people of wealth at sea like that, didn't really make sense in Africa: richer, Falada, rice, I just thinking about the rise in the rice.
Like a lottery, a lot arise, someone's gonna. Have I gotta know how they're gonna do it would mean the old like they? They showed a general rule, eighty two million a billion with rice, and it was insane sick every every dollar was it a hundred million a billion or what was it can remember how they did. It does not under ninety nine, whatever nine thousand nine hundred million in a billion, but it was like they showed in rice, was like this is in no one rice as one dollar rice Billy adverse million, and they showed how how big like it. You knows, a pile of rice as a million yeah and then the pile for abilities lives, ass if they were sure just business worth yeah. So here's another call thrown there's a lot of speculation. Maybe by the time this package comes out. Something else all will happen in the news, but there's a lot of speculate
I'm in DC that the Redskins are the focus of a big investigation. I don't know if it what's going to happen with it, but there's there's some issues in the front office: apparently lego loader. Let me put it that way and I'm told Jens Friday stallion yeah, it's a lot like the genes Friday thing, I'm told that the Washington Post is the ones that are investigating it. I'm putting on my tinfoil hat Jeff basis has wanted to buy the Redskins last. Like three years is like a billion style coup Lou, that's actually smart, their sugar, it's not billion years, verse billion airs. It's like this is like mega billion magyars mariners right on bees, wonders billion, which is fucking crazy. To just give us a billion Jeff would be nice to you. We can be bought what he got pillar. Will the Washington Post was throwing shade at the Redskins, for how raises their name is, but their name that you're a slave owner so
That's true, Billy, the Washington Post. Also other reports have had got on the report. He has led to how you feel about present she from China, you gotta. They also expose him, so it's impossible safe together. Not who knows I us kids are interviews. We got willing Mcguinness, then we got dungeon dragons before gets really Mcguinness, with some great news for you. Coming from our friends, a peacock peacock is a new streaming service from NBC Universal Great entertainment is finally free. It's got hundreds of heat movies, thousands of episodes, your favorite current, shows timeless classics, timely updates and best of all its free. The generous are endless from comedy reality. True crime, sports drama, kids and family news, and even some new original shows. So here's some shows ominously, washing thirty or thirty rock parks and wreck.
Dear psych CARE, Queens, English Premier League Olympic Dock, in deep with Ryan Lofty wooed I'll, be good Friday night light tank. Eleanor s View Yellowstone, House storage wars meet the press, NBC nightly news. Oh, my gather summit two types of masters be ending. They got it all, so you gotta go right now best streaming best, the tv you can watch for free and upgrade for more on your tv phone or tablet, gotta, pee, car tv dot, com to download and star streaming. Now that is Peacock tv dot, com to download search streaming now, one last time, peacock team, We all one word dot com to download and start dreaming. Now. Ok, here is willing Mcguinness. Okay, we now welcome on any film network, analyse three times Superbowl chain
being in also recurring guest, so welcome back. It is Willie Mcguinness. We appreciate you joining us Willie where to get to a bunch of stuff, first. I want to talk to you about be the change which you're working actually with our good friend Julian settlement, which is to help red get people to register, to vote before the election in November, and you have to events coming up right to events coming up in the next couple. We out in California is that right now about to be this, coming up in one unfortunately had to be put back the one I was at the farm eaglewood area because a covert you know we have to make sure that we were. You know we're doing things right. We just shut down again you're a job, for you saw a distant stop digitally and all until we are able to come together to have the big events and the changes is something that must
Both legends ran athletes aware came up with is a lot of guys you're, not going out using local ones. Whither they wrapped in March and protest in use there. There is the rams there. Their fate is, or whatever, and would you know we're talking? We block chase but be in it It is actually going after a body and in Changing your local governments or whatever and its top to get young people. Firstly in the inner city out of the house to go down and registered evolve. So we came up with something called we're gonna make these qualities Julie. His happiness out many spread. The word creating a loving for that. There are a lot of different sports stars. Entertainers looks a bit part. It is the black musical listen, there are lots of sports organizations in the other room and each year a male left NBA, everybody's come aboard? Had agencies
just these hurries? What we're gonna do when people actually come out and register but give they may hurry, be they change? you gonna, make a really nice and fashionable, and now that's my heart. Men of team in other people want is actually try to do something to be its age. I like it. My only problem with that is when it comes to Julian gentlemen, he's gonna want sweatshirt. I just barely covers up like his nipples and just like shows off the gas crisis, shows it yeah he's gonna want to show off his body little, but it's easier, probably make like in his equal, Elliot size, hoodie. Just for him where, if you really want them on board this, you know you know him well, We trust the life of a lotta allotted became a lotta gear, nice goody back, so he's already posted. I story body a thought back up, so people can see it again, butter, that's my brother manner! I got a lot to learn from our respect from another. He gives a man,
did you want change, you gotta, be the change you gotta go out, do something okay, so Obviously things have been weird because of coronavirus and everything that's going on. Are you one hundred percent confidence sitting here right now, they're going to play NFL, I want to sit on me, I'm not on the board. What my pay grade is not that high, that I can tell you hey. This is definitely going to going to happen, but all indications point that there is definitely going to be a NFL season and we are preparing for that. As the NFL has the network that I or the league under the NFL brother, that I work for Europe will not a different protocols in place and now everything oh, is that we are definitely have an NFL season, so you so just a little tip here. Don't say the first part that you're not on the pay grade for it. You need to speak confidently about it because what's happening right now in society is a big game, a telephone where you
Tell me there were having NFL season. Then random people ask me cuz, I'm an expert in their eyes which I'm not, and I can confidently say yeah. I was talking to Willie mcginest we're having NFL so then, eventually, all the society is confident and then we don't even know who told us we're having it but we're all having it together. I got you man those those those made decisions, gonna come from the Anti Fraud office, but what weapon? former we told everybody we are having a decision that was ass, a messenger have you see those helmets that they're they're point out that have the integrated masks and them that's supposed to. I guess deflect alot of those spittle in like your moisture, there comes
