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49ers George Kittle + Week 11 Preview

2018-11-16 | 🔗

The Green Bay Packers are dead (maybe). The Seahawks save their season with a great Thursday Night Football game. (3:10-7:53) Patrick Mahomes puts ketchup on everything.(7:54-13:24) Week 11 Preview with our loser leaves town, are we sure they're good, and game of the week games. Fantasy Fuccbois. (13:25-30:59) 49ers breakout star George Kittle joins the show to talk about playing for Kyle Shanahan, his love for Panda Express, how he gets in the zone in a game, and remembering the worst game of football every played. (34:42-57:31) Segments include Uhhh ya think for Nick Saban not having internet (59:39-1:03:20), Sabermetrics Mike Wilbon thinks wins are more important than statistics (1:03:21-1:06:45), trouble in paradise Golden State Warriors (1:06:46-1:09:32), Fair Play Mike and Mike (1:09:33-1:13:23), and Hanks grab bag. (1:13:26-1:20:04)

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on today's pardon my take we have future pro bowl tight end george kittle from the san francisco 49ers very fun conversation he fan of ours were fan of his and he talks about he's coming he's come blossoming into the next great tight end so we talked about that we talked this time with kyle shanahan it's time at iowa we also have our nfl week eleven preview with pics with our game of the week and some segments before we get to all of that though we have to do some adds an because it is friday we have to do some larries pics larey went what's last week four in one or in one on the right track follow these pics pft you're going to do the first game while i do the first ad so who are we picking first game is going to be the ravens at the bengals okay the first ad is cash and we're doing something a little different the cash
people want to see how many times hank can say cash app before larry makes a pic cash out so hold up what no i'm going to catch up that's why did it stop you want to bet i'm counting stop he's already started with those don't count mean they're going to bet on how many times you can say it ok ok i think he can do it twenty two times i think you can do it thirty five thirty five times alright ready set go catch up catch up catch up catch up catch up catch up catch up castle has some cash at cash app cash out the cash up cash out the cash at cash up cash up cash up can cash cash cash app cash app cash app cash app already said it looks like fifty times and keep going up yeah yeah but he also i don't know he just said a lot due to give us ten more just for catch up catch up catch up catch up catch up catch up catch up thank catch of raising cattle pap homes over there that's all i can to bring it's a little science experiment cash out get out
hey i love science hey i fucking love science think about it tank what is it cash out one more time cash app it's more times cash app cash app cash app cash cash out cash app
app so do what you will with that folks cash app okay let's go pardon my take presented by scekic today is friday november 16th and the green bay packers are dead
they are i think it's time for us to put the gumption on i think they've done so i think the magic is gone away from aaron rodgers listen i think we i think the pendulum is swung i think now people okay you know what mike mccarthy is good of a coach to work to work with aaron this season pft i hate to see it i really really do you know the packers gave it their all they really tried hard but to fall short and two punt fourth and two with three one slash two minutes left and give the ball back where you know that if seattle gets like two first downs and when the game i just do not understand ever i don't like yeah your office yes you're gary special right you're you're under thirty three yard line or whatever it was if you don't get the first down there you lose the game
but i would much rather lose the game trying to get with aaron rodgers holding the ball then lose the game punting it and watching the seahawks who have uh the seahawks have kind of changed like they have a power running game now the seahawks being able to run for first downs and end the game but with a meal yeah so what happened was kind of jason garrett thing that we saw a couple weeks ago mike mccarthy is basically jason garrett yeah i think they're actually comparable coaches except he can't do that i think as his short little hands won't reach around his body just clap all the time but i i think if you were to ask anybody objectively going into the game would you rather trust aaron rodgers to get you know five yards correct or trust that packers defense to hold up on my end just like forced a three and out yeah i think everybody would say put the ball in a row may i say something without being accused of being a hater permission to go there without being accused of a hater granted aaron roger
this is an exceptional talent i've said many times it needs the most gifted quarterback in the nfl like there i've never dispute what he is as a quarterback and what he is is a career and all that stuff but but does feel like he like is very nonchalant about a lot of his throws he does the flick the wrist thing and he do it better than anyone and it feels like he just is very nonchalant about it was a lot of his throws it through the third and two at someone's feet like being like alright well we're we're gonna just try again in the next play in the we're gonna pumped i mean i think a lot of that goes back to his relationship with mccarthy because they obviously don't like each other they haven't seen i'd i'd lay in the last what like five or six years yeah so
it's just saying some of that stuff it takes the passion away from i'm asking me how i think it's fair and i think it's also fair to say that like this is taking a little bit of shine off danica patrick the fact that she's tide herself so closely with such a passionless player and did you see the story that she was courted by aaron rodgers by him saying let's watch dumb and dumber together classic class had so classic so we are not going to kick the packers when they're down now we won't do that maybe a little more let's just leave let's figure out what skip bayless had to say about the game he said aaron rodgers is lebron james the nfl so over hyped for spectacular games instead of results rodgers play it in an one in parentheses that and one that's that's really nice and one one super bowl nine years ago since he's five and six in the playoffs the five wins joe webb please don't ever mention that game dez catch kirk
this chart his boat trip yes so that somehow is on rogers the giants are you know it's it's yasser students okay let's go back the i does by buy it that's an astrex because the cowboys actually won that game what was the one before that uh kirk cousins just yeah kirk cousins he's a human acids existed in the last one mason crossbar from five thousand six hundred and fifty one so i'll know where rogers kicker kicking to kick in the playoffs is now an asterix against those shouldn't count you have ocean account so obviously skip is way is a troll in in like to question aaron rodgers greatness is crazy but lancelot throwing just gonna say but i think they are done for the year i i think they're done as young sir now a lot the hawks are now live i think they're very much live in fact actually so i i took a look at the schedule i'm doing some t premonitions here jealous i get you ever get a reschedule you ever get a tingle in the back of your neck and you're like i know i can see some
that's going to happen a month and a half from now yes okay here's what's going to happen is gonna get fired no that's not it that was that i was in the from my neck that was my satchel yeah it's it's it's it's interesting my jugular my actual permission first round playoffs is going to be kurt is revenge game against the w word redskins whoa yeah which i thought you're going to talk about the seahawks there so that was a real curveball no no i'm just i'm talking about the nfc wild we kirk cousins seahawks now what i'm saying the nfc wild card got it you know what's happening is the picture is starting to wait so you're saying the vikings gonna win the nfc n no i'm saying the vikings are going to win the wild card oh and the redskins are the four seasons yet got it so
i like that i like we're heads out there saying put put that just in the back your mind what i do think the seahawks you know they have a tough game against the panthers let's read the schedule real okay look at all of them i are there are we sure they're good they have a tough game against panthers afters have a sommelier yeah so i like that about them it's jerry richardson's old bartender if yes then they have two games against the forty niners in three weeks they have the vikings at home in between those and then they have the chiefs in and with the chief might not be playing for anything week sixteen and the cardinals week seven where are you saying that the chiefs that like classic andy reid they're going to lose all their games now that might have everything clinched they might have a click so the chiefs at home week sixteen the cardinals at home week seventeen the seahawks could definitely i could see them you know only having one maybe one more loss on the schedule to five and five right now they could
