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A. J. Pierzynski

2017-07-09 | 🔗
We are live from the MLB All Star Game in Miami and we're facing a little advertisy. Sucking at journalism, a hotel guest that decided to just not leave the room we booked and a ghost (2:19 - 7:10). Mt Rushmore of ways to stay cool in the summer (7:10 - 13:32). Who's back of the week (13:32 - 20:50). Former MLB Catcher AJ Pierzynski joins the show to talk about baseball, the art of catching, what it was like to be hated, his fight with Michael Barrett, and how often Hawk Harrelson calls him for pillow talk (20:50 - 51:02). Segments include Mike Greenberg's Dumb Rules for the All Star Game. Just Chill Out Man for Darren Rovell. Put one in his earhole for the guy mad about snacks and the Indians fan angry at sex. Drunk Ideas and thats enough internet for today.

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