the mouth during, like I, can you imagine a player actually wearing those if it feels like it would be insanely hard to catch her breath in those things? Well me, if you think about the shield that players, where covers than those in the eyes too, but it is assumed that, like its wrapped around your feet, there's no air or circulation, so I have not seen it heard about it. Why do you not agree? have you taken all processes that we know that that our possible so if that's what it has to be man to make this season going, to protect all the players and protect their families. Then that's that's what we got to do, I'm a board with that. How do you think CAM Newton is going to fit into the patriot way? The patriot way see how you put that this, not as a where's the patriot way- and I was one of the things that are wondering about canvas very smart- can now as a use chip on his shoulder and he's
the position to go to a great organization and prove that he still can be Cameroon, the envy Peter we saw a couple years ago and I I think, like any other player, Weathers Corridor, Randy, MOSS, video player, high profile player with a big eagle and personality- that's come into. Organization, big quickly, find out. It's about t t raise over individual is no matter what you are a big. Your personality is how good you are with draft pick. None of that matters and players, respect that they respect the fact that all the players in the locker room get treated the same have the same treatment. Everybody held accountable. Everybody prepares the same at the rules are in place for everybody there's no exemptions, so I think he will respect that and I think he also respect
he's got you organization has had a lot of success with now and he can be a part of something really good if he buys into. So who would you who would you think is gonna go further in the play off this year? If you had to put money on a right now, the patriots or the buccaneers, their indifferent, their different processes, macerated How about last December, a picture tat, the bay suitable and they know it. It is bright, even we split down the middle. So if that happens, would you be rooting for the patriot, sorrier friend, Tom Brady Software, in our stuff? No patriots who know that New England, my home Tom, is my brother. I don't know where I got it, you don't. Whenever I watched these games- and I got brothers I gotta be unbiased because my job, but that's the tough, because
both my success. Ok, your tie the insuperable and then they everyone gets a win. What were you supposed to pop? Were you surprised at all the did Tom Brady left New England? Did you see that coming that there was maybe a little? I don't. I don't know if it was friction between Belichick and Brady, but just hey. We've been doing this for twenty years time to move on kind of think I can't say that I'm surprised, but what I can say is. I know that you know both sides wanted to work it out. It just didn't happen that way. I think the fact that Tom wanted some long term insurance. He felt like he had a lot left in the tank that he was still playing at a high level and the fact that the patriots probably offered something that he wasn't comfortable with and You know he had to make a decision and I left knowing went toward the Cleveland. That's one of the toughest thing for a player:
do I have a number of years collar, someplace home. This is where he had success. All his friends family is built. That organization help note that organization all his ties. That's the toughest thing to do in the world, but at the end of the day you got to do what's best for you and your family, and I think both parties understood that It's a tough conversation. Eddie, I'm going to talk to Mr Crowley. He had had a conversation with your relatives and Yes, they agree to disagree and other their separate ways. A daytime has been filled. We're on our way for last year. That he's he's been warning. You know today, the reassurance from the organization and Do you feel that way when the deal when he still came up leaves a three eight and you know sometimes the patriot they move a step Wait you can't be disrespected by and you can't feel a certain way, and I certainly
What did I myself? Would you gotta understand within his business, and I know you the girl right here. You got the best clear at deposition ever what it was a most only came down to two sides not agree, therefore. So when you were not a clue, and when you decided sovereign you to move on from New England. What was was our moment. New joy, the team and you realize wow. This is- is really a different way of doing things out here. Then they do in New England. And what was that moment for you or absolute ass? You know familiarity they'll, what's wrong your for now he was the here can't use might be coordinator, so you know that only thing that I knew there was a great organization, the fans of also ball out. Their Cleveland is half of football, and
I knew I would know the defense inside out cuz. My head coach was my coordinator at the time, so that wasn't a problem, but when I got in the locker room, the culture wasn't there other mentality? Wasn't there, it wasn't team over individualism, it was opposites and we didn't have enough guys to buy into where Romeo Crennel was trying to put in place, and that was show me the discouraging part for my three years of being there a lot of selfish guys, a lot of guys that didn't work hard, a lot of guys that put themselves before the team and didn't really I understand you want a lower when it took to be a play off Calibre championship, T, and I think that her more than anything because you got a guy like me, that that's all I know and I'm coming in, and I'm trying to do all the things that have been doing for the last twelve years and
You got a handful of guys that get it and by inference the majority of the guys that can really effective team and make us better didn't, and I was a problem. It was some of our best players, so you made headlines actually yesterday. I think it was something similar that you can speak on saying give me Patricia time in Detroit to build now the story line that always the media runs with, and I think there is some truth in it is when Bela checks guys go somewhere else. They want to have that culture that they had a new England, but there's not the superbowl success to back it up. So it's a little bit harder of a cell. Do you think that's a fair thing to say when talking about a map Patricia or Romeo Canal in Cleveland, where it's hard to sell two guys did. This is the hard work you have put in to get to the finish line. If you ve never been to the finish line, I think it is the evil one Bilbil. And secondly, when there was a radio you know he get the job you guys in the locker
that he knew that the criterion fit the mold mentality physically physically or whatever the case. Maybe you know the tile all myself, Troy Brown Bruschi lawyer Milloy, like he had a handful of guys that he said okay, I'm going to build around these guys and then I'm going to go out I'm a draft, I'm going free agency, I'm a building and put the other guys around them, and I think we went whenever you have somebody come from a successful program. The phantasm people expect instant success and it's not an overnight process. Just doesn't happen like that managers has one more than anybody it in that organization. He knows how to man he's very smart. He is a lot of different system, so he's coached a lot of different guys, a lot ways and when you the knowledge of how to do something? Now you need the pieces to execute his staff.