double vision nine seven ten six need to touch on it and that's the they have a power running game now grace carson looks good penny looks really good and when he's out there this was true carol because this was a rebuilding year yep this was supposed to be a a tear it all down we're not a defense with many more yeah losses team all that stuff in there i mean five and five and and looking like they could sneak into the playoffs if they get hot down the stretch yet pete carroll planted the thermite all around his roster this year and it didn't burn down like you planned and so he's in a good position i do think that they can make the playoffs the defense looks better than it has yep and they've got good wide receivers yeah and russell wilson still doing that thing where he's like short but he can he like compacts his body and just throws the deck off the ball he up and shot out someone who like doesn't get i think enough credit in the nfl doug baldwin is
a timeless unbelievable player like he's one of those guys that if you don't want if you never watched him play he's not going to end up being a hall of famer obviously he's not going to end up being this guy where everyone's like oh doug baldwin he's one of those guys similar to a great talk about golden tate where if you watch a player like yeah like i can always break a big play yeah that guy always make a big catch what he needs yes he's a good blocker to unlock it is pretty good also yeah they've got some good wide receivers russell wilson didn't really run the ball today but he didn't know he doesn't do anything eventually he's going to have to start keeping the ball in some of those three options yes in order to keep the defense honest but he didn't have to tonight because carson got down hill and and penny yeah i was you're not paying for all some crazy asia yeah go state room over uncle bosco overdraft all right so let's do our preview week eleven before we do that though we have to talk quickly the game of the week it's not the game of the week in our preview because it's a monday night game is obviously going to be the chief's in rams will talk about that on sunday but we also have to talk about
new story the patch from homes puts catch up on everything i don't have a problem with him putting ketchup on mac and cheese i think it's delicious okay did so in listen i have i have no eat what you like yes but if you're going out to a really nice steak restaurant and you're putting ketchup on it i don't know you know what i've done that would that would have been a red flag in my draft notebook i've got a theory on this ok you ready for this i think this is something that's been planted like all this ketchup shaming has been planted in the media by chicago elitist type swell hate catch up and you are dead set on finding something wrong with the home so that you can be like actually made a bad idea this is better yeah you know what you have to catch up thing you're right not listen catch a prison over powering taste and i i prefer less catch up then more but it what you like except for the steak that's crazy i also think
this goes perfectly with this time of year when we talk about it on monday with who's back and i think we're to do something new and fun on wednesday for our thanksgiving special but this is big time food shame part of the year where like whatever your mom cooks for thanksgiving ever like that's gross and like how could you ever eat that and so i'm and the food shaming i think all food is created equal and all should be eaten equally and i like all food but i don't agree with that stance all foods created equal but i do think that if you like something then it's like music yeah you know like occasionally if you like something that is disgusting will be like well i could never like that right but if you like something go ahead like it i'm curious why nobody's followed up with andy reid about the mac and cheese thing because i'm my take would be i would expect andy be more pissed off that like he's
using other foods to dilute the taste of his catch up right and he's like why would you waste a good bottle catch up when you just you just drive around the block take i i drink my hines neat yet right take a nice shot of it yeah okay so patch my homes whatever just do whatever you a man but yeah some people will judge you i did the nice steakhouse thing is weird to me it will get it if you get a bottle of catch with a nice piece of steak like your that's weird it is weird but if you read the article he was saying that like he goes out with his family and he tries not to ask for cat he's trying to wean himself at all this is twenty three years old he's hank he's addicted catch up listen if you took all of hank's eating habits and said hank is an nfl quarterback i'm sure they'd be able to find a lot of red flags in those two buffalo sauce and barbecue sauce last couple that actually would you put barbecue florence take yeah i'm gonna
i have about steak tips barca flown is excelsior except some maybe go okay all right so there you go we're not judging borrow sauces over power exhaust buffalo sauce is over in our sauce alright let's do our weekend preview week i will have been the by the way the college football it stinks except for the yankees wearing earths the notre dame wearing pinstripes yankee stadium which is actually love it no i love it it's like the all the evils coming together as a duke fan hank i would think that you would appreciate notre dame in the yankees final teaming up it's great i i live in by the way the counter syracuse you see syracuse syracuse is icy uniforms who does it is it's going to be great uniform day but you know what like days like this where it just looks like a big hunk of dogshite on the schedule this is going to be one game that's closer than you think it's going to be yeah let's just hope it's not
that's it well why would you even say that what we what you why would you even think there's not as many games as he sees playing like little shitty double wide just pick any literally any other team or are you saying that in our system no not that what's up hank breaking news it's news hank was on the computer i just got a dm from a former nba player named mike miller it just dm me and said pmt question mark let's do it yes exactly miller like yeah it's miller time right back yes and then if he's hopefully listening to this mike miller yes we'd love to have you on next week actually come on but i going to take a lot of shared about lebron like we're going to be doing i don't think he's going to have to live with that yeah yeah
so yeah i don't know where that is breaking loose mike miller yes come on pmt let's do it that breaking moves was brought to you by bill with chocomilk who is proud to announce this week's chocolate milk recovery award winner i is anna do low efforts of the basketball super ligi for overcoming a fourteen point deficit to defeat thing per batch eighty nine eighty three fenerbahce's botches nikola kalinic and kostas locus when enough to hold off the comeback led by vagisil is still in the church and celtic great shane larkin miami great celtic rate there
can skid people forget a chocolate milk recovery why didn't know he was off the celtics that's crazy the chocolate milk recovery award is given of course to the eastern european basketball team that has the best job recovering from a challenge or deficit to win congrats to out of dolo fs and hopefully you have some chocolate milk on hand it's the real way to recover after a game it's got natural protein carbohydrates and electrolytes to prove prove it your body bounce back so you'll be ready next game against penn attack and naked no good no get more recovery tips the built with chocolate milk com mike miller see you next week next week do did you say anelle actronics yes sure did panatag pan he electronics panda thinky ikos i love chocolate milk i fucking hate okay i love him i did too you know my for part is
they had killed me yesterday i anchorage will also the delicious ness yes but also the hank can't read you know if pat my homes had to do ad reads would like these names and it would probably make fun of him too so let's take it easy on hank true thank you don't pronounce words wrong you just pronounce words the way you like to do in your like thirty six touchdown passes away from being the frontrunner for mvp this year that's not bad thirty six now i'm still got six games in dozen that's not that many when you put it that way ok we have our preview let's start with are we sure they're good game i'm feeling we the same one here but i want to hear what see first okay my are we sure they're good game is going to be the bangles and the raven yeah same without laying the ravens in bangles this game could it be lamar jackson could it be robert griffin third as adam schefter reported earlier today flacco is out his hip is injured and there are rumblings that he might be done for the year i'm just saying there rumble
out there and then lamar jackson was out of practice today with a stomach ailment oh so yeah who knows it could be a spleen and and here big thing with this game okay the ravens like the the john harbaugh thing or the jim harbaugh john harbaugh thing jackson it feels like in disarray if they win this game they probably sneak in the playoffs if the bengals as bad as the bengals have looked the last three weeks if the bengals win this game they have
brown's twice the broncos and the raiders as four of their last six games yeah so what they also if you jackson right there's that what i'm saying like did the bangles it they are one of those teams where if you actually look at their schedule and like if they could win this game it's basically a trampoline for them somehow going nine and seven attendance right so they've been treading water for the last couple we five insurance losing but they've been treading water because a win for aj green to get back yeah that's a big thing if he gets back after this weekend if he's able to play down the stretch yeah i yeah i could see the bank there's the losers of three or four i misspoke i thought they lost three in a row so the b to the box in there and then the the ravens are kind of in a similar spot they got some winnable games down the stretch was i'm just honestly all i'm hoping for out of this game is rg three yeah just to see him play again yeah it would it would make the weekend so much that would be like instant reds on when there's nothing else on if
