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Aaron Nagler, Dave Dameshek, Dave Portnoy, A Person Working At Coca Cola

2017-01-19 | 🔗
NFL Championship weekend is finally here and the guys are ready for all the storylines ( 2:59 - 15:18). Westbrook vs Durant (15:18 - 19:55). In prep for the AFC and NFC championship games the guys welcome on a representative from each team. Aaron Nagler (Packers 19:55 - 29:22) ),Dave Dameshek (Steelers 29:22 - 36:46), Dave Portnoy (Patriots 26:46 - 45:07) and a random representative from the Coca Cola call center and the Braves front office voicemail (Atlanta). Segments include PR 101, Hmmmm, Uhhh Ya Think, Spinzone, Is Pat Riley dead yet? And weekly Jimbo's

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