Before I got, you wasn't even on board with how he coaches the preparation and mentality all the different things that all the other coasts the New England, we're all gonna say all the same. I with so your college is gonna, be on the same page and then the players If the players are not buying any, you see those players leaving out of there if they're distraction and they're not buying it in then how you expect for them to go out on the football field and execute out of high level and play at a certain level. So people got to understand the game of football and how it works, got to have the right pieces got to have the right mentality to be able to have time the build a culture and I know the NFL right now. Everybody wants to come in and win right now. It just doesn't happen like that in the teams that do it's rare, the teams that do that square. But how long does it last? It's about consistency, you know, and it's about building and sometime
not afforded that you don't see, coaches get fired in one you, you not afforded it! That yeah think think people are forgetting about judge going over to New York and adding on what you said. The giants like an organisation that would be more willing to give time given how they vote, which in the past they might give him three or four years to rebuild this thing as just saying: ok, one or two seasons you're out, but in your opinion, if you look at like this new crop of patriots, assistance that have gone out across the Lee whose stock would you be by more would be Flores would be paid Patricia, or would it be judge? Will you it's a bill. Billy around was there to write your you quarterback, lodging and commonplace, and working with you know what would we retire and he went back to the actions he's had. A lot of success has been, in the plaza, take me out of the five years of four and five, is this you know in the last five year, so he's had a lot of success as far as competition like it. If you don't like it, you step
you don't look at how much creative control you're gonna have with building do you have the ability to go and take your own plates or do you Jim in place that you have to run peace through so Every situation is a little bit different being in my hand, War is what he D. Have somebody S Jim understands that this you know he's dead, I wasn't doing what you know Chris understands what is gonna take any has had that patients why you gotta get the right guys in there. You see some of the best players. The rabbi. Not in my area anymore, because maybe they wasn't by what they were trying to coerce. Does the difficult work to get the best players to the free agents to whatever everybody in the same accord to understand where all equal we're all equal its sovereignty and authorities day. So where's the patron away, whether
it's what Seattle built when they had Sherman and all those guys buying it to it whether it's Atlanta with the brotherhood, whatever you come up with, you got to create that and you got to have body on their roster by an internet and if they don't buy into that, they shouldn't be on your roster. So I'm always curious D. You know from a fan's perspective, how attached you are to your snow accolades your personal records cause. I would assume everyone's a little bit selfish. It's a team. Sport is the ultimate team sport, but there's a party
like I want my records to stand, and you may need not even thought of this, but you have the record for most sacks in play off in play off history. No one's even really close right now Trail Suggs, Tsar three and a half behind, but you know he's at the twilight of his career when they change the play off structure to seven teams in only one by is our small party. You that's like shit cause. You're gonna have more chance to get games under their belt and possibly break this record and take this record away from me. The first part of your question is everybody: wants individuals says you? If you don't, you should be planned again, I'm sure
You should have that certain respect about yourself. You should always want to compete and be the best at what you do and it records and act like it's coming along with that, then that's great! That means you've accomplished something, but it should all fall into the realm of tea. And if you have team success, that means a lot of individuals are having success with her playing at a high level. Now as regards its a single gained, sack record in the play off, and it's the overall sad record in the plan is to so my thing with these records are meant to be broken, but for me to have that right now to be a special, because I heard the other harcourt that regular guys is you gotta get to play off? If you don't, don't play off there, Visual record doesn't apply to you and you can't reach that. So you have to do what you gotta be other good team, so my
here comes a way of being a good team being able to. It's a play off to have the opportunity to make big plays in the plans. So tired. Are you you? Could you cook it up when you look at it with my the team? Still the team I want you to play off those records. Don't accept. I beg you answer my question too, by correcting me about having the individual game record as well. What company such as that for a half baked or far against Jacksonville, okay, and who is a quarter back then it was less what's gonna think they switched out to dry. Let me point out, though, because I'm in you is so slow like every sack on him.
Jerry counters. Half a girl had that cool hat, but not really anything else. You know we're gonna get or an account that is half a remnant left which would take three seconds to throw the bomb was he says what is right and I was like a Maloney many transit. Pretty goodies is not always have that, all time clip of it his office of lying carrying him down the team winning a game. Broken out of death, Ciccus heads for- and I am looking up now- four and a half Saxon, two thousand five against the Jaguars Darien go any I'd. Look you there's a picture of you. Just basically, it looks like you're giving left, which a newbie that it is properly. It was really fast tat day. Many was gettin away if it doesnt lasses guy you ve ever seen at who is. Are you favour quarterback to sack hobby paid Mary just because he was so top and so good. He always got the boy
laugh he always knew what you were doing so when you get better chance to get paid man back that that built that the really good and did you ever Sackville rivers, I'll love, I'm not sure you know, I'm pretty sure I did. If I didn't, copy. Your recall him like a field disease famous for never crossing on the field, and he liked compliment you little bill. Yelling onto wages were never heard, never heard him say a curse were talks, a lot of tracks, but I never stonewood seems more annoying to me like I'd, rather have a guy be like fuck you then I got to be like all dang it. You know that, and you know it doesn't. Stop like the guy, never Manzano here, so that she can cause they all Gamewell. Yes, I might add one last question were
I can to, and if that were cannabis, Willie Mcguinness three times who bore champion again, he's got a great thing that he's doing with our friend joint Elman, a bunch of other people trying to get people to register to vote before the election. It is called, be the change so go. Look that up Willie's, also posting on all the social media at WWW Mcguinness, on Instagram and Twitter. Do you know urban Meyer, not well alone? As we said in a low? Ok, oh you're an ambassador USC. Have you worked that angle, yet to get him to be the head coach of the trojans and restore some glory there. Those conversation is, I would say, probably happen. A map almost there staff- I am an ambassador with the football programme
I am around, I am active, I'm really close without better directed the directive of my MIKE and I am also pleased with the groups that are there. Now my name has come up. I don't know if he was often interview. I dont know if he wanted to interview. Or nor did I do. I know at the university wanna to interview, I know, noticed the great hold you want a lot of football games there's a lot of respect is not Cochin, so you know what was it what happens in the future right now? U s! He has a head coach. You have largely coaches that they just higher and arm. You know they're trying to put it together, figure things out right now. We need USC to be good again now, because you see that
at twelve, as has been out of the picture in: U S not being good eyes, always kind of a bummer, because it's one of those historic programmes that when they are in a game, it always feels a little bigger. It is man- and you know it's it's not about the pact wealth, it's about national championships. Now we need to set our sights higher and understand what you see. Tradition is what U S in football is, and I get is a lot of new nuances to the game. But with football games being tough and physical and trades is dominating and taken, the opponents will- and I think when you talk About- U S, he forgot
are all the players that come to that system and went on to the NFL. They carry that with them, and you know it special you don't ever leave UFC, it's a family that I just think that we need to remember that incorporate that back in these young kids and young men that are coming into Velikim teach him how to beat a young man and an existing do the right thing and community, but also incorporating and still what being, a Trojan really mean. From the time they get there to the time, at least so our goals is national championships. Ah, a reed we're going to take at work along the way by the echelon should be. National jacket is all day every day. Yes, aunt Willie, thank you is always been fun to catch up. You're, always welcome back on your recurring guests twice now. So we appreciate your time and we appreciate you telling us that the NFL season is going to happen, but you said hundred percent Willie Mcginnis guarantee it's going to happen
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another something completely different. Okay, it is that time of the week every other week. It is our good friend TIM Woods. We are continuing our dungeon dragons adventure. Ah it's great to see you as always? Can we really be here? Who would do a quick recap? I've had the long or short part of it. Is that Billy's in trouble, but you tell us exactly where we're sitting in whose
Next, absolutely for sure, so the situation is yeah. Billy is in a little bit of trouble, because research or Billy had while we were in the village of greenish, trying to stop the cult of the dragon from attacking the castle. Greenest keep as it were, that was Bisbee besieged by these cold. This, with their giant Dragon Leonard on Observer Billy, had successfully jumped on the dragons back gotten on her good side for the most part and convinced her with a couple of really good roles to kind of up Talk you know, in between the army's threaten everyone a little bit within eliminate the leader of the colonists before getting ready to turn upon his team upon reconsidering options,
of his or her Billy decided to try to fly away with the dragon, Linda, Bonn and kind of joined the cold, but unfortunately not before norm. The barbarian was able to leap up and pull preserved. Her Billy off of the back of Lennox on land Flew up in the air, gave a sad and sorry look back to her Goliath friend, but made no effort to rescue him as he flew off, while the rest of the culture of the dragon has now fled from the village of greenest, and everyone is now a funny thing is their priorities celebrating how much we are all the heroes but as they crowd into bank us, it becomes very clear that they don't want to get in between us and visitor Billy right now, because of reading body language say to wear that there is some tension at it's heart beyond Europe. It in you wanna highlighted the turn. Order pretty day starts with Erlich of all the characters, so Eu Erlich would have a chance to kind of it.