no teams are in the red zone that's an automatic go to for scott hanson how 'bout that two thousand and eighteen and you be like yeah rg3 and derrick rose playing yeah wait derrick rose isn't going to be on the same no he might well he might have and who knows in griffin starts going to explode yeah that's true alright loser leaves town do we have the same on this we might let's see three hundred and twenty one epic at cowboys falcons ok yeah yeah that's yes the game that's the ones are leaves town the loser that game will officially be eliminated similar to the seahawks packers game that's a nice game that's a game of the cowboys lose to the eagles this game feels like irrelevant and i feel like this game is going to be a good game i feel like also here's a little prediction for you boys i think jack we have a decent game i think might get a little bit of so easy is kind of rock is really not to throw this that and the other i don't know i'm i just don't
i don't know i feel like the cowboys this is the time of year old stupid like there's some stupid though the cowboys can't go out in a normal way can't lose in not make the playoffs by just being bad they have to do it in a heart breaking so there that we have not heard the last of the cowboys this season so your your hypothesis is that the cowboys will give their fans just enough hope yeah break the hearts again yeah i like that i but i mean they're going up against the other franchise yeah that would do the exact same thing your mirror in a are they both got those creepy owners are hang out on the sideline yeah style over there on their head coach your shoulders yeah like your dad we we i would love to see jerry jones arthur blank just stand in the middle of the field to a thumb war for three hours with vaseline all over their hands yeah
what is it going to come yes dole that'll all come where everyone's going and that was coming yeah that that's a very good loosely style game on the on the flip side of it there's a loser leaves town game in terms of who's going to get the id number one overall pick between the cardinals and the raiders yeah this this is a battle the tanks this is also the battle of games you tell yourself when you wake up on sunday morning i will not be at this game and then five minutes before kickoff you look at it and you say i'm about this i'll just give you guys a little tip bet on the raiders also there in the layers like five times this year they will find new ways to reach levels of incompetence that we have not seen in this country in the last two hundred years here's another tip don't bet on the cardinals either as five point favorites the cardinals should be five point favorites over anyone except for the g in a bad spot except for the raiders i don't know that's five points is a shitload of point here so i could cardinals
oh man that game is going to be awesome 'cause i'm definitely going to bed i'll probably get the over and will probably end up ten seven all right the game of the week those two games a week that can circle but i think it's sunday night stf something like i think the vikings bears because i think that is going to be a actually the game just to decide the nfc north because the winner of that will be in a nice spot going and i think it the runner up is the eagles saints yeah just because the eagles still superbowl defending champs as of right now must win for them also saints sean penn has been game planning this game for the last true seven months or whatever it was he people forget to put together the game plan i'm i know what i'm going to do and i hate myself for it i'm going to talk myself into the eagles and then the saints are going to be up like twenty one nothing twenty one
they went into the second course yeah so this is why won't bet on the eagles because they've shown that they they won't hesitate to just crapped the bed and there have been games where they don't have that problem but we talk about do you have any probably yeah but the saints week to week have never shown that the saints have always done that i'm going to step on your throat and you're going to thank me for it going to give you the old david carradine and you're going to so i'm all my money is going to be going on the saints in this one just remember it's a week to week lee it is a weekly weekly it's hard to win this yes it's hard it's very hard to earn in this but for the sunday night game i really like that i really do i think these two teams complement each other pretty well
so that's going to be an going 'cause of minnesota nice thing well yeah but they're both very friendly oh hey hey you want to score ok my dvd now using it too ok alright come stay at my lakehouse if the immigrants didn't all take it over the summer so yeah i owe contacts on the context of that is bad it's lady that was complaining in the new york times about her lake house getting cut this part and cut the part where he was given context let's rip through some pics real quick you go your favorite an underdog and i'll go my favorite underdog then you go over and under and i'll go over that was a lot of instructions so my favorite and underdog first my favorite is in d minus one one slash two at home against the titans titans have a little bit of a let down this week they had that big win against the patriots everyone is paying attention to so we gotta go against it take the dog shittim the colts my underdog is going to be the jaguars
five one slash two at home against the steelers five one slash two point dogs too much of that defense the steelers is kind of the same feel steelers had a big showing in a big game last week there's going to be let down ok take the bears minus two and a half and then my underdog will b the dallas cowboys plus three one slash two ok also under also okay so i was just gonna say blake bortles has deals number yes true he is a he's the steeler killer through a levy on bell
ben's gonna be sitting in the locker room waiting for that text back big ben's been rummaging through levy on straight back there like i wonder if you left behind the walking boots for big band definitely tax levy on like he did not talk to him for the entire off season the entire season and then two minutes before the deadline was like hey dude you common cover what yeah okay well hey everyone's in the car you come in i bet you lady on were outside the house honking levy on give big then the rejection hotline as his phone number it's just been like texting that yeah it's not even the real number yet all right over under my over is i'm taking the big over the super over the week all you can do that's monday night we'll talk about it on sunday
i'm a but i want to take it they got take a sunday i just wanna say like don't know we are we're only going to take over sixty three take your world as those dangling sixty three it for my face world talking to take it we need to sunday okay my sunday over under i'm going to go with the over on we go with the over nine i see too that i really like right now i'm gonna take the over on denver chargers okay six and a half and you're under and my under is going to be through yeah new orleans i don't think that is going up to five thousand and sixteen ok my could be titans colts my under is going to be the texans redskins ok under forty two one slash two i like that two tank finishes off and will do fantasy fuckboys will get to george kittle bears the bears okay nice for war for which one everything catch it all bears all i do one pick week pse yeah it's just bear
ok i have yet to lose yes mitch don't miss you primetime mitchell but they're calling him don't forget it put some respect on him coming out game for mitchell yes i'm going to put on a show my home is going to put up a dud monday mike lombardi work coming back on the show once mister buski does well again and if he does poorly god forbid i wouldn't be invited on the show ever again that's how it works which is what he say like i wouldn't get him into filene's basement discount rack that's get outta here by such orleans shut down years ago yes i'm in a real store the only person who understood that fucking reference mike lombardi was rick reilly i know i would actually say that phrase has only been used by nfl gm's in the last ten years now the only ones that talk like that but no rick reilly read that was like she's like that's good he's crumpled up his papers like
and he threw it through those my column for true it across the ground like it was a marble rolling down to the hood of a buick as a muscular man came to move my piano alright let's do fantasy fuckboys which a few guys is jimmy jam in india i'm here to talk to you about my face he picks it a week ok my first i'm starting i'm starting the notre dame football jerseys that's right i already got a bunch of those lines up with my groomsmen at my wedding it is going to be sweet you look at those pants there riberry slimming yeah that's right they got the pinstripes who is great with my dallas cowboys tramp stamp i'm sitting james conner i'm sitting james got he grabbed a bunch of equipment out of l'avion bells locker so he's going to come down with a case and i don't want to be here right it's too ok he might catch a case to me first on account those grey undershirts still have similer dions dnp dna all over him alright my sleepover week i'm sleeping mango juul pods that's right they said they were going to take these away for we fought back against tyranny demanded liberty and it
