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76ers Owner Michael Rubin, March Madness, And Mad Tennessee Fans

2019-03-29 | 🔗

March Madness is back the games are finally good. Tennessee fans write into us after their heartbreaking loss to Purdue. Getting ready for Hank's cat game on Friday night. (2:30-19:23) Baseball is back and Jordan Howard was traded. (19:24-28:13) Philadelphia 76ers owner and Fanatics founder Michael Rubin joins the show to talk about his climb to success, letting us own an NFL team with him one day, and some dumb business ideas that we need funding for.(30:47-1:10:28) Segments include Ass Eating SZN,(1:13:45-1:16:37) Schiano Man,(1:16:38-1:18:43) Thoughts and Prayers Deion Sanders,(1:18:44-1:21:18) we read a headline,(1:21:19-1:23:21) new segment what did Eli Manning google?(1:23:22-1:26:10) Big Cat thinks he can get us to go viral and FAQ's (1:26:11-1:33:49)

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