Intervene here, if you, whatever you wishes within Spain, would go and then nor would get to go of poor reserved for Billy has a chance to do anything so I'll, be the turn order. At this point, I would also I, like Sir, oh, is rushing in a kind of putting a hand on norm. The barbarian shoulder reason was enough. We don't have time for whatever is going on here. This can be prisoners that tackle got away, real important right. Now we got rescue the laggards okay, alright So I was gonna. Ask that what is our mission outside of torturing Billy in making in squeal? What should we be focusing on board every through the first part? Absolutely, as
in theory. It is becoming clear that right now that the town of greenest is worried still because, while the culprits fled, they apparently fled with prisoners. Everyone else's celebrating, but Sir, oh Sir, always paying attention, and he is aware that right now this might be a small window of opportunity for us to follow the cult this to wherever they went and try to rescue would ever prisoners they might have brought back to their camp with their use, as they must be kept me by whatever you need to do here? We can drove reserved rebellion shackles up. We could personally condone torture. I, whatever you need to do between your teammates, you gotta work out for yourselves, but up. There is also a dormann cleric. We ve seen rushing around healing people and that Europe is also stepping forward. He seems to have some ideas also on how you could get busy work or Billy helping you again that Europe is saying I got some
I think that if you need this wild card over here reigned in there's a spell I could put on him. It would give you control over the bizarre just saying that an option to their work. I would ask her look at this point like in theory you, got the jump on everybody else. Here you just saw norm, get pulled off the track or paupers Billy off the dragons back. They both kind a landed on the ground and it looks like they mean business are always suggesting peace, but we can do whatever we like, but would you be thinking of doing to act, Billy, yeah, there's gonna come up here. If we would like to finish the job declares only meeting right now to thank you for your suggestion, cultural. Yes, we're gonna go after bill, to go ahead and just noted hit option for came up. He his hands up any he steps back Soros,
getting involved in this, but Eric you have several options at your disposal. I know that you have. Our elder blast would be a very powerful attacks, but you can launch a reserve for Billy right now with no penalties. That would be until he attacks you, your main avenue for attacking him. Would you like to throw a eldridge last him slowly, interior plastics last month, the ass you can aim for that, certainly, and if you roll indeed twenty, you would have a plus four on your attack role with this Eldridge blasted go after visitor Billy check that China, six six six plus four is gonna, be a ten and checking berserker Billy's are our class berserker Billy, you wear heavy chain mail and you we'll a shield. Your honor classes, pretty high at ten, is not hitting you. Do you see this sort?
fire being thrown at you by the norm, not more like you turn easily sides. Now, no tax have so far so good Nora, resisting the assault so norm. Wayne. That would bring us doing. What's us believe like to do with which Billy's mental acuity like how easily trick to see in theory spells that would mess with him he's somewhat resistant. Yucas, yes, good wisdom, but his intelligence is just an average, is checking it would ass right if we like, we exploded his love of dragons and we built a fake female dragon. That was like that was presenting herself two billion Lord Billy over to the dragon, and then I get in it yams electroshock, worse inside of arms. Yes, oh and Billy tries to make love to it. We just shoot out of various orifices. An attack can build a fake dragon to entirely.
I would let you use your minor illusion, spells or create a fake dragging. It wouldn't be a super large dragon, but it would be a big, a big enough dragon mirror those looking for rebalancing. Ravages Worthington appealing attractive dragon can appear thanks to your allusion magic. Are you making it appear around you and our barrier yeah? I think I think it's around us, but in all go next, no Papa! Yes, we're all inside this rag in, but the cat is closest to the ep till the whole, I got my criticism is right. Behind the dragons mouth go, kill someone a fuckin, just smashing the face. Absolute Superman side is like
hologram you can all see out of this dragon. Just fine and you see berserker Billy turn and at first miserably your eyes. Why? Because you see a dragon appear out of thin air but make an intelligence check. This would be a d twenty plus zero for you and see if you can tell it. This is an illusion, show unrolling plus zero wondering rejoining the rocker Europe, really my intelligence in some voices that are responsible for it. Closure. I am double checking
The number is that you need the way- and I am sorry to say, is barely able to tell that this is a illusion. You can kind of senior officials on the service over with that role. I would say you can't see inside the dragon urges the way or it's a faint, but I notice you so that he can tell kind of that. It might not be real dragon because even care cause he's just so like but sprung over dragons though he just might be like you know what I'll take what I can get right, dear you're, looking at them, send. It looks very realistic, t new, I am you, can make it whenever decision you want regarding this dragon, but you do suspect something maybe a little uncanny about, and we just a little bit like a dragon Sue starts thinking with little billions that a big Billy. I absolutely
absolutely clear your maybe developments and thought about this dragon, but normally be up now resort before presumably goes. What would you like to do? Ok, I mean- I, I think, I'm gonna smash em right, like we gotta start weaken weakening him because he's about to go and trying to fight back right So we have to do is go full on Meda. Cried you smashed smash from absolutely. If you jump from out the allusion, I would actually give you advantage on the sea, be the one person to get it back, to drive out bigger role, tutti twenties and take the higher number. I just asked before you roll. Are you also going reckless?