the clouds what's up is the baseball hat on the side things are comfortable season weapons season my system is this guy is way too told there's no way he makes us whole season without my sleep the good value and is available in about ninety five percent of the being and if you could if you just six okay mom this is and on my cranberry sauce with thanksgiving coming up for calls will be what i like so that's what i that's correct it's actually better than the cranberry okay marco rubio what is this guy talking about three point watch marco rubio is supposed to be a politician i gave up a conversation with a guy like that three point six what are you talking about no no no no no the recount of your weird three point okay my sleep well in this every single no one feel good and then go a little the girls in the ladies and and you know a little problem the grass skirt two okay no
i put a couple of hula girls on the hood of my car on my cadillac you killed him no no i mean now they haven't for bed backboard i'm talking dashboard would go with the dead bodies in the trunk hanks right like i did in the late like a friend of friend of ours you know yeah billy batts got out of jail and get my side box i don't know if you heard i don't choose no more how would just do it ok that's starting system you seriously don't know the thing you dash n course had sex yeah no we were still doing the regional managers about it in the whole scott cotton member when he there was blood everywhere and his mom look once a brutal record and she's like well we had we had a deer in the off
together and then they had the world is actually a dead body they had the painting and it was like one dogs looking this way and then this guy shopping cart this ones like what do you want from me yeah the guy was like that looks like a friend was the dead guy in that area yeah that looks like a friend right so that was good fellows that was the whole goodfellas ok good ok cool great 'cause i'm not fucking put two in the back of your head i thought that was done you better be made guy and you walk in my god has a silencer it's it's a mad to get to george kendall okay before we get to our interview let's do a couple areas picks and a couple ads so the easy bud light what what what we're doing what we're this game is going to be the saints and the eagle all right saints and eagles it's presented by bud light it is football season grab an is called refreshing bud light bud light an orange brewed with ill or lime in orange peels in its famous amongst friends bud light lime
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welcome on future pro bowler it is a tight end for the san francisco 49ers his is george kittle he is taking the world by storm let's start there are do you think that you is the torch been passed from the ground up to you actual travel healthy to you aw no not at all man kelsey earth and rock roll your own your own game in on this yeah this is not strong enough no i'll try to get the level as soon as i can do you feel when you 'cause you obviously you had a you know your fifth round pick you had a good rookie year nothing you know people were just buzzing about you but now there's some buzz do you feel the buzz do you feel people saying like oh hey george kittle i got you on my fantasy team and all that shit oh i have so many dms all the time from you guys telling me i know i need to pick it up or they needed for a big time game like
not even i probably had like fifty people the me something about the monday night game how they needed eighteen point eight points i need nine catches two touchdown underneath your hundred and eighty yards i actually wanted to take a little bit of credit for that because i've had you on my fantasy team all year faith in you i you were my weird flex but okay move like three weeks ago when i ordered two tight ends and i gave you an opportunity in the flex spot and you prove yourself worthy and you took rock spot you snatch his chain so congrats but there was something i guess people on your team knew that that you were really good last year because your captain right i i captain were you surprised when they voted you captain i mean yes or no i mean it's always gonna be voted to be capped by your peers but being a younger guy you know just year two and everyone else out there i mean everyone else with the captain is well under their career so you know they're all that so that's pretty fun for me
there will be a catalog for those guys what's it like playing for a guy like kyle shanahan who i mean i think we all can say is is at the top of the level top of the line in terms of offer to play calling or do you ever get wow do you ever sit there like holy these play it's like i'm wide open because of the plays that he's he's calling up not really ever see we every install meeting that he does this is absolutely outrageous i mean and christian and it usually about more fun playing with them than i have played football on time is this the his love for the game really texas for guys in the yeah but sitting there and install meetings he literally has to like he explains it so fast you'll go through sixty plays in about fifteen minutes and then are you guys got all that round the fuel fraction it's it's pretty wild so i that was the following question is was it weird going from the iowa hawkeyes to search 49ers and niners shanahan and being like oh you're actually allowed to throw it
good tight end i mean we definitely throw the ball a lot more than we did in iowa but i've been a felon fundamental point cj who i had with that five years and i will but it is it's a little different be out there they're very similar in the run game and other play action stuff is all summer so it's pretty easy to learn so definitely the right spot for me you just got to keep now set a block all the time the ball live we're averaging quite a lot so i you know i take pride in the run game but a yeah deaf we honor us will more that's witten told me on monday night he said that you're a guy that prides himself on on your blocking building you are pretty good at it when you're lining up for a run play as opposed to pass play you have like a different mindset knowing that you you're going after get behind your pads and hit somebody i mean i i like to play angry uhm so whether that's wrong pascan put your mind said a little bit different consider looking at open simple coverages and the rotation of the safeties and stuff you're getting hey i'm talking to joe staley they were taken
the defensive end up to the mike linebacker in just the the steps you think of steps instead of you release so it's a little different but not too much what you said you'd like to play angry and this kind of a fat guy question but like how do you play angry for four quarters i would get tired after about maybe ten minutes no actually i kind of learned from pure garcon who is like the nicest guy ever off the field but once he gets onto the field easily the meanest angriest person ever i don't know if you ever seen ever get sick of first down eat hillary hit himself in the head like five times yep not all day it is the mind and you definitely you know it's kind of a switch you just flip every time you step on the field so i'm deathly pretty casual and are you from the sidelines but one turn on the field at all kind of goes away yes so i did see that you were mic'd up on monday night so you were running around tonight did i catch a little todd and gordo at the start of that that is very my favorite video i've ever that's also wheeler spent all ota's last year there like five
walker now just say oh hey oh siri how you guys doing today and i i've said siri about one thousand times i love that they included that the star and then the rest of it was just like you just do it like a helmet slapping the like all right in that was george kill are you like a little bit worried when you mike w okay and tell me down a little bit because who knows what they're gonna put on tv no not at all because it's really nice yeah because you're you're bored bob help for the night he he gets the he he kind of sensors all that before they can release anything so he's got my back up in there that is nice hello so maybe some day i'm gonna sit in there with him and let it all go through because i always like my top is cool and i three that after the show your bike up miked up but it's all kind of the same it's literally like a let's go tonight boys and then just i'll all good done your job you guys got to get a copy of some on centered ones because those are out
with sterile yet i'll probably will get it for some bleep out the really bad stuff absolutely will get it for me yeah so you mentioned cj obviously you guys had that college connection playing then you know he got the opportunity and and bob you know you're you're definitely friends a cj i i understand that but with nick it's like there's something about nick when watch him play you like this dude has some sort of factor he's got the it factor in a way what was the first time like when you're practicing with them that you thought yourself a this dude can play i mean honestly nick you're one of those guys that you play just got twenty four slash seven so he knows the game plan like he knows what coaching is gonna call he's ready for every situation so but you know like during the whole season it last year he didn't take a single snap and then this year he's taking about like ten to fifteen snaps total with the first team offense
