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Adam Morrison and JJ Watt

2017-04-03 | 🔗
Baseball is officially back and the guys make their picks that no one will remember in 6 months (2:56 - 7:21). Final Four recap and National Championship preview (7:21 - 11:42). Stingray Steve gives his call of the Mississippi State/Uconn upset (11:42 - 14:07). Who's back of the week (14:07 - 20:10). Former Gonzaga Legend Adam Morrison joins the show to talk about the National Championship and what it feels like to help build a program (20:10 - 37:00). JJ Watt briefly joins the show to announce the official "Uhhh Hey JJ Pardon My Take Charity Drive" and what is in store if PMT reaches the goal (37:00 - 39:02). Segments include Uhhh Ya Think for Derrick Rose, the debut of the segments "Problematic" and "Mansplaining". Stay Classy for Roy Williams not swearing. Respect The Biz for the new Masters media center, Fun Police for the LPGA Narc and a Tim Tebow update.

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