rapidly ass gave us a bit I'll give you knew the answer that yes, I'd say that I'm gonna, let you get something called double advantage. You can roll reading. What are you thinking about it, I'm one of all of their ok. Here we go again: three Roseland Gimme that black the rule, one thirteen, eighteen all too well Levin. Why did you want that Is our waited? No, I didn't you waiting die threes. I've learned not batter t validate so that thirteen with the best of them and with a plus five that is in eighteen, total on your attack as you swing, you're acts and eighteen is just Barely I hear against Berserker Billy, so you are dealing damage and you are willing. A great sword is that I believe that is right. So, as you bring your grades were down upon Berserker Billy, you urge you got there.
God damn it has its own over fourteen points of damage, I'm sorry to say the Mazurka Billy Mazurka Billy you're totally points. If I can check those authorities that fourteen yeah you have said The team total have boy familiar already down to three points: left anyway? We are your measly downward Clare, great, your briefly dead, so busy Billy. That would then bring us to your turn. You ve seen norm jump out be a giant opinion illusion, Dragonette Attack, you got a pretty good strike on that and you know you are brought down to your name, in least by the strength of that attack. What would you like to do right now, so I'm a healer right. You are a healer gonna hear myself, you can heal yourselves.
Just rule warn you about this. Healing yourself would be what you would you, instead of attacking, which make you very useful to your tea amazing? How about, but unfortunately, means you have to make a choice. Are you gonna fight right now, for you gonna hear yourself to keep yourself. Why I'd also like to point out that of Billy tries to heal himself who, just by some supplements from China that don't work at all? Yes? Well, I think I am So I think we re pretty useless. If I don't hear myself even by, I kill one of them, By the way are we are in agreement that we just want to kill, Billy and then we'll have Jake put me: parliaments I knew I had heard a torture at least but yea abroad like that I'd like him dead. I want him D. A d get ok is earned escape option. So visitor Billy. I have to agree with your healing option being one of the best ones, but escaping is something that you could do after you, either attack or he'll yourselves. You move to run for it.
I ran me, would be, will increase you and still an attack you because your action the moon was avoided oil by down. What do you do so? Is there I houses how's merrily has my dragon friend. She's gone. You used all the peering into the distance you could run after her. Ok, so I could hear and run away
I would warn you if you he'll and run away than they're just gonna be able also catch up to you and yet intact, but what's the point of escaping, if they were having your dead just kidding, you can choose not to run after interests fight back. They might do the dollar banana you're going to look at its resources. Yes put up your fists and fight back. If you focus on just running and not healing, and then you would get to run with your mood and your action and then they would be able to chase you wanna talk you they just be able to chase you an essentially keeps speed with you and you be rough running with them right behind you. Basically, ok! Well, you know what flight and I have no flights. I think I'm gonna fight back great but Can I do like semi healing to get caught off just either? Do it or don't you can't you can either he'll yourself or you could attack and if you attack, I would warn you
the activate you're a war cleric ability to attack two times. I just want to avoid doing attacking twice or he'll. I just wanna try to kill norm kill norm that I'm the strongest, so that's your theo, an accomplished. I would like to kill grace, concentrate all my tax on nor great Gulf, absolute again soon to be twenty roles, and you have a plus four when attacking with hammer. So what's what Sir Norms hit points norms? It believes that the fairest way I'll check that it is well forms got a hefty twenty. Three guy we can returned. I six sorry. I warn you also that you know that norm is raging and takes half damage scissors
Ok, so I'm really no win. Situation really is re sort of laying off like a situation that you made yourself when you try to kill us. What will you know what I'm doing is there anywhere? We thought you thought we're gonna, take your side yet butcher sliding ourselves. Just like your mind. People now will you analyze and order tried to kill us. This is not unprovided tragically norm. Ok can I was on the strong ties, the start. Without the I've no b for the entire wishes go, let my man sit out there get tat. He has been the best all of us. He I think I'm pretty good yearning. Does it mean to you because you are you? Ok, you it I'm just going to attack
come in then Billy. I also want to let you know one other thing: if you substitute your war hammer attacks for one attack. Spell that you have you have the ability to reach out and inflict wounds on someone basically rotting their body away with death match, so that would only be one one attack. It's all riding on a single role which do it, nor without its much more earlier I were put out. Maybe an alternative situation. Her word, if you just after an enemy, a common enemy of ours. Right now- and you tried to get back in our good graces by taking out somebody that we're going up against it, will have to kill ok. What is area option like that? You do seem many call this still trying to leave from out of town who the townsfolk like throwing, rocks at and stop, you could rush after one of them, and I hope that your team is merciful. If you do that, maybe- it honestly like one way to get back on our good side is to help us fighters.
Bigger battle, because we don't want to be wasting our time with you. We want to win the aim we want to get. It kills. Green, ok, hope hope for your teammates merciful. I don't think they can be merciful. I wonder when the easily billy? I I want to go. I want to go Europe's get attack, nor with one being that Israel is not what I would have liked? I take you in Rome. I take one Romans spell yeah to all some dark energy coats norms. Others are Billy's have yet, and we all here, the bellowing of Kobayashi somewhere S, nine rambler, nothing about this, a more confident that you guys would not community mercy. No you're right, you were an auxiliary, enjoys marked size area. I would have crushed in. I know which one to three role and its Atwell, not great twelve loss
or is what Louis thanks here in Tahoe elsewhere, sixteen and against norm? Nor am, I am sorry to say, your request of fourteen. So that's a hit against you. Oh per annum. I will roll the damning wholly how much damage you are taking it. Gonna, be a lot, though, as it seems like all this is the case when it hurts me they dreading along your arm rotting away your life. I think, like authority he's got Greece Glass, three, sixteen damning, because a reckless right now so here's the thing. I really like to have them, and you had been promised spell or like inflict wound was no strong. I was drunk. You were taken, sixteen, so Europe six out of sixteen longer. To that end, the somethin you are at three or four right down these it through enormous seven. I had twenty three emmets Yams seven.