oh so then the whole we clean up the raiders game is all walkthrough stuff so like no really knew how nick was going to fully active mean other than preaching games but you know there's and i football little different but like when he first stepped on the field and then his first like called in the huddle you could tell that he was locked in and he had this little fiery passion behind him that he was it is ron paul does he like joke around with you guys or is he more serious like let's get to the point in and out i probabilities like very professional but on the game day he's he's definitely funny you've got a little a little goofy side to him and it's it's really easy to connect he's he's hilarious out there the thing nick did well for his career is that he obviously what the same school is brett far but he said he wears four four for brett farve and so oh yeah watch and you see four out there 'cause not a lot of quarterbacks are number for your like oh that's brett farve so he kind of did it a little trick on all of our dumb brains yeah you definitely are you he if you could have been a
that one yeah nice finesse move i want to go into the time machine with you for a second we've actually so we met when we were in san francisco four training camp but we also have been in the same building before in two thousand and fifteen it was worst football game i've ever attended in my entire life it was the iowa hawkeyes ten the wisconsin badgers six there were fourteen i don't know they were sorry nine points there were more punts i think than offensive yards there were five fumbles three interceptions you had one catch for one yard and the i just remembered you guys won the game so you cj beathard had nine four hundred and twenty one four hundred and seventy seven yards that was the winning quarterback
one time wonder subject do you remember that game and how bad it was while you were playing it actually one of my favorite winter my entire career 'cause i was born in madison wi this real quick i want everything wisconsin game until i was six years old like i had every ran dangerously possible like bolt from when he was at the giants i love ron dayne so playing there was like a dream come true for me we had that game was it was painful at some are running yeah running outside inside john versus the three for the badgers because they'd been spiegel and what they're pretty cut yep so it was it was a rough day of nonsense but it was i mean it's fun when not you know i think that the king at two interceptions and our defense was playing made themselves also
it's pretty hard to run wisconsin ran seventy two plays and scored six points that's pretty impressive to do that i just remember the whole game was just punts and it was like a field position game where the only it was the io just crept up like they'd get appan at the at their own forty then they'd getup on it their own at the fifty and then the forty five and that was their whole offense and then you guys finally scored and that was a sense yet again yeah i mean that's what what else you expect from big ten football man i that's all you want you in defense low scoring games and feel yeah did you did you get offered to wisconsin at a high school no chance i was six two one hundred and eighty oh wow string beans so so what happens so you and jj watt were delivering pizzas together and magically bulked up a lot on central michigan i hit puberty at like age twenty three so yeah i would like two hundred and thirty i didn't get over two hundred and forty until my red shirt junior year i was like one thousand two hundred and thirty twenty three when i hit puberty it was so it's been nice to me since that happened
it is nice maybe i'll happily puberty that's puberty that's what i'm hanging my hat on yeah so more yeah one more iowa question rank these in order of how much kirk ferentz hates these things trick plays throwing two tight ends and going for it on fourth down what a casino kirk you used a lot of actress plays that year yeah yeah yeah so i mean i think he's he's definitely coming up on trick ways and pour down because i think they've gone for lot they have done more than he's definitely like he's he's one of those coaches that as he got older he got a little bit more frisky yeah that's a great way to describe yeah paul what aid you got to the best in the nation right now and i'm pretty sure they each i mean they can catch and
so there paul yes yeah he's he's definitely the the iowa office definitely kind of shift to the narrative the last couple years and i was saturday night games that that kind of it reminds me a little bit of of still water in some of these other schools where it's like a different type of environment you go and you play in iowa at night on the road you're going to kind of shoot yourself little bits like a crazy environment what's the closest to that that you've seen in your time in the nfl trying to think i don't plan in lambeau is one of the coolest things i've ever experienced in my life i was there for kenny chesney like the couple years before that so i don't i don't remember it as well yeah yeah at all but you know playing there was one of the cool things were done yes
the iowa the iowa city in that field is so awesome because it's so the fans are so far on top of you it's insane like if you're sitting i remember i sat front row once and you're basically on the side like you're essentially creating yeah it's crazy you guys never see the pink locker room that we have there yeah i didn't see that yeah oh yeah you're visiting team actually works i have to use a pink locker room and i don't know if you guys know it's between michigan play their intelligence sixteen we upset him like harbeson over a whole bunch of train
their equipment early in it but like i had stickers over everything that was being i do remember that yeah that's right yeah i like many years ago because he thought it would get everyone like please you know placate the other team and get him really mellowed out i remember how are how about doing like psychological warfare and sitting like an advance team work making it a forward operating not letter like i'd sure of joe not in pennsylvania he makes everybody were pink uniforms in jail and so yeah it's a good strategy i so you have obviously emerges like one of the top tied into this year but you don't you don't have a thing yet that announcers can say every time after you make a catch like did you play high school or college basketball is your data coach that's another big one did do do you know how to drive stick shift just some fun fact that that announcer can like harp on oh my dad
because you touch oklahoma for a couple years ago that i will back in the 80s but my the and options at the levi stadium always say stone cold kittle soon call kendall i like that i like that a lot ok will roll that what about son i was doing a little research some research on you and your favorite restaurant is panda express i love chinese food appendix breath is awesome yeah what do you do the orange chicken i'm on the eddie lacy diet you do realize there's some pretty good chinese food like on the west coast and in san francisco you don't have to go to panda express i do but then expect expressions me gift cards did you look don't do you need to get like as a full sponsorship do a commercial you never see commercials for chinese food that's because no yourself yeah you don't really but if we get like a national commercial panda express starring george kittle yeah that sounds good what's your order uh let's see i get it when i walk in the first thing you do you have to sample the honey walnut shrimp and you have to because like ninety percent of the time you know it it's ok but that ten percent of time it's really good it's off
i do double entree halford right up john main orange chicken either swing fire on the subject and not be on often you eat panda express once a week minimum okay okay i like that i like that since stay true your roots so so the stone cold kiddle are you like a huge stone cold steve austin fan also so i got really big into wwe like five years ago when my buddies wrestler actually he's wrestling in ohio hooked on it and you got me hooked by just watching old stone cold austin and the rock matches just like wrestlemania is after another and now he went to a wrestling school in davenport ia which is where seth rollins is from one of the most popular wwe wrestlers i gotta meet him and that kind of fell in love with it but stone cold like i just love his attitude and the fact that he smashes beers and throws beer at people it's one of my favorite yeah it's pretty great it's a good nickname to you had an eighty two yard reception the other week as kind of a bigger guy when you're running and
one hundred and eighty two yards or you just thinking the whole time like somebody's gotta tackle me eventually uh yes you know i mean i saw other carmax the seats little dirt came up and so i knew i had him as soon as i looked at my children there was no one there to behind me but i will tell you like the last couple of seconds i was just thinking i hope that the oxygen take ready for me on the side you gotta hit the oxygen tank not not only because it's not i mean you probably needed it but more than anything it's just a cool because it's like hey you had a big play oxygen tank time it's one hundred percent the reason it's all for looks yes yeah exactly just chilling like that guy must have done something big monday night football game against the giants were you ever just funny of looking at you line be like how how can a guy with a face this dumb complete somebody clutch throws he does far better on open man i i i i wjz kroll to watch too but yeah you are