You're at seven. That's absolutely right exactly by sixteen to have good cause to be one right. Those death pervert awesome, good job Billy for community Mazurka. Really that's your turn and There is the end of your term. Just kill myself fleeing yeah, pardon guy. We gotta worry about those prisoners. Kenyan early outbreak is back to you. What would you like to do? Is there like anything like it, different from an attack like some Lena like Paul is I've. Eyelids are for like something works like he's. Gonna be alive, but he's gonna be in a lot more pain forever elegantly get his eyelids off and then make him go, hang out with the jailer I have you ever take up both of his legs and then keep going with him, so he just permanently in pain but not dead. I'll say that you could leave him at this.
With your dagger and your dagger could probably deal enough damage to finish off reserved for Billy, so you could attack with a dagger and if you knock him out than at that point, you have a lot of liberty to do. Do whatever kinds of torture your mom, due to his body now come on conscious is or something I could do, because I feel it is only right to let big counterparty deliver the final. Nor does it please. I just wanna bet I just want of dead now of the game are outside Roma advertisements and butter. Dagger, here, absolute Europa De Twenty plus, for that is your dagger attack bonus. Ten ten, I total ten total no ten toad or ten plus four. So if war, perhaps so fourteen is Why did it against longing any of your trial at your nose? So it's like you. Try to jump up grab his belt permanent level yourself up onto his shoulder to get him like right in the eye, and he knocked you free
Roma by weight. Aren't iron, our warlock small body. You aren't you No more lively ass. You are using a ritual night, a ceremonial war, about noon. I alone we're going to get back to the indian second, but before we do not talk to you about me and is my favorite underwear company in the entire world? Have you were considered the underwear, the graces, your in regions. Well, you ve got some important stuff down there. You gotta take care of it and thankfully Monday's thinks about it all the time, which is why there entering the game with their softer than soft sustainable unease in fun, prince and lots of colors, who can be totally comfy being you inside. It's always a good Dick day in me. That's what I always say, because it's true me undies is my if a pair of unaware that, if ever worn in my entire life, you know what's the worst possible thing ever it's an empty underwear drawer, because it's on the dirty laundry well, it's a good thing that you can just get me. Undies membership and erratic erratic
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hung out, and then he is not allowed to talk or say is turns and we have to we control and that way we have to interpret form it very well. It is now your turn. If you have a sword that could do that quite effectively small body, you, I just like to fuck em up honestly, just like to kill bill like whatever, whatever attack, gets me closer to murdering Billy. That's what I want to do. Absolutely your weapons. You do have a story called. The era. Fencing sword is a very sharp blade. You could rule that out and you could attack him with a plus bore Ahmed. Yes, I'd like to do that. I would like to take my sharpest weapon and put in the most sensitive part of Billy's botting kill his he's busy trying to block your attack right now. If you get a critical hate, you hit him right where you are hoping it s ass if he gets Lenny, otherwise the hire you get the closer you got to his followers. Okay. So what am? I had met a plus, Forza recently, plus boring crack monkey of doing so. Here we go seven
come on. Seven plus four and eleven he's got good armor. Her we hide is all rock and this attack is not getting to stay at home in the mouth and you just steps back. I have more of a chance. They thought here. Let's see strong guy, I I guess I'm: U S, help me goddammit no wait wrong losers. I want Jacon. This game played. I kill him. I want to kill him. I'm getting old, eagerly, plus five you're a great sword, and I wonder why not hear what do I need you get underling afford only just barely got him within eighteen, so eighteen was the magic number. Last time I will ask again an important question: are you going reckless fiscal dumping? another roll right, get you roles, yeah yeah! Togo rapidly, I what is the eel amending here? Total? Do we have to get on the days I get up by NATO yeah
It is on this and you need to get an eighteen. They hit him. So a third Hinder Georgia to rules through higher. Here we go. Do you feel you know you're a fucking dead Why did we didn't you hear your disguise? It didn't need my second rule Billy, I'm sorry to say you just chicks sixteen boy ass of damage, which I'm just double, checking, whether that is its not any instant kill. Opening is enough to take you down to the ground in your knocked out, at which point people can just decide whether your bag in the blockade on my back and then withdrawn, Aspasia humiliate the Mazurka Billy.
This is actually one chance. You still have arms turn finishes in your term. Comes you need to role at the twenty and, if you get a niner higher or less- and I are less you slip closer to death. If you get a tenor higher you're doing ok and you get a twenty, you actually wake up and you get your whole turn Jane. I, this is waited be in trouble, the earlier just rolled away, why many sided dies unrolling? The black days that big had asked for earlier, your role in allowing out. That said, I eyes exile. Accelerator knows it is a signal that it is a part of no you're gonna have to get out of the matter. Right he's dead, the doughty that
a man and fortunately that means he is slipping closer to death. If someone a kid you with a weapon at this point reserved for Billy, the character is officially dead and it is. We see from the walls and Elk wizard waving it s real Billy's character if Berserker Billy dies in theory, this very frail looking elk wizard with a book his back whereby because frail Elk Brazil you're dead in your ever play s AIM Jake is sitting in your see in Jake. Is gonna, be the new reporter guy that we then submitted
the statue to two memorialize units that enough now fucking kill. That is one that, in theory, it is the Elk wizard is the rapporteur. Our he's got a lot of papers on in these glasses on it looks like you could have been reporting. This whole thing up her history and you get to know, however, is controlling that that Elk character they'll be the next person to show up, but it deserves Billy roles that two more times or if somebody somewhat just swings one weapon it is grown by, and that is the end of bitter Billy story and he has woken up unfortunately, so that brings us to early Ehrlich you're standing over him with a knife right now in your hand, and this would not be the first time that you as a warlike and probably like ritual sacrifice, you're like approach. This kind on my personal are its own rowan. Absolutely everyone attack him on the ground. It's very easy role with advantage, and if you hit him, then that is the final blow against berserker billion in that case, was
The advantage I tell you is: are you the eventual two times into a higher god? Aren't gonna through the first time. Toward check that yeah jig jacket, I trust and in that case the gnome, has definitely done this before I reach down slowly. How do you want to kill for Billy I were, I use, is wholly hold on. Describe it slowly in and really take your time on how you gonna kill him. I would like to go even take the ears off. First then the eyeballs than the nose and then just slit his throat. Why would I would, if you give the was the colombian neckties raptors wrapped his tongue around his neck and yeah July?.
Will you I say I say I gave in and then you see a grayish reddish blood flowing forth from the Goliath born as it seems like his life leaves his body berserker Billy goes cold for you, I believe, also Ehrlich. You have an ability where you, actually you don't reap with the souls of people you killed, but you get extra hit points from them, so you feel a little charged up if you deal the killing blow to the cleric of Kibaki, but he lies dead before all of you now. And the whole town was watching and they go. In this village, yours or like pretty horrified by what they just witnessed. Another idea there was out of your real. I gotta go
really is my soil at both the crowd. No, ninety I'll, yes jobs, while I like leaving room for not examine the couch, did, should never try to cross. Now we should. We should make Jake Right a history of what has happened. We have Billy, be like a petty, I'll in the best further Jeff Jeffrey yeah, so we had to kill Billy because of his crimes against humanity. J. Now, A bind urges all full of pictures of of guilty Maxwell and Billy Berserker held out a party from now on for all record history, people refer to the devil as just bill. Yes, yes. What well like
Thank you, I first of all say: Jake excite have you. This is very great and also just brought, therefore saying goodbye to Billy. At the very least, I put out the offer that if a particular monster catches our attention and we like Billy to get to roll for that monster or even to take on some decision making that monster I'd, be happy to give Billy a monster. Now that, unfortunately, is of his character had been retired from the game. Jake. Well, I'm looking at you and I M very excited. You noted here what kind of a carrot you'd like to play, but so far I do have this elf wizard prepared was a great spell, castor, historian and master of knowledge of all things magical they are a little bit intelligent spoke is compared to some of the other characters, the we haven't life, but that means that you can do the boat best job, like rolling knowledge checks to find out
secret information about things in places tat. We go to dare to be honest, the physical description you so the glasses was really spot on. So things are on the right track. I love it fantastic. So your car. And at some point I will ask what is your elf wizards name, but you can take some time on that. You don't have to have an answer right now, but they've been hanging out in the village of Green is probably for a lot of reasons. Didn't leave this castle when it was under attack, and you just seen this party would have been true, come riding into town save the day and then a parent old one of their own accountable for treason and executed him before the whole towns, eyes and you're gonna be able to report everything about this town's reaction of horror to this, although it seems like reluctantly at first and then increasingly, the town is gathering in closer. They wanna like remove the body of Mazurka Billy, but than otherwise thank the rest of us for driving off the dragon
driving off the coldest saving the town, and there is one young man who gets into the barred. Definitely about you record this all happening wizard about two: are our board Wayne? Are you just approaches you and it's a young man? Maybe a teenager uses hey eyes, so I say was really entertaining what you did. I had a really good time watching guys up as one of a poor regions into his pocket, any pulls out. A healing motion. I use hands it to you and they just walk, saw there's nothing else walked, lightning and hands. You decide you in person and a very warm it's like war motions are supposed to be warned you now without the least one free dealing motion as a reward from this task. That seem to be like what they wanted to give you just free of charge, and we can do whatever we want at this point with the finishing blow is delivered by Ehrlich so Wayne
the celebration is beginning its old dampened by the death of a circular. Otherwise the town is pretty excite the celebrate their survival, at least ok soldier with a human potion MIKE a friend on the barbarian as he's injured right- and I give it to him to shotgun. Yes, you know you absolutely could give it to him to shock in totally drinker right now and he would regain a total ban can be about seven. He points in all tat, much and apparently, but helps better than you are doing, and once you rest tonight, you'll be back up to full, have points and bold spell slots for everyone, with the exception, of course, of our deceased. Correct, great! Ok, thank you. Does a delicious push like you welcome, so what's the game plainer! Guess what should we do? We gotta figure, We gotta go. There's a goblin, that's fucking around people write. What are they so they took leave two prisoners
we have two prisoners back to the cold camp and in fact, waiting you see. One person in particular on a crutch, seems like a guy with a shaved head is gonna limping around camp thing like we need, please the prisoners and he's really riled up about the prisoners he seems to be like I lost somebody, my master, you keep gearing, say my masterly always and was captured by the coldest they their camp somewhere in year by year and coach is sir, oh, is having him on the shoulder like it's. Ok, I'm puttin a group together and you know he has his eyes on you, these hoping that when you're done partying, maybe after resting tonight, you be ready to set out to try to rescue these prison. Yeah. Let's go! Let's go for LEO's in that guy sounds like bad news: absolute zero! Looking to go to save it like this. One guys in his masterly always was gonna NASA more about that if you want, but otherwise you can just set out right now work it's out the next morning when we all had a chance to he idle I'd like to ask what
what relation LEO's and has this guy as a master? What is his significance in the story Will you go right ahead and roll a persuasion check on him? That's gonna be a day. Twenty plus five per year are a thirteenth eighteen. Oh I'm! Sorry, it's actually a plus force. You gotta seventeen on rapid, still very good aces, my name's hello- and I am I'm a young monk in training- and you just like- put the crushed to the site- and you like a kung fu stance, kind of its obvious that he is trained and martial arts, but he does not really have the ability, with his broken leg in splint, to effectively fight right now it seems he says I got hurt during the attack by the cold this, but my masterly oaths and he is a member of a group called the Harbours, the Harpers,
a secret society throughout the world of fair rule, and we keep our eyes on it. Evil people, like the cult of the dragon. My master has been spying on this cult for quite some time and he is valuable information on how this cult could be defeated. Unfortunately, taken him his approach I think he thinks he's still spying on them, but you he's only got a matter of time before the execute him. If you could rescue my master, that would mean so much to me when we go, ask him to rest. Another night gets them shut down for whatever I may. I feel it governs higher now for killing Billy there's like an extra goal of an energy. That's right, anxious got beefed up from hanging in his mass young, always prohibitive, you're. Ok, ok! I got like three extra points and, unfortunately, the only injured burn me every eye was norm with maybe not worried about that Vietnam for strong sworn okay, so yell its rule out.