all under it you had a great game for stuff so the refs thrust gonna bought on you guys at the end to what's the mood what's the mood in the locker room like you guys obviously there was a ton of and we were we were out of camp we talked to maclin she and joe staley there was a lot of buzz joe still even said to us like this i've been on bad teams have been a good team this is a good team and then to have let me go down and things kind of spiral out are you guys still feel optimistic game to game or is it just is the air kind of been taken out a little no not at all coach did such a great job like this is a love and passion yet for the game is like like i said some sections he gets every single person to play for him every single week and it's not hard to play for coach in hand well yeah there's i mean boards optimistic because we feel like we can win a ritual game and you kind of have to think what that playing football on and you know would you be back you know and we can back you know to keep peace in our offense were were deaf looking forward to get some wins in october one lawyer okay yeah you guys definitely be to pairs and screw us yeah that's it you know
play spoiler play spoilers fun two in the did you go to any of the production meetings with jason witten bougon mcdonough mcdonald's store i did for the packers game yeah like what kind of questions were they fire natural oh are jason's after your coverage is nothing that look at that's what it's like inside it's cold shanahan uhm i think one of the other questions i got was not here to play against clay matthews and i was like no i'm not alright thanks that was a that was really reported question yeah that's a great i've always wondered about those 'cause they get the interviews you know a couple days before the game like how open are you like do you feel comfortable telling them you know what's actually going through your head when you guys plan on doing or is that like is there something back in your head that's like
maybe don't give away the plan which is when aw i mean you you can say a lot without saying anything at all and i've got really good at that specially they'll learn from culture answer five years do it yeah give it we were headed for the last ten minutes yeah do it now give us give us the give us a lot without saying anything like this peel you give aw i mean like you guys asked me if i'm a guy discovered me like let's say uh collingswood for the giants the questions i got to ask you was no we know what are your thoughts on him and you just say yeah you look at the text i flat footed does he like to grab and pull to spend on your lease you have to take angles on him on your route you have to give a connected on a double move get the divisor the quarterback i mean you say all that stuff but you know you can say that for about every single every single person you go against so it's basically you guys send information every single week but i kind of just changing who i'm talking about i like that you ever talk about someone's bend okay a good
yeah they got good hips in an orderly have all got nice bend all it if a guy is good then is definitely better because god get hitched in open up and you know he's you get after open up which act which do you prefer a awesome block that the l gets gets a big you know twenty yard run or catching a touchdown pass arm if you can take it even to the end and then over backwards and put it back on the turf that's one of the greatest villains of all time okay you yeah you're in your eyes gary this is this is good you're passing all of our tests who's the toughest guy you've had to block oh in the nfl i tell you this my very first game last year the panthers and the very first third down at the past that julius peppers how much myself old man strength yeah he's he's got like all these tricks you might not be as fast as it used to but he knows like all the angles i put the plates i do i used to play with you in like managed up in seven
that's why the war who's a is there any other guy that you've met in the nfl now that you're like man i i looked up to you i can't believe i'm play against you arm yeah we just tried in but not every week like meeting travis kelce in kansas city was like that was so like a shock kind of thing like i don't know if i said two words to him but he came up introduced himself and i was just completely knocks it was travis kelsey i've looked up to him for so long but yeah meeting jason witten too was that was pretty spectacular yeah yeah when you saw robot that is yeah when you saw all those the prime time games on the schedule at the start of the year we pumped up about it do you like playing in primetime i mean not games are incredible this just like waiting all day is rough but i mean playing on the west coast to like night games started like what four hundred and thirty or five hundred and thirty so you're not really waiting that long and then right yeah it's it's pretty cool just admit you're a little bit different you know there's more bugs it definitely if you get fired for those things
all my last question is the c key question put in promo code take you get ten dollars off your c purchase promo code what is the weirdest thing that you were asked the combo uh i got two for you ok you guys gotta answer this why do you not look a gift horse in the mouth because you don't want to stick your face into a wild animals mouth yet will you get sick hey eyes bit if you look at a horse in the mouth so just yeah but you're right in the face i think the real answer is just you because you know if you're getting given something you don't want to seem like you are grateful for there you go okay hey do i it was the was the horse bite part right little more dough into that one yeah you have at one and then the other one was are you a dog or cat dog dog all these guys a dog because i did the easy question thank you i would you say i definitely dog are from people so they're gonna say cac like warm like a line of that not least
can you think of a house cat ok will follow up question what type of dog boo what type of dog yeah i'd say like a bernice mountain okay okay i or or breeder breeder are you a doctor yeah i could answer good answer no more yeah yeah exactly i would say a good girl took a marshall yeah there you go good tight in dog would be like a rottweiler like beefy fast agile likes contact that sort of thing log loves loves contact yeah i'm hey george thank you so much there's been a ton of fun good luck to you for the rest of the tell joe staley in glint you we say i actually don't talking going she still rookie so don't even seventy through him yeah now what i would say purdue on but also a also joe your guard
yeah and and tell my dad bobbling that he i think he's doing a great job you did a great job of bleeping out any any bad things on the miked up sound i had to clear it through him so i could talk to you guys and he was like are you kidding me please go talk to me that's all that's great yeah i can't believe you cleared it man you're such a nerd do you know what i just dropped it off people yeah that's fair that's fairly strategy you past our entire test because everyone's been buzzing like george kill football gotten this guy and we're like alright we'll we'll get our hands on him we'll see how it tip sorry see is bent and will give an assessment you sat stone cold kettle yeah i thank god it was a you know i i've been what lets you got very since your first episode saw it on the shows that's another drink true for me so thank you alright well yeah it off the list all right thanks george will talk to you soon man oh yeah thanks guys
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i think he does have all those things you think he's just post anything he's pulling a bill belichick snap face where he actually knows exactly what it is every year he does this every year he has like one press conference where he talks about how he doesn't have the internet and i just feel like that's a guy who has the internet who's ashamed of having the internet there's one way we can find out very easily ethnic save it has internet do you know what nick's evens what what so at a press conference yeah porter just needs to take their phone walking up to the podium put it on two girls one cup and press play and then see his reaction to see if he hears music and he looks away like yeah because then you know he's got the yeah he's like what is this and he watches over all the way through bonus then we get to get an exam in reaction video too two girls also provide so anybody out there who lives in atlanta that might go to nixon press conference please do that see i think he has the internet but he has so many viruses on his computer from trying to look at porn and
like figure out like what's this porn thing everyone is talking about that he's ashamed to even turn on his computer anymore so he has it in his house but he won't turn it on and he won't tell anyone hey i actually have like if you he has the old school like cd that he puts in for aol and then it just pops up pop ups just infiltrating his computer 'cause he had so many viruses are on that same page he might just have the cd from aol from like one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine it's just out of minutes yes so he thought that he lost the internet he has no more hidden trash out his internet here it doesn't come to his house yeah yeah cinema cd yeah you know i don't believe
act is that he doesn't read the newspaper he absolutely reason newspaper he has somebody that reads a newspaper form and clips out the relevant articles because he knows the people are saying good things about the program right he only has like was somebody out there right something bad about the program yeah i yeah i you don't i do double to read the newspaper someone reform yeah someone comes up and says hey this is what's going on in this is the newspaper but but they just like slip and like visual paragraphs in the film that he watch is yeah because i subliminally because we don't even know it but he does read the newspaper it probably is marty smith who is it for him yeah yeah but he keeps he always says rat poison and like you guys are spouting off this narative how's he find this stuff out if he doesn't have the internet doesn't have read newspapers so we just watched espn all day what do you think his radio in this car
are you the rides in silence he probably listens like do op or something it's a little too i think it's too much flavor for next day have maybe he like he listens to her about it and the tijuana brass yeah they know that's now he's going way way back it's just like a it's what's a guy it's a miss is a b artist from nineteen twenty two who just is hitting a tin can over and over in a somewhat rhythmic fashion i could see him having a cassette that's like four songs by pat boone replace replace yeah there's no warranties i got on to get it out yeah exactly just keeps on going keeps on going yeah nick saban whatever ma'am you got another ship which are making great rats maybe it's just got marty smith run shot gun and acting like a human karaoke machines like hey marty sitting on my girl for yeah we will be great is views big podcast got an exhibit just like joe rogan
podcast woke but the frogs turning gay i love you love must doing great things next sabermetrics for mike well one so what it will one have to say so this is like a mental lytic sabermetrics thing he is upset about the site young voting very up his arm yes jacob to ground one it was almost unanimous one guy one because that's how baseball works and i actually in a weird way i love this store i would thought you were going to get that i like i like the one stodgy guy there's not a b you gotta have wind see also i'm pretty sure the lady eagles well no but the i'm pretty sure they pass it around like to who draws the straw who's got to be the in the punch bowl this year so just all the same do they look exactly the same they all have fifteen thousand twitter followers and
like four hundred tweets and they're they're white dudes with with polos on and their pictures are from seven years ago yeah they took the polos into their genes yeah yeah and they wear white tennis shoes and they make sure guy that keeps it from being unanimous happy all the time it's probably just the same guy just changes name every year yes and his location yes around the country but there's one guy that did not vote for diagram an will bond agrees that guy and he actually thinks that were under an analytics hijacking his words not mine wow analytics have hijacked his sport baseball the sport belongs to mike wilbon and he says that we've gone so far and we undervalue wins he doesn't care about e a whatever it is that measures he cares about wins and if you're not a winner then you shouldn't get the site on
and i mean to have to go my princess and read the drums his earned runs per game for the last twenty starts it is i will remember when we when the season and we read all those stats were if like the mets had scored four runs every game he would've been undefeated yes or something something absurd like that it was it was essentially if they had scored two runs there he would have a five hundred record if they scored three runs he would have been one twenty games they've scored four runs he would one like a hundred and fifty and you know it makes sense from like for these old columnist to have that perspective because in their eyes if they work for like a giant newspaper like the washington post in a lot of people are subscribing to the washington post he can be like i'm a winner because people subscribe to my newspaper even though they haven't read my confidence for years yeah but that doesn't matter i'm still i'm still on board there if i don't take it one step further and say like the franchise that has the most world series rings should be the one that gets the side young award until every year until knocked off the top yes there a group that i agree with that so
yeah michael wilbon wait wait to stick up for cool we should be opinions yeah yeah if people don't the people with dumb brains out you're you're sticking out form will want good job i like a bike i just i mean when you when you get down to it analytics hijacking is a fire take yeah well i think will bond is at the point now and listen pti was one of my favorite shows for very long time and i still think kornheiser brings the heat but want to stuff i got to the point where he's like i how can i how can i be somewhat interesting controversial in the least amount of time so okay oh
you'll be grounded in his record was what easy to that guys he want time to one thousand and nine hundred no way is he might cy young well you know what it is it's about this time of year that they start talking with jim bay haim alot yep he's always pops up in like october and he smiles he only on ptr and then he cycles on and off through the end of march or whatever and at that point that's when will bon starts to take that short road because he sees like bay haim kind of talked him into it he's like your friend that smokes but you don't smoke so he smoke around him that's what's going on here yes absolutely right trouble in paradise the warriors are not breaking up well we don't know though but we don't we don't know that ok so if we don't know that if you listen to draymond's apology was a big time sorry not sorry 'cause he just we apologize for being himself and he didn't really say he was sorry for anything that is said to get kevin durant he was just like i'm an emotional player and he was talking himself here is too much he was actually talking himself into not being sorry as he was apologizing he's like listen my emotions
where they went over the edge when i was dealing with kevin i wear my heart on my sleeve and i would get to emotion but you know those same emotions that lead me to bad things also kind of make me very good surely he wanted some championships that's true and when i play with these emotions i'm actually better player true but sometimes it gets but they also are very good thing listen that is crazy it sounds it's actually all true dream on green he is crazy emotional and that same emotion like it's it's all harnessed superpower as long as he can stay right on that line it is like something that no team has in the nba it's when he goes over and starts calling his teammates pitches that's what it's like ok or kicking people in the nuts yeah that's where it hurts him but he is right everything he said is right and i think that if they figured it out and there was a picture of them talking and and dream on green's mom went after rosillo did you see that it's kind of funny eversole said that like dream on green thinks it's his team and
i'm sure he does yeah and he was one recruiter katie so we take it as a personal slight she was like no one he never said that he's never said anything like that yeah i'm sure actually that point in the whole argument like if i if i can get inside dream on green said i'm i'm fairly confident remote thinks it's his team yeah i also use a straw that stirs the drink yeah i temperature so probably it's like faction quite a few times i don't think yes came up and just make that up yeah but they didn't didn't really make up that much i saw the clips like they gave each other like a little that is that was at the did they dabbed do did they give dab other a little dab dab adapt or they gave depth should be ok so they did both the tattered they dab dab dab don't dab these deep they both they both d bapt and i guess you could say you could say that dream on is the bigger man right i mean this is another way to deep app once you just laugh thinking about that that's funny it's another way we can start up a little bit is like hey katie
so you let another man apologised to like you needed his validation true all the fellas you're you're out there let the other men apologize don't do it don't do it be me don't do it don't do it for me alright last stop before we to hank's grab bag we have a fair play mike and mike what is the radio hall of fame congrats to them so they were on the same stage together they were what do you think they set well i i i heard their acceptance speech okay give it to us when i press play hank yeah add search past my bedtime but i'm very glad to be here and my wife tells me i've not to be the one to take the trophy or go like you can take it home just don't eat it it looks too foul i can it'll just make her make her just salivate over it will make me quite jealous so you can go ahead and take that home like this acceptance speech was brought to you by one 800flowers dot com 100flowers dot com hotline subway eat fresh and