Let's go, let's go see, what's going on, try to rescue lonesome, let's do absolutely p low is so excited, You are going to go investigate this right now without even arresting. He thinks it's very heroic of you. I if you have any other questions for him. You are more than welcome to ask you gotta good role, but it you are setting out. Then we can start travelling following the trail of this cult and as we follow their masked footprints of this army, of like two hundred called distant drakes in cobalt who had been fleeing into the wilderness, it becomes very clear that up ahead, there is to watch tower of some kind and it looks like there is at least one human in a dragon shaped element, who's up, they're, keeping an eye out with a spy glass. We also I'm gonna say, can see from kind of the tree line that he has at least one Cobo next to him. But we don't know how many people are up in that watch tower exact
but we do know the cold care seems to be up ahead right now. She was mere. You pity is its enormous turn now, actually normal. Would you like to their? Can? I threw a rock at the dude standing in the window. Absolutely, to try to rocket him for sure yeah this tower, it's gonna looking out over the trees. It has plenty of open window space. You could check Iraq in and knock him out. Possibly I warn you, then the cobalt would probably see that happen. Are you are you trying to do in the way that the global wouldn't say goes a little lizard? Yet we have one right, yeah we're. If you threw him up there, all the bomb cost, We have come with us. Yes, yes, can I throw him, knock the dude out and then he can be like your cobalt, if other cobalt, if you want to survive, fucking, listen up we're about to roll on these idiots. Absolutely in that case, yes, you can.
His him as a projectile, and that would hopefully knock out the human and then he can uncurled from his kind of opposition? Taught them go ahead and role if you're raging? When you do this, you can roll with advantage to roll, ok, the dramatic extra. What am I looking for here? You you're, looking for at least fifteen to hit the sky you thinking of a plus five on workers, roar two times you're trying to get a fifteen or higher problem with some fourteen fourteen. I was born after the plus find out where the core, before the plus five, so nice,
in total. Yes, you, the robot, caused the up there and he gets collides with that humans hair and they both get really hurt. The human gets not get off the ground Gaza because you re just well enough- is lying on the ground with his eyes flickering slightly. A twenty would have kept them fully awake, but ass he passed out. Did you got a nineteen is just as it's cool it's cool and you hear the chattering of like for Kabul
up there just trying to figure out like what was this guy's deal? Why didn't you jump into your knocked the human out he's really weird over? They don't think that this threat necessarily and they seem to be the focusing on broadcasting, now he's just mostly unconscious now at this point, unfortunately, but it doesn't seem like now, we could just try to maybe sneak right by this watch tower potentially, and so that would be a nice way to get us to the elf wizards turrets wizard. I would let you know at this point. Would you have let this very you can, of course, do it? Everyone, town or you- can follow this group back to the courts. Can would you have made it if you're following them? Would you have made it clear that you were following them? Reviling them like secretly, You know, as journalists you're really supposed to be transparent with the subject, so I don't wanna go behind their backing. Gotta. Do everything ethically smart?
then the great copies you're, not the sneaky, is necessarily so that's pretty good to be up up up up monodist about it. So I would say that you can approach them in the woods view of you here who is an elder historian from town with joining your party and up. You have seen them sneak up to this watch tower and apparently distract the people in the watch tower. Would you want to start a pro in the camp and getting a better view of it. The other would be greatly always one of the best view possible. Absolutely in fact, outfits. You said that I just highlight your seeking past the watch tower. You hear these four cobalt poking Bob cost of cobalt up there, but they are not paying attention to you, but that watch tower would be the best viewing point you think, but up ahead you can still clearly see a whole lot of
It's some adventure, big, some attempt, your small. There are humans in cobalt all around these tens and some of the ten seem to cook fires nearby, losing a lot of these calculus or cooking dinner after their big battle with all of us in the town, and you can see in the distance one really big tent- that as extra nice red in Golden Sidney is of dragon heads on it and just beyond that tent there's a cave entrance that leads into the wall of like a kind of canyon cliffside. So we are looking into his kind of valley where all the cold this camp is played out in front of you. There are way too many call this for us to fight alone. That much
Clearly, what would you like to do here so to be clarity that will go on the watch tower right through their camp correct in theory? Yes, unless you ve got a better idea room and then very or not the best like disguising yourself or any of the thing is that might be like tricky, forgetting your way through the camp. Soon, who is the open? I watched her don't, shut them and say: hey, there's, no, there's no occurring in the press foxier! I could do that or I can get floor view of right. Everything happening in front of me see what's happening in the town from close up angle yeah, you call Jake I'll, say this: you could
are you gonna do is focused on finding out more information around here you could roll a perception check and now would tell you more hidden things that might be around here or you could try to clear up the watch tower to get a better view. That way- and I just say, as the wizard you have the most options for heating lots of people all at once. You can climb now watch tower and you as sonic boom, spell where you clap and instantly everyone around you just thrown out of the watch tower. Basically that sounds fun to do that. That's a very good one. Absolutely if you climb up the watch tower. All of the coal bolder distracted by Bob costed, so as he's lying there I mean to say he's a meal or China hidden with the spell that are unconscious, Goebbels Brand or you I'm trying to save his life, I think we save here- and I hope you see for other cobalt who are all not looking at you as you. Let off your thunder wave spell it's like a loose throwing ever
but he back of last of wind and they rule two times and the lower number because of the disadvantage that they had for being surprised by the barbarians. The row I use any city unconscious human up here as well. You clap your hands
in all of the cobalt offer them go. Flying out of the tower crashing down below unconscious were dead. The towers now cleared out and you can clearly see all of the camp before you all of the dozens of tents. The cook fires, the big. What you think is like a command tent where the leaders might be, and you can see the cave entrance, but now you can see to other things as well. You can see behind one of the smaller tens. All of these five people who look like they are tied with their hands tied behind their backs to poles big, like a tent poles that had been driven into the ground when there are tied by their hands they can't escape. It looks like five prisoners more or less unconscious, with cobalt poking them, and the other thing that you notice is that,
on one of the mountain ridges nearby, there is a dragon who is lay easily sleeping and scratching her chin, occasionally and then like turning her head over and sleep, but she sound asleep right now, but this is the blue dragging the lennoxes. Should we leave it here? She withdrew stop here that we just stumbled upon it, again seems that you could get southward because otherwise we're just gonna attack the dragon. In the end, there is a middle internal thing and I mean it's a perfect placed end. We literally just found another dragon that our dearly departed friend Billy, to preserve or would love to try to force Unfortunately, he is no longer with us. I might try to fuck this ray. You know should all try to have one you're gonna get cancer Agnes yeah, I resign we're gonna walk this dragging a name. Billy absolutely does seem like this.
This is the dragon you Billy had become friends who had so yet, however, now getting it as an army legwork the bright in there I TIM. Thank you is always has been fine, we'll see a week's appreciated ban such pleasure as always take care buddy thanks to see it, and I love you guys.
I was.
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