advance auto parts in napa auto as matter every auto parts store north america that that was that was waiting for you to start i don't have any food all well once i don't have any food and you weren't prepared i wasn't prepared i fuckedup well that actually is a perfect way to end it because they have been on the same page for for a few years right there a little rusty this is it right here this is actually the realness of mike and mike breaking apart like oh mike you don't need anymore like no actually well actually i only donuts with train it now yeah so sorry it's me and trey having donuts because that times have changed that actually that makes me hurt when you say that what like my heart hurt that like go lick has moved on and now he's heat stoners who tried making stepbrothers references and eating krispy creams tree wingo instead of like that sucks dude that sucks it should be it should be mike greenberg every time i see trey wingo did you see the trey wingo treat the other day
this is a weird function cheese tray you are so high when you treated this problem so he treated a picture of mac and cheese no ketchup and he was like i made this mac and cheese six years ago an every now and then i think about how good it was very high you are boys tray you don't smoke oh trade gravity bong that'll be the last time he was high here's know when he made it yeah and by the way the mac and cheese it looked like you know mac and cheese mac and cheese he said look like mac and cheese so yes so mike and mike it was it was actually kind of emotionally right seeing the picture of them together yeah it was great yeah i miss them we offer you are you smart here actually motional no i'm trying i'm being nice to people i know he was a motion going since and i was yeah we were motioned yeah we're motional together watching that it was my
how how many years were they together for a twenty a twenty twenty five years yeah that's that one is on scene amount of time yep if he asked how long it would take for us to give the whole thing and i think like if you do a podcast for more than seven i feel like most podcasts there's podcast that go for one month the ninety five percent of podcast go for one exactly one month and end and then the other five percent if you can get past seven years then you're officially radio hall fame worthy then you're in a hot well i don't think podcasts are going to be able to do it i could see that's going to be very doesn't like hunters and yeah there going to be some fat cat gatekeepers after radio hall of fame to the hall of fame yeah listen you know what we played in the steroid era which is every day we didn't play everyday that stop but you know we were on the internet so more people had access to us through so we have an unfair advantage there we were allowed to podcast high you can't do that on the radio so yeah i could see us getting kind of what is it called
black listed this week we have never been drug tested no that's true so we've never failed a drug test either that is also true have you well actually did you know my first my first job i applied for was at best buy and then they'll get and then i didn't get a call back after the drug test and my dad very smartly just never asked me 'cause he drop he drove me to the urine test place he just never followed up on there was like hey i thought you were starting your job an idiot yeah yeah that's great need some fucking cornflakes you burn out here have some corn flakes make you feel better make you jump to feel better alright go ahead hanks grab back if everything is made of atoms what color is an atom that's a good question is everything made of atoms let's start
i don't know if you would have no that's actually not true what are atoms made of what about when you split an atom that's fired ends let's bomb so they made a fire so a bomb is well next this is two more adams that i don't think about that stuff do you think about that stuff you get bogged down in the details you get then you hurt you know what it is if you think about that much than nothing's real right it's like oh i didn't do that a bunch of atoms that are posing as yet it's like thinking too hard about space you think too hard about space your brain starts to cramp up and you die explain it to hank where the fuck did the name black edit come from and if you could name this day what would you guys call it nick from long beach if i could name that day i would call it a hangover friday i'd call it youtube it's at walmart friday yeah that's why
black friday i don't know i never really understood the some yeah because it runs losing money yeah i yeah i'm interested i never really was of a black friday so actually no one answer does not do i thank but we have to explain it to you i know this is rare oh wow it's the first bakers companies are in the red it's the first day of the year usually because of the sales where they go from red into the black it's just always happens a time out on this friday that they start turning a profit okay but the whole thing is they're not turning a profit because they're giving away everything that's how tricking you into that god it turns out that these massive sales and when they get rid of all the merchandise and you pay the money turns out they make money name come about i'm googling it right now how did the name come about black friday i'm hope i mean this is also what's the difference between black friday and sunday bloody sunday bloody sunday was a song that you two forced on her i don't those songs
sunday bloody sunday as song of some shows originally called black friday because so many people went out to shop there because traffic accidents and people i sometimes even violent so it's all it's warmer videos yeah i'm going to think i think hanks right okay i mean i think take notes economics yeah that's true so it came from the philadelphia which so perfect that is get people beat the out of each other i'm not trying to save ten percent i think i'm right i do just googled it so you're on the internet is never lied about that but none of that none of what you just had anything to do with the name black friday yeah it's black friday because will be to shoot out of each other and there's traffic jams and ship ok hank wo female kangaroos have three vaginas is that true someone texted oh yeah danzik fellas holes on holes on holes but that's problematic because that's an animal and we're not where we are but they're not
that's probably because there are fewer female kangaroos than males so they can they can mate with multiple males at once that's like the check with three tits number that fifty yeah that's a great great also if it's three vaginas which ones the pouch because the pouch vagina right no securing looks like a purse like a fanny pack and carry stuff in vagina just put your dick in a fanny pack yeah ok here you can make no yeah that's true it's good point are you just reading these now let me just figure out his now no i'm just trying to choose the best one i was trying to explain to a non awly having you're asking the jackpot is a bad thing they couldn't rap there and it's it's a jackpot is normally associated with positive could you explain
we use explain more thoroughly why you would not want to have your ass in the jackpot yeah because you're asked becomes a prize for somebody else you lose autonomy over your own ask when it's in jackpot it also just sounds awesome yeah exactly reflected in the jack pot it sounds like this guys friends asses the jack pot yeah we're not trying to figure out how to get out yeah you're focht is it called a fun because it's a fun tunnel yes yeah yeah yes it is that's fucking great that's great when an underground tunnel qualify as a funnel no that's a channel yeah if it's underground also it was the channel tunnel it's not as fun going underground no like that's not a fun tunnel that's like i'm trying to get out of this tunnel before i do you guys like tunnels or bridges more bridges
they're beautiful town killing areas regs are so beautiful the architecture come on well yeah by their great to look at yeah but i would i would much rather be in a tunnel than on a bridge yep now yeah yeah i feel because i feel trapped in total yeah my hands clam up when i'm driving on a bridge sometimes baby hello bridges love all bridges in stadiums i'll look at bridges and empty stadiums all day bridges take you places that you're not meant to go yeah over water do you think the show would work if it was live rather than a podcast sure mattel yes i mean it would be weird yeah we get into the hall of fame quicker yeah but it would work yeah i wanna really sucking the energy out of this thing hank yeah for instances like this i'm not so sure it would work again this is dead air let's get building
drama people at the edge of their seats right now how can try cutting the salt this is an empty space all i think it's great it's i've read a book about this it's it's called i don't know what had you read a book about not about not talking just blank pages owning your moment okay guess what i'm dominating this moment right now how come chinese food doesn't have any cheese in it oh i actually know the answer to this because asian people by and large are more sensitive to lactose so like when they first opened up like ice cream shops and stuff like that over in china most people got sick and went out is oh wow so yeah okay i i'll accept that answer i don't i don't want to say like the percentage but it's a very very high percentage damn hurried ice cream the can i can't imagine a life without sure some some asian people love ice cream what are you doing right now i'm owning the moment
alright last one put me out of my misery who says presented by parcells fourth all right let's see how we'll get we'll we'll tell you later mike miller next week be excited may be a good friend recurring guest on monday with a pregnant pause so we talk about yeah yeah so is flocking the dead air yeah ok
that's what is hank it says something like it's pregnant pause not going it up love